The Drive team travels straight from the streets of Lisbon and their Iberian crossing record to the bright sandy beaches of Key West for their biggest challenge yet.
Reunited with an old friend. The S90 is European by design, but our team think's it'll be a perfect fit for a record on American roads.
The clock starts here, at the southernmost point in the United States. Our team is closer to Brazil than they are to Seattle.
Preparations and weather checks continue until the very last minute, then our crew hits the road.
Key West to Seattle makes for a daunting 3,456 mile trip. In addition to the Volvo Sensus display, which provides weather and traffic alerts in addition to guidance, our team will also count on a mountain of data trackers, cameras, GPS units and batteries.
Roy grants a fuel stop interview, just before the crew plunges into thunderstorms.
Roy is a great advocate of the Volvo's suite of electronic driving aids, which add an additional set of watchful eyes as the team pilots the car into ever murkier weather on the Great Plains.
Sunset seen out the window in the badlands. With a full day behind us our average speeds are right where we want them and the Volvo is performing flawlessly. The sunset might be beautiful, but there's no chance we're stopping.
When the sun finally drops, the team is still cruising across the broad center of the country.
But by dawn, the scene has turned decidedly Western. The mountains, pines, and excellent driving roads of Colorado are a chance to breathe deep and enjoy driving the Volvo. 
The Volvo hits the road again, leaving the second-to-last fuel stop and passing a small western stockyard.
Finally, the Seattle skyline. It's a welcome sight, but also a potential disaster. A navigation error on these busy streets and highways could easily add tens of minutes to our time.
Our destination: Seattle and the Puget Sound. Our successful arrival is a huge weight off Roy's back.
With daylight left to spare, our team parks the hardworking Volvo on the coast and takes to the town.