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The Best BMX Grips (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

Get some air, beat the pack, and show some style with these BMX grips.

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BYBrian Smyth/ LAST UPDATED ON July 7, 2021

Every bike rider needs a good, solid grip to maintain control on the street or the trail, but for BMXers, the proper grip has a special purpose. Due to the nature of BMX riding, the right bike must forgo the luxurious shocks found on other types of bikes, and all shock-absorption must be handled by the tires and grips alone. Like the riders who use them, BMX grips endure high levels of shock on virtually every ride, which means that a compromise is never an option.

The perfect BMX grip is both comfortable and extremely shock-absorbent, but requirements do not stop there. Like everything else in the BMX world, grips are a form of art and expressing oneself, so color and patterns are indispensable elements of even the most functional of parts. We've compiled some of the best BMX grips on the market to make your search easier.

Best Overall

ODI Vans X Cult Flangeless Bike Grips


These flangeless ODI grips are a collaboration with Vans and Cult, featuring the tread pattern found on classic Vans kicks. They are incredibly comfortable and tacky, and they perform well.

  • Soft with an excellent grip
  • Come in multiple colors
  • Easy to install
  • Made in America
  • Can be slippery when wet
  • May be too soft for some riders
Best Value

 Kasteco Mushroom Bicycle Handlebar Grips


These Kasteco grips come in a pack of four for double the coverage. Their textured rectangular lugs provide good grip, and their price tag is impressive.

  • Very affordable and easy to install
  • Come in a variety of colors
  • Some may find these grips to be a little thin
  • Grips are on the short side of the spectrum
Honorable Mention

Race Face Half Nelson Locking Grip


This low-profile offering from Race Face features a flangeless, lock-on design and takes full advantage of its VEXY rubber compound to create a soft, durable, and super tacky grip.

  • Slim and lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Come in a variety of colors
  • Expensive
  • Bolts can be overtightened by accident
  • Run a little thin
The Best BMX Grips (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

Benefits of BMX Grips

  • Comfort. Handlebar grips are home to biker’s hands, and comfortable grips make all the difference between a happy biker and a not-so-happy one. Of course, with all the jarring they encounter, BMX riders need a little something extra. BMX grips provide next-level comfort thanks to their thickness, softness, and shock-absorbing capabilities.
  • Control. BMX riding requires a high degree of finesse, and the proper pair of grips provides BMXers with the right amount of grip to maintain perfect control over their bikes both in the air and on the ground.
  • Style. All BMX grips should provide comfort and control, but they are also an excellent platform for personal expression. Grips come in a massive variety of grip patterns and colors, so finding the right pair is an intensely personal pursuit.

Types of BMX Grips

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Flanged Grips

Traditionally, BMX bikes have come standard with flanged grips to provide consistent hand placement no matter what the activity. Flanges appear on the inside edge of the grip, creating a backstop for the riders' hand. For young riders, this feature is especially important for creating and reinforcing muscle memory.

Flangeless Grips

Originally, BMX bikes were intended primarily for the race track, but as more people pioneered new stunts and tricks, handlebar spins became common. As such, riders found flanged grips getting in the way of safe landings. Over time, enough BMXers got tired of cutting off their own flanges that the market saw the rise of trick-oriented flangeless grips.

Top Brands


Over the last 40 years, ODI has been dedicated to providing the best grip technology in the world and innovating creative solutions, such as the Lock-on Grip system. As a leader in creating grips and accessories for mountain bikes, motorcycles, ATVs, and watercraft, it is based in Riverside, California.

Race Face

Since 1993, Race Face has specialized in supporting mountain bikers and more from its home base on the North Shore of Vancouver, British Columbia. This Canadian powerhouse provides bikers with virtually every part they could ever need, including handlebars, pedals, rims, and gear and apparel

BMX Grip Pricing

  • Under $10: These grips are the most basic grips on the market and are almost always slip-ons. Sometimes, they are a little short, and the grip patterns tend to use simple designs.
  • $10 to $20: Most grips in this category are slip-ons with a good variety of available grip patterns. A few of the more basic lock-on variants also appear in this price range.
  • $20 and up: This group of grips tends to specialize in lock-on grips and a few very unique slip-on designs. Product descriptions for this category frequently use the words “aluminum alloy.”

Key Features


A soft grip is critical for all riders, especially for professionals and dedicated amateurs. Cushioning is regularly determined by various factors, including a grip’s specific construction material, its thickness, and even its grip pattern (e.g., ribbing, grooves, etc.). How each manufacturer combines these factors will determine how much cushioning the final grip will have.


In the world of bike grips, tackiness refers more to “grippiness” than it does to someone’s odd wardrobe choices or their social faux pas. Due to the dynamic nature of BMX bike riding, stunts, and tricks, riders need a grip with hand traction to allow for fine-tuned movements to achieve consistent, predictable performance at any time and in any position.

Other Considerations

  • Installation Process. BMX grips come in one of two variants: slip-on and lock-on. As the most common type, slip-on grips are installed by sliding them onto the handlebars and relying on friction to stay in place. Lock-on grips feature a slip-on rubber sleeve held in place by one or two clamps secured with bolts or screws. Slip-ons are less complicated to install and require less precision, while lock-ons tend to be more difficult.
  • Accessories. When shopping for BMX grips, be sure to consider which accessories come with the grip and the quality of those accessories. Virtually every set of grips on the market include end caps for a smooth, professional-looking finish, but the quality of those end caps can vary quite a bit. Lock-on grips have several parts, including bolts or screws. After considering the quality of these parts, see if they include installation tools as well.

Best BMX Grip Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Nothing screams classic like that ODI Vans X Cult Flangeless Bike Grips, a set of BMX bike grips sure to earn street cred in an instant. These grips each measure 143-millimeters long, and the slip-on design allows for easy installation. The classic Vans tread pattern gives users a grip with plenty of purchase, and the soft, proprietary rubber compound provides excellent tack for a secure grip. The flangeless grip design allows riders to make quick adjustments on the fly without compromising security, and the included end caps provide a clean, finished look. 

These grips come in multiple different colors for a more customized look, including the classic Vans gum color. To top it all off, ODI Vans X Cult Flangeless Bike Grips are made in America. Unfortunately, these grips are slippery when wet, and some riders may prefer something with a little less cushion.

Whether you repair bikes for a living or are merely looking for inexpensive grips, the Kasteco Mushroom Bicycle Handlebar Grips are sure to grab your attention. This set of flangeless grips comes with four grips total, enough for two bikes, and with the variety of available colors, finding the perfect match is a breeze. Each rubber grip measures 120-millimeters long and has an inner diameter of 22.2 millimeters, a perfect fit for most BMX (and mountain) bike handlebars. The slip-on design makes these grips easy to install, and the molded end caps complete the look. 

Each anti-bacterial grip’s surface consists of rectangular lugs, each topped with diamond checkering for added grip. Kasteco Mushroom Bicycle Handlebar Grips are both soft and durable. However, these grips may be a little short for some bikes, and some may find the thin material lacking in the cushion department

When a strong grip is a top priority, secure things in just the right place with the Race Face Half Nelson Locking Grip. Unlike many of its competitors, this set of grips bypasses the slip-on design in favor of a locking design. Each flangeless grip utilizes Race Face’s VEXY rubber compound to provide riders with a soft, durable, and super tacky grip surface. The grip surface uses a low-profile pattern to replicate the worn, tacky grips commonly found on well-loved bikes. 

The pattern features shallow topographical lines to allow moisture mitigation alongside a raised Race Face logo. Each grip is lightweight, easy to install, and comes in a wide variety of bright colors. While these grips are a high-quality product, unfortunately, they can be a bit expensive. They also run a little thin and can be overtightened easily.

For BMX bikers looking to achieve repeatable hand placement time and time again, the 25Nine Ronin Grip with Flange is worth a closer look. This set of grips measures 150 millimeters long. The flange on the inside edge helps riders avoid overshooting their hand’s landing spot, creating muscle memory over time. The traditional slip-on design allows for simple and easy installation. 

The Kraton rubber compound provides a soft yet durable grip surface, and when combined with the simple ribbed grip pattern, it creates a classic, comfortable surface. Available in many colors, the 25Nine Ronin Grip with Flange comes with end caps and a 90-day money-back guarantee. However, with a length of 150 millimeters, these grips are a little long, and due to the flanges, trimming them is a non-option.

These grips are great for use on most bikes with a length of 145 millimeters. Installation is easy thanks to the slip-on design. To keep things simple, these grips opt for a streamlined look and skip the flanges. With multiple marbled color options available in several vibrant hues, it is easy to see why they earn compliments from riders and observers alike. 

The ribbed grip pattern may be old school, but the insane comfort level lets bikers revel in hand heaven. All Kutrick 145mm Soft Flangeless Longneck Grips come with end caps to ensure a clean final look. Unfortunately, these included end caps are not the most durable, and you may want to use your own end caps.

BMX riding can be a form of individual expression, and with Marque Chevron BMX Grips, every rider can customize their rides to match their riding style. These flangeless grips measure 140 millimeters long (about 5.5 inches), and the TPR rubber compound comes in a variety of solid and marbled colors while also providing a comfortable, cushioned and tacky grip. 

Each slip-on grip will be perfectly at home on a handlebar with an outer diameter between 20 and 23 millimeters. The grip pattern consists of outlined chevrons filled in with ribbing oriented either vertically or horizontally to the grip's plane. Marque Chevron BMX Grips are easy to install and include end caps for a clean finish. 

The only knock against these grips is the occasional durability complaint. If you run into any durability issues, reach out to the manufacturer. 

Slightly on the short side, these flangeless grips measure 131 millimeters long with an inside diameter of 22.2 millimeters, making them a perfect match for a wide variety of bikes. The grips forego the traditional slip-on installation method and rely on a locking system instead. Each grip slides into place with ease and then secured by the aluminum alloy lock on the outside edge with end caps included, completing the look. The rubber gel surface provides a soft and comfortable all-weather surface, and the grips' helicopter rotor blade grip pattern eliminates slipping. 

However, there have been some concerns brought up about the occasional durability issue.

Looking for BMX grips that will stay put and never let go? Take a gander at Lycaon Non-Slip Bike Handlebar Grips with Aluminum Locks. These flangeless bike grips measure a solid 132 millimeters long and are a perfect match for any handlebar with an exterior diameter between 20 and 22 millimeters. These locking grips skip the slip-on route and even bypass traditional single-lock designs with their dual lock setup. Each grip is secured by two aluminum alloy locks that are easy to install and come with end caps. The anti-slip rubber compound features a checkered pattern that creates a firm, grippy surface. The Lycaon Non-Slip Bike Handlebar Grips with Aluminum Locks are lightweight and come in multiple different colors. 

However, since these grips are lightweight, they are more durable with light-duty use. A few users found them to be less than comfortable.

This grip features a flangeless design and uses a deep-cut Maya-inspired grip pattern and bright highlights for an aesthetic that is sure to grab everyone’s attention. This comfortable unit uses a TPR rubber compound to gain its soft, grippy, and shock-absorbent properties. The dual aluminum alloy locks secure this grip on put ends to the handlebar, and the end caps create a classy finish. Installation is a breeze, thanks to this secure yet straightforward design. Each grip measures 133 millimeters long and has a 21-millimeter inner diameter, and the BV Double Lock-on Bike Handlebar Grip comes with a one-year warranty. 

Unfortunately, these grip’s aluminum bolts can strip easily, and they lack an Allen wrench for installation. Some riders say they could be softer.


  • When installing grips, consider the zip tie method. Insert four zip ties into the grip, then slide the zip ties and grip onto the handlebar. Position the grip, then remove the zip ties.
  • For those without zip ties, spray hairspray or rubbing alcohol onto the handlebar, then install the grip. Both substances evaporate quickly and will leave the grip with a secure attachment to the handlebar.


Q: How long are BMX grips?

BMX grips can range anywhere between 120 millimeters on the low end to 155 millimeters on the high end, although most usually hover between 130 and 145 millimeters long.

Q: How do I make my BMX grips softer?

The most common method for softening BMX grips requires placing the grips in a pot of water at a rolling boil. After about five minutes, remove them, and let them cool just enough to be touched safely. Then, gently stretch and twist the grips, being careful not to tear them.

Q: What are BMX grips made of?

Most BMX grips consist of an artificial rubber compound specifically engineered to create a surface that is soft, durable, and tacky. One common compound is known as thermoplastic rubber, or TPR.

Final Thoughts

While nothing is ever truly perfect, ODI Vans X Cult Flangeless Bike Grips may just be the next best thing with their soft, tacky surface and classic styling. On the flip side, Kasteco Mushroom Bicycle Handlebar Grips are an excellent no-nonsense offering with a great price tag.