F1 Driver Obtains Bond Villain’s Jaguar Supercar, Hoons Gratuitously

No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to slide.

byBrendan McAleer|
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William’s Formula 1 driver Felipe Massa has more than a few accomplishments under his Nomex belt. But a Bond villain? Massa claims his focus is still on the F1 circuit (and a repeat of his home-court victory when he races at the Brazilian Grand Prix in two weeks), but there's no hiding how much he enjoys behaving badly at the wheel of a villainous Jaguar.

Background: The C-X75 is essentially the XJ220 that got away. Originally fitted with diesel-fed gas turbine engines in 2010 concept form, Jaguar had plans to release a limited-run production version with a small turbocharged gasoline engine. Each of its four wheels were driven by individual electric motors, a total of 778 horsepower. The “this cat has claws!” quips practically wrote themselves. But, with the global economic downturn, the bottom fell out on Jag’s LaFerrari rival; would-be super-villains saved the budget by opting for an F-Type R and some ill-tempered sea bass. The C-X75 program was terminated.

Still, even a car only lives twice—here, as the chase car hunting down James Bond in Spectre, which opens this week. Senhor Massa had a chance to take out the C-X75 and deploy a few smokescreens, via the movie car’s supercharged 5.0-liter V8. Judging from the hoots, he enjoyed himself. Another member of Spectre is born.