Outdoorsy RV Rental Guide: All You Need To Know To Book Your Best Vacation Ever

There’s nothing quite like travel by RV, so book your next vacation today and hit the road in style.

byThe Drive Staff|
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Have you ever thought about taking your next vacation in a recreational vehicle (RV)? The freedom is unbeatable, making an RV trip one of the best ways to travel. Don’t own an RV? Perfect. There are a ton of amazing RV rental options available all across the country just waiting for you to snap them up.

Outdoorsy is the ideal place to find that perfect RV. In our handy rental guide, we will help you gain confidence and clarity when it comes to booking an RV vacation. Follow these simple steps to ensure you get to enjoy your best vacation ever.

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Why Rent an RV?

In this new age of social distancing, renting an RV for your next vacation makes sense for so many reasons. After being cooped up and homebound for so long, the thought of enjoying wide-open spaces with lots of fresh air and amazing scenery seems almost too good to be true. 

Renting an RV can be an affordable way to take a vacation. Many RVs are not only cheaper than renting hotel rooms, cottages, or resort suites, they’re also mobile. You can take them anywhere you want to go. Don’t like one campground? No problem, just move to a different one.

Having the option to drive your temporary home almost anywhere allows you to fully experience all that an area has to offer. It also lets you bring along creature comforts you can’t get from tent camping. There’s nothing like having a refrigerator, a real stove, a private shower, and comfy beds to take your camping holiday to the next level.

Renting an RV also gets you much closer to nature. Decompress and let the stresses of everyday life roll off your shoulders. It’s a great way to truly unplug and  relax for a while. You know you deserve it!

Set Your Budget

One of the first and most important steps to planning a top-notch RV experience is to figure out a budget that you’ll be comfortable with. This will also help you narrow down your suitable RV options, making the selection that much easier. 

This is why renting from Outdoorsy is a great option. With low fees, a huge selection of RV shares, $1 million in insurance coverage, and 24/7 roadside assistance, you'll get an easygoing and secure experience that other RV rental sites and dealerships can’t match.

With RVs ranging from $50 to $450 per night, there’s an option that will fit virtually any budget. Large families can opt for full-size travel trailers and motorhomes; couples might consider a van conversion or pop-up trailer to keep costs down. Choosing a more economically priced RV allows you to extend your vacation — by days or even weeks.

Next, add in any national or state park passes, campground fees, groceries, restaurants, souvenirs, firewood, fuel, and possible impromptu excursions into your budget. When budgeting for fuel, overestimate. No matter what kind of RV you've chosen to rent, you can definitely expect poor gas mileage.

Also, add in a cushion for unplanned or unexpected expenses. While you should try to be thorough in your budget planning, you’ll still most likely encounter surprises that require extra cash. 

On the other hand, planning to take advantage of your RV's kitchen amenities can make a big, positive impact on your food budget. For instance, preparing and eating breakfasts in the RV each morning can save money for an extra side trip or souvenir.  

Choose Your Destination

With thousands of RV rentals across the United States and beyond, Outdoorsy lets you vacation practically any place you can think of. From obscure and idyllic little towns such as Puyallup, Washington, to camping meccas such as Yellowstone National Park, or even destinations of a lifetime such as Oahu, Hawaii, deciding where you want to visit may be the toughest decision of all.

You’ll also need to decide if you want to drive the RV to different locations or if you simply want to keep it parked in a stationary spot for the duration of your trip. Many RV owners who list with Outdoorsy will happily deliver your RV rental to a campground for you and even help you with setup.

Select the Perfect RV

This is the fun part. Perusing through the options of RV styles, sizes, and amenities can provide hours of entertainment, or it can take five minutes, depending on your personality. Outdoorsy offers a remarkable selection of RVs that can accommodate a single person, couple, and even large families. 

Conversion Van

A simple and uncomplicated conversion van that has been outfitted with basic necessities is a great option for one or two people who aren’t looking to spend a ton of money or aren’t ready to drive a big rig. You get the mobility of a regularly sized vehicle, which is great if you want to do some urban exploring.

Camper Van/Class B RV

The next size up, still ideal for one or two people, is the camper van. This is the smallest of the drivable classes of RVs. (Don’t ask how they figured out the order of classification.) Also affordable and agile, the camper van offers a few more luxuries than a conversion van but still gives you the easy mobility and sense of “roughing it” that many people love.


Trailers can be anything from tiny teardrops to pop-up tent trailers to bigger travel trailers and fifth-wheels. There’s a huge range of trailers and prices that can accommodate travelers from one to six people. The drawback is that you have to tow them behind a car or truck if you want them to go anywhere. Their selling point is that you can unhook that car or truck easily if you want to go somewhere without lugging your whole temporary home with you.

Class C RV

The Class C RV is a size up from Class B drivable RVs. They can accommodate from three to five people comfortably, depending on the length. This is where you start to get kitchenettes, indoor showers, full-size beds, and even retractable awnings. They're higher in price but also more plentiful in creature comfort offerings.

Class A RV

The Class A RV is the largest and fanciest of the drivable RV options. Yes, you’re going to pay a pretty penny for these swanky condos on wheels, but you’ll be impressed from the moment you peek inside. Some of these RVs are fancier than some people’s homes. They can accommodate the largest groups but are the toughest to drive, and they drink the most fuel.

With everything from Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans to Jeeps, renting an RV from Outdoorsy is surprisingly easy and affordable., Outdoorsy

Once you’ve chosen the perfect RV, use the easy online booking tool to contact the RV owner and make your reservation. You may need to put down a deposit at this point. This is also when you can make special inquiries or requests and work out all the nitty-gritty details surrounding your RV rental. 

You can also choose to have your RV delivered to a specific spot or pick it up yourself. Remember, your insurance needs and 24/7 roadside assistance are all covered automatically with Outdoorsy, so there's no need to stress.

Book Early

With the events of the past year, RV rental sites, campgrounds, and national and state parks are expecting record numbers as people begin getting back out there to explore and vacation. Be sure to book your RV, your chosen campgrounds (if necessary), and any park passes you may need, pronto. You don’t want to get left out because of poor planning. Some campsites book out up to a year ahead of time. If you don’t want to get stuck next to the public bathrooms, you need to plan ahead.

That said, try not to overbook yourself. Cramming in too many sights and experiences can mean added stress. It also might mean that you spend the majority of your vacation driving in the RV instead of enjoying its amenities and surroundings. There’s a fine line between realistic timelines and pulling a Clark Griswold, National Lampoon-style vacation of over-the-top expectations.

Enjoy Your Vacation

Now for the really fun part: the actual vacation. Get out there and experience all that an RV rental vacation has to offer. We’re sure it won’t be the last time you book an RV holiday. After you’re done making amazing memories and seeing the sights, all you have to do is return your RV in the same condition you got it in, and you’re good to go. Head home and start planning your next destination.