6 Russian Races We Want

Motorsports in the Motherland are homespun and terrifying.

byBen Keeshin|
Racing photo

In the last Democratic debate, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton were asked to rank several countries in order of their threat to the United States. Bernie pointed to a “paranoid and isolated” North Korea, while Hillary gestured at a “belligerent” Russia. We’re inclined to side with HRC on this one, both because she is a former Secretary of State and because Russia is a zone of lawless speed and intense competition and unbridled testosteronicity. Raw.

No, Mother Russia is not a nurturing, soft thing. She is a fur-encased flag woman, urging her native sons and daughters to race just about anything that moves.

Dashcams and home videos don’t lie. Boats, trucks, police cars, turbine-powered snowmobiles: These vehicles look absolutely terrifying. And fun.

Here are the six Russian races we’d like to try. Maybe we’d even live to tell the tale...