A Rotary Swapped Fiat 124 Is the Perfect Soundtrack

There are great exhaust notes, and then there are rotaries.

Angeloti Palirno

We've all searched for exhaust videos on Youtube. It doesn't matter if your thing is compilations of V12 Formula 1 cars or Mercedes biturbo V8s, videos of revving, fire-spitting performance cars are a staple of gearhead culture. Rotary engines are often featured in these videoswat, as the small high-revving engines can make anything they're in sound like a race car. The kings of rotary noise, the Mazda 767b and 787b, are looked at as some of the best sounding Wankel-powered cars on the planet. However, this 20b-powered Fiat 124 Coupe might give the 787b a run for its money.

The video in question is of a rotary-swapped Fiat race car engaged in a head-to-head battle with another V8 supercar at last year's NSW Sports Sedans Championship in Australia. While the race footage itself isn't the most interesting thing in the world, we can definitely appreciate the video just for the sheer sound the Fiat makes. With that in mind, what follows is 16 minutes of raw rotary goodness, making for an excellent video to tab out of and listen to while arguing with people about proper engine swaps on Reddit. 

For some extra information and footage of the car, the owners have been gracious enough to provide another video with lots of angles of the car. There's not much Fiat left in there, but the exhaust note alone is enough for us to not mind.