Tyler Rogoway

Editor-in-Chief, The War Zone | Military Editorial Director

Tyler's passion is the study of military technology, strategy, and foreign policy and he has fostered a dominant voice on those topics in the defense media space. He was the creator of the hugely popular defense site Foxtrot Alpha before developing The War Zone.

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F-35B Beaufort

F-35 Can’t Be Found After Pilot Ejected (Updated)

By Tyler Rogoway / Published Sep 18, 2023

MQ-25 Boeing

Our First Look At Boeing’s Pre-Production MQ-25 Stingray

By Oliver Parken / Published Sep 14, 2023

B-21 Raider Side View

B-21 Raider Seen Like Never Before In New Images

By Tyler Rogoway / Published Sep 12, 2023

Anduril's acquisition of Blue Force Technologies and its Fury drone is a latest development is an important story that could have broad ramifications for the US defense industry.

The Rise Of Fury

By Joseph Trevithick / Published Sep 11, 2023

Su-34 Fullback Tires

Russian Su-34 Strike-Fighter Seen Covered In Tires

By Howard Altman / Published Sep 8, 2023