Question Of The Day: Why Can't The Local Government Figure Out How To Operate A Stop Light? 

Perhaps the Kia hamsters could figure out how to make traffic flow a bit better in your neck of the woods. My local county government is hopeless. 

© Damjan Stankovic—© Damjan Stankovic

Hundreds of cars from east to west. Absolutely zero from north to south.

Guess which direction gets the long red light?

The reason why this happens is as sinister as it is simple. That intersection is exactly where you can find the local senior citizen center. A place where can you find a few dozen retirees who spend their day commiserating about everything from politics to macrame. 


They're good people. I like them, and unlike a lot of local grumps, I'm happy to give these good folks a place where they can socialize and even get a free ride. But why did the county decide to put a long red light here? Right in the middle of 65 mile per hour commuter traffic 

I have a few theories. 

1) The county wants to stagger the traffic going into Atlanta. The only problem is that we already have over a dozen traffic lights between this place and the interstate. 

2) The county along with the Department of Transportation are too cheap to pony up for a traffic light system that can sense vehicles coming in either direction. 

3) They hate me. 

I'm right now driving a Smart car so chances are #3 is right on target. But what about you? Is there an intersection that makes you rattle off a dozen colorful metaphors and expletives every time you see it?