Watch This Family of Rare Lions Block Traffic on a Busy Indian Street

Insert a why-did-the-so-and-so-cross-the-road joke here.

ANI News/Twitter

It was not hakuna matata for Indian motorists in Gujarat, India, last Saturday night, as a pride of lions strode across a busy street on the Pipavav-Rajula highway, temporarily halting traffic. According to The Times of India, about 11 big cats and cubs blocked the street while crossing to the other side, giving motorists and passersby the chance to record the unexpected situation. 

The lions appeared to emerge from Gir Forest National Park, a sanctuary established in 1965 that's the world's only natural habitat of Asiatic lions. Asiatic lions are on the endangered species list, but their population has increased handily since 2010 when they were on the brink of extinction. Today, the total count is only around 523, according to a 2015 census that surveyed the Gir Forest National Park, which makes this whole sighting even more rare. 

Fortunately, neither lions nor motorists were harmed, allowing the circle of life to continue on.