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The Best ATV Bags (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

These top ATV bags offer critical storage space and make a perfect addition to any ATV.

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BYHeather Fishel/ LAST UPDATED ON March 28, 2021

If you’ve got stuff to carry with you when you’re heading out on an ATV adventure, you need an easy solution. You don’t want to be weighed down or wearing bags and gear on your back while you drive. That’s exactly what ATV bags are designed for — convenient carrying. ATV bags, which are made to fit your ATV and offer space to store all kinds of items and accessories, are tough, capable, and handy to have on your vehicle.

Whether you’re looking for better storage space or a more convenient way to carry your gear, an ATV bag is the perfect solution. Available in many different styles, sizes, and materials, it’s easy to find an option that not only fits your ATV but also suits your needs. Check out which ATV bags we’ve chosen as the best of the best right here.

Best Overall

Kolpin 91155 Matrix Seat Bag


A highly durable storage setup that offers a wealth of space while protecting what’s inside.

  • Multiple detachable bags for custom storage
  • Made to survive dirt, mud, and more
  • Includes a cooler section
  • Straps may be prone to rips and tears
Best Value

Wilove ATV Cargo Pocket Saddle Bag


A sleek, simple solution that offers waterproof and dirt-proof storage space.

  • Tough, weather-resistant fabric
  • Insulated to keep cold items cold
  • Fits ATVs as well as UTVs, motorcycles, and more
  • Doesn’t secure to your vehicle
Honorable Mention

ATV Tek Arch Series Oversized Rear Rack Utility Pack


Impressive storage space and premium materials that increase your ATV’s capacity.

  • Tubular steel frame is strong and supportive
  • Adds a padded seat to your ATV
  • Sealed to protect whatever’s inside against dust, dirt, rain, and more
  • Water-resistant, not waterproof
The Best ATV Bags (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

Benefits of ATV Bags

  • Extra storage space. You’ll have plenty of room to store absolutely anything you need to carry with an ATV bag. Available in a wide range of different sizes, you can opt for compact storage or large storage, giving you enough space to carry just about anything you might need while riding.
  • Increased flexibility. Many ATV bags are built to adapt to your needs. Whether you need to carry a lot or a little, you can find a bag that’ll allow you the flexibility to stash anything you might need to have on hand. Don’t need to carry anything? You can always remove your ATV bag too.
  • Protects against dirt, mud, and more. Made with outdoor-ready fabric and materials, ATV bags are prepared for anything they might encounter. They’re designed for off-roading and all of its mud, dirt, rain, and more — and a bag will keep whatever you need to carry with you well-protected.
  • Keeps food and drinks handy. If you’re planning a full day out on your ATV with friends, an ATV storage bag will make it easy to bring food and drinks along for the ride. Many of these bags feature coolers or insulated storage space, which keeps food and drinks at just the right temperature.

Types of ATV Bags

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Soft ATV Bags

A soft ATV bag is a flexible, adaptable choice. These bags allow you to really stuff them full of gear — and soft items can easily be compressed inside. Made out of materials like nylon that are durable enough to survive the demands of ATV adventures, a soft bag can give you the protection you need while allowing you to adjust to as much or as little storage space as you need. However, many soft ATV bags aren’t waterproof, which can be problematic if you’re carrying electronics with you.

Hard ATV Bags

A hard ATV bag is sturdier and firmer, with clearly defined storage space and a frame that holds the structure in place. Typically made with iron frames, hard ATV bags are the toughest, most durable choice. They can survive impacts, weather, and more without getting damaged. And they’ll keep whatever you stash inside perfectly protected. However, because of their hard exterior, these bags tend to offer more limited storage space. They also can’t adjust or adapt while you’re on the go.

Top Brands


Kolpin is a brand that’s wholly dedicated to ATV and UTV accessories — meaning you can trust that Kolpin gear will be a good, reliable choice. Originally founded in 1943 as an outdoor products company, Kolpin changed focus and is now responsible for impressively durable ATV items like the Kolpin 91155 Matrix Seat Bag and the Kolpin 91150 Matrix Seat Bag


A newcomer in the ATV and UTV space, ATV Tek was founded in 2010. But this brand’s products are seriously tough. From sturdy, protective, and capable bags like the ATV Tek Arch Series Oversized Rear Rack Utility Pack and the ATV Tek Arch Series Black Padded Bottom Bag to a wealth of ATV-specific accessories, ATV Tek does it all.  

ATV Bag Pricing

  • Under $50: If you’re looking for something simple, you can find small ATV bags priced at $50 or less. These bags tend to be small saddlebags that can hold personal items.
  • $50 to $150: Most ATV bags fall in this price range, which means you’ll have a ton of options to choose from. You’ll find soft and hard bags as well as small and large bags in a variety of different styles.
  • $150 and up: The most premium of all ATV bags tend to total $150 or more. These are typically very large and extra-durable hard bags with tough frames and more feature-filled storage space.

Key Features

Outdoor-Ready Material

When you’re riding your ATV, you don’t worry about the elements — dirt, mud, rain, snow, and more are all simply part of the experience. But when you’re carrying gear, food, or electronics, you need to make sure they’re safe and protected from these potential dangers. The best ATV bags will be those made with outdoor-ready material, or materials that can withstand weather and dirt. Water-resistant bags are a great idea, but waterproof options are even better. 

Strong Securing System

If you don’t want to watch your ATV bag fly off your vehicle while you’re hitting bumps or riding at high speeds, then you need a bag with a strong securing system. Some bags simply drape over part of your ATV. Others attach via Velcro straps, netting, or elastic straps. The best choice is whichever will stay in place on your specific ATV no matter how you’re riding or what kind of terrain you’re facing.

Specialized Storage Compartments

The best ATV bags are those that perfectly meet your needs — no matter what those needs are. Fortunately, plenty of ATV bags offer specialized storage compartments. Some include coolers or insulated sections for stashing cold drinks and food. Others include padded, highly protected tech pockets or zippered storage sections. Still, others will allow you to remove or adjust different storage compartments as needed. Look for a bag that includes the extras most important to you.

Other Considerations

  • Number of Storage Compartments. More storage compartments mean more space. While some ATV bags are straightforward and offer just one large area to stash items, others include extras like convertible or removable compartments. More “extras” can offer you more flexibility as your needs change over time.
  • Military-Grade Material. If you’re looking for the toughest, most durable options, you’re going to want to look for ATV bags that are made with military-grade materials. Each bag should tell you just how strong its materials are, and this kind can survive even the toughest tactical settings.
  • Versatility. Want to get even more value out of your ATV bag? Look for a bag that includes a seat. It’s common for larger rear ATV bags to include — or even convert into — seats that can add comfort and convenience to every ride. These options may be valuable if you’re looking for the ultimate level of versatility.

Best ATV Bags Reviews & Recommendations 2021

The Kolpin 91155 Matrix Seat Bag is an impressive ATV bag for so many reasons. First and foremost, though, this bag is incredibly roomy. It’s designed to be as compact as possible while still offering you a wealth of compartments plus a padded seat with a backrest. This ATV bag is versatile and convenient, and it’s also highly capable. It includes multi-piece detachable gear bags and a center Matric cooler section that’ll hold a 12-pack of beverages and more. The entire setup is made out of 600D nylon with Hydro Shield coating. This coating prevents dirt and mud from getting into the bag’s fibers, and it’s paired with Rhino Armour reinforcement so you’ll enjoy extra durability for a long time to come. The ATV bag even includes little extras, like two zippered water bottle holders, reinforced buckles, and an exterior shock cord to hold small items.

If you don’t need a ton of storage space, the Wilove ATV Cargo Pocket Saddle Bag is a great value buy. This affordably priced bag is designed with versatility and convenience in mind, and it’s a perfect piece for storing your off-roading essentials. Able to be used on ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles, and other types of vehicles, this ATV bag is a set of two saddlebags. Constructed out of 600D oxford material, the bags and the saddle are waterproof and weather-resistant. Each bag features an external bottom strap and dual zippered pockets, plus an insulated pocket with an adjustable drawstring for holding a drink. Measuring 8.26 x 11 x 10.24 inches in size, you’ll have enough room to keep the items you need nearby while traversing any kind of terrain.

If you’re searching for storage space, you’re going to be impressed by the ATV Tek Arch Series Oversized Rear Rack Utility Pack. This large ATV bag offers quite a lot of room — and it’s also made with high-quality materials that can tough it out in the roughest ATV conditions. The bag is padded and structurally strong, with a tubular steel frame that’s extremely durable. It’s constructed with premium-quality tarpaulin material that’s rainproof and seamlessly sealed to keep absolutely everything inside protected from dust, dirt, water, and more. You’ll get two removable front pockets, two expandable compartments, and removable drink holders plus a comfortably padded seat. Don’t want the seat? You can remove it. With no zippers and a host of storage space, you’ll love all that this premium option offers when you’re on your ATV.

The American Trails ATV Fender Bag is built to offer you convenient storage when you’re on the go on your ATV. Forget about having to fight with buckles, stubborn zippers, or other challenges that make it difficult to access what you need. This fender bag features zipperless construction — it’s equipped instead with roll-top closures. You can easily and quickly access whatever you need while you’re on the go, rolling back the top so you can get inside the very large bag openings. This also makes it easy to see what’s inside. You can store anything safely inside this ATV bag and trust it’ll be protected thanks to the 0.5-inch foam padding that insulates and cushions everything inside. Need more organization? A series of elastic slots keep even small items in place, along with extras like a water bottle holder and small pockets.

Want to be able to keep your most important items right by your hands? That’s easy with the Everrich ATV Fender Bag. This fender ATV bag gives you great storage capacity and allows you to keep critical items like your smartphone, GPS, maps, or utility tools nearby. Designed to sit right over your ATV’s fenders, these bags each feature two lined pockets and two mesh pockets so you can easily organize items big and small. Made with water-resistant 600D polyester material, your items stay securely protected no matter what you encounter out on your ATV — and it features zipper closures that can’t easily come undone. The bag is secured to your ATV with integrated straps that are easy to use. Even better, you’ll get great bang for your buck. Sold as a set of two fender bags (so you’ll have one for each fender), you’ll get more storage for one price.

Your ATV’s storage space can do it all — if you chose the Rage Powersports Camouflage ATV Cargo Rear Rack Gear Bag. This multi-compartment ATV bag features one large area for storing and stashing everything from gear to tools to food and drinks. But the storage doesn’t end there. This bag also includes an integrated topside bungee tie-down system so you can securely store items outside of the bag’s interior, plus two detachable storage bags and two detachable water bottle holders. This versatile storage option allows you to increase or decrease your bag’s storage capacity as needed for each ATV ride. It’s also built to be durable whether you’re facing dirt and dust or inclement weather. Made out of 600D water-resistant material, the bag includes reinforced corners and self-repairing zippers with weather flap covers for all around protection. 

The Kemimoto ATV Saddle Bag is an ATV bag that’s ready to take on anything — particularly wet weather. An ideal option for anyone who frequently rides in rain, snow, or even mud, this saddle-style bag is built for absolutely every kind of moisture-riddled mess. It measures 8.7 x 8.5 x 3.5 inches in size and features self-fastening straps that’ll keep the bag in place while you speed through bumpy terrain. It’s constructed with water-resistant and wear-resistant fabric that prevents water, mud, and even dust from reaching whatever’s inside. The bag even includes waterproof zippers so nothing sneaks in. Inside, this bag is lined with aluminum foil to offer insulation against external temperatures. It’ll keep items cool or warm depending on what you keep inside. With enough room for tools, smartphones, keys, and even water bottles, this ATV saddle bag will keep your items safe.

The ATV Tek Arch Series Black Padded Bottom Bag is a well-rounded choice for any ATV and any riders’ needed. It’s built strong, not only in its durable, superior-grade tarpaulin material but also in its tubular steel frame. And this ATV bag can survive everything, from impacts to unpredictable weather and everything in between. The steel frame gives the bag a structured shape and helps create a watertight, weather-tight seal so everything you stash inside stays clean and dry. The tough tarp fabric is more than waterproof; it’s also fade-and mold-resistant. When it comes to storage space, you’ll enjoy 4,000 cubic inches via two large arched side bags, an extra-large back, two insulated drink holders, and a padded seat plus padded backrest. All of these storage compartments feature zipper-free compression lids that seal tightly with no gaps and a weather-tight closure.

If you’re unsure where exactly you’d like to place an ATV bag, consider investing in the American Trails ATV Saddle Bag. This versatile and convenient choice can be used either as a saddle bag or tank bag, and it’s specifically designed to be able to adapt to different mounting configurations. It can adapt to your ATV or needs. The bag measures 9 x 8 x 1.75 inches on the sides and 7.5 x 7.5 x 3.5 inches at the center. Five adjustment straps help the bag fit perfectly wherever it’s placed, and you can maximize its storage space with several pockets and compartments. The top compartment is padded, which offers cushioning for sensitive items like your smartphone, GPS, or binoculars. Once this ATV bag is mounted, it’ll help you increase your vehicle’s capacity without interfering with your gas cap, shift lever, or leg space.

The Offroading Gear ATV Rear Rack Bag is an excellent option if you’re hoping to find a storage setup that’ll meet your specific needs. While you can’t customize or change this ATV bag yourself, the many different details and features it’s designed to offer unique convenience. It’s a great fit for any fan of the outdoors — and it includes special storage solutions for your gear. The bag measures 27 x 10 inches in size and fits onto your ATV’s cargo rack with reinforced straps. It includes adjustable dividers inside, and there are two detachable cooler bags with insulation just for food and drinks. The extras, like removable water bottle holders and a rain and dust cover, offer even more. This bag even includes a fold-out gun and fishing rod holder plus stainless steel D-rings for attaching gear. And no matter what you’re carrying, the tough heavy-duty 600D fabric will protect it. 


  • Zippers are super common, but they’re also very weak. Because of the wear and tear ATV bags experience, zippers are often the first component to break — Velcro, buckles, and other types of closures tend to be a stronger choice.
  • Think about mounting before choosing an ATV bag. You can carry cargo at the front or rear of your ATV, but both styles can pose their mounting challenges, so make sure to assess what’s best for your needs.
  • Extras, like cup holders for drinks or special smartphone pockets, can be handy. But they can also take up valuable space that could be used for more important gear. Consider whether or not you’ll benefit from any extras like these.


Q: How do you store your ATV for the winter?

If you’re putting your ATV into storage for the winter, you’ll want to clean it off and perform a little maintenance. Drain the fuel and store it with an added stabilizer. Change the oil and air filter. Give your ATV a thorough wash, then make sure all of the components are in good working order — and that the tires are fully inflated. Then, cover your ATV so it stays pristine while stored.

Q: Where can you store your ATV for the winter?

Make sure to store your ATV in a dry place during winter. A garage or shed is a smart idea, as your ATV will be protected from snow, cold outdoor temperatures, and other potentially damaging elements. If possible, it’s also a good idea to find a place that limits sunlight, as sun exposure could damage the tires and any plastic components.

Final Thoughts

The Kolpin 91155 Matrix Seat Bag is our pick for the best overall ATV bag, and it offers both great storage space and long-term durability. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, the Wilove ATV Cargo Pocket Saddle Bag is slimmer and will give you great value. Tell us which ATV bags are your top picks below.