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The Best Tile For Outdoor Patios: Give Your Patio a Makeover

Upgrade your patio by covering the floor with tile meant for the outdoors.

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BYAndra DelMonico/ LAST UPDATED ON July 14, 2021

Are you ready to embrace the outdoor living lifestyle? If you already spend time outside caring for your car, why not venture into the backyard, too? Roll your vehicle into the garage and head to the patio for some rest, relaxation, and grilling. There’s just one problem: your patio may be a bit depressing. Fortunately, with a few upgrades, you can turn your bare concrete patio into an inviting outdoor kitchen, gym, dining area, or other type of living space. Work from the ground up by starting with the flooring.

A patio tile is a perfect solution for giving your concrete patio a makeover and easily installs right over the concrete. Flooring sets the stage for the rest of your patio design, improves safety, and increases your patio’s durability. This guide will help you figure out which tile is the perfect upgrade for your outdoor space.

Best Overall

Acacia Hardwood Interlocking Patio Deck Tiles


This Acacia hardwood interlocking tile comes in four stain options, espresso, golden teak, organic white, and dark gray.

  • Factory pre-oiled 
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Zero percent VOC Hardwax oil 
  • Lots of required maintenance 
  • Cut edges can splinter
Best Value

Panda Home Wood Plastic Composite Patio Deck Tiles


Install composite tiles on your patio with these non-slip plastic tiles. These 12-inch square tiles snap together for a durable and attractive floor.

  • 128 supporting points
  • 3D wood grain technology
  • Not meant for high heat applications 
  • Difficult to snap together
Honorable Mention

IncStores Outdoor Patio Interlocking Rugged Grip-Loc Tiles


Choose from beige, red, evergreen, green, or gray for your plastic tiles’ color. Each pack comes with nine tiles that measure 12 inches square.

  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Slip-resistant
  • Feels hard 
  • Not comfortable to walk on
The Best Tile For Outdoor Patios: Give Your Patio a Makeover

Benefits of Tile For Outdoor Patios

  • Easy to keep clean. Covering your patio flooring with tiles can make it easier to keep clean. Many tiles only require you to hose them off, resist stains, and discourage mildew growth. This makes it easier to clean than concrete or wood that can both stain and require scrubbing. 
  • Attractive. If you find that your patio is looking less than beautiful, laying tile over it can breathe new life into your patio. Concrete can look industrial and depressing. A bright tile over it can add color and life. You could create a pattern or design. 
  • Added durability.  Some patio tiles can increase the durability of your patio. This helps it to stay looking nicer for longer, which reduces your long-term home maintenance costs. The extra durability can let you use your patio more without fear of it degrading. 

Types of Tile For Outdoor Patios

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Traditional Tile 

Choose from porcelain or ceramic and tile your patio the same way you would your kitchen or bathroom. Focus on textured or matte tiles. Otherwise, it will become dangerously slick when wet. Porcelain is stronger than ceramic and usually the better choice. Ceramic tiles labeled as wall tiles are not strong enough for patio use. The other drawback to traditional tile is that pricing varies greatly, potentially making this type very expensive. 

Natural Stone

Stone tiles come in quarry, travertine, slate, granite, limestone, sandstone, and soapstone. Their biggest advantage is variety and durability. While the durability varies with the stone type, you can depend on your stone tiles to last. The tiles come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. You’ll want to consider ease of maintenance, cost, and style when choosing the right stone for your patio. 

Interlocking Tiles  

This type of tile is made from plastic or rubber. The tiles are individual squares that you lock together to create a continuous flooring surface. They started as a garage floor covering solution and have since been developed to work in other areas of your home. They’re easy to install, improve surface traction, and are incredibly durable. Their downside is that they are the least attractive option. However, if you’re more concerned about functionality, they will give your old concrete patio an upgrade. You’ll also find them quick and easy to remove should you decide to change them out later. 


Some carpet is designed for outdoor use. You can buy it in square tiles that you can then lay down individually to cover the patio space. Installation could be peel and stick, glue, or interlocking. They are best used on concrete patios and can create a living room feel in your outdoor living space. Their downside is that they are harder to keep clean and lack the durability of the other types. 

Top Brands


What began as a niche flooring company offering specialty flooring products has grown to become the go-to resource in all flooring types. From its headquarters in Chandler, Ariz., the team at IncStores strives to be a flooring superstore, offering something for everyone. The IncStores Nitro Garage can work well on your patio thanks to its low profile design and vented backing. 

Bare Decor

The goal at Bare Decor is to create simple yet elegant designs that are also environmentally friendly. All of the wood for its products is responsibly harvested to ensure high-quality products and long term well being for the local economy. The Bare Decor Flooring Tiles in Solid Teak Wood Oiled Finish will give your patio a resort feel and are easy to install. 

Pure Garden

With an extensive line of patio and garden essentials, Pure Garden has grown to be an influential company in the outdoor products market. Create a picture-perfect living space with its patio umbrellas, chairs, hammocks, outdoor lighting, artificial plants, and gardening supplies. These Pure Garden Interlocking Stone Deck Tiles give your patio the look of stone but are much more affordable and easier to install. 

Tile For Outdoor Patio Pricing

  • Under $30: Patio tiles in this price range are sold individually or in packs of less than ten. They come in various styles, including natural stone, plastic, rubber, porcelain, and wood. 
  • $30 to $60: Tiles in this price range come in packs of ten. The most common type is plastic and rubber interlocking tiles. 
  • $60 and up: If you have a large patio to cover, you’ll find multi-packs in this price range that are the most cost-effective option. You’ll also find high-quality wood tile options that are made of woods like teak and ipe. 

Key Features


The size of the tile that you buy will depend on the size of your patio. If you buy a porcelain or stone tile, you can scale it to the size of your patio. This will allow you to buy fewer individual tiles and have the space look more appealing. Other tiles, like carpet and composite materials, typically come in one-foot squares. You’ll need to consider this and whether or not they will look attractive while covering your patio.  


You have a rainbow of colors to choose from in all types of materials. The color you choose should be one that you like and will enhance the look of your patio. Consider how easy that color is to keep clean and how it will look when paired with your home’s exterior. You’ll have the most color options with natural stone and porcelain tiles. 


If you plan to install your tile yourself, then you’ll want a tile that’s easy to install. While you could lay your stone or porcelain tiles, they require skill and experience to get it right. Done wrong, and they’ll shift, become uneven, or not drain properly. Professional installation ensures your new tiles last. However, this also makes the project’s cost significantly more expensive. Interlocking tiles and adhesive squares are the quickest and easiest to install. However, they may not give you a custom look that stone or porcelain can achieve. 

Other Considerations

  • Durability. The exterior of your home and patio take a beating from weather elements. The tile you choose needs to be durable enough to withstand the sun and heat in the summer, rain, and freezing winter temperatures. Some tiles will crack from extreme temperature changes. Also, consider the amount of foot traffic on your patio. Some tiles aren’t designed to withstand heavy amounts of walking. 
  • Traction. Do not choose a tile that becomes slick or slippery when wet. This will make your patio a dangerous place to walk. The last thing you want is for someone to get hurt while on your property. Porcelain and stone can be very slippery if you choose a glazed or polished finish. Rubber or plastic tiles are the safest because they have a tread that makes them non-slip. 
  • Ease of Removal. If you think you’ll want to change your patio in the future, then you’ll want to choose an easily removable tile. Stone and porcelain tiles will be low on your list since they will require a lot of work or professional removal. Interlocking tiles or peel and stick carpet are the easiest to remove since you can quickly pull them up yourself. 

Best Tile For Outdoor Patio Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Cover your patio with these high-quality wood tiles. They’re made from plantation-grown acacia hardwood. The tiles are pre-oiled at the factory so that they arrive ready for outdoor installation. To ensure they’re safe, eco-friendly, and food-safe, a zero percent VOC hard wax oil is used. Each tile has 20 wood slats. The underside of the tile is a plastic frame that snaps together to make installation and disassembly easy. Easily fit these tiles under a door thanks to its 5/8 inches height.

Unfortunately, these tiles require maintenance. You’ll need to clean and oil them every fall and spring. However, if you do this, they’ll last for many years and withstand the changing weather conditions. If you cut the tiles, the cut edge can splinter, making them dangerous to walk on barefoot.

These plastic tiles are made from a durable composite that enables them to be perfect for your patio. They come in 12-inch square tiles that have a 3D woodgrain technology built into the surface. This gives them a realistic look of real wood without the maintenance requirements. The underside of the tiles has 128 supportive points for increased stability. You’ll appreciate how durable these tiles are. They’re resistant to fading, staining, rotting, scratching, and many other issues that you’d get with traditional wood. You can cut the tiles for a customized fit to any sized patio. You can install the tiles over any hard surface, including concrete, carpet, or wood. 

One drawback of these tiles is that they aren’t durable in high heat climates. The individual strips can begin to curl. They’re also harder to snap together and take apart than other similar tiles. 

If you have a high traction outdoor area, these durable tiles are sure to withstand heavy use. The rugged construction ensures they can withstand extreme climates with minimal maintenance requirements. Choose from beige, red, evergreen, green, and gray for the color of your tiles. They come in packs of nine, with each square measuring 12 inches square, which covers nine square feet of patio space. The unique design ensures plenty of drainage and eliminates pooling. The tiles are mold-resistant and anti-slip, making them safe. The tiles are made in the USA and come with a 10-year warranty. 

Unfortunately, these tiles feel hard when walking on them. This and the pattern of them can make them not very comfortable to walk on. However, their durability and drainage abilities make them well worth it for more rugged applications.

Choose from dark gray or brown for the color of your recycled polypropylene plastic composite tiles. Each tile measures 12 inches square. Install them by interlocking them for a continuous floor. The construction of these tiles makes them weather-resistant, lightweight, and require little maintenance. You can easily clean them with a broom or hose. They are 3/4 inch thick, and one tile covers 0.97 square feet. There’s a unique interlocking mechanism that makes connecting these tiles easier. There’s also a unique design to the underside for water drainage.

The drawback of these tiles is that they are thicker than other tiles. They may be too thick and interfere with your outside doors. The plastic underside can create pressure marks if you install them over wood.

Give your patio the look of grass without the maintenance and work of real grass. Each square is one square foot and has a 1.5-inch pile height. It looks and feels lush, making it nice to walk on. It’s also low maintenance and easy to clean. The grass and tile backing is made from 100 percent new materials. The surface material is recyclable. You can use them in any climate, including rainy or snowy locations. It also has noise dampening abilities, making it perfect for urban areas, condos, or apartments. 

One drawback of this tile is that it requires careful installation. You’ll want to ensure all of the grass piles are facing the same direction. This can require you to install the tiles in a specific manner. Otherwise, the result isn’t as attractive.

Cover your patio with this beautiful teak tile. Each one measures 12 inches square and comes with a durable plastic frame backing. The wood is genuine solid teak wood, making these tiles suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. You don’t need any tools or glue to install them. The locking system is easy to snap together, making them ideal for a DIY project. They come in a set of 10 tiles, which is enough to cover a 10 square foot area.  What makes this tile stand out are the outer edge trim pieces that give your patio flooring a professional-looking finished edge. 

Unfortunately, while these tiles are easy to snap together, they are tough to get apart. This can make it difficult to remove. The wood planks aren’t completely attached to the plastic frame. If you cut the tile, you’ll risk losing wood pieces. 

Upgrade the look of your patio with this wood tile made from solid fir wood tiles. You have the option of choosing a checkerboard or stripe pattern. The strip has five planks of wood aligned in a single direction. The checkerboard has seven tiles arranged into a square pattern. To install, snap the tiles together using the plastic base. They’re designed to be low maintenance while retaining their looks for years. What makes these tiles stand out is the high strength plastic and rigid nature of the tiles. This makes them stronger. The top of the tiles has a wave pattern to the surface for increased traction. 

One drawback of these tiles is their thickness; this can reduce their compatibility with various patios. The rigid nature of them also prevents them from conforming to uneven surfaces. This can make them feel unstable. 

This set of six tiles have a slatted pattern. Choose from either brown or dark gray. You can easily assemble the tiles with no tools required. These tiles stand out for being eco-friendly. They’re made from plastic composite and sturdy wood. The maintenance is minimal, with no requirement for sanding or staining. They’re also weather-resistant and won’t swell or crack like wood decking. Each tile measures twelve inches square. The tiles’ open design allows for drainage and airflow, helping to make the tiles more durable. You’ll appreciate that the tiles are fade-resistant, making them safe for installation in direct sunlight. 

Unfortunately, despite the tiles measuring 1 foot, one set of six will cover 5.8 square feet. You should account for this when measuring your patio and ordering tiles.

If you have a patio with a lot of moisture, these cushioned modular tiles are the perfect solution. Each tile measures 11.5 inches square in size. These sturdy tiles are easy to install, remove, and reconfigure. They work indoors, outdoors, pool decks, kennels, boats, RVs, and garages. Choose from blue, grey, green, red, white, and yellow for the perfect accent to your patio and home. The unique construction design ensures plenty of airflow under the tiles for drying ability. The top has a rubber grip surface to make them safe to walk on. These tiles also stand out for their flexibility. This makes them ideal on patios that aren’t level or even. 

Unfortunately, the color consistency is lacking, so there might be slight variances in the tiles. There’s no edge available either, which can make the edge of your floor unattractive.

The 3rd Street Inn Acacia Wood Outdoor Flooring deck tiles are made of 100 percent hardwood that is rot-, mold-, mildew-, and decay-resistant. They hold up well in a variety of conditions, including rain and sun. The tiles are 12 by 12 inches and can be purchased in six-, 10-, and 20-tile packages (six square feet, 10 square feet, or 20 square feet). The tiles feature snap-lock connectors, are easy to install, and don't require any hardware or components that rust or deteriorate. You can install these tiles on a variety of surfaces, including concrete, wood, and pavers, making them ideal for decks, patios, balconies, sun rooms, etc. They have a scratch-resistant finish and can be cut for a custom fit.

However, the spaces in between the tiles may be larger than you like. It can also be a little difficult to snap some of the tiles together, and the links can pop out rather easily if the deck or surface area is slightly uneven.


  • Regularly clean your patio floor tiles. No matter the type, cleaning will keep it looking nice and help it stay durable for a longer useful life. 
  • Consider the tiles you’ve placed elsewhere in your home. Driveway or garage tiles on the front of your home could coordinate in style or color with these on the back or side of your home. 
  • Don’t forget to consider your climate. Freezing and thawing or extreme sun can negatively affect some tile materials, making them less than ideal for a certain climate. 


Q: What type of tile is best for outdoor patios?

A: Composite tiles can give you a great combination of looks, durability, and affordability. Another top option is a natural stone as they are also beautiful and durable.

Q: What tiles can be used outside?

A: Natural stone, plastic, rubber, porcelain, and carpet tiles can all be used outside. However, they vary in looks, durability, and price. Consider how protected your patio area is and how often you plan to use it when considering the best option. 

Q: Is porcelain tile good for an outdoor patio?

A: It depends. Textured and matte tiles can work because they won’t become slick when wet. Porcelain also tends to be thicker, making them durable enough. Look for tiles that are designed for floor use as these are the most suitable.

Final Thoughts

You can’t go wrong with the Acacia Hardwood Interlocking Patio Deck Tiles since they are pre-oiled in four beautiful finishes. For a more affordable floor covering, the Panda Home Wood Plastic Composite Patio Deck Tiles are a perfect solution with their 3D wood grain technology and durable composite construction.