Tony Stewart Gets a More-Than-Lifesized Bobblehead from TMS

Unfortunately, he’ll never get it on the plane.

bySteve Cole Smith| PUBLISHED Nov 6, 2016 9:02 PM
Tony Stewart Gets a More-Than-Lifesized Bobblehead from TMS

If it was all the same to retiring NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Tony Stewart, he'd just drive quietly off into the sunset, reappearing in January at a Track Near You, as long as it has a dirt surface. It was well-known that Stewart is uncomfortable with the going-away parties tracks are throwing, and was especially nervous about Texas Motor Speedway, where head honcho Eddie Gossage, a disciple of former Charlotte Motor Speedway head Humpy Wheeler, the best track promoter ever, never lets an opportunity for publicity pass unexploited.

Recall that last year, he gave the departing Jeff Gordon a couple of ponies, just what a family that spends much of its time in Manhattan needs. So the fact that Stewart got something that at least doesn't eat is a plus: A Bobblehead of Stewart that is about nine feet tall, built by a noted Bobblehead craftsman, as apparently that really is a thing.

It looks like a Pep Boy or Shoney's Big Boy statue come alive. The face more resembles Patrick Swayze, which is a compliment, but it does have a realistic depiction of Stewart's physique. The first 30,000 fans at Texas got a regular-sized Stewart Bobblehead, but Tony will always have the master. At least until it goes on eBay, at least. But more likely Tony will keep it, as he did the Toro riding motor he got in 1997 at TMS for qualifying fastest, as well as any number of rifles and shotguns and pistols and other stuff. He'd really like to take home one more trophy, though -- we'll see.