Go Postal With This Right-Hand-Drive Jeep Cherokee for Sale

It's rusty, but it's cheap. You could pass it off as JDM.


This dirty old Jeep Cherokee looks bound for the scrap heap, or possibly there already. But it holds a little secret inside: It's right-hand drive.

Rather than a sketchy conversion kit that duplicates the steering wheel and pedals from the left to the right side of the car, this 2000 Jeep Cherokee came from the factory set up for right-hand drive, JDM-style. But the reason wasn't street cred, or for a better point of view while crawling over rocks. This Jeep was one of a few Cherokees built for postal workers. Mailboxes tend to be on the right side of the road, so it was a simple matter of using parts originally intended for countries that drive on the left side of the road to put the driver on the same side of the road as the mailboxes. Other than the dashboard, controls, and steering mechanism, it's an ordinary Cherokee.


The seller says it was his backup postal vehicle, and since he recently retired he no longer needs it. This particular example is not in the best condition after many New Hampshire winters. There is surface rust in all the usual places along the bottom edges of the doors, and an ice bank that removed all of the plastic trim on the passenger driver's side of the Jeep doesn't help. But this appears to be little more than cosmetic damage. The real test is whether the floorboards and frame rails are intact, known weak spots of the XJ-chassis Cherokee. It also has a sticky starter, but that's a fairly easy part to replace.


It is being sold for parts, but it could also go back on the road. Buying this Jeep for that purpose would be a risk, for sure. But for $300, that's practically scrap value for a Cherokee with just 145,000 miles, which is practically nothing for a Jeep straight-6. It's titled and runs and drives fine once it's running, according to the owner. And worst case, it could probably be parted out for a profit.

It's only two hours away from me. Tempting...