Rally Videos, Now With 360-Degree Views and Virtual Reality Capabilities

Your favorite viral pastime just went all Jetsons.

byNov 3, 2015 10:34 PM
Thetford Porta Potti 565 E

Rallying requires certain intangibles. Coordination. Fortitude. Thanatos. Going full-tilt, running on balls and instinct through the forest, the margin for error gets slim. Rally cars are fast as hell. And trees don’t have much give. That combination makes for great racing and, for those lacking the aforementioned intangibles, fantastic viral videos. Subaru just upped the game.


Here’s a clip of Rally America champ David Higgins running his race-spec Subaru WRX STI at year’s Lake Superior Performance Rally. The twist? It’s all shot in streaming 360-degree surround view, which YouTube introduced in March. That means you can pivot the camera on its axis to get any view, in real time. Tip the camera down, and the roof becomes transparent; situate it just right to watch Higgins sawing at the wheel and the forward view from the Subaru. Oh, and the video is compatible with virtual reality headsets, too. So yeah. If you’ve got one of those, now’s the time to use it.