Robert Kubica’s Comeback Chances Are Getting Serious

Maybe we will get to see the Pole on pole again.

byJames Gilboy|
Robert Kubica’s Comeback Chances Are Getting Serious

It may be Independence Day in the USA, but nobody will be celebrating more than Poland today: Robert Kubica's chances of a return to Formula One are looking greater than ever. While Renault Sport F1 has been playing hard to get, stating that they don't want to disappoint anyone if nothing came of the opportunity they are giving Kubica, more news has come out that suggests the rekindled Renault-Kubica relationship is escalating fast. This morning, the BBC reported that Kubica is due for another test session with Renault, as a follow-up to his race weekend simulation at Valencia last month, at which, he proved himself faster than Renault's current reserve driver, Sergey Sirotkin. Details on the upcoming test session are not yet known.

The BBC article also alleges that an insider with knowledge of the team's simulator program says that Kubica isn't just competitive in the 2012 car— he's as fast as current number one Renault driver Nico Hülkenberg in simulations of the team's current car. While this does not guarantee the performance can be matched on track, due to Kubica's physical limitations, there is little reason to put stock in those doubts, as Kubica has managed with little difficulty to prove himself capable in the 2012 car.

In an interview with Auto Express at Goodwood, Kubica states that he himself is aware of the possibility of being unable to return to Formula One, and that he is prepared to be shelved again, but not without giving this chance every gram of willpower and talent in his body. Even in spite of the acceptance of the harsh, and very real possibility of his efforts amounting to nothing, his confidence in himself is higher than ever. Mere months ago, he said he would estimate his chances at a return to Formula One as being no greater than 20 percent, but now? "I'd put it at 80 or 90 percent," says a coolly confident Kubica.

Both Renault and Kubica are apprehensive about the Polishman's return to the sport after such a long absence, but both are making a bold push onward anyway. The worst thing that both parties can end up with is closure, after all.

From fans all over the world: godspeed, Robert. We want you back.