Police Searching for Two Idiots Who Recorded Themselves Vandalizing a Bunch of Cars 

#thrashcarchallenge is the stupidest thing we've ever seen. 

YouTube | NJ.com

Police are on the hunt for two young men who recorded themselves vandalizing a parking lot full of cars at a movie theater late Tuesday night in New Jersey, the video of which was originally posted to Instagram with cringe-worthy hashtag of #thrashcarchallenge. Teens, amirite?

The two vandals can be seen body slamming the hoods of several cars and leaping from vehicle to vehicle, leaving sizable dents in their wake. They laugh and pose for the camera as a third friend records the scene. Near the end of the clip, one of the men does a somersault from one hood to another, and you can hear the windshield shatter as he lands and strikes it with his heels.

According to the Linden Police Department, moviegoers exited a late night showing soon after and called police upon finding the damage. It's not clear how many cars the vandals struck—the video shows them messing with at least seven cars, and police believe there may be more people affected who simply haven't reported it yet.

The original Instagram upload has since been pulled down, and police are still searching for the suspects. And to all you bored yutes out there: stick to the drive-by dunk challenge this summer, mmkay?