The Best Aerogardens

The best aerogardens for growing your very own foolproof indoor garden.

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BY Heather Fishel / LAST UPDATED ON July 12, 2021

Do you feel like you have a black thumb instead of a green thumb every time you try to care for a plant? Gardening — or even the simple chore of watering houseplants — is a serious science. It takes knowledge, the right weather, and plenty of variables to grow flowers, herbs, or other types of greenery. Yet it’s very easy to destroy your plants and watch your garden fail. 


If you’ve been hoping for some fresh herbs or want to bring a little life inside, try an aerogarden. These innovative and compact gardening kits allow you to garden inside. They’re easy enough to use that anyone—even those with the worst track records—can get a lush garden going. Check out our picks for the best aerogardens right here.

Best Overall
AeroGarden Harvest

A compact indoor gardening kit that allows you to grow a variety of plants with ease.

  • Includes six different seed choices
  • Can grow up to six plants at once
  • Fits in small spaces
  • Light is quite bright
  • Some seed pods may fail to grow
Best Overall
AeroGarden Harvest
Best Value
 iDoo Hydroponics Growing System

A smart, high-performance indoor gardening setup with a more affordable price.

  • Grow up to seven plants simultaneously
  • Three smart growing modes
  • Alerts and alarms easily notify you
  • Doesn’t come with seeds
Best Value
 iDoo Hydroponics Growing System
Honorable Mention
AeroGarden Bounty Elite

A larger, top-of-the-line indoor gardening kit with even more features and functions.

  • Wi-Fi-enabled and compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • Allows for up to nine plants to grow 
  • Gets plants growing quite quickly
  • Some seed pods may not produce anything
Honorable Mention
AeroGarden Bounty Elite
Aerogarden Close Up

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Benefits of Aerogardens

  • Include everything you need. Most aerogarden kits simplify the gardening experience by coming with everything — the seeds, fertilizer, and light, along with all of the other accessories you need. This makes it easy to access all of the items you need as soon as you’re ready to grow.
  • Easy assembly and setup. Aerogardens are self-contained indoor gardens, which makes the process of setting up your garden incredibly easy. Forget about digging through dirt and spending hours outside; you can get growing in mere minutes.
  • Automatically controls the growing process. If you’re unsure what plants need to grow correctly, an aerogarden takes away all of the guesswork since these smart indoor gardens automatically control the entire growing process. They offer reminders to add water, tend to your plants, and even set timers to control the amount of light your plants receive.
  • Helps plants grow larger quicker. Thanks to the smart, hi-tech methods of aerogardens, like LED light and aeroponic gardening techniques, the plants that grow will grow faster. They’ll also grow larger, offering you a bigger harvest. That means you’ll get great bang for your buck no matter what you choose to grow.
  • Backed by a guarantee. Many aerogarden products are sold with a grow guarantee or a germination guarantee. If your garden doesn’t produce any plants or some plants fail to sprout, you may be able to get a replacement pod or seed kit.

Types of Aerogardens

Compact Aerogardens

Compact aerogardens are the smallest models available. They work just like any other aerogarden, but they’re more petite in size. A compact aerogarden will typically allow you to grow anywhere from three to six different plants simultaneously, and they take up the least amount of space in your home. These smaller aerogardens are an excellent choice for apartment dwellers or first-time gardeners who don’t want to start with too many plants to manage.

Large Aerogardens

If you want to bring a whole garden’s worth of plants into your home and have the space to do so, you can opt for a large aerogarden. These models are also called farm aerogardens, as they grow as many as 24 plants simultaneously. They’re bigger in width and height, allowing plants to grow even taller than compact or standard aerogardens. A large aerogarden is a great option for anyone who loves having plenty of fresh herbs on hand in the kitchen or homeowners with quite a bit of space to grow.

Top Brands


AeroGarden is the biggest brand in the aerogarden space, and it’s the brand that created the original indoor aeroponic products. There is a wide selection of different AeroGarden options to choose from, along with seed kits, plant food, grow lights, and more. 

Aerogarden Pricing

  • Under $100: A few aerogarden products — typically those smaller and more compact — can be found for $100 or less. Most basic models cost between $80 and $100, which will give you a great selection of starter options.
  • $150 and up: You’ll find larger, smarter, and more hi-tech aerogardens priced at $150 and up. Some of the largest and most advanced models can run $300 or more, offering double or triple the capacity of a basic aerogarden.

Key Features

Multiple Plant Pods

The plant pods are where your aerogarden plants will grow. The more pods an aerogarden has, the more plants you can grow simultaneously. While this is mostly a personal preference, it’s important to make sure you choose an aerogarden with enough space to support your needs or wants. Do you want a wealth of herbs? Do you want to start with just a few plants and then grow more? 

Smart Control Panel

While some aerogardens are pretty straightforward and simple, options with smart control panels are the best available. A smart control panel makes it incredibly easy to manage your plants while they grow and thrive. This is where you can set timers and reminders, control the LED grow lights, and manage your garden's overall well-being. The smarter the features and functionality, the more you'll be able to oversee.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

You might not think a garden of plants needs Wi-Fi, but aerogardens aren’t your average garden. And aerogardens that feature Wi-Fi connectivity can actually be quite handy. These hi-tech gardens offer you a very easy way to oversee and manage your growing plants. With Wi-Fi, you can connect your aerogarden to your smartphone and control its features, making it even easier to ensure everything is growing smoothly.

Other Considerations

  • Aerogarden Plants Grow Quickly, Not Immediately. You’ll see results — and green sprouts — in your aerogarden pretty quickly after planting your pods. However, don’t expect immediate results. These plants can take about four months, on average, to show visible growth. Just like a traditional garden, it takes patience.
  • Larger Aerogardens Are Ideal for Home Chefs. If you love being creative in the kitchen, you’re going to want to opt for a larger aerogarden with more room for various plants. Larger aerogardens offer more variety, and they also allow plants to grow taller and wider. This can provide you with more herbs in larger quantities, perfect for recipes that require a lot of fresh ingredients.
  • An Aerogarden Can Attract Bugs. Just like an outdoor garden, you may notice small bugs flying around your aerogarden. Plants, even without soil and the outdoor elements, generally attract insects. You shouldn’t see too many, but don’t be surprised if a few do appear as your plants become increasingly mature.

Best Aerogardens Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Best Overall
AeroGarden Harvest

This aerogarden is simple and straightforward, and it takes all of the hard work out of creating your very own home garden. Even more importantly, though, this aerogarden works smoothly with very little intervention on your part. Everything you need to get growing is right in the box. This indoor gardening setup comes with six pods (all of which include seeds), plant nutrients, LED grow lights, and an easy-to-use control panel. The AeroGarden Harvest will automatically control the energy-efficient LED lights, and it'll also remind you when to add water and plant food. You just need to set up the pods, and in no time at all, you'll have herbs like Genovese basil, curly parsley, and mint growing up to 12 inches tall.

However, this garden's light is quite bright. Also, some customers have said that some of the seed pods may fail to grow.

Best Value
iDoo Hydroponics Growing System

Priced a bit more affordably than your average aerogarden setup, this kit includes basically everything you need. You'll get a hydroponic circulation system that circulates water and adds oxygen so plants can grow quickly and thrive with nutrient-rich water instead of soil. A set of high-performance, 24-watt LED grow lights stimulate the plants, encouraging photosynthesis from anywhere indoors. 

Three smart modes automatically control the lights so you can adapt to plants' needs at different growth stages, and this aerogarden is even height adjustable to get taller as your plants do the same. You'll be able to grow seven different plants simultaneously, and they can reach an impressive 14.57 inches tall once they get growing. 

However, keep in mind that this garden does not come with seeds, so you'll have to purchase those separately. 

Premium Pick
AeroGarden Bounty Elite

This top-of-the-line aerogarden model is smarter and more powerful than its competitors. It’ll deliver a large, impressive harvest — it can grow herbs, salad ingredients, and even vegetables like tomatoes and peppers. You can grow up to nine plants simultaneously, and there’s room for them to reach up to 24 inches tall. The Bounty Elite comes with nine pods, with seeds already inserted so that you can get started immediately. There’s no soil needed, and no mess required. The smart control panel includes Wi-Fi connectivity, and it’s also Amazon Alexa compatible so that you can manage your plants with nothing more than your voice. A three-step water level indicator, infinite dimming grow light, and automatic sunrise and sunset features take gardening to new heights. 

While this is a great premium garden option, some customers have reported that some of the seed pods may not produce anything.

Most Compact
AeroGarden Harvest Elite

The AeroGarden Harvest Elite is an upgraded version of our top pick — but it’s also smaller. That makes it an excellent choice for small indoor spaces, as it takes up 30 percent less space without sacrificing any capacity. If you don’t have much room to grow, this six-pod setup will offer a splash of greenery and freshness without getting in the way. It includes six pods, 20-watt LED grow lights, an extendable lamp arm that reaches up to 12 inches, and a smart control panel with customizable controls. You can let your plants grow on their own, allowing the aerogarden to remind you when it’s time to add water or nutrients. Or, you can customize the settings and take more control over your garden. 

Able to survive all four seasons and even keep your plants alive while you’re out of town, this well-rounded aerogarden is great for apartment dwellers.

Most Versatile
AeroGarden Harvest 360

The AeroGarden Harvest 360 is an excellent garden for small spaces, and it’s one that’s especially great for growing a variety of ingredients. This model has a Heirloom Salad Seed Pod Kit, which includes not just herbs or flowers but all of the vegetables needed to make your very own homegrown heirloom salad. You can grow all six of these plants — and use all six pods — simultaneously in the Harvest 360, growing deer tongue, black seeded Simpson, and more in no time at all. Plants grow up to five times faster in this setup, and it’s easy to manage that growth via the smart control panel. 

The garden will tell you when it’s time for more water, plant food, and more. It even controls the grow lights to ensure everything is growing and getting the right amount of light. In just days, you should start seeing sprouts.

Honorable Mention
VegeBox Hydroponics Growing System

The VegeBox Hydroponics Growing System can offer you a wealth of room to grow plants in, all while keeping things neat, organized, and nicely compact inside your home. It’s slim and space-saving, yet it offers an impressive 12 pod spots for growing up to 12 plants at one time. You can mix and match to create a versatile garden or stick to just a variety or two; it’s up to you. Built with easy-to-use features and modern technology, you don’t have to do much to manage your indoor aerogarden. 

It includes an easy-care setting, automatic on/off functionality, and control for everything from the 22-watt LED grow light to the 2-liter water tank. You can adjust the grow lights as needed, and you’ll only have to add water once every two weeks.


  • Purchasing new seed pods can be costly. However, look for pods that are backed by a grow or germination guarantee, so you’ll get better value. You’ll be guaranteed to wind up with a plant — or you can get a replacement.
  • The LED lights that keep your aerogarden plants growing do stay on for an average of 15 hours per day. Place your aerogarden somewhere less visible if the light is bothering you at night. 
  • You can use your own seeds in an aerogarden, but keep in mind that you’ll need a blank pod to put them in. Shop around to look for economical blank pods you can use again and again for the best value.


Q: Which aerogarden is best for tomatoes?

A: A larger aerogarden, like the AeroGarden Bounty Elite, is the best pick for growing tomatoes. Just make sure you select seeds for a small variety of tomatoes, like cherry tomatoes, since full-tomatoes will be too large for any aerogarden.

Q: Is an aerogarden worth it?

A: An aerogarden is very much a worthwhile investment, especially if you’ve struggled to grow plants in a traditional garden. Anyone can use an aerogarden, even those who don’t have yards, patios, or outdoor spaces. 

Q: What is the difference between the AeroGarden Harvest and the Harvest Elite?

A: Both the AeroGarden Harvest and the AeroGarden Harvest Elite have space for six plants to grow at the same time and are compact for countertops. However, the Harvest Elite model is 30 percent smaller — all without sacrificing the same water capacity and plant growth space.

Final Thoughts

The AeroGarden Harvest is our pick for the best aerogarden, and it offers beginner and expert gardeners a wealth of benefits. If you’re looking for great value, the iDoo Hydroponics Growing System is an affordable alternative.