Watch This Koenigsegg Own a Porsche 918 on the Autobahn

...along with pretty much every other vehicle on the road.

Koenigsegg Race

It takes exactly one second of this video to be shocked by just how fast the Koenigsegg Agera R is. In that very first second, the Swedish-made speed machine walks away from a Porsche 918 Spyder like the supercar from Stuttgart was standing still. No, scratch that—like it was in reverse.

Sure, the 918's all-wheel-drive traction and instant-on supplemental electric torque mean it'll cream the rear-wheel-drive Agera R from launch. Once they're both up to highway speeds, though, the 960 horsepower (1140 hp on E85!) Agera R's power-to-weight advantage rears its beautiful head. Meep meep—that sucker's outta there.

But it's when you watch the Agera R power down the highway, lane markers shooting by like tracer fire, that you really appreciate just how fast this car is. It's only in seeing how violently the camera shakes when a Volvo XC90 clears the lane and the Koenigsegg driver downshifts and punches the throttle that you realize just how much power 960 ponies really provides. Watching the car skip and hop over even the tiniest imperfections you remember just how quickly things can go irreparably bad when pushing 200 miles an hour on a public road—even one as well-mannered as the German autobahn. And seeing the Skodas and VWs speed by out the side window you also realize that a frame rate of 50 frames-per-second is super weird and starting to make you dizzy.

(Oh, and just a quick heads-up: You can stop watching at the two-minute mark. It's just a dubstep-heavy promo for past that point.)