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Audi’s Factory Warranty

The ins and outs of the Audi factory coverage

Genesis’ Extended Warranty

Purchasing an extended Genesis warranty may increase your peace of mind

Jeep’s Factory Warranty

A rugged factory warranty from a rugged automaker

Tesla’s Factory Warranty

The details of the Tesla factory coverage

Does Acura’s Factory Warranty Stand Up to Other Automakers?

The pros and cons of Acura’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty

Lincoln's Factory Warranty Largely Equals Its Competitors

Check out the pros and cons of Lincoln’s factory warranty

MINI’s Extended Warranty: Added Protection for Your Cooper

MINI’s extended warranty has many benefits but also some limitations

Chrysler’s Extended Warranty: More Bang for your Buck?

Chrysler’s extended warranty has some perks that make it very appealing

Chrysler’s Factory Warranty: How It Compares to Others

The Chrysler factory warranty may be short in duration but it has several perks

Is Audi’s Extended Warranty a Good Investment or a Waste of Money?

The pros and cons of Audi’s extended warranty program
Showing 1-10 of 11 reviews