Defense Journalist Thomas Newdick Has Touched Down At The War Zone

Thomas brings a wealth of knowledge on defense topics, as well as years of experience as an editor in the defense media space to our growing team.

byTyler Rogoway|
Defense Journalist Thomas Newdick Has Touched Down At The War Zone

It's official, Thomas Newdick has joined The War Zone's growing team. Thomas is a living encyclopedia of military technology and history knowledge, especially in regard to the air combat realm. Thomas hales from Germany, which will only add to The War Zone's global around-the-clock coverage. Before joining our team, Newdick was editor of Air Forces Monthly magazine—a long-running staple periodical within the military aviation community. 

A bit more about Thomas's background: 

Thomas Newdick is a defense writer and editor with over 20 years of experience covering mainly military aerospace topics and conflicts. He’s written several books and edited more, as well as contributing to many of the world’s leading aviation publications including Defense News, Combat Aircraft Journal, Jane’s Defence Week, Defence Helicopter, and Aeroplane.

Thomas and a BUFF crew about to go for a flight!, Thomas Newdick

We are so excited to have Thomas as an integral part of the growing TWZ family. So, give him a big welcome and get ready for some outstanding content with his byline!

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