Solid Advice from Famous Racing Drivers: A.J. Foyt

Men worth emulating.

Robert Alexander/Archive Photos/Getty Images

A.J. Foyt made his name tearing up dirt tracks, collected a few stock car racing titles, then took seven USAC titles during the Sixties and Seventies. He won Le Mans on his first try and never bothered going back. Because swagger. Born in Texas, he was the size of a big inside linebacker or small outside guard and tougher than either. He wrenched on his own cars. Once, after mangling both legs in a horrific crash at Road America, he asked, in earnest, that the medic knock him unconscious with a spare hammer. He is the archetypal American racing driver, a real sumbitch, ballsy and talented with brains to match. You should be more like A.J. Foyt. Maybe eat cereal tomorrow morning.