The Best ATV Gloves (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023

Give your hands the protection they need while riding.

byNorah Tarichia|
The Best ATV Gloves (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023

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BYNorah Tarichia/ LAST UPDATED ON April 1, 2021

There isn't a doubt that one of the best parts of riding a four-wheeler is blasting across the trails at high speeds while leaving a trail of dust. However, just like any other outdoor sport, there is one thing you need to keep in mind: your safety. Top on your list of riding gear should be safety equipment, and this includes having a pair of comfortable and well-fitting riding gloves.

A pair of protective gloves could be what sits between you and a few bruised or broken fingers in the event of a crash. It also provides additional grip on the handlebar for better manipulation of the steering controls. And, should you ever need to fix any part of your machine while you are on the trail, you will be glad that you have your gloves. Check our list of the best ATV gloves available so you can make the perfect pick.

Best Overall
Cofit Full Finger Gloves

Cofit Full Finger Gloves


These are a pair of stretchable outdoor gloves that are reinforced at the knuckles and fingers. They also have gel in the palm area for comfort.

  • Made of breathable material 
  • Offers full hand protection
  • Features touchscreen fingertips
  • Sizes run small 
  • Knuckle protectors can get uncomfortable with time
  • Not warm enough for winter riding
Best Value

Typhoon Youth and Kids Motocross Gloves


These are a pair of snug-fitting gloves that are recommended for teens and kids. They come with a pre-curved design for better grip.

  • Cool skeleton design 
  • Keeps out dirt and debris
  • Resistant to mild abrasions
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Skull part may fall off with time
  • Might wear out at the fingertips with frequent use
  • Fingers may be a bit long
Honorable Mention

Fox Racing Defend Men’s Gloves


This pair of men's riding gloves are made of stretchable polyester with a clarino palm and rubberized knuckle protectors. They are designed to offer protection in all kinds of off-road conditions.

  • Lightweight and breathable construction 
  • Protects your fingers from injury
  • Provides a perfect grip on the handles
  • Touchscreen compatible fingertips
  • Somewhat pricey 
  • Knuckle protection could be better 
  • Limited colors available

Benefits of ATV Gloves

  • Prevent hand injuries. Even with soft and comfortable grips on the steering, you can still get blisters on your hands if you ride for a long period with your hands exposed. The lack of protection may also lead to broken fingers and bruises in the event of a crash. ATV gloves can help prevent this; they are typically cushioned and reinforced at the knuckles to reduce the crash’s impact and prevent hand injury.
  • Better grip. Your hands can get sweaty and slippery from gripping the handlebar for several hours. To prevent this, most ATV gloves are designed with non-slip palms so you can maintain a firm grip on the handlebar. 
  • Versatile. Most ATV gloves are designed to handle the harsh outdoor environment so that you can use them for just about any outdoor sport, including riding motorcycles, UTVs, or bikes. You can also use them when working with farm equipment. 
  • Keep your hands warm and dry. Most ATV gloves are waterproof and designed with multiple layers of insulating material to keep your hands warm and dry.

Types of ATV Gloves

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Full-Fingered Gloves

Full-fingered gloves provide full protection to your hands and can be worn at any time of year. The most common design is where the glove stops right at the wrist (short cuffs). You can also find models with elongated wrists (gauntlets) that also cover part of your arm. The latter is best for keeping out water, dirt, and flying debris, though they can be uncomfortable to wear for an extended period.

Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves only cover the palm area and the back of your hand. Your fingers are left exposed to allow full finger dexterity, but you still protect your palms from blisters. These gloves are convenient for summer riding; air passes through the holes between the fingers so you can keep your hands cool.

Top Brands

Fox Racing

Fox Racing is a California-based sports apparel company that was founded in 1974 by Geoff Fox. Its product line includes footwear, eyewear, gloves, clothing, and even off-road suspension components. 


Typhoon is a popular name in the motorsport world and is famous for its helmet collection. It’s a subsidiary brand of Midwest Motorsports and was founded in 2001. It also designs other riding gear for youth and adults, including gloves, riding goggles, chest protectors, and snow gear.


Founded in 2013, ILM or ILMotor is an American-based designer of motorcycle gear and accessories that help make riding more safe and comfortable. They specialize in designing helmets, gloves, and other riding accessories to be used for other outdoor sports, including ATV riding. 

ATV Gloves Pricing

  • Under $20: This price range holds a plethora of full and fingerless gloves with short cuffs. You can get a decent pair that’s comfortable, breathable, and can last for at least a year. However, most have minimal padding and knuckle protection. 
  • $20 and up: Like any other kind of gear, the features get better as the prices increase. Therefore, expect to find gloves with sufficient padding, heavy-duty knuckle protectors, air vents, touchscreen compatible fingertips, and moisture-wicking thumb panels.

Key Features


You want a pair of gloves that offers maximum protection from injuries and also feels comfortable on your hands. This is why you should consider what the gloves are made of before buying them. Choose gloves that are made of flexible material and have sufficient padding on the palms. Also, ensure that the knuckles have protectors that act as a shield and shock absorber. 


You should get gloves that are the right fit to benefit from the full protection and comfort that the gloves can offer. Most glove designers offer their gloves in sizes ranging from small to extra large. However, manufacturers have different ideas on what size ranges constitute medium to large. Your best bet would be to accurately measure your hand with a tape measure and get a pair that fits those exact measurements.  

Other Considerations

  • Weather. Take into account the weather in the area you will be riding in. If the temperatures are going to be high, then you need fingerless gloves or thinner full-fingered gloves. Choose thicker full-fingered gloves that retain warmth if it's going to be on the colder side. 
  • Waterproofing. You can never go wrong with having a pair of waterproof gloves. They can help keep your hands dry, especially if you are off-roading in the rainy weather. You can also use them for other activities such as farm work. 
  • Purpose. Do you need the gloves for off-roading, racing, or backcountry touring? Off-roading gloves focus more on breathability, damage resistance, and keeping out dirt. Racing gloves have a rugged look that optimizes knuckle and finger protection. Touring gloves are tailored more towards comfort. 

Best ATV Gloves Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Cofit offers a pair of heavy-duty gloves that can be used for almost any outdoor activity. Available in small, medium, and large, these gloves offer full hand protection and breathability. They are made of PU leather and microfiber with air vents to enhance airflow during summer riding. PVC plastic on the knuckles and heavy padding on the fingers provides cushioning and protection for a safer riding experience. The palm area is designed with wear-resistant silicone gel for durability and enhanced grip on the handlebar. The index finger and thumb are designed with conductive metal fibers so they can work with touchscreen devices. A hook and loop closure at the wrists provides a secure fit and promotes easy wearing and removal. 

However, they don’t provide much warmth, so they are best used when the temperatures are above 50 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, the sizes run a little small.

These gloves are made of a combination of nylon, spandex, and polyester. The palm has an additional layer of non-slip synthetic leather to enhance grip and minimize wear. They are also reinforced with durable padding for enhanced shock absorption during off-road riding but are still flexible enough to allow a full range of hand motion. Since they come with a pre-curved design, the gloves feel comfortable on the hands and reduce fatigue when gripping the handlebar. The design also helps to maintain a firm grip. An adjustable Velcro strap provides a secure fit and helps to keep out dirt and road debris. 

Keep in mind that the skull design may fall off with time, and the fingertips may also wear out with frequent use. Also, the fingers are a bit long for some small hands.

These gloves are made of stretchable polyester, with an armored back and a Clarino palm. The armor back is made of knobby thermoplastic rubber for extra protection of the knuckles. The gloves are designed with mesh fingers for improved airflow, and the palms are perforated at strategic places, helping to keep your hands cool during summer riding. The palm also includes a silicone layer for enhanced grip on the handlebar to maintain control when riding at top speeds. Additionally, they are equipped with touchscreen-sensitive material on the thumb and index finger. The thumb is designed with an absorbent micro-suede layer so you can wipe off sweat from your face. 

Some downsides of these gloves are that their knuckle protection could be better for their price. Also, there are limited colors available compared to other gloves.

Designed for both men and women, these gloves feature a mash-up of different materials, including synthetic leather, neoprene, polyamide, polyvinyl, and polyurethane. This heavy-duty construction helps to make these gloves long-lasting and also keeps your hands comfortable. For maximum protection against injuries, the knuckles are reinforced with direct-injected rubber featuring cool logos and graphics that make these gloves fashionable.  You will get just the right amount of comfort from the moderate padding around the palms and fingers, and it also allows your hands to move freely. For the convenient operation of touchscreen gadgets, a touch-sensitive material is fitted at the top of the index finger so you can text or answer phone calls when on the trail. 

However, the Velcro fastener is fitted just above the wrist, and though it provides a secure fit, it can be somewhat uncomfortable, especially if you have larger hands.

With sizes ranging from medium to XX-large, these are a pair of fashionable gloves that sport alloy steel knuckles injected-molded onto the gloves. They have an arc-shaped design to conform to the shape of the hand for comfort. The palms are designed with 3D plastic, non-slip lines to provide a steady grip on the brakes and throttle. Also, a section of the palm features thick padding to cushion the palms from injury. Connecting the palm and the thumb is an additional layer of non-slip leather for improved grip on the handlebar. Also, the thumb and index finger have touchscreen capabilities, so you don’t have to take them off to use your phone. 

Although the knuckle protectors may not always align with your knuckles, getting the right fit by following the size chart provided by ILM can help prevent this mismatch.

A lot goes into making these gloves warm, dry, and comfortable, including a multiple-layer design with an artificial, suede leather outer shell that’s abrasion-resistant and a windproof inner sponge. It also has a thickened velvet layer and an additional non-woven cotton layer for comfort. The final layer that’s in direct contact with your hands is an insulated cotton lining with a waterproof membrane so you can dip your hands in icy water without getting wet. Also, the palms are designed with anti-skid silica gel to help you maintain a comfortable grip. The index finger and thumb are designed with touchscreen-sensitive material, while the wrists feature elastic cuffs for easy donning and removal. 

Keep in mind that the multilayer construction makes the gloves a bit bulky, so it might be challenging to grab small objects like a zipper. 

The Polaris Leather Touring Gloves are a pair of high-quality men’s gloves designed for all-weather use. They feature a soft leather construction that’s puncture and abrasion-resistant and a combination of other fibers for superior hand protection. Superfabric material on palms offers optimal hand cushioning to prevent blisters. The fingers are padded for impact cushioning and have perforations between fingers to increase airflow, so your hands don’t get too sweaty. They are also fitted with knuckle protectors that are firm but still allow maximum finger dexterity. Elastic wrists with hook and loop fasteners provide a secure fit. 

While the gloves take some getting used to during their break-in period, you’ll appreciate that they aren’t too bulky so you can use them for any activity, including driving, ATV riding, or tactical purposes.

These Kemimoto gloves are an excellent option for offroaders and lovers of speed. They have a rugged design featuring multiple layers that are double stitched for durability. The knuckle protectors are made of thermoplastic polyurethane, which can keep your fingers safe in the event of a high-impact crash. Each finger's top is fitted with a stretch panel for easy fitting and to promote optimal finger dexterity. Air vents between fingers encourage airflow and keep your hands cool even in the intense summer heat. The thumb and index fingertips are made of touch-sensitive PU leather for compatibility with touchscreens. The palms are designed with shockproof foam and non-slip material to give you a better grip on the throttle. It's also reinforced with palm protectors to prevent injury. 

However, the sizes run small, so you should consider going a size up when buying yours.


  • On top of wearing protective gloves, you should also consider wearing other protective gear, including DOT-approved ATV helmets, protective footwear, and ATV goggles
  • If you are into multiple outdoor sports, you can use the same ATV gloves for other activities such as hunting or riding a dirt bike. However, ATV gloves can be a bit thick and stiff for normal driving, so it’s better to get a pair of dedicated driving gloves
  • When removing your gloves, hold the fingertips so your hands don’t pull out the inner lining. Then store them neatly in your ATV tool bag. 


Q: What are the best ATV gloves?

The Cofit Full Finger Gloves are some of the best gloves on the market, but you can’t go wrong if you decide to pick any of the other gloves on our review due to the sizing or price. 

Q: What are ATV gloves used for?

ATV gloves are part of the safety gear when riding your ATV. They help to absorb some of the impacts of a crash, so you don’t injure your hands. They also provide a better grip on the control and prevent blisters. 

Q: How do you clean ATV gloves?

How you wash the gloves depends on the type of material, so you should follow the manufacturer's instructions. However, most gloves are machine washable, and if they aren't, you can wipe them clean with a wet cloth dipped in soapy water. Some synthetic gloves can be washed in a bowl of warm soapy water and rinsed with clean water before you leave them to air dry. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to invest in a great pair of gloves with a sporty look and durable construction, consider the Cofit Full Finger Gloves. You will appreciate the knuckle protection, snug fit, and breathability. If you want a pair of affordable gloves for a growing child, consider the Typhoon Youth and Kids Motocross Gloves.