Editors and Contributors


Mike Guy

A former editor at Details and Rolling Stone and the digital director at Maxim, Mike Guy is a longtime contributor to Road & Track, Playboy and Men's Journal. His writing on motorsports is collected in the Best American Sportswriting anthology.

Deputy Editor

Josh Condon

Josh is a former editor at Details, Road & Track, and MSN Autos, and has contributed about a variety of topics to publications including The New York Times, Men’s Journal, Automobile and Men’s Fitness.

Senior Editor, News

Will Sabel Courtney

Will is the former managing editor of RIDES Magazine and the former online editor for 0-60 Magazine. He has worked for Time Out New York and Rolling Stone, and was the creator of College Cars Online, the first automotive blog specifically targeted at college students and young professionals.

Chief Auto Critic

Lawrence Ulrich

Born and forged in the Motor City, now a Brooklynite, Lawrence is the former chief auto critic at the New York Times and Detroit Free Press. His award-winning work has appeared in Automobile, Road & Track, Fortune, Conde Nast Portfolio, Men's Journal, Popular Science and others.

Military & Aviation Correspondent

Tyler Rogoway

Tyler has been obsessed with all things aviation and military as long as he can remember. He went on to develop the defense-oriented website Foxtrot Alpha and can often be found with a camera around his neck, photographing aircraft and weaponry.


Alex Roy

Alex Roy is President of Europe By Car, founder of Team Polizei and author of The Driver - which depicts his 2006 Cannonball Run Record. He is also Producer of 32 Hours 7 Minutes, was Chairman of The Moth, and has spoken at the FBI, CIA, MIT & Stanford about numerous driving records which must remain secret.


Benjamin Preston

Benjamin Preston is an automotive journalist who holds the dubious distinction of having worked both as a writer and editor for the New York Times Automobiles section and as a mechanic at the Pep Boys in Fredericksburg, Va. As a journalist, his work has taken him to a few war zones, including Baghdad, Iraq, and the Detroit auto show.


Eric Goeres

Eric Goeres is a two-decade industry vet who has led digital publishing teams at Road & Track, Popular Mechanics, Esquire, Men’s Health, Women’s Health and Entertainment Weekly.

Supervising Video Producer

Cait Knoll

With a penchant for Pittsburgh sports and cold beer, Cait Knoll spent three seasons as a lead producer at fighting with guys about baseball before helping launch Skratch TV, a millennial-focused video venture from the PGA Tour.

Senior Video Editor

Andrew Siceloff

Andrew knows lifestyle video. Starting out editing Food Network shows with Bobby Flay, his freelance career ran the gamut of all things lifestyle. When he isn’t drooling over car porn, he is flying drones, or obsessing over new tech.

Video Editor

Erica Lourd

Erica was the former video editor of Fast Lane Daily, one of the longest running daily car news shows. If she isn’t editing the latest in car news and reviews, you can find her rock climbing or window shopping for puppies.

Associate Editor

Max Goldberg

Before working at The Drive, Max Goldberg raced the streets of Westchester in an ambulance as a licensed Emergency Medical Technician. He has boundless enthusiasm.

Staff Editor

Aaron Brown

Aaron was previously a contributing writer with Jalopnik and has also written for Business Insider covering cars. When he's not in the office writing the news, you'll probably find him thrashing a beater car around a RallyCross.

Tech Correspondent

Stephen Edelstein

Stephen has always been passionate about cars, and managed to turn that passion into a career as a freelance automotive journalist. When he's not covering all things tech for The Drive, you can find him looking for a new book to read.

Contributing Writer

Kyle Cheromcha

Kyle is a refugee from the world of cable news, where he was previously an associate producer for CNN. When he's not bringing you the latest on everything automotive, he's planning the restoration of his trusty K5 Blazer.

Brand Management


Edouard Portelette

Edouard has been with Time Inc. since 2011. When he is not riding his Triumph Speed Triple, he is looking for innovative strategies to grow our business.


Eric Goeres

Eric Goeres is a two-decade industry vet who has led digital publishing teams at Road & Track, Popular Mechanics, Esquire, Men’s Health, Women’s Health and Entertainment Weekly.

Director of Sales

Andrew Urban

Andrew is an accomplished media executive with extensive experience in national cable, digital media and branded content. He oversees the sales efforts for The Drive and the other digital brands born out of The Foundry, Time Inc.'s state-of-the-art creative lab and content studio.

Digital Producer

Jonah Ollman

Jonah Ollman comes from the music industry, where he worked for startups including Applauze, Songza and Fresh Planet, and also founded the online publication Sound of Boston. He has lent his skills to Paste Magazine, Tasting Table, Sonicbids and Consequence of Sound.

Software Engineer

Chris Jimenez

Chris Jimenez is one of the software engineers who built The Drive. He has a background in computer science, appreciates quality code and making interactive and meaningful web applications. His first car was a ’96 Honda Civic LX with a wicked sun rash on the roof.