Watch Three Months of Epic Overlanding in Three Minutes

Toyota Prado and Land Rover, from Mongolia to Switzerland.

Road Trip in Three Minutes
Imagine taking a Toyota Prado and Land Rover from scenic Switzerland to the mountains of Mongolia in 90 days. Italy, Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan. Sounds incredible, and it’s exactly what videographer Milo Zanecchia just did. The resulting short film—shot using a time lapse rig, Sony A7s and an assortment of Canon lenses—tracks that journey, all the impossibly beautiful landscapes and friendly locals, the stuff that makes up for all the flat tires and vehicular abuse. And, since Zanecchia is a pro, the editing is perfect. It’s everything righteous and just about overlanding, three months of wanderlust, squeezed into a three minute video.rrFor more details of (and still shots from) the trip, check out Milo Zanecchia’s blog, here.