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Best Fat Tire Bikes: Enjoy a Fun and Comfortable Ride

Rock the fat tire bicycle and go where the others can’t.

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BYNoelle Talmon/ LAST UPDATED ON May 14, 2021

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could ride your bike into the unknown on sandy trails through the woods in the fall, snow in winter, or sandy beaches in summer? A traditional bike could technically work, but it’ll be tough going and feel like work. A fat tire bike is an innovative alternative that will give you the stability, traction, and surface float ability that you’re craving. 

These bikes are classified as having tires that are larger than 3.8 inches in width. This extra surface space gives you more stability and better traction. They’re easy to ride, giving you a no-fuss bicycle experience that lets you enjoy the ride and not worry about the terrain or conditions. This guide will help you find the best fat tire bikes available on the market today.

Best Overall

Ecotric Electric Fat Tire Bike


Enjoy electric assist with the 500-watt brushless motor. This fat tire back has 26-inch wheels and an ergonomic design. It comes 90 percent assembled and has an adjustable seat.

  • Electric power range of 18.5 miles 
  • Top speed of 23 miles per hour 
  • Battery lock 
  • Fairly heavy at 72.36 pounds
  • Long charge time 
Honorable Mention

Speedrid 48V 500W Fat Tire Electric Bike


This electric bike has 26-inch wheels and a 48V 500W brushless motor. It goes up to 23 miles per hour and has a range up to 40 miles, depending on the mode.

  • Battery is removable
  • LCD digital display
  • Good traction
  • Comfortable to ride
  • Flimsy fenders
  • Tires are loud
  • Assembly instructions are poor
Best Fat Tire Bikes: Enjoy a Fun and Comfortable Ride

Benefits of Fat Tire Bikes

  • Fun. These bikes are fun and easy to ride. You have more balance and control than skinny tires, letting you ride how you want, either fast and aggressive or slow and casual, and allowing you to enjoy the experience. 
  • Comfort. The larger tires mean that you have a bigger cushion to ride on. Those tires absorb most of the bumps, which takes the pressure off of your hands and back. Some bikes also have front suspension that gives you additional shock absorption for the smoothest ride possible. 
  • Versatility. Unlike specific road or mountain bikes, your fat tire bike is incredibly versatile. The durable frame and large tires make these bikes easy to ride on gravel, rocks, dirt, sand, snow, pavement, and mud. So wherever you want to go, you can.

Types of Fat Tire Bikes

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Single Speed 

These bikes are similar to other single speed bicycles with one chain and cog. This type of bike is great for the person who wants to take a casual or leisurely cruise. The lack of gears means you’ll have to work more if you’re going to go faster or ride up hills. This style isn’t standard on fat tire bikes because most people want to go on an adventure with their bike, and a single-speed drivetrain isn’t very useful for that. 

Multiple Speed

These bikes have multiple gears that you can switch between while riding, making it easier to pedal and ride in a wide variety of conditions and terrain. Look at the number of gears the bike has. The more gears there are, the easier it is to move through the resistance levels and tackle a broader range of elevations. You’ll find it easier to take off from a stop with this type of bike since you can lower the resistance. 


Electric bikes have grown in popularity over recent years, and fat tire bikes are perfect for this innovative technology. A small motor and a powerful battery will assist you when pedaling, letting you work less and travel further. Their downside is that these bikes tend to be heavier than others, which can be an issue since fat tire bikes are already considered heavy. 

Top Brands

DJ Bikes

As a family-owned business based in Calgary, Canada, DJ Bikes focuses on building quality bicycles, including folding bikes, fat bikes, and road bikes. Its focus is to provide biking enthusiasts with the best price so that anyone can enjoy the sport. Take a look at this mountain bike.


Bicycles fabricated by Ecotric incorporate research, development, and innovation. The product line features e-bikesthat can provide intelligent urban transportation. The company has become a leader in the market, with over 10,000 bikes sold in the United States. 


Founded in 1974, Mongoose is one of the leaders in the bicycle market. The company initially began with a focus on BMX products. However, over the years, the product line has expanded to include mountain and urban bikes. Consider the Mongoose Dolomite Men's Fat Tire Mountain Bike.

Fat Tire Bikes Pricing

  • Under $500: You can buy a quality fat tire bike in this price range. It won’t have an electric motor. The bike style may or may not have gears and will have tires either for road or off-road riding. 
  • $500 to $1,000: Bikes in this range may or may not have electric assist. They will have more features, sturdier builds, and more durable materials. You’ll find use-specific bikes in this range. 
  • $1,000 and up: These high-end bikes will have electric assist, carbon fiber frames. They’ll also come with several innovative features, such as folding, baskets, and lights.

Key Features

Tire Tread

All fat tire bicycles have one thing in common. The tires are noticeably larger than other bikes. However, there are several types of tires available in the “fat” style. Slick tires are smooth, making them perfect for flat terrain and pavement. Studded tires have a tread pattern on them, making them suitable for trails, sand, and rocky terrain. Snow tires have a tread and stud pattern that gives you grip when riding on the snow.  

Tube or Tubeless

Fat bike tires are designed to be more durable than regular bike tires. This makes them able to withstand puncture and abrasion better. If you buy a tire with tubes, you’ll find they last longer because of the increased durability. However, fat tire bikes tend to be quite heavy, so choosing a tubeless option can help you reduce weight. 

Frame Material

Choosing the right frame material can reduce the weight of your bike. However, it also needs to be durable. Carbon fiber frames are incredibly lightweight but also costly, as you already know with car parts. Aluminum and steel are other standard options. However, steel is heavy, and aluminum can bend. Aluminum is the most affordable option while still being relatively lightweight. 

Other Considerations

  • Price. How much do you want to spend on your fat tire bike? Just like other bicycle styles, there’s one available at all price ranges. However, you may compromise on features and quality with the lowest-priced bikes. Determine your budget and buy the best quality bike within that limit. You may not need the most expensive bike on the market if it has features you won’t use. 
  • Quality. Buy a bike that uses high-quality materials and a reliable construction method. If you plan to go trail riding or use it in extreme conditions, you need a bike that’s durable enough to withstand your use. Low-quality bikes will quickly fail. Look at the quality of the chain, the welds on the frame, and the corrosion resistance. 
  • Suspension. Not all fat tire bikes have a suspension. The fatter tires do absorb some of the bumps and jarring. For the most comfortable ride, you’ll want a suspension to absorb what the tires don’t. Look for a bike with suspension on the front forks for reduced stress on your arms and shoulders. Some newer models come with full front and back suspension systems for the smoothest ride. 

Best Fat Tire Bikes Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Go further and enjoy your ride more with the 500-watt brushless rear motor. It gives you the option of pedaling on your own, assisted, or using pure electric power. Using only the battery and motor, the bicycle has around an 18.5-mile range and a top speed of 23 miles per hour. Riders that weigh up to 265 pounds can safely ride this bike. It comes 90 percent pre-assembled and has ergonomic handlebars, an adjustable seat, and anti-slip tires. The wheels on this bike are 26 x 4.0 fat tires.

One drawback of this bike is that it’s heavier than the other bikes at 72.36 pounds. You’ll also need to plug it in and charge it. However, both of these issues are outweighed by the fact that you can enjoy electric-assist pedaling for longer and easier riding.

If you're looking for a bike from a trusted brand, consider the Mongoose Hitch Men’s All-Terrain Fat Tire Mountain Bike. It's one of the more affordable options on our list and is designed for riders who are 5 feet 3 inches and 6 feet 2 inches tall. The bike has supersized beach cruiser 4 1/4-inch knobby tires with four-inch-wide alloy wheels, so you can easily tackle sand, snow, and other types of terrain. The durable steel frame provides a good amount of clearance when you hit the trail, and with seven speeds hills are not an issue. Other features include front and rear disc brakes and a rigid suspension. Users report that it shifts smoothly, and it's easy to assemble out of the box. It also rides well over sand, roots, and ruts. The tires provide a good stance, and the red color makes it stand out. 

However, you may need to upgrade the seat because it's not very comfortable. The grips and pedals may also need to be replaced for added comfort. It’s not as fast as a bike with regular tires, but that’s true with all fat tire bikes.

The Speedrid electric fat tire bike has 26-inch wheels and a 48V 500W brushless motor that lets you reach speeds up to 23 miles per hour. You can easily tackle hills and trails with this fat tire electric bike, which has seven speeds and five levels of pedal assistance. It includes a removable 10Ah lithium-ion battery that takes six to eight hours to charge and an LCD digital display meter that shows speed, battery level, mileage, and more. The bike has three modes: traditional pedaling, pure electric (22-mile range), and pedal assistance (22-40-mile range). The bike weighs 59 pounds, has a carrying capacity of 300 pounds, and features dual disc brakes, alloy wheels, and carbon steel front forks. It's shipped 85 percent assembled. Overall it's a tough, solid, and rugged bike. It has good traction and is comfortable to ride. 

One downside is that the fenders are flimsy and may rub against the tires. The tires are also a little loud on the pavement, and the assembly instructions are not very good.


The Mongoose Juneau 26-Inch Fat Tire Bike has 26-inch fat all-terrain tires that can tackle both snow and sand. The tires are mounted on 3-inch-wide drilled alloy rims, which provide stability in a range of different conditions. The bike features rigid suspension and is designed for riders who are 5 feet 4 inches to 6 feet 2 inches tall. It has an aluminum frame with hydro-formed tubing, 16-speed Shimano trigger shifters, a Shimano drivetrain, and front and rear disc brakes. Overall, this bike is very responsive, provides quick and precise gear changes, and stops well in all conditions. Users report that it is well-built, sturdy, lightweight, a lot of fun to ride, and a good option for the casual rider.

However, it can be a little difficult to assemble, and you may need to watch an online tutorial for assistance. It doesn't come with a kickstand, and the seat isn't very comfortable.

Take the kids with you on your fat tire riding adventures with this smaller version of the adult bikes. It has a steel frame, sporty BMX styling, and 16-inch wheels that are 4.25 inches wide. The bike is ideal for riders between three and five years old or 38 to 48 inches tall. Riders can safely take this bike on and off the road for versatile enjoyment. It’s a single-speed drivetrain making it easy to ride. There are steel calipers on the rear for braking power, and it has a rigid suspension. You can adjust the seat height so the bike will grow with your child. 

Unfortunately, the braking system could be better and stronger. However, if you replace the brake pads, this will significantly improve this issue. 

Hop on this sporty mountain-style fat tire bike and cruise with its large 26-inch wheels. It has an attractive black and bright black color scheme for the frame and wheels. There are seven speeds to switch through with the twist shifters. They’re paired with a Shimano rear derailleur to make this bike versatile for all types of riding. Dual disk brakes will give you plenty of braking power. The steel frame and knobby style of tires give the bike strength, stability, and durability for more aggressive riding adventures. Riders between the height of 5 feet 4 inches and 6 feet 2 inches can safely right this bike. 

The larger size of this bike could make it harder to ride for smaller or shorter riders. The frame is made of steel, making the bike heavier than other options on this list. 

Ride this bike over sand and snow with its 20-inch fat 4-inch tires. It comes with an easy to read display screen, headlight, battery indicator lights, and horn. The throttle control is conveniently located on the handlebar. The bike weighs 56 pounds and folds down for easier transport. The frame is an aluminum alloy for strength and reduced weight. It can carry riders that weigh up to 325 pounds. There’s also an added luggage rack on the bike for cargo. You can reach a top speed of 27 miles per hour, making it one of the fastest bikes on this list. There are three levels of assistance plus a seven-speed Shimano gear system. 

One potential issue is that all of the cables are hidden in the frame, making it difficult to work on should your bike need maintenance. The digital display isn’t intuitive and can be hard to navigate. 

This bike is ready for the mountain trails with a sturdy carbon steel frame, 26-inch diameter and 4-inch wide fat tires. It also has a front chain gear, 21-speed grip shifter, and unique disk brakes. Riders that weigh up to 440 pounds and are between 5 feet 5 inches and 6 feet 2 inches tall. The tires make this bike stand out with their oversized knobby tread, high wear resistance, and non-slip gripping ability. You can comfortably ride this bike on snow, dirt, mud, and city roads. The front fork is thicker to give you increased shock absorption. 

One downside of this bike is that it requires you to assemble it upon arrival. While it comes with all of the parts, hardware, and tools you need, the assembly can take 20-40 minutes. This will put a hamper on your ability to begin riding right away. The handlebar is also a fixed height.

The 26-inch Ibiky Fat Tire Mountain Bike is available in several colors, including silver, black, and gold. Its 4-inch tires provide good off-road traction and stability when tackling bumps and dirt trails. Features include 160mm dual disc brakes, 21-speed dual derailleurs, a carbon steel frame, and alloy wheels. This lightweight bike stops well in wet conditions and is highly responsive and durable. At 38 inches tall, it can accommodate individuals who are 5 feet 2 inches to 6 feet 2 inches tall, up to 285 pounds. All tools required for assembly are included. 

Unfortunately, the assembly instructions are a little vague, and you may need to take it to a bike shop for assistance if you're inexperienced with bike assembly. You may also need to make a few adjustments so the brakes don't rub on the tires.


  • Buy a bike that is the right size for you or is adjustable. Just like any bike, you need to be in the correct body position for a comfortable ride. 
  • Clean your bike after riding. The frame and components may be durable, but you don’t need to test that by leaving abrasive or corrosive debris and residues on it.
  • Periodically check and oil your chain like you would with a motorcycle. This will keep it moving smoothly and make it easier to ride the bike. 


Q: Are fat bikes good for beginners?

Yes, they are! The larger tires make the bike easier to balance and more stable. The slower nature of the fat tires on pavement makes them suitable for someone learning the basics. The versatility of the tires lets them ride on a wide variety of terrain. 

Q: Can you ride a fat tire bike on pavement?

Yes, you can! For the best experience, use smooth tires on your bike. These will roll the best on the smooth and flat surface of the pavement. The larger tire will give you a slower riding experience than on a mountain or road bike. 

Q: Are fat tire bikes fast?

Generally, no. The larger tires with low air pressure and heavier frame make them slower on the road. However, their design makes them easier to ride on trails, sand, and snow, making them faster overall than other bikes that struggle to perform in these riding conditions. 

Final Thoughts

You can’t go wrong with the Ecotric Electric Fat Tire Bike with its powerful motor and impressive top speed. For a more affordable option, the Mongoose Hitch Men’s All-Terrain Fat Tire Mountain Bikedoesn’t disappoint, with its smooth shifting and durable steel frame.