Shine Armor’s Graphene Ceramic Spray Is Petite and Powerful

As great as it is gray.

byChris Landry| UPDATED Mar 10, 2022 11:02 AM
Shine Armor’s Graphene Ceramic Spray Is Petite and Powerful

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BYChris Landry/ LAST UPDATED ON March 10, 2022

At this point, you’ve probably heard of ceramic coatings, but graphene is still a lesser-known product on the scene. While ceramic coatings are silica-based, graphene coatings are carbon-based. 

Hopefully, y’all know what a pencil is, in which case you’re familiar with graphite lead. Graphite is pure carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal structure. Graphene takes this concept a step further, creating a single atom thick hexagonal layer that bonds to your paint’s surface and protects it from things like bird poop and the ever-worsening effects of climate change.

That was a little dark, but you may be wondering why you’d want this on your car. At first glance, I was skeptical of the weird gray liquid I was about to spray directly onto the freshly buffed paint I spent so much time on. Here’s the deal, though: Graphene coatings, which are actually hybrid coatings like Shine Armor’s, are stronger than pure ceramic coatings. 

This was the only coating I tested that featured graphene, so I was eager to see how it stacked up.

The Drive and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links. Read more.

Chris Landry

Getting After It With the Shine Armor Graphene Ceramic Spray

This product showed up with the spray nozzle separate from the bottle, so some assembly is required. Thankfully, I’m capable of screwing things together, so this single step was a breeze. I did notice that the spray nozzle seemed a bit flimsy — more on that later. 

If you’ve ever used a detailer spray, you got this. Spray directly onto a single vehicle panel, working in small areas. Then, take a fresh microfiber towel and remove. That’s it. One of the benefits of graphene is its increased slickness, which promotes a higher level of water beading when compared to pure ceramics. For this reason, I chose to apply it to the front and rear bumpers of my 1999 Honda Accord, the former of which is the first point of attack for my vehicle into the world. I was pleasantly surprised with the initial feel of the paint after application, as it did truly feel slipperier than the other coatings. 

This being a spray as opposed to a concentrated product, don’t expect it to last five to 10 years. Shine Armor claims a minimum of six months for the Graphene Ceramic Spray, and I think that’s pretty reasonable. Cure time is about four hours, after which you can layer, or “stack” more coats if you’re a freak like that. I had places to be, so I stuck with one coat.

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What’s Good About Shine Armor Graphene Ceramic Spray?

I think the best thing about any spray coating is the ease of application. The fact that Shine Armor produced a product that doesn’t smell like it will make you grow three heads is also a plus. Plus, I am a fan of the slickness boost from the included graphene.

What’s Not Good About Shine Armor Graphene Ceramic Spray

The spray nozzle lock. 

I absolutely cannot stand the lock mechanism for the spray nozzle that comes with the Shine Armor Graphene Ceramic Spray. It truly seemed like every other spray would end with the lever locked again, owing to its horizontal design and poor fit. 

It’s infuriating, and unfortunate considering that the product itself is quite good. I suppose one could fit a different nozzle onto this bottle, but who has the time? 

And at its current price of about $20, it’s not exactly pricey, but I’d pay an extra dollar to not have to stop working every few seconds to unlock the sprayer. Also, Shine Armor’s website doesn't have a whole lot of product info, which is a bit suspect. 

Our Verdict on Shine Armor Graphene Ceramic Spray 

I think this is an excellent foot in the door if you’re looking to dip a toe into the hybrid ceramic-graphene world. The ease of use of a spray makes it much more viable in my eyes, as I know I’m far more likely to keep up with the application regimen if it doesn’t involve blocking out an entire day. Pure ceramics are still far more tested than graphene, so take the grand claims with a grain of salt though.

If you’re more of a die-hard purist, I think you would still enjoy Shine Armor’s Graphene Ceramic Spray, but as a maintenance product instead. Layering this on top of a concentrated coating will absolutely help lengthen the time between applications, while also bolstering shine and water beading. 

Either way, this is a great product at a compelling price point that will keep your new or 23-year-old car looking stunning as it absolutely douses your driveway in oil.

Chris Landry

FAQs About Shine Armor Graphene Ceramic Spray 

Q. How much SiO2 does Shine Armor have? 

A: Jury’s out on this one, as companies love to keep secrets. SiO2 is part of the formula here as well as graphene, so don’t be too swayed by one metric.

Q. How long does Shine Armor ceramic coating last? 

A: Shine Armor claims a minimum of six months but your mileage will vary.

Q. Can you use Shine Armor on a windshield? 

A: You probably could but there are dedicated products for that. Shine Armor even makes one.

Q: Do I need to wash my car before using Shine Armor?

A:  Yes, you should also prep the surface to remove contaminants and ideally perform at least one stage of paint correction.

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