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The Best Outdoor Griddles (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

The best outdoor griddles for cooking up feasts while camping, tailgating, or hanging out outdoors

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BY/ LAST UPDATED ON July 2, 2021

You’ve probably been grilling up tasty meats and other delicious foods on your backyard barbecue for years — but have you ever tried cooking on an outdoor griddle? Even if you’re a huge grill enthusiast, an outdoor grill can offer you a whole new experience and an entirely new way to cook up a ton of food in no time at all. Griddles and grills are almost interchangeable, but switching to a griddle means you’re cooking with constant, even heat without ever having to worry about flames touching your food. While you won’t get a series of classic grill marks, an outdoor griddle offers a whole host of benefits, whether you’re cooking in your backyard or out in nature. Check out our picks for the best outdoor griddles right here.

Best Overall

Blackstone 1554 4 Burner Outdoor Griddle


A large, capable, and consistent outdoor griddle that’s easy to master.

  • Coated to prevent rust
  • Cooks evenly
  • Makes cooking a lot of food at once easy
  • Fat and grease have nowhere to drain
Best Value

Sizzle-Q Stainless Steel Universal Griddle


A quick, easy, and affordable addition to any gas grill.

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel
  • Heats up fast
  • Very easy to install and use
  • Has to be cleaned immediately after use
Honorable Mention

Blackstone 1825 36” Accessory Griddle With Side Shelf


A four-burner griddle built with highly durable materials that’ll survive anything.

  • 720 square inches of grilling space
  • Features adjustable heat zones
  • Includes rear grease management system
  • Customer support can be lacking if you have issues
The Best Outdoor Griddles (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

Benefits of Outdoor Griddle

  • Incredibly easy to learn. A griddle has a very minimal learning curve. Forget about learning the nuances of a griddle — it isn’t like a charcoal or gas grill that might bring flare-ups, hot spots, or other potential issues. Griddles are super easy to master, and they eliminate a lot of the variables that come with grilling.
  • Easy temperature control. Outdoor griddles use burners just like a traditional grill. However, thanks to their smooth, flat cooking surface, griddles offer better, more even temperature control. The flames won’t affect how food cooks, and you can get more control over the temperature and the final result.
  • Large cooking surface. A griddle offers a wealth of cooking space. These flat-top grills can fit a whole lot more food at once; they can even give you enough room to cook multiple foods on the very same surface. Whether you’re cooking for a large number of people or have many dishes to master, you can do it all with a single griddle.
  • Cook anything and everything. Sure, you can make a lot of different foods on a traditional grill. But an outdoor griddle offers even more potential. With its smooth, even surface, it’s like a combination of both a grill and a very large pan. You can master meats, make delicious breakfasts, cook up side dishes, and make just about anything on a griddle.

Types of Outdoor Griddles

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Freestanding Griddle

A freestanding griddle is most similar to a gas or charcoal grill. These griddles are attached to stands and carts, and they offer ample cooking space. Like most grills, freestanding griddles are also gas-powered and feature multiple burners. However, the burners are hidden beneath the flat steel cooking surface. Freestanding griddles can also come with handy extras, like casters for easy movement, grease traps, and folding side tables. 

Tabletop Griddle

Tabletop griddles are kind of like hot plates. They’re small, portable, and designed to get you cooking anywhere. And they’re very versatile. Featuring just one or two burners, these compact griddles can be taken camping, tailgating, or even to cookouts. You can use them indoors or outdoors. A tabletop griddle typically needs nothing more than a small propane bottle to get fired up and start cooking.

Insert Griddle

An insert griddle is convenient and compact, but it can also be a great alternative to a separate griddle. It’s designed to be an accessory for any traditional barbecue or grill. An insert griddle fits over a grill’s heating element, turning your basic grill into a griddle. They’re easy to install and give you the flexibility of switching from grill to griddle at any time. You can even take an insert griddle along with you when you’re camping or cooking outdoors; they’re lightweight and very easy to bring along.

Top Brands


Blackstone is a brand that began with a single outdoor griddle in 2005. Now, Blackstone is all about griddles and accessories, helping customers take grilling to new heights. You’ll love options like the Blackstone 1554 4 Burner Outdoor Griddle and the Blackstone 1825 36” Accessory Griddle With Side Shelf, which offer a ton of cooking space and handy extras. 

Royal Gourmet

Royal Gourmet manufactures professional grills and griddles — meaning every Royal Gourmet product is built with top-tier materials to deliver expert-level cooking results. There’s a slew of outdoor griddles and accessories available for home cooks to choose from too, like the Royal Gourmet Portable 3-Burner Propane Gas Griddle and the Royal Gourmet Portable Grill and Griddle Combo


Cuisinart is a storied brand that got its start with a single food processor in 1971. Now, Cuisinart is synonymous with cooking, offering a huge range of different accessories, appliances, and gadgets for your kitchen and beyond. You can even get grilling — and griddling — with products like the Cuisinart 360° Griddle Cooking Center

Outdoor Griddle Pricing

  • Under $100: For less than $100, you can find small outdoor griddles. Most are insert griddles, but you may also find small tabletop options within this price range.
  • $100 to $300: Most outdoor griddles fall between $100 and $300 in price, costing between $200 and $300 on average. You can find griddles in every style, from large standalone griddles with many burners to portable tabletop griddles.
  • $300 and up: Top-tier outdoor griddles will cost you more than $300. These griddles are large, with four or more burners — and they typically include accessories, like fold-out tables, side griddles, and other premium features.

Key Features


Size determines a lot about an outdoor griddle. You can find griddles that are as large as a four-burner grill — or even bigger — as well as compact tabletop models. Consider which size is best for your needs. If you want portability and flexibility, you’ll want to opt for a smaller griddle that can go anywhere. Need to be able to cook large amounts of food at once? Choose a full-size standalone outdoor griddle.

Multiple Burners

The best outdoor griddles will feature multiple burners. Just like a grill, a griddle with multiple burners gives you options and more room to cook. As the sole heat source underneath your griddle’s cooking surface, the burners will determine where heat forms and where cold spots occur. You want to opt for a griddle that heats as much of the cooking surface as possible to get even results and better temperature control while cooking.

Durable Griddle Surface

You can’t ignore the griddle’s surface, or cooktop when choosing an outdoor griddle. To find the best outdoor griddles, you’ll want to look for products that feature a durable griddle surface. Stainless steel is an excellent choice — it’s very durable, resists rust, and can stand up to outdoor use. Cast iron is another great option, as it’s highly durable, retains heat well while cooking, and gets even better over time as it becomes seasoned. 

Other Considerations

  • Check for Coating on Your Griddle’s Surface. How an outdoor griddle’s cooking surface is coated or treated is very important. Some come pre-seasoned so nothing sticks while cooking. Others are treated with a rust-resistant coating. Still, others come with absolutely nothing applied. Depending on the material your griddle’s cooktop is made with, you may need to season it before use or work with the manufacturer’s chosen coating.
  • Where Grease Goes is Very Important. The best outdoor griddles will have a clear, easy-to-use solution for trapping grease and other runoff while you cook. You want to choose a griddle that can collect grease as it appears, clearing your cooking space and preventing issues like grease in your way as you cook.
  • Seasoning Cast Iron Griddles Takes Time. Getting a cast iron griddle’s surface perfectly seasoned is a process. It’s one that can be done in an afternoon, but the best seasoning occurs over many, many uses. Grease, butter, oils — all of these help season your griddle’s surface over time, making it slick and nonstick.

Best Outdoor Griddle Reviews & Recommendations 2021

The Blackstone 1554 4 Burner Outdoor Griddle is no average griddle — it’s highly capable, easy to master, and durable for many years of outdoor cooking. Whether you’re giving a griddle a try for the very first time or are already an experienced pro, this griddle will impress you. It measures 62.5 x 22 x 36 inches in size and weighs 120 pounds, making it the perfect addition to your backyard or patio. With four industrial-strength caster wheels beneath the griddle, you’ll have no problem rolling it around if needed. The flat-top griddle surface is made of thick rolled steel, which offers excellent heat retention and even distribution. Underneath, four solid stainless steel burners allow you to independently control the heat from high to low. The entire griddle is easy to assemble, and you’ll be able to get cooking in no time with the quick ignition button.

An outdoor griddle doesn’t have to take up a ton of space — or cost you a lot of money — if you opt for the Sizzle-Q Stainless Steel Universal Griddle. This insert griddle can be added to any barbecue or grill, allowing you to switch from grilling to griddling in mere seconds. And it gives you a great bang for your buck too. This affordably-priced 100 percent stainless steel griddle features a universal fit and measures 13 x 18 x 3 inches in size. It offers even heating for better temperature control, and it’ll work with charcoal grills as well as gas grills. The outdoor griddle features a patented ventilated design that allows for even airflow as well as underside cross-bracing for long-term strength and durability. There’s even a built-in grease well that collects residue and run-off, plus high side walls to prevent food from falling off.

Outdoor items need to be tough, and the Blackstone 1825 36” Accessory Griddle With Side Shelf is up for the job. This premium option is more expensive, but it delivers. Plus, it’s built with heavy-duty materials so it can withstand all of the challenges of outdoor cooking. This freestanding griddle measures 62.5 x 36 x 22 inches when fully assembled and weighs 120 pounds. It runs on propane, delivering power to four independently controlled stainless steel burners that each deliver 15,000 BTUs — that’s a total of 60,000 BTUs when all four are fired up. You’ll get an impressive 720 square inches of cooking space on the thick, cold-rolled steel griddle. But the perks don’t end there. This griddle also includes a bottom shelf, a side shelf, paper towel holder, trash bag hook, and a rear grease management system.

The Royal Gourmet Portable 3-Burner Propane Gas Griddle is an excellent option if you need an outdoor griddle you can bring anywhere. Lighter in weight at just 30 pounds, this griddle is perfect for packing up and bringing along on camping trips, tailgating weekends, or even picnics at your local park. You’ll enjoy plenty of cooking room with a 23.6 x 13.4-inch cooking space — a total of 316 square inches of griddle surface. It packs an impressive three burners, each of which can be controlled separately with up to 9,000 BTUs of heat. The griddle surface is made with porcelain enamel, which retains heat nicely, and is detachable for easy cleaning. With a Piezo ignition and durable stainless steel control panel, all you need to get cooking is a propane tank.

The Cuisinart 360° Griddle Cooking Center is an excellent addition to any backyard or outdoor space. It’s relatively compact, but as a freestanding outdoor griddle, it’s big enough to cook up meals for a crowd. Unlike most griddles, this Cuisinart model allows you 360 degrees of cooking space. The griddle surface, which is made from cold-rolled steel, cooks evenly and heats up fast thanks to two independently controlled burners beneath its surface that can deliver a total of 30,000 BTUs. While you cook, the griddle’s extra features will come in handy. The oversized 360-degree grease pan funnels grease into a removable cup to keep the surface clean, and a convenient integrated paper towel holder makes cleaning up easy. A stainless steel vented lid lets you steam, roast, or smoke on your griddle. And the collapsible side prep table offers extra room within arm’s reach.

If you’re looking for a convenient and highly portable cooking solution, the Blackstone Table Top Portable Gas Griddle is a great choice. This lightweight outdoor griddle weighs just 21 pounds and runs on a one-pound propane bottle, making it very easy to carry along with you wherever you head. It’s handy for camping, hunting, and other outdoor adventures. The griddle offers 260 square inches of cooking space, measuring 17.5 x 18 x 8.5 inches in size. The griddle surface is cast iron, which is easy to cook on and features even consistent heating. Underneath, a single stainless steel burner delivers up to 12,000 BTUs on the highest temperature setting. When you’re done cooking, cleanup is as easy as wiping down the griddle with a paper towel — and the griddle top even stores conveniently to save space.

The Royal Gourmet 18-Inch Portable Table Top Griddle is designed for camping, but it’s a solid portable option for anyone who needs a griddle that can be carried anywhere. It combines a roomy cooking surface with a no-fuss design that’s quick, simple, and easy to manage. Measuring 23.2 x 14.4 x 8.7 inches in size, this tabletop outdoor griddle offers 221 inches of cooking space on a porcelain-enameled surface. You’ll be able to cook up to eight burger patties simultaneously. Underneath the cooktop is a single 12,000-BTU burner that can be adjusted with ease. When you’re ready to hit the road, the removable slide-out stainless steel grease tray is easy to clean and the griddle surface itself detaches so you can wash it anywhere. There are no difficult parts and pieces so you have nothing to worry about while cooking or cleaning up.

Don’t want to mess with the hassle of trying to perfectly season your outdoor griddle’s cooktop? The Pit Boss 2 Burner Table Top Gas Griddle is a perfect choice. This portable griddle features a cast iron cooking surface that comes pre-seasoned, meaning it’s ready — and easy — to use right out of the box. The cast-iron surface is also protected against rust thanks to that included seasoning layer. It measures 20.47 x 17.32 z 10.83 inches in size and offers 289 square inches of cooking space, plenty of room to cook for multiple people. Whether you’re camping, tailgating, or picnicking, this tabletop griddle gives you two burners and even heating so you can cook everything from burgers to full meals. This outdoor griddle even comes with a cover so you can store and protect it with ease.

The Country Smokers The Highland 4-Burner Portable Griddle is built for the outdoors — more so than many similar outdoor griddles. This outdoor cooking appliance includes special features that are designed to withstand different outdoor elements. It can even help you cook more easily while outside in less-than-ideal weather. With a stainless steel stand and a steel griddle top that’s pre-seasoned with organic plant-based oil, this portable griddle can stand on its thanks to its collapsible legs. It offers 597 square inches of cooking space and allows you to cook food for up to ten people at once. While you’re cooking, a set of protective burner covers help the griddle stay hot even when it’s windy or cold out. It offers an impressive 44,000 BTUs total so temperature swings won’t matter. Plus, the extra-long protective sides around the griddle help it better maintain heat in the cold.

If you want to have the convenience of a griddle but aren’t ready to give up on grilling, the Royal Gourmet Portable Grill and Griddle Combo is a perfect choice. This large freestanding outdoor griddle measures 66.1 x 21.8 x 43.7 inches and weighs 103.6 pounds. It features two different cooking areas, each measuring 292 square inches. You can either grill over an exposed flame or griddle anything over even, consistent heat. Use the grill while you griddle or use each cooking surface independently — it’s entirely up to you. A total of four burners deliver 12,000 BTUs each. Even better, this large griddle and grill combo are portable. It features fold-down legs and four locking casters so you can easily transport it, and it’s particularly ideal if you need a cooking solution for large groups or events. 


  • Outdoor griddles rely on gas, so make sure you have the right kind of gas handy. Portable griddles can use a small propane canister; larger griddles can be connected to a gas line or a full-size propane tank.
  • Clean and care for your griddle just like you would a traditional grill. Stainless steel griddles in particular need to be cleaned right after use to prevent buildup and cleaning challenges.
  • Want to be able to move your outdoor griddle around? Even if you choose a larger standalone model, look for a stand with casters. This lets you easily move the griddle from place to place.


Q: What is the best outdoor flat top grill?

We think the Blackstone 1554 4 Burner Outdoor Griddle is the best outdoor flat top grill you’ll find.

Q: Which Blackstone griddle is the best?

Our top pick, the Blackstone 1554 4 Burner Outdoor Griddle, is an excellent option from Blackstone. However, the Blackstone 1825 36” Accessory Griddle With Side Shelf is also an awesome option, and it comes with great accessories that enhance your cooking experience.

Q: What can you cook on an outdoor griddle?

You can cook absolutely anything on an outdoor griddle. It’s especially great for items that require a flat, even heating surface, like quesadillas, pancakes, burgers, bacon, and even eggs.

Final Thoughts

The Blackstone 1554 4 Burner Outdoor Griddle is our favorite outdoor griddle thanks to its wide-ranging capability and excellent durability. For a more affordable option, you’ll want to check out the Sizzle-Q Stainless Steel Universal Griddle, an insert griddle that works great. Which outdoor griddle is your top choice?