6 Russian Races We Want

Motorsports in the Motherland are homespun and terrifying.

byBen Keeshin| PUBLISHED Feb 9, 2016 2:45 PM
6 Russian Races We Want

In the last Democratic debate, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton were asked to rank several countries in order of their threat to the United States. Bernie pointed to a “paranoid and isolated” North Korea, while Hillary gestured at a “belligerent” Russia. We’re inclined to side with HRC on this one, both because she is a former Secretary of State and because Russia is a zone of lawless speed and intense competition and unbridled testosteronicity. Raw.

No, Mother Russia is not a nurturing, soft thing. She is a fur-encased flag woman, urging her native sons and daughters to race just about anything that moves.

Dashcams and home videos don’t lie. Boats, trucks, police cars, turbine-powered snowmobiles: These vehicles look absolutely terrifying. And fun.

Here are the six Russian races we’d like to try. Maybe we’d even live to tell the tale...