Best Flood Lights: Illuminate Your Property

Install a flood light on your property and start seeing things more clearly.

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BY Andra DelMonico / LAST UPDATED ON July 27, 2021

You walk outside at night and realize you can’t see a thing. Your property is dark, and you’re fumbling around and stumbling over unseen obstacles. This is not only dangerous for you, but it also makes your property a target for criminals and vandals. What you need is a flood light or two. Install one on your garage over your driveway. It will illuminate your vehicles and make the front of your home safer. Choose one with a motion sensor, and it will automatically turn on when you pull in the driveway. You can place another on the back of your home, so you can enjoy your backyard patio or deck after the sun sets. With a few strategically placed lights you can say goodbye to a dark property.

Best Overall
Lepower Security Lights Motion Flood Light

Choose from black, brown, or white for your flood light. It has a full metal construction with three light heads. A motion detector will trigger the light to shine 5,500K illumination.

  • IP65 waterproof 
  • Powder-coated casing
  • Faulty motion sensor  
  • Inconsistent dusk to dawn performance
Best Overall
Lepower Security Lights Motion Flood Light
Best Value
Brinks Head Flood Light

Trust the Brinks name with this dual head flood light. You can mount it on walls or on the eaves. The durable construction is weather- and corrosion-resistant.

  • Easy head adjustment 
  • Mount to standard junction box
  • Bulbs not included 
  • Plastic housing less durable
Best Value
Brinks Head Flood Light
Honorable Mention
Eaton Lighting Flood Light

Mount this low-profile flood light anywhere on the outside of your home that has limited space. Choose from bronze or white for the color. The powerful LED units produce 1,600 lumens and have a temperature of 5,000 kelvins.

  • 35,000-hour lifespan 
  • Up to 90 percent in energy savings
  • Light can flicker
  • No IP waterproof rating
Honorable Mention
Eaton Lighting Flood Light
Flood Lights

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Benefits of Flood Lights

  • Move safely. Mounting a flood light on your property increases visibility. This makes it safer to walk and move about your property at night. You’ll be less likely to trip, fall, or get injured when you can see obstacles or other hazards. 
  • Deter crime. Criminals look for easy targets. Dark properties are easy to move about without getting noticed. Installing a floodlight illuminates the immediate area around your property, deterring criminals from targeting your home and property. 
  • Improve property appeal. Your home should have curb appeal during the day and night. If the sun sets and your property goes dark, then it has no curb appeal. Adding a flood light to your property can highlight desirable features and improve your home’s curb appeal. 

Types of Flood Lights


These lights are powered by the energy from the sun. This is an advantage because you’ll never have to worry about changing batteries. The installation is also easy because you don’t have to wire it into your electrical system. 

The drawback of these lights is that you’ll need to install them in a place where the sun can charge the solar panel. This can limit where you place your lights. The light can also be dim if the sun doesn’t charge the light enough during the day. 


You have the most freedom in where you install this type of light. The battery power means they aren’t limited by the sun or your home’s wiring. They also provide consistent and affordable performance. 

You’ll need to check these lights to confirm that they are still working. When they aren’t, it’s time to change the battery. You’ll incur an ongoing expense and maintain by buying new batteries and installing them. 

Hard Wired

These lights are the most reliable because they are hard-wired into your home’s electrical system. You can choose lights that integrate into your home’s smart systems, making it easy to program and control the operation of your outdoor flood lights. 

However, they’re the most expensive to purchase and the hardest to install. You may need to hire a professional electrician to install the lights adding to their purchase expense. These lights are also the most expensive to run. 

Top Brands


Founded in 1859, Brinks is one of the most well-known names in security. This American company is based out of Richmond, Va., and Dallas, Texas. You can find a range of home and commercial security products and services. The Brinks 110-Degree Motion Par Security Light has a durable construction and reliable performance. 

Amico Corporation

The Amico name represents a group of companies. Founded in 1974, Amico designs and manufactures a broad range of products for the home and health care industry. Its goal is to make state-of-the-art products that will make your life easier. You can’t go wrong with the Amico Three Head LED Security Light and its attractive design. 

Lepower International 

 Founded in 2001, Lepower has an extensive product line that it wholesale distributes. Many of the products are farm supplies and consumer staples. The company’s goal is to produce affordable and reliable products that will perform to your expectations. The Lepower Dusk to Dawn LED Security Light looks nice and has convenient features. 

Flood Light Pricing

  • Under $20: Flood lights in this price range are simple and reliable. They have a straightforward operation and are easy to install. These lights may lack stylish designs but will serve their purpose.   
  • $20 to $40:  You can buy a flood light with several features that allow you to adjust your light to where you need it. Then you can easily program the light to perform in a way that illuminates your property the best. 
  • $40 and up: These flood lights have innovative features that let you program your lights for total automation. They’ll have impressive IP ratings and will be easily adjustable. 

Key Features

Coverage Area

The light that you install needs to have a large enough illumination area to effectively light the space. Look at the radius and distance that the light can illuminate. This will tell you if you’ll need one or more lights. 

Some flood lights have more than one light and are adjustable. This is ideal because you can customize how the light illuminates your property. 


Your flood light will remain outside throughout the year. This means it needs to be durable enough to withstand the changing temperatures and harsh climates. Look for a light housing that is rated to be waterproofed. This will prevent water from leaking in and causing a short. 

The light should also have a temperature rating. Check the hottest and coldest temperatures that the light can operate in to ensure it’s suitable for your climate. 

Power Source

How do you want to power your lights? If they are going on your home, you may find hard-wired lights to be the best. If they are going on a shed or separate structure without electricity, then you’ll want to consider solar or battery power. 

Consider your purchase and maintenance budget, amount of sunshine, and installation location when choosing the power source that’s best for your needs. 

Other Considerations

  • Design. You’re installing this light on the outside of your home and adding to the design and appeal. It could also look large and clunky, taking away from your home’s appeal. Consider the color and design of the light and how it will look with the rest of your home’s design. 
  • Color Temperature. The temperature of your light is the color it produces. Warmer lights have a more yellow tone. Cooler lights look bluer. Pure white light is in the middle. Consider the color of the light and what it will look like on your property when choosing your light. Light in the 5,000 to 6,000K range will create the highest contrast for your eyes. 
  • Motion Sensor. Sometimes, you don’t want the light to be on all of the time. This can be a waste of energy and battery power. The solution is to look for a light with a motion sensor. Then the light remains off until the sensor detects motion. When motion is detected, the light will turn on for a predetermined amount of time. Look for one with a wide range for accurate motion detection. 

Best Flood Lights Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Best Overall
Lepower 35W LED Security Lights

This stylish flood light comes in black, brown, and white. The construction is made from metal to help the light be durable and corrosion-resistant. There are three light heads to make it easy to illuminate a wide range of your property. An included motion detector will trigger for the light to turn on and off. When on, it produces 5,500 kelvins. The housing is rated IP65 waterproof and has a powder-coated finish. This light stands out with its professional optical lens filter that creates a soft light and is anti-glare. 

The downside of this light is that it has a faulty motion sensor. This can make its performance inconsistent. The automatic function sensor can also malfunction, making it inconsistent when turning on and off at dusk and dawn.

Best Value
Brinks 2 Head Flood Light

Choose a flood light made by a company that’s known for home security. These dual light heads are easily adjustable and have a low profile design. Mount your light on either a wall or eave for easy installation. You can mount the light to a standard junction box with the included E26 base lamp socket. The housing is weather and corrosion-resistant for durability. You’ll appreciate the reliability of this light thanks to it being hardwired into your electrical system. The clear instructions make installation easy. 

Unfortunately, the bulbs required to use this light aren’t included. You’ll need to buy these separately. The housing for this light is made of plastic, which may not be as durable as other lights that have a metal housing construction. 

Premium Pick
Eaton Lighting Bronze Round LED Flood Light

Choose from bronze or white for the color of your flood light. The unit comes with a slim base and two large round lights. This light stands out because its low profile design gives you more installation versatility. You can use this light as a direct replacement for your traditional halogen lights. The LED bulbs in this light have a useful lifespan of 35,000 hours. This will give you energy savings of up to 90 percent. The light produces 1,600 lumens and a light temperature of 5,000 kelvins. You can adjust the lights with the tool-free system to direct the light where you need it. 

Unfortunately, you may find that the lights flicker during use. Water can also get in the lens if you install it in a location that isn’t covered or protected.

Most Durable
Amico 3500LM LED Security Light

Choose from black or white when mounting this flood light on your home. The outer housing is constructed from plastic and die-cast aluminum with a plastic shade. There are three light units that have bright LED units. You’ll find this light easy to install and adjust so that you can get the perfect amount of light where you need it to be. The housing is rated IP65 waterproof to make the light durable and long-lasting. The light stands out for being ETL-certified for its safe quality construction and performance. 

The downside of this light is that the included screws are too long for a standard outdoor electrical box. You’ll need to find your screws before installing them. You also can’t point the light to illuminate the ground far out from the unit.

Honorable Mention
Onforu 50W LED Dusk to Dawn Security Lights

Choose from black, white, or grey for the housing of your flood light. The housing is made from die-cast aluminum to help it be durable and corrosion-resistant. The three heads have 56 LED units that produce 5,000K white light and have a 50,000-hour lifespan. The housing is rated IP65 waterproof for durability against inclement weather. You can adjust the heads to direct the light exactly where you need it. You’ll appreciate how easy it is to install with all of the required mounting hardware included. This light is designed for wall mounting. 

One drawback of this light is that it’s small. This can limit the scope of the flood light’s abilities. It’s also hard to adjust the light housing on the base to get a secure and stable fit.

Honorable Mention
Otdair Flood Light

Mount these two solar-powered flood lights on your home and have the maximum amount of light. Place them next to each other for a continuous wash of light, or mount them on different sides of your house for more coverage. Each light has a large collar panel for charging the internal battery. They also have three heads that had bright LED lights. Motion sensors are on each light that can detect movement up to 33 feet and in 120 degrees. The plastic housing is rated IP65 waterproof. 

Unfortunately, if you don’t install the solar panel in a place to get enough sun, then the lights may not be as bright as you’d like. You can easily prevent this by installing the lights in a place where they’ll receive plenty of direct sunlight.

Honorable Mention
Dingli Lighting Store Flood Light

Mount this energy-saving flood light on your house and have the benefit of a COB LED chip that creates a soft daylight light that’s gentle on your eyes. The LED technology will save you money on energy bills. Built into the light is a motion sensor that will detect movement up to 40 feet away. Motion triggers the light on for 30 seconds and then it automatically turns off. This light stands out because it’s easy to program custom settings. Choose the detection distance, lit duration time, and 24 hour or nighttime functionality. The light’s housing is rated IP65, and the motion sensor is rated IP44 waterproof. 

Unfortunately, this light doesn’t have a dimmer mode. This can make the light not bright enough or too bright for some situations.

Honorable Mention
Lithonia Lighting Flood Light

Mount this durable flood light on your house and enjoy 240 watts of illumination power. Its housing is constructed of corrosion, rust, and weather-resistant metal. You can install this light on an eave or wall to illuminate any area of your home. Easily adjust the lights with the tool-free system. Move the heads up and down and side to side. This light’s simple design makes it perfect for adding plenty of light to your walkways or driveway. You also have the option of buying the light in white or black to help it blend into your exterior. 

One drawback of this flood light is that it uses incandescent lights. These are more expensive to run than the LED lights that other flood lights have. It also only has a switch on and off function and lacks a motion sensor. 

Honorable Mention
Lutec Flood Light

Choose from either white or black for this sleek outdoor light. It has a simple round base and two slim light housings. There’s also an option for a white light unit. The light is constructed of aluminum and PC, making it durable and corrosion-resistant. You can adjust the lights 360 degrees to customize the coverage area. You’ll like how bright these lights are at 1380 Lumens and 5300K daylight white. It also has low energy consumption with LEDs. This light stands out for its IP54 waterproof rating and Lutec outer coating. 

The drawback of this light is that the base is small and shallow. This can limit its compatibility in where you can install it. If it does fit, there’s very little room for the wiring.

Honorable Mention
Leonlite Flood Light

You can choose from a warm yellow light or bright white light. It’s constructed from aluminum to make it lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and IP65 waterproof. The light has a motion sensor with a 180-degree detection range and detection distance of 70 feet. There are two adjustable lights that you can position to illuminate your property effectively. The lights are ETL listed to be energy efficient and save you operational costs. What’s nice about this light is that it has three operational modes. On-time works like a standard lamp where you turn it on and off. Auto turns on and off based on motion detection. Dusk to dawn mode turns on at dusk and off at dawn. 

Unfortunately, the motion sensor isn’t very sensitive. This can limit the range it will detect motion at. However, you can adjust the motion sensor sensitivity to change the sensitivity range.


  • Occasionally check your flood lights to confirm that they’re properly working. They should be clean, bright enough, and all of the features should be functional. 
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s directions when installing your flood light. The light will have an ideal mounting height for optimal ground illumination. 
  • Consider buying more than one flood light. This will give you better illumination and cover more ground. Install the lighting units so that the light overlaps and creates seamless coverage. 


Q: What does flood light mean?

The word flood refers to the type of light that’s produced from the unit. It’s high intensity and broad-beamed to give you maximum coverage.

Q: What are the best outdoor flood lights?

The best lights are weather-resistant, packed with features, reliable, and durable.

Q: Are LED flood lights any good?

What’s nice about these lights is that they last for a significantly long time and are more affordable to purchase and run than other options.

Q: Why do flood lights stay on?

Some flood lights have motion detection. These lights will stay on for as long as the motion sensor detects motion. Other lights stay on as a result of a timer. Then other lights are on until you turn them off. 

Final Thoughts

The Lepower Security Lights Motion Flood Light will keep you safe with its durable construction, reliable performance, and attractive design. For a more affordable option, the Brinks Head Flood Light is easy to install and can be mounted in various places.