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The Best Bike Speedometers: Track Your Stats

Track your speed — and more — with these handy and accurate bike speedometers.

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BYHeather Fishel/ LAST UPDATED ON July 27, 2021

It’s easy to monitor your speed when you’re behind the wheel of your car — but what about when you’re behind the handlebars of your bike? Bicycles don’t come with a dashboard of gauges and meters. You can only judge your speed based on how hard you’re pedaling and how fast it feels like you’re riding. But there’s a simple way for speed enthusiasts to monitor their mileage on a bike. You just need to add a bike speedometer to your handlebars. Compact and easy to use, a bike speedometer is a quick, simple addition you can make to any bike. Whether you want more data about every bike ride or you just want to see how fast you can ride, a speedometer can come in handy. Check out our picks for the best bike speedometers below.

Best Overall

LTT Bike Light Set With Speedometer


A three-in-one bike speedometer setup that’ll make every ride smarter and smoother.

  • Waterproof
  • 360-degree swivel mount
  • Shows speed and other ride data in real-time
  • Small components for installation are easy to lose
Best Value

MakeTheOne Old School Bike Speedometer


A classic bike speedometer with no frills and a very affordable price.

  • Easy to install
  • Works without batteries or power
  • Automatically resets
  • Won’t work on quick-release wheels or electric bikes
Honorable Mention

Cat Eye Velo Wireless Bike Computer


A smarter speedometer that offers great insight into speed, distance, and many more biking factors.

  • Easy to install
  • Offers a wealth of information
  • Backed by great customer support
  • Setting up certain details for logging can be tricky
The Best Bike Speedometers: Track Your Stats

Benefits of Bike Speedometer

  • Compact and unobtrusive. Basic bike speedometers are small devices designed to stay out of your way while you’re riding. They’re low-profile, attaching right onto your handlebars with simple wires that won’t interfere with your bike or its functionality.
  • Easy-to-read statistics and information. A bike speedometer puts information right onto your bike’s handlebars, allowing you to see and read how quickly you’re traveling. These devices can also display other important stats and information, like miles traveled, ride length, and more. 
  • Durable and weather-ready. Bike speedometers are built for all of the challenges and elements that come with riding a bike. These compact devices are designed to be quite durable, and they’re typically able to survive outdoor challenges like rain, dirt, wind, and more.
  • Keeps your smartphone safe. Pulling out your smartphone to use it as a speedometer while trying to ride your bike is a dangerous game. You could easily lose or damage your phone. Opting instead for a bike speedometer means you can put your smartphone away and keep it protected in your pocket.

Types of Bike Speedometers

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Digital Speedometers

The most common kind of bike speedometer used today is a digital speedometer. These devices are equipped with display screens so bike riders can easily see their speeds right on their handlebars. Because of their more high-tech nature, digital speedometers are also able to show more information beyond speed alone. Depending on how hi-tech a digital model is, the speedometer can also be an odometer, show miles traveled, display the length of the ride, or even include GPS functionality.

Analog Speedometers

Analog speedometers are a more traditional or old-school way to track your bike’s speed. This style of speedometer is pretty simple: a wire connects to your bike and tracks the speed you’re traveling as your wheels spin. These devices typically have a gauge with a needle that rises and falls with your speed. Some may even include an odometer that tracks your miles traveled on a single trip or overall. 

Top Brands

Cat Eye

Since 1999, Cat Eye has been creating hi-tech gadgets and high-quality accessories for bicycles. From lights and reflectors to accessories, you’ll find a selection of helpful additions that can improve both your bike rides and your safety on the road. Bike speedometers like the Cat Eye Velo Wireless Bike Computer offer an easy way to gauge critical information while cycling. 

Dream Sport

Dream Sport is a brand that focuses on sports watching and gadgets, including some hi-tech bike computers and speedometers like the Dream Sport Cycle Computer. First launched in 2010, the brand has more than a decade’s worth of innovation and invention in creating great gadgets for bike riders. 

Bike Speedometer Pricing

  • Under $20: Most basic bike speedometers cost less than $20. You can find both analog and digital devices within this price range, though they will likely focus on one or just a few select features. 
  • $20 to $50: If you’re looking for a bike speedometer that’s more of an all-around bike computer or multi-use product, you’ll find options within this price range. These devices will offer more functions, like bike lights, odometers, and more.

Key Features

Easy-to-Read Screen

Above all else, you’re going to want to choose a bike speedometer with a screen you can easily read. If you can’t read the information your speedometer displays, it isn’t very useful. So, make sure you opt for an easy-to-read screen with clear numbers. Some speedometers will allow you to switch between data sets to see one at a time; others may display multiple pieces of data on a single screen.

Mounting Options

Where does your chosen bike speedometer mount? How does it mount? Choosing a speedometer that offers multiple mounting options is especially beneficial. This gives you versatility and customization options, letting you change where and how your device mounts. And it can also help you perfectly position your speedometer for easy reading while you’re on the road. 

Backlit Screen

If you ever plan to ride your bike in dim lighting or at night, you’re going to want a speedometer with a backlit screen. Having a backlit screen makes it easier to see your speed and other riding data. It’s an especially handy feature to have if you can’t always count on sunlight to show you the numbers on your speedometer’s digital screen.

Long Battery Life

If you’re opting for a digital bike speedometer, you’ll want to consider the battery life for the device. Longer battery life means you can rely on the speedometer for longer rides — and this single feature can offer you more flexibility. The longer your speedometer’s battery lasts, the longer you’ll be able to ride with data at your fingertips.

Other Considerations

  • Most Bike Speedometers Do More Than Track Speed. Keep in mind that many bike speedometers are bike computers. These little devices are pretty advanced today, with the ability to offer a wealth of data each time you take your bike out on the road. 
  • Think About How You Use Your Bike Most. To decide which bike speedometer is the best choice for you, think about how you most frequently use your bike. Professional- or racing-level cyclists may want a more advanced speedometer. Causal riders may be perfectly fine with more streamlined and simple options.
  • Data Transfer is an Option. If you’d like to save the data from each bike ride, look for a digital speedometer that allows for data transfers. This will let you plug your speedometer into a computer — or sync it via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection — to upload your data after each trip.

Best Bike Speedometers Reviews & Recommendations 2021

The LTT Bike Light Set With Speedometer is one very versatile, multifunctional device for any bicycle. It’s just as handy for casual riders as it is for experienced cyclists, offering both the ability to enhance every bike ride. This three-in-one device is a speedometer as well as a light and a bell. The speedometer offers precise, accurate measurement of your biking speed, giving you real-time statistics in miles or kilometers per hour. This digital device also displays your mileage, calories burned, and more. The 130-decibel bell function helps you alert other riders and vehicles while you’re cruising or cycling at any speed. You can opt to use the 500-lumen light as either a white headlight or a red tail light depending on your needs. There are four different lighting modes and multiple angles, with a 360-degree swivel mount that offers the perfect adjustment for every bike rider.

If you’re looking for a simple and straightforward speedometer that’ll get the job done at an affordable price, it’s hard to beat the MakeTheOne Old School Bike Speedometer. Though it’s far more streamlined than most of today’s speedometers, this more traditional model is a great fit for casual cyclists. Very easy to install on your handlebars, this device features a chrome bezel and crystal acrylic. Designed for bicycles with 24 to 27.5-inch wheels, it offers a large, clearly visible speedometer with measurements in kilometers per hour taken via a gear that attaches to the axle of your front wheel. Though it’s simple, it does also offer an odometer that tracks how many miles you travel. Because of its mechanical nature, you never have to worry about encountering technical problems; it’ll always display your data. 

The Cat Eye Velo Wireless Bike Computer is so much more than your basic bike speedometer — it’s a full bike computer, offering important statistics and data for every mile you cycle. This premium device does come with a higher price, but its many features make that cost worthwhile for more experienced, serious cyclists. Though it’s compact, this speedometer works with just about any bike, including 27.5 and 29-inch models. You’ll get a wealth of data every time you start to pedal, starting first and foremost with your current speed, max speed, and average speed. It also presents your total and trip distances, elapsed time, pace arrow, the current time, and your calorie consumption. You can even manually set the odometer to save your miles if you’d like. When it comes to durability, the unique Cat Eye FlexTight mounting bracket keeps your speedometer securely in place.

First and foremost a bike light, the Tesecu LED Bike Light With Speedometer offers both increased safety and great functionality. The light, which is designed to be used as a front bicycle light, offers more — it’s also a speedometer and odometer. This digital device, which runs on a rechargeable battery, can measure and record your speed while cycling as well as your distance traveled and riding time. It’s a great option for anyone who’s getting serious about their rides, and it offers data you can easily read or save as needed. The entire light-and-speedometer device is even waterproof, with an IPX65 rating that can survive moisture, rainfall, and more. It’s also backed by a one-year warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee to offer you confidence in the speedometer’s reliability and performance.

If you’ve been yearning for more data about your bike rides, it’s time to consider a product like the Xinji Bike Light Set. This well-rounded and quite comprehensive bike computer is both a speedometer and so much more. Designed with both safety and informed riding in mind, this digital device will record your average speed, maximum speed, and current speed in miles or kilometers per hour. It’ll also show and record your riding time, your miles traveled, and the single trip distance so you can track progress or performance. There’s even the option to access more functions, like scanning mode, a speed comparator, maintenance reminders, and others. It all works via a sensitive magnet sensor and a bright LCD screen. You’ll also like the increased safety provided by the high-powered 350-lumen LED light that offers increased visibility on the road.

The Meilan M3 Mini GPS Bike Computer takes your average bike speedometer to new heights and new capabilities. This is no basic device — it’s both a bike computer and GPS, offering you extensively, in-depth data about every cycling trip. Whether you’re just getting into cycling or are an experienced rider, this speedometer can offer you a wealth of insight. It features a display that shows real-time riding data, including your riding time, current speed, distance, altitude, and more. It utilizes fast GPS technology with a highly sensitive chip, gathering accurate location data from three different satellites. The 1.7-inch LCD screen is anti-glare and features both day and night modes for the perfect backlight level. Small and lightweight, this bike speedometer is also quite tough. It’s rated IPX5 waterproof and will last you throughout many, many miles of riding outdoors.

The Dream Sport Cycle Computer is a digital bike speedometer that’s easy to use, very informative, and a perfect addition to any bike. It’s smart and offers several different data pieces, and it can survive all of the challenges of cycling in any weather. Featuring a large LCD, this lightweight speedometer offers 16 different functions and two buttons for choosing your information. It can show your current speed, distance, trip time, current time, average and max speed, speed tendency, speed comparator, and more. This device is waterproof and able to be used in a variety of different outdoor climates, keeping you sure you’re getting accurate results even when it’s cold or wet out. Even more importantly, this wired speedometer stays accurate, with a 1.5-year warranty standing behind the product.

The Hengory Bike Light Set is a speedometer and bicycle light device that’ll suit any rider and any bike. It offers great versatility — it’s not just for racing bikes or sleek performance models. You can mount this light and speedometer device onto any bike, including mountain bikes if you’d like. It’s a digital model, made out of high-quality ABS material that’s waterproof grade IPX65 to survive any outdoor moisture you might encounter. When it comes to tracking your speed, this speedometer features an LCD that shows your average speed, maximum speed, and current speed. It also does more, using a sensitive magnet sensor to capture riding time, miles traveled, and a one-way travel distance too. The backlit screen allows you to easily see all of this data whether you’re on a dark mountain trail or riding at night on city streets.

If you want a speedometer that does its job without complicating your bike rides, the Kastewill Bicycle Speedometer is an excellent pick. This wireless model won’t tangle you up in extra wires or attachments, mounting pretty easily and seamlessly onto your handlebars. Featuring a large LCD, cyclists can easily see the statistics of each ride while they’re still pedaling. It’s compact yet capable, wireless, and waterproof so you can trust it’ll work even in inclement weather. When used, this device can measure speed, distance, and riding time. It features two backlight settings — day and night — so you can always see your information regardless of lighting. Just two buttons control every one of these features. Keep in mind that this device does tend to rattle while you ride, but that’s typically nothing more than normal noise.

The Zwq Wireless Waterproof Bike Speedometer is small and compact, but it’s also as sleek as your bike when you’re pedaling at high speeds. It isn’t as complex or as hi-tech as many other bike computers, but it does two jobs quite well: tracking your speed and your mileage. Whether you’re trying to beat a personal record or improve your distance cycling, this device can help. The bike speedometer uses a green and white display to help you see your results during the day or at night. You’ll be able to easily check your speed in real-time. Built to be wireless and waterproof, you can easily install this speedometer and trust that it’ll be durable for a long time to come.


  • A secure mount is critical no matter what kind of bike speedometer you choose. You want your mount to be able to hang onto your speedometer even through bumpy terrain and high speeds. 
  • Don’t forget about the buttons. A speedometer with big, easy-to-use buttons is a good choice for any rider, as you’ll easily be able to hit the buttons you need when you’re moving — or even while wearing gloves.
  • Your bike speedometer should come with clear, easy-to-follow installation instructions for both the mount and operating the speedometer itself.


Q: How accurate are bike speedometers?

Most speedometers are very accurate, as long as you set the correct wheel size when setting the device up. 

Q: What bike computer do the pros use?

Pro cyclists opt for more hi-tech bike computers than your basic bike speedometer. Models with GPS capability and other smart features are better for those who are serious about cycling.

Q: Which is better: Garmin or Wahoo?

Garmin devices offer a different experience than Wahoo devices. While many cyclists believe Garmin bike computers offer the most in-depth information and a host of smart features, Wahoo bike computers tend to offer a more user-friendly design.

Final Thoughts

The LTT Bike Light Set With Speedometer is our choice for the best overall bike speedometer, with a host of different features and great performance. If you’re looking for an option with great bang for your buck, the MakeTheOne Old School Bike Speedometer is a fantastic choice. Which speedometer is at the top of your list?