Samsung Can Now Test Self-Driving Cars on South Korean Streets

The tech giant joins almost 20 other companies that the government has approved for testing on public roads.

byMay 1, 2017 11:53 AM
Samsung Can Now Test Self-Driving Cars on South Korean Streets

Tech giant Samsung has been approved by the South Korea Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport to test self-driving cars on the country's public roads, The Korea Herald reports

Samsung is working to engineer sensors and other hardware that can be integrated into self-driving cars to help the artificial intelligence in the vehicle's software deal with adverse driving conditions when necessary, according to the report. The vehicle used for testing will be a Hyundai. 

"Self-driving cars call for the collaboration of various cutting-edge technologies from the automobile, artificial intelligence and information communication sectors," the ministry said, according to the report. Officials also stated that the government is pushing to make South Korea a place where companies can comfortably their autonomous car technologies so that the industry can grow without heavy restriction.

Samsung announced in 2015 that it would be putting a team together to develop autonomous car components, according to The Verge

The tech giant joins Hyundai and almost 20 other companies that have been approved by the government for testing cars on public roads in South Korea.