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The Best Floodlights: Chase Away The Darkness

Install a flood light on your property and start seeing things more clearly.

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BY/ LAST UPDATED ON May 14, 2022

You walk outside at night and realize you can’t see a thing. Your property is dark, and you’re fumbling around and stumbling over unseen obstacles. This is not only dangerous for you, but it also makes your property a target for criminals and vandals. What you need is a flood light or two. Install one on your garage over your driveway. It will illuminate your vehicles and make the front of your home safer. Choose one with a motion sensor, and it will automatically turn on when you pull in the driveway. You can place another on the back of your home, so you can enjoy your backyard patio or deck after the sun sets. With a few strategically placed lights you can say goodbye to a dark property.

The best way to battle the darkest of driveways is with extra-bright light. And when that need arises, a floodlight is an ideal solution. Designed to literally flood areas within their coverage with bright beams of lights, floodlights can illuminate a lot of ground. Their brightness is a great theft deterrent, and since they’re often paired with extra perks like motion detection, they can help you spot anything that might be prowling around your property. From your yard to your driveway, a good outdoor-ready floodlight will have you covered.

Best Overall

Honeywell LED Motion Activated Security Flood Light

This 600-lumen floodlight may be compact in size, but it shines brightly and offers a host of extra-convenient features.
  • Energy-efficient LEDs and dusk-to-dawn sensor
  • Motion activated
  • Housing can withstand most weather
  • Batteries not included
Best Value

Hyper Tough LED Solar Powered Motion Sensor Flood Light

This affordable floodlight delivers decent lumens and a host of features you’d usually find on higher-priced premium products without breaking the bank.
  • Solar power eliminates the need for wiring or batteries
  • Weather-resistant housing
  • Detects motion 25 feet away
  • Can’t adjust motion sensitivity
  • Light may not turn off at times
Honorable Mention

Ring Smart Lighting Floodlight

A smarter, more tech-savvy floodlight that can be paired with a home security system or other smart gadgets for more detailed insight around the house.
  • Pairs with Ring doorbells and cameras as well as Echo devices
  • 2,000 lumens of brightness
  • Weather-resistant housing
  • Can’t control all aspects of timing or light runtime
The Best Floodlights: Chase Away The Darkness

Our Methodology

Picking out the best floodlights meant searching among the many, many options available online, comparing different floodlights and selecting the longest-lasting ones with the best user reviews, the best brightness, and other features. To find these products, I sought out floodlights from reputable brands, particularly those that create trustworthy, durable lights. 

From there, I looked for options that were eco-friendly, like solar floodlights, as well as products that included extra perks like motion detection, weather protection, and longer, brighter beams. Those that made my list were those that were standouts in illumination as well as all-around performance over time.

Why Trust Us

Our reviews are driven by a combination of hands-on testing, expert input, “wisdom of the crowd” assessments from actual buyers, and our own expertise. We always aim to offer genuine, accurate guides to help you find the best picks.

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Best Floodlights Reviews & Recommendations


  • Lumens: 600
  • Motion Activated: Yes
  • Bulb Type: LED


  • Energy-efficient LEDs
  • Motion detection and automatic illumination
  • Withstands most weather conditions
  • Dusk-to-dawn sensor


  • Doesn’t include the batteries you’ll need

A floodlight doesn’t have to be large to be effective, and the Honeywell LED Motion Activated Security Flood Light is proof of this. Although it’s a pretty compact light overall, its two beams shine surprisingly bright as soon as they kick on. This floodlight delivers a maximum of 600 lumens, and its housing is built to withstand everything from sunlight to wind to rain. It’s easy to mount anywhere, and once you place it you really won’t have to worry about it. The LED bulbs are long-lasting, and the dusk-to-dawn sensor helps save energy when the sun is shining. Plus, you don’t have to turn the light on or off. It’s motion activated, and it’ll automatically light up when movement happens. It shuts off on its own, too. And perhaps best of all, there’s no wiring required. However, keep in mind that this floodlight doesn’t come with the batteries it needs to power up. You’ll have to purchase those separately.


  • Lumens: 500
  • Motion Activated: Yes
  • Bulb Type: LED


  • No replaceable batteries or wiring required
  • Uses solar power
  • Automatic dusk-to-dawn operation
  • Detects motion up to 25 feet away


  • Motion sensitivity isn’t adjustable
  • Sometimes light doesn’t shut off automatically

The Hyper Tough LED Solar Powered Motion Sensor Floodlight offers a lot of value. It’s not just affordably priced, but it’s also highly energy-efficient. This floodlight offers benefits and features that higher-priced models tout, and while its lumens are a little on the low side, it still delivers brightness, motion detection, and low energy consumption. Powered by a replaceable lithium-ion battery, this floodlight recharges in the daylight. When motion is detected up to 25 feet away, it automatically illuminates; it then shuts off or returns to the low light level. The LEDs inside this light are also long-lasting and low in energy consumption, which ensures you don’t have to swap out bulbs regularly. It’s worth noting that while this light is motion-activated, it doesn’t give you any control over how sensitive the motion detector is. Additionally, at times, once it’s activated the light won’t turn off. This means you may have to manually power it down.


  • Lumens: 2,000
  • Motion Activated: Yes
  • Bulb Type: LED


  • Motion-activated with a set runtime
  • Extra-bright with 2,000 lumens
  • Can be hardwired to standard electrical boxes
  • Can be paired with Ring devices and Echo gadgets


  • No true on/off option; just a timer
  • Light runtime can’t be adjusted
If you’re searching for a floodlight that can do more, the Ring Smart Lighting Floodlight is a great pick. It’s one seriously bright light, with a max of 2,000 lumens when it shines. It offers motion detection, automatically illuminating when it senses motion nearby. And it’s smart, too. You can connect this floodlight with the Ring app on your smartphone to get live notifications; you can also pair it with other Ring devices, like doorbells, video cameras, and home security setups. It’ll also work seamlessly with Amazon’s Echo devices, which let you see what’s happening under your floodlight. Installation is easy, and you can hardware this light to your standard electrical box. There are two small areas in which this floodlight might be improved. First, you can’t really turn the light on or off; it’s always on a timed schedule. That means you can customize when it illuminates, but little else. Additionally, once the light kicks on, it stays on for five minutes. There’s no option to lengthen or shorten that timespan.


  • Lumens: Not specified
  • Motion Activated: Yes
  • Bulb Type: LED


  • Three panels of 120 LEDs
  • Panels can be adjusted to control the light beams
  • Built-in solar panel eliminates replaceable batteries and wiring
  • Covers areas up to 1,000 square feet


  • Can take some time to install and set up

The Bell+Howell Bionic Floodlight Max is high-powered, delivering industrial-grade LED light to cover and illuminate up to 1,000 square feet of space. But in addition to bright light, it’s pretty eco-friendly. This floodlight doesn’t require hardwiring to an electrical box or the waste that comes with disposable batteries. Instead, it sources its power from a built-in solar panel that automatically charges its sole battery. Plus, the LED lights make it particularly energy-efficient. The adjustable panels allow you to direct the beams of light, and they’re quite durable, too. This floodlight can withstand extreme weather conditions, including heat, snow, and ice. And it’s motion-activated and strobe-ready, which means you’ll automatically get a burst of light each time movement happens. Users don’t have many complaints beyond the installation process, which can take some tweaking and adjusting in order to get up and running.


  • Lumens: Not specified
  • Motion Activated: No (motion sensor can be added)
  • Bulb Type: Halogen


  • Enhanced lighting with white and color choices
  • Pairs with other Philips Hue accessories and devices
  • Hardwired outdoor installation
  • IP44 water protection


  • Only offers motion activation if separate accessories are purchased
  • Expensive

When it comes to creating ambience, the Philips Hue lighting system is a top choice and the Discover Outdoor Smart Floodlight combines all the perks of Hue lights into a bright, easy to install floodlight. This outdoor-ready light is meant to be hardwired, but it can be installed anywhere outdoors thanks to its weather-ready housing. It can match the white light output of a standard set of twin-socket driveway security lights, but you’ll get more than just white light. This floodlight can display 16 million different shades of colored light, if you’d like. Plus, it’s smart. Meant to pair with both Hue accessories as well as smart gadgets like Alexa, Apple Homekit, and Google Assistant, this is a floodlight that goes above and beyond. Unfortunately, this advanced floodlight is quite expensive, and it’s definitely an investment. Additionally, you can only get motion activation or detection if you purchase a separate Hue accessory at an extra cost.


  • Lumens: Not specified
  • Motion Activated: No
  • Bulb Type: Incandescent


  • 300 watts of bright white light
  • Durable, weather-resistant metal housing
  • Adjustable heads
  • Can add on extra sensors if desired


  • No dusk-to-dawn sensor unless purchased separately
  • Must be manually turned on and off

If you don’t want to fuss with your floodlight, the Lithonia Lighting Adjustable Twin Par Holder Standard Outdoor Flood Light is a solid choice. It’s simple and streamlined — it’s really a classic floodlight in design and setup. You can mount it on a wall or to your roof’s eaves, and the durable metal housing, which is rust-resistant, will withstand all kinds of weather. The two light heads can be adjusted easily, with each light tilted up or down and side to side in any direction. The standard light bulbs included are incandescent ones, but you can easily swap them out for more energy-efficient LED alternatives if you’re hoping to extend their lifespan. The primary drawback to this floodlight is how stripped down it is. It doesn’t include any extra features; you’ll have to turn it on and off, with no auto shutoff or sensors. Additionally, it doesn’t include a dusk-to-dawn sensor; if you’d like one, you can add it, but it has to be a separate purchase.

Our Verdict on Floodlights

Though the Honeywell LED Motion Activated Security Floodlight is small, it’s a powerful floodlight that delivers bright illumination and all of the cool extras you’d get in a bigger, more premium product. And it’s super hands-off when it comes to daily operation. If value is your primary focus, the Hyper Tough LED Solar Powered Motion Sensor Floodlight is affordable and includes a good mix of decent bright white light paired with handy features. 

What to Consider When Buying Floodlights

No, picking out a floodlight isn’t as simple as grabbing the first set of bright lights you find. To make sure you’re getting a quality piece of equipment that’s built to last, keep these key considerations in mind.

Floodlight Key Features

Lumen Count

The number of lumens a floodlight offers helps you assess its brightness. Higher lumen count means a bright beam and you’ll want to look at the lumen count per beam, if possible. Brighter is usually better when it comes to floodlights, as you’re trying to illuminate large, dark spaces and keep potential intruders at bay. However, you can look to the lumen count to determine just how bright you’d like your beams to shine. 

Motion Detection and Automatic On/Off

While floodlights can be manually turned on as you need them, having automatic on/off functionality is hugely helpful (and it makes the lights pretty low-maintenance). But the most convenient option is to have a combined motion detector and automatic on/off feature rolled into one. With these two perks in your floodlight, it’ll automatically turn on and illuminate the area any time movement is detected. This means you’ll always be notified – and be able to see – when something’s happening in your outdoor space.

Solar Power

While solar power isn’t a must for your floodlight, it’s a worthwhile investment. Most floodlights are energy-efficient nowadays, with the ability to use long-lasting LEDs. Add in solar power, and you’ll have one seriously low-cost light. Each day, the battery will recharge via sunlight, and you’ll get enough reserve power for the light to function as needed, without any wires or the need to regularly replace batteries. Plus, it’s kinder to the environment. 

Floodlight Pricing 

Overall, floodlights are pretty reasonably priced. If you’re on a budget, there are options priced as low as $10 and up to $30. Step up into the next price range, and you’ll get a few extra perks (like more lumens or longer beams) by spending $35 to $65. And if you’re looking for something truly special, like color-changing or smart lights, you can expect to spend $100 or more.


You’ve got questions. The Drive has answers.

Q: What’s the difference between floodlights and spotlights?

A: Floodlights illuminate wide areas with bright light, with beam widths up to 120 degrees. A spotlight, on the other hand, is a narrow beam of light with a spread of just 45 degrees. Essentially, a spotlight is more concentrated and meant to be pointed directly at items or people; floodlights are designed to illuminate areas.

Q: Are all floodlights the same size?

A: Both the size of the floodlight fixture and the beams created can differ from product to product. You’ll want to check the overall product size to ensure your floodlight fits your intended installation spot, and you should also check the beam size to determine if it’s enough coverage.

Q: How many lumens do I need for an outdoor floodlight?

A: Your typical floodlight beams anywhere from 300 to 1,300 lumens of light. The brighter your light is, the more lumens it’s shining with – so in addition to checking your owner’s manual or instruction booklet to determine the lumen count, you can also err on the brighter side of this range if your light is extremely illuminating.