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The Best Cruiser Wheels (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

Glide with style and grace with one of these top-of-the-line cruiser wheels.

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BY/ LAST UPDATED ON January 27, 2021

While it would be nice to slap any type of wheels on your skateboard or longboard, it's not a good idea. Wheels come in a variety of sizes and have certain characteristics that make them better for certain types of skating. If you simply want to cruise around your neighborhood or town, you need wheels that are up to the task, and some are better than others.

Different wheels provide different riding experiences, and the wrong ones may be too heavy, feel a little sluggish, and can be tough to push. Not sure which ones are best for your cruiser? We've put together this buying guide of the best cruiser wheels, so you can feel confident the next time you want to ride down the street, cruise along in the city, or travel short distances on level terrain.

Best Overall

Fireball Tinder Skateboard & Longboard Wheels for Cruising


These wheels have a 60mm diameter, a 40mm width, a 35mm contact patch, and an 81a durometer. They're available in red, blue, or white.

  • Made in California
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Provides a smooth ride
  • Good grip-to-slip ratio
  • No bearings are included, and they can be a hassle to put in
Best Value

Bigfoot Skateboard Wheels


These 53mm wheels come in green, purple, and red and have a durometer of 83a. They have a hard plastic core and high rebound.

  • Fast and quiet
  • Great for beginners
  • Smooth rolling performance
  • Good quality
  • Can only be used for basic tricks
  • Plastic cores may crack prematurely
Honorable Mention

OJ Mini Super Juice Cruiser Wheels


These 55mm wheels are available in black, orange, and white and have a durometer of 78a. They're made of buttery-soft urethane.

  • Excellent for gliding around town
  • Grippy, smooth, and fast
  • Can accommodate tricks
  • Wrong color wheel may be shipped
  • Smaller than some other cruiser wheels
The Best Cruiser Wheels (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

Benefits of Cruiser Wheels

  • They're good for beginners. If you're new to skating but eventually want to learn tricks or skate ramps, a cruiser with cruiser wheels is a good starting point. You can learn the feel of skating before advancing to a double-kick or freestyle board.
  • You want to ride from point A to point B. Cruiser wheels can be used on longboards or cruiser skateboards, and they're great if you feel like skating in your town on relatively flat surfaces and want an alternative to a bicycle.
  • They provide a smooth ride. Cruiser wheels are designed to provide a comfortable ride as they tend to be softer than other types of skateboard wheels. They roll smoothly and tolerate rough pavement better than other types of wheels.

Types of Cruiser Wheels

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Top Brands

Powell Peralta

George Powell and Stacy Peralta founded this iconic company in 1978 in California. It makes decks, wheels, accessories, and anything you could ever want related to skateboarding. We recommend the Powell Peralta Bombers.

OJ Wheels

Based in Santa Cruz, Calif., OJ Wheels makes a variety of team-tested hard and soft wheels for riding a bowl or cruising down the street. We recommend the OJ Mini Super Juice Cruiser Wheels.

Spitfire Wheels

Based in San Francisco, Calif., Spitfire makes a large variety of wheels in colorful designs. The company also stands behind its products 100 percent should you experience any problems not related to normal wear and tear. Check out the Spitfire Formula Four Classic Skateboard Wheels.

Orangatang Wheels

Orangatang Wheels got its start in Southern California in 2008. The company is known for making products that the employees want to use, so it puts a lot of thought into their design. Check out the Orangatang Fat Free 65 mm Freeride Longboard Skateboard Wheels.

Cruiser Wheel Pricing

  • Under $20: You can buy a basic, plain Jane set of cruiser wheels for an affordable price. They will get the job done, but they may not be as durable as more well-known brands or feature cool designs.
  • $30 and up: Higher-quality wheels will cost a little more money, but they're also usually longer lasting. Some more expensive wheels include the bearings.

Key Features


The general rule is that the longer the deck, the bigger the wheels should be. You can use smaller wheels with a longer deck; however, larger wheels simply provide better performance. You shouldn't use larger wheels on smaller decks because they have a tendency to rub, which is known as wheel-bite. This can cause the board to stop suddenly. So, for example, if you have a 40-inch or longer deck, look for wheels that are 70-75mm.

Durometer (Hardness)

Cruiser wheels are typically softer and more comfortable to ride compared to harder wheels. They roll smoothly over the pavement and sidewalks. However, if you are on the heavier side, you will need wheels that are a little harder. That's because softer wheels will slow you down. On the flip side, if you're lightweight, you may not provide enough pressure for the wheels to grip the road. For example, if you weigh between 135 and 175 pounds, look for wheels with a durometer of 80a-83a.


There are only two wheel shapes: sharp-lip shaped wheels and round-lip shaped wheels. In general, either type is fine for cruising. However, one that has a squarer edge will help you maintain better traction. Sharp-lip-shaped wheels provide more grip, particularly during hard turns. However, those with round lips are great for surf-like slides and carving as well as those who want to powerslide.

Other Considerations

  • Contact Patch. The contact patch on a wheel is the area that makes contact with the pavement. Longboard wheels, for example, tend to be larger and have larger contact patches. That means body weight will be distributed over a larger area compared to smaller wheels with a smaller contact patch. A wheel's shape also influences the size of the contact patch. Rounder wheels provide less contact, while square wheels provide more, and this can affect performance.

Best Cruiser Wheels Reviews & Recommendations 2021

The Fireball Tinder Skateboard & Longboard Wheels for Cruising have a 60mm diameter, a 40mm width, a 35mm contact patch, and an 81a durometer. They're designed to ride smoothly over bumps, cracks, rocks, and other road debris, whether you're cruising, dancing, or freeriding. They're a great option for smaller longboards, mini-cruisers, and double-kick skateboards. Designed and manufactured in California, the wheels have rounded lips for consistent slides and a center set core made of urethane fiberglass for added strength and consistent wear patterns. Overall, they're sturdy, durable, and provide a nice, smooth ride, and users give two thumbs up for their grip-to-slip ratio and their ability to conquer pebbles and twigs, uneven roads, and sidewalk cracks, making commuting a breeze. One problem is that they don't come with the bearings, which can be challenging to put in.

These Bigfoot Skateboard Wheels are 53mm with a durometer of 83a. They are available in green, purple, and red urethane and provide a smooth rolling experience. The wheels are fast and quiet, even on rough surfaces. If you like making videos while on your board, these wheels will keep vibrations to a minimum. They feature a hard plastic core and precision bearing alignment, reducing restrictive pressure on the bearings, which can slow you down. Also, they feature a high rebound for speed and smooth operation. Beginners like these wheels as they roll well on sidewalks, roads, and bricks, and cracks and rough surfaces are not an issue. Overall, they're of good quality and comfortable to ride. 

They can make it hard to do tricks like ollies and frontside 180s, but that's common with wheels this soft. Also, in some rare cases, the cores can crack prematurely.

Ricta Chrome Clouds Skateboard Wheels are available in 54mm or 56mm with a durometer of 78a, 86a, or 92a. The company has been around for over two decades and focuses on making top-quality, high-performing urethane skateboard wheels such as this. These wheels are a great option if you frequently ride on asphalt as they ride well on pavement. They are smooth, not as loud as some competitor brands, and are quick, enabling you to reach your destination quicker. They have the soft, smooth feel of a cruiser wheel yet are small and compact like a street wheel. That means you can still do tricks on them and you can go relatively far without pushing too much. 

However, they're a little pricey depending on what size you get, and there have been a few complaints that they're a little wide.

The FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels come with bearings (22mm by 8mm) and have a 60mm diameter, a 45mm width, and an 83a durometer. Made of polyurethane, they're specifically designed for cruising, longboarding, and skateboarding on asphalt, concrete, ramps, sidewalks, and other surfaces. They are durable, stable, and ride fast and smoothly. They also have a grippy edge, which is convenient when riding down hills and come with ABEC-7 bearings. What sets these wheels apart is that they are available in clear red, black, and pink, and most of the options include LED lights for added style. Users report that they easily clear small rocks and pebbles, and they are popular with children who like to make a statement with their skateboard, particularly when it gets dark outside. 

There have been some complaints, however, that the wheels stop lighting up after a short period of use or one may not work out of the box.

The 60mm Pro Gel Color Longboard Skateboard Wheels have a width of 44mm and a 79a durometer. They're designed to fit regular skateboard and longboard trucks and bearings, but they are a little smaller than what's typically used on a longboard. You can also use them on penny boards. However, you may need some spacers between the board and the trucks to avoid wheel bite. One of the best things about these wheels is that they are very affordable. Also, they are fairly smooth and provide good grip while absorbing shocks and minimizing vibration on your feet. Overall, they make cruising pretty effortless. Plus, they are soft enough for rough blacktop and when you're skating over surfaces such as cracked pavement. 

A couple of downsides are that the bearings may be a bit snug, and they aren't the longest-lasting option available.

The THMEX 70mm/52mm Skateboard Wheels are available in all black or white with black details. They have a 70mm diameter and an 88a durometer. Made of polyurethane, these cruiser wheels also come with 8mm ABEC9 bearings and spacers, so you save money. They're designed for longboards and skateboards and cruising over asphalt, concrete, ramps, sidewalks, and other types of surfaces. These fast and smooth wheels are durable and grippy for downhill skating. Users report that they are easy to put on, are a good cruising wheel overall, yet are also designed to do street tricks due to their light weight. 

Unfortunately, these wheels are not from a known brand. Also, they are listed as blue online yet only come in black or white.

The Big Boy 70mm Blank Gel Color Pro Longboard Cruiser Wheels are blue with a 70mm diameter and 78a durometer. Designed specifically for longboards, these gel-type wheels make it easy to traverse rough terrain and small rocks and pebbles. They are softer than regular wheels, which enables them to roll easier over bumper surfaces. They absorb shock pretty well, so you don't have to worry about hitting cracks or twigs on roads or sidewalks. They provide a smooth ride, and many users love the look of them. 

However, they are quite a bit darker blue than they appear in the images online. Also, they're not designed for tricks, so they're a little less versatile than some other cruiser wheels. Plus, they do not come with bearings.