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Best Mosquito Zappers: Get Rid of Annoying Bugs

These tough mosquito zappers will make sure you’re not held hostage inside on the nicest nights of the year.

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BY/ LAST UPDATED ON September 30, 2021

Some people wait all year to be able to enjoy fun family cookouts in their backyards or relaxing evenings at the cottage, only to be held hostage inside by swarms of annoying and possibly dangerous mosquitoes. Let’s face it, covering yourself in toxic bug sprays or constantly slapping at persistent mosquitoes can really put a damper on your enjoyment.

That’s when a reliable mosquito zapper can be a huge game-changer. A good one allows you to really relax and enjoy that much-deserved family time and help you extend your time outdoors. If you’re in the market for a new mosquito zapper, we’ve got your back with our list of top favorite zappers on the market today.

Best Overall

Black+Decker Bug Zapper


Trust this hanging zapper to protect you from mosquitos, flies, gnats, and other flying pests. It uses non-toxic UV light to attract insects in a 1-acre coverage area.

  • Easy clean tray 
  • Plug-in power supply
  • Very small holes surrounding the light 
  • Not programmable
Best Value

Black Flag 2000 Volt Electronic Insect Killer


This inconspicuous, lightweight, tabletop mosquito zapper will go anywhere you want and protect you against a variety of flying pests.

  • Affordable and compact
  • Uses a three-part system to attract and kill bugs
  • Octenol lures need to be replaced monthly
  • Doesn’t cover as much area as larger zappers can
Honorable Mention

Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer


This efficient hanging zapper has a high voltage transformer for instant insect killing. It has a 15-watt high-intensity UV light.

  • Weatherproof construction
  • Easy bulb replacement 
  • Stops working when full
  • Short cord
Best Mosquito Zappers: Get Rid of Annoying Bugs

Benefits of Mosquito Zappers

  • Fewer bugs. The obvious benefit of a bug zapper is that it will kill the insects and bugs flying around your property. The zapper even does all the work for you so you don’t waste valuable time tracking and swatting mosquitoes. It’s a great passive method that lets you sit back, relax, and enjoy your time outside. It’s also a more permanent solution than merely repelling them, which eventually wears off and allows the bugs to come back and attack you numerous times. 
  • Reduced use of chemicals. Another huge benefit of a mosquito zapper is that it drastically reduces, or even completely removes, your reliance on toxic chemicals that are bad for your health and the health of your friends, family, and pets. Mosquito zappers are also much better for the environment than harsh chemical killers or repellents, making them a no-brainer option for people who truly love the outdoors. 
  • Reusable. Some solutions are one-time use or require repeated applications. A zapper is a single unit that you can continually run or use repeatedly. Many only require an occasional light bulb or battery change to keep using the unit. 
  • Versatile. Most mosquito zappers on the market today aren’t just for killing mosquitoes, but will attract and eliminate a number of other flying pests, including flies, wasps, moths, and more. This helps keep the air around your favorite outdoor space completely clear and enjoyable.
  • Portable. Certain models of mosquito zappers are surprisingly compact, lightweight, and portable. You can take them inside, outside, to the RV, campsite, workshop, office, and much more. This allows you to save money by purchasing fewer units to handle multiple spaces.

Types of Mosquito Zappers

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If you have a place to hang your mosquito light, then consider a lantern-style light. Some of these zappers are styled to look like actual lanterns and can be decorative. Others are more commercial-looking and have a flat rectangular style. If you choose this zapper style, make sure the cord is long enough to reach a power outlet. Also be sure to check to see if your lantern is rated for indoor or outdoor use, or both, depending on your needs.


Instead of hanging your mosquito zapper, you could choose to have a tabletop one. These are nice if you don’t have a place to hang your zapper that’s also near a power outlet. You could put one on your patio table for nearby protection. These zappers come in a range of sizes, so you can customize the protection level you need. Since they’re so portable, they can easily go between your outdoor dining table to a side table for lounging or a prep table near your barbecue. 


Sometimes you want a little extra personal protection. This could be in your backyard or when you go other places. A handheld mosquito zapper is the perfect portable solution. These are small units that are often shaped like a paddle. They will run on batteries or have a USB charging system. You’ll find that this type of zapper has the smallest radius and isn’t as powerful as the other types. 


Plug-in mosquito zappers, as the name would imply, plug directly into your home, camper, cottage, garage, or RV’s AC outlets. They’re the perfect solution if you’re looking to keep a small area bug-free and don’t want an obnoxiously large lantern that will be overpowered or detract from your home’s décor.

Top Brands


Founded in Baltimore in 1910, BLACK+DECKER has become a household name. It’s known for manufacturing high-quality tools and household appliances. Its product may not be cutting edge, but they’re durable and reliable. The BLACK+DECKER Outdoor Bug Zapper will give you the insect clearing power you need in your backyard. 


Founded in 1920, Flowtron has made a name for itself by producing high-quality outdoor heaters and mosquito traps. Its line of products is distributed throughout the world to several countries. The Flowtron Residential Bug Fighter stands out with its attractive green design. 

Black Flag

When it comes to eliminating household pests, few companies have the experience or reputation of Black Flag. Founded in 1833, Black Flag products like the Black Flag Foaming Wasp and Hornet Killer and the Black Flag Concentrated Fogger2 have killed more household pests than any other brand in the industry.

Mosquito Zapper Pricing

  • Under $35: If you need a small and simple-to-operate mosquito zapper, you’ll find one in this price range. These are typically tabletop designs that run on batteries or USB charging. 
  • $35 to $45: The majority of mosquito zappers fall in this price range. They are of various sizes and have one or two bulbs with a voltage grid and collection tray. 
  • $45 and up: The mosquito zappers in this price range come with extra features. They could have multiple setup options, including cleaning brushes and scent attractants. 

Key Features


The construction of your zapper needs to be durable enough to withstand the changing seasons. If it's made of metal, it should be corrosion and rust-resistant. If it’s made of plastic, it should be UV resistant and capable of withstanding extreme hot and cold temperatures. 

The zapping mechanisms should also be durable. The light bulbs shouldn’t die out quickly. The entire housing should also be waterproof. Otherwise, you risk it leaking and shorting. 

Coverage Area

High-quality mosquito zappers will list a coverage area. This is the range around the zapper that it can effectively draw insects in from. This can range from a few feet to several acres. A bigger range doesn’t always mean better. You don’t want to attract insects onto your property unnecessarily. However, the range should be large enough to provide you with protection over the entire area of your property that you plan to use. 

Power Source

How will your mosquito zapper operate? Some run on battery power, which is convenient but also requires you to buy batteries continually. Others run on solar power, but these are reliable and can lack power when the sunlight doesn’t charge it enough. The most reliable option is electrically powered. It will have a cord that you plug into an outlet. 

Other Considerations

  • Price. You don’t have to spend a fortune on your mosquito zapper, but you shouldn’t try to buy the cheapest one you can find. Pay for quality so that you buy an effective zapper and will last. Often, the price reflects the quality of the zapping mechanism and how durable the unit will be when left outside for long periods. 
  • Design. Some zappers are effective but ugly. Others are beautifully designed but not very effective. If you plan to have yours in a place where it’s easily seen, then you’ll want one that’s both effective and attractive to look at. Consider the materials it’s made out of, the size, shape, and design of the outer shell. 
  • Durability. Your mosquito zapper will get left outside day and night for months on end. It needs to withstand the sun’s harsh UV rays in the summer, winter winds, cold temperature, and possibly even ice and snow. It should be waterproof, UV resistant, and shockproof. The more durable your zapper is, the more likely it will last and continue to give you reliable service. 

Best Mosquito Zappers Reviews & Recommendations 2021

This rugged lantern mosquito zapper will attract moths, flies, gnats, wasps, and mosquitoes. You’ll have an acre of coverage with this single zapper. This zapper stands out because you have the option of hanging it or standing it on a tabletop. Cleaning the zapper is easy with a convenient tray at the bottom of the unit. You’ll love the cleaning brush that comes with it to remove those stubborn, stuck-on insects. A non-toxic UV light will last 8,000 hours and works in conjunction with the 2,400-volt grid. 

Unfortunately, the holes around the outside of the units can be small. This can limit the size of the insect that flies through and gets trapped. You also can’t program the unit to turn on and off with the sunrise or sunset automatically.

Black Flag is an industry leader when it comes to killing pests of all kinds, and the Black Flag 2000 Volt Electronic Insect Killer doesn’t disappoint. This budget-friendly and highly portable mosquito zapper is small yet mighty, able to cover up to half an acre of property with a single unit. It’s fully weather-proof and plugs into any standard AC wall outlet, giving you plenty of options for usage and up to 24 hours of protection.

It features a three-part system that utilizes a bright 15-watt LED UV white light to attract bugs, a specialized Octenol lure, and a strong circuit board that ensures bugs steer clear of you. This unit is not only effective against mosquitoes, but it also works against flies, moths, wasps, hornets, and more. A rugged plastic outer safety guard is lightweight and protects tiny fingers from injury.

We like that this mosquito zapper weighs a mere 3 pounds and that it includes a one-year warranty to protect against unforeseen manufacturer’s defects. We don’t like that the Octenol lures need to be replaced every 30 days or so, and can sometimes be hard to find, depending on availability.

Attract insects and mosquitoes in a 1-acre radius of this lantern-style zapper. It has a high-efficiency non-clogging killing grid that’s powered by a high voltage transformer. In the middle of the zapper is a 15-watt high-intensity UV light bulb. This zapper stands out because it has USDA-tested Octenol attractant, which is proven to lure in mosquitoes more effectively than just the light. The outside of this zapper is a rugged polycarbonate that’s weather-, crack-, and fade-proof. 

The downside of this unit is that it’s bulky-looking. It’s also heavy, so you’ll want to be careful about where you hang it. You’ll also need to perform regular maintenance because the attractant is only a 30-day supply, which presents ongoing maintenance costs.

The Skeeter Hawk Premium Mosquito Zapper is a durable and lightweight bug zapper that’s ideal for use at your RV, cottage, or porch. It’s equipped with a rugged ABS plastic housing and is IPX-4 water-resistant. This little zapper is also impact-resistant up to one meter, so it’s able to withstand some serious wear and tear and still function effectively.

This particular sized model features a dual-band LED UV light to attract the maximum number of mosquitoes and other flying insects that ruin the perfect outdoor evening. The 360-degree electrical grid allows this compact zapper to cover a surprisingly sizable area. This unit is super easy to operate with responsive push-button controls. The folding handle allows you to place the zapper in a variety of different locations.

There are a couple of things that could be improved on this mosquito zapper. The first would be to make the handle more substantial. Compared to the durability of the zapper housing, the handle seems flimsy and easily breakable. Another improvement would be to make the included 120 AC power cord longer to give you more range without the need of an extension cord. 

Take this mosquito zapper anywhere with this handheld option. It comes in three sizes, mini, medium, and large. It’s rechargeable and reusable, giving it the ability to produce 4,000 volts of power. This lets you kill mosquitoes, spiders, flies, yellow jackets, and wasps. An LED light is built into the racket that gets powered by a USB plug and internal battery system. This lets you use the racket at night. A triple-layer safety mesh protects you from accidentally zapping yourself or others while using the racket. This is important, considering it can deliver 4,000 volts of insect-killing power. 

The downside of this zapper is that it’s small. It won’t have a large coverage area. You also have to remember to charge it, or it won’t work. 

This rectangular-shaped zapper has a slim design that makes it ideal for hanging or standing. It has a powerful UV light that will attract flies, moths, gnats, mosquitoes, gnats, and other flying insects. The outside of the zapper features a protective wire mesh that makes this zapper safe to use around children and pets. You’ll also appreciate the plastic tray in the bottom that’s easy to remove and empty. The zapper measures 15 x 10.6 x 3 inches. A chain is included with the zapper that you can attach, making it easy to hang the zapper if you choose to. 

Unfortunately, this zapper isn’t very powerful. This can cause larger insects and flies to enter the zapper, get hit and stunned, and then fly back out. However, this doesn’t apply to mosquitoes, so this shouldn’t be an issue.

Hang this lantern in your backyard and enjoy high-efficiency protection. The attractive styling helps this zapper to look more like a lantern. The large loop on the top makes it easy to hang anywhere you want or need it. The lights inside are energy efficient for affordable operation. The outer casing is rugged, durable, and weatherproof. It won’t crack, rust, or fade. The large grid pattern gives insects plenty of space to fly into the lantern and get zapped by the light. It has a nine-foot cord for versatile installation. 

One drawback of this zapper is that the light bulbs clog up with dead bug bodies. This makes the light less effective as it becomes more covered. This means it requires frequent cleaning for it to remain effective.

If you have an indoor space like a garage or screened-in porch that always seems to be bombarded by mosquitoes, consider the Liba 2800V Indoor Electric Insect Killer. This electric bug zapper is completely free of harmful and volatile pest control chemicals and fumes, making it the ideal solution for indoor use. It features a wire chain for hanging from hooks or ceilings, or you can set it on a high shelf, counter, or tabletop, depending on where you need it most.

This mosquito zapper is equipped with two large UV lights that emit a 365nm wavelength and a 2,800-volt capacity to attract and eliminate a variety of annoying flying pests. Cage wiring protects kids and pets from accidental injury. This zapper also comes equipped with an easy-to-remove-and-clean collection tray.

As an added bonus, this model comes with two free replacement bulbs and is backed by an impressive 36-month warranty and a 90-day money-back guarantee. That’s far better than much of the competition. One drawback is that it’s only rated for indoor use, so isn’t an option for outside on your patio, RV, or camper. It’s also not the most decorative or understated looking unit on our list, but it’s budget-friendly price tag helps to make up for that.

The Livin’ Well Bug Zapper gets high marks for being a sleek and elegant-looking mosquito zapper that isn’t an ugly eyesore like some other options on the market. If you’re looking for a bug zapper that will fit in with your home décor, this product is ideal. Even better, it’s rated for both indoor and outdoor use, making it a versatile choice.

With a 4,000-volt, 18-watt UVA capacity, this mosquito zapper also packs a decent punch that will quickly and efficiently clean up the air around you. It works on a variety of winged pests and can protect up to 1,500 square feet of space. A stable base lets you sit it on any tabletop or counter that you like while the hanging loop lets you suspend it up out of the reach of tiny hands.

The drawback to this unit is that the power cord is only three feet long, which is one of the shortest on our list. You’ll almost certainly need an extension cord if you hang this up or use it outdoors away from your house even a little bit. The lightbulb has a long lifespan of up to 8,000 hours though, making this a good bang for your buck.

Use these decorative insect torches around your property to improve the décor and provide a protective layer against insects. You can buy a single torch or a set of two. They have a flickering flame effect to add to your backyard’s ambiance. The torches are weatherproof and can be left outside. They are solar-powered and emit a UV LED light to attract flying insects. What’s nice about them is that you can adjust their height. Choose from 24, 36, and 48 inches in height for a custom solution. 

The downside of these torches is that they are solar-powered, making them unreliable in their performance. You also can’t buy a large pack of them, which means you’ll have to buy several individual torches to outfit your yard.

The two-pack Brison Plug-In Bug Zappers are the ideal solution for those who are after an inconspicuous and discreet option that won’t be the center of attention during your social gatherings. These plug-in mosquito zappers plug directly into any standard 120-volt AC outlet, letting you rid bugs from your home, garage, workshop, office, basement, porch, RV, and more.

At about the size of your palm, these mosquito zappers are surprisingly effective. Small UV lamps inside attract a variety of flying insects the minute you plug them into the wall. A simple on/off switch lets you control when the zappers are working or resting. As an added bonus, they operate quietly, emitting a noise level of less than 20 decibels, so you will barely notice them working at all.

The downside to these clever little devices is that they need to be emptied and cleaned far more frequently than larger-capacity mosquito zappers. They also take up valuable outlet space if you have an area with limited electrical outlets. They’re ideal for in-home use, however, when you don’t want—or can’t have—a large, obnoxious bug zapper.


  • Regularly check your mosquito zapper and clean it when needed. This will remove the dead bugs and make room for more bugs. It will also keep your zapper looking nice and prevent dead bugs from accidentally spilling out. It also prevents your bug zapper from collecting a bunch of gross-looking bug guts and debris, which can be kind of a turn-off for guests and family who might be trying to enjoy a meal near it.
  • Consider using more than one bug zapper. While they may have large coverage areas, having two zappers on either side of your patio or deck prevents insects from flying across your path on their way to the zapper. 
  • Consider the placement of your bug zapper. It should be out of reach of pets and small children that could get accidentally injured or knock the zapper over. 


Q: Are mosquito zappers effective?

Yes, a high-quality mosquito zapper is effective at attracting and killing mosquitoes. For the most success, place your zapper outside where you have the greatest problem with mosquitoes. 

Q: What is the best mosquito zapper?

The best mosquito zapper is one that works with your property, whether it hangs, sits on a table, or is handheld. It also has a large enough coverage area to protect your entire area. It should have a durable build and reliable function. Some of the best mosquito zappers on the market are also backed by a warranty that protects your investment from any unforeseen manufacturer’s defects. 

Q: Do electric mosquito zappers work?

Yes, the light emitted from these zappers is effective at attracting insects and bugs. Then they emit a strong shock that kills the bugs upon contact. Electric models are more dependable because they are powered by a steady supply of electricity. 

Q: Does UV light attract mosquitoes?

Black light attracts night-flying insects and those that see in shorter wavelengths. So while mosquitoes may get attracted, it isn’t the best solution. A zapper that emits the pheromone octanol will be more effective. Better yet, consider a mosquito zapper that combines both, like the Black Flag 2000 Volt Electronic Insect Killer, for maximum effectiveness.

Final Thoughts

For the ideal combination of power, appearance, durability, and price, our top pick is the Black+Decker Bug Zapper. This modern-looking, non-toxic mosquito zapper is versatile and can cover a large area, making for a highly effective and efficient bug killer.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option that doesn’t sacrifice functionality and reliability, consider the Black Flag 2000 Volt Electronic Insect Killer. You won’t be disappointed.