World Rallycross Championship To Go Electric?

The series will reportedly electrify in 2020, but the current Supercars will not be going away, either.

While the introduction of electric cars to the World Rallycross Championship has been discussed for some time, an unnamed source has told that not only will an electric series debut in 2020, it will replace the current Supercars class as the premier level of World Rallycross racing.

“Electric cars will be the world championship. They absolutely, categorically will be the world championship,” the source told

The series will reportedly consist of at least fifteen cars. So far nine manufacturers are said to be in talks with World Rallycross to field their own electric teams. Privateers will be able to build their own cars and compete as well. Regardless of brand, the cars will all use the same carbon monocoque tub and safety structure, as well as suspension and braking systems.

Body shells may not be included with the kit, however, so we can still expect to see Volkswagens competing against Peugeots and Audis despite them having parts in common. Perhaps more importantly, there will be no drivetrain provided with the package, leaving manufacturers and privateers free to design and install their own electric drive systems. This is pretty exciting, as it will encourage innovation through competition rather than everyone sharing a spec engine.

For fans who prefer the roar of an internal combustion engine to the whine of an electric motor, don’t despair. World Rallycross is allegedly committed to keeping the Supercars series as well, though seemingly not in the premier role it occupies now. “There’s absolutely 100 percent commitment to keeping the current Supercars and not just as a European championship, as some form of international championship that can race outside Europe if the market dictates.”

We’ve reached out directly to the FIA World Rallycross Championship for confirmation of these changes and will update the article when we hear back.