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The Best Bike Speakers (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

Enjoy your motorcycle ride even more with these bike speakers.

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BYAmanda Ryan/ LAST UPDATED ON April 1, 2021

While the sound of a revving motorcycle engine is like music to many people's ears, you may want to listen to other types of sounds while you're riding down the highway. Riding ordinary or mundane modes of transportation, like a car or bus, simply will not do. You have a craving you need to satisfy. You hunger for the liberating and exhilarating feelings that come with the power of riding a motorcycle.

Yet, you no longer want to go without the capability of turning on your favorite song. Whether your music playlist is full of rock n’ roll, hip hop, or country music, you need to hear the tunes over the sounds of engines. To ensure that you can, check out the best bike speakers available.

Best Overall

Boss Audio Motorcycle Bluetooth Speaker


Travel and listen to your favorite tunes no matter the weather. With the Boss MC470B Audio’s power amp and two 3-inch chrome, full-range weatherproof speakers, you can play music wherever you ride.

  • Comes with a wired remote volume control
  • Speakers are weatherproof, protecting the elements
  • Four speakers can take up a lot of handlebar space
Best Value

GoHawk Bluetooth Motorcycle Speakers Soundbar


GoHawk Bluetooth RD8 motorcycle speakers make up a Generation Two soundbar. It includes a new mounting clamp, which works with 7/8 inches to 1 1/4 inches handlebars.

  • Easy wiring and installation. 
  • Comes with a set of two stainless steel mounting brackets for more custom installation
  • USB charging is not supported
Honorable Mention

Lexin Motorcycle Bluetooth Speakers


The Lexin LX-S3CH is a bullet shape bar-mount speaker system. Get stereo sound after powering on, and pairing the chrome-plated Lexin speakers with your Smartphone via Bluetooth.

  • 3-inch stereo speakers have a 50-watt power amplifier, making the volume extremely loud, while still providing premium sound
  • Depending on the bike, the screws may be too short for some bars, and too long for others
The Best Bike Speakers (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

Benefits of Bike Speakers

  • Enhances the experience. With speakers on your motorcycle, you can create a playlist or set a soundtrack for every day or long rides.
  • Provides access to GPS voice navigation. Most motorcycle speakers are Bluetooth compatible with smartphones and other devices. As your speakers access your phone for music, it provides the opportunity for you to use GPS voice navigation. 
  • Adds a communication and entertainment system. Some motorcycle speakers have both communication and music features. Adding these speakers to the handlebar or helmet will transform your travels.
  • Increases the resale value. Depending on the bike and speakers, selling a bike that allows the rider to listen to music, can increase the resale value of the motorcycle.

Types of Bike Speakers

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Motorcycle Handlebar-Mounted Speakers

Motorcycle handlebar-mounted speakers can add an element of style that helmet speakers cannot. Since the speakers are visible, they can change the look of a bike, giving it uniqueness. Handlebar speakers are often louder and have a wide variety of functions.

Motorcycle Helmet Speakers (Headsets)

Motorcycle Helmet Speakers or Headsets are usually small, but big in sound. The headset/speaker is either built into the helmet or can be mounted on one. You can choose wired or wireless helmet headsets. They are great for both entertainment purposes, and for communicating with other riders.

Top Brands

Boss Audio

The American audio equipment manufacturer, Boss Audio Systems, specializes in automotive and marine applications. Founded in 1987, the Boss systems headquarters is in Oxnard, Calif. The Boss Audio company produces the best overall speakers, Boss Audio Motorcycle Bluetooth Speaker (MC470B).


GoHawk or Golden Hawk manufactures high-end motorcycle stereo products and accessories. Founded in the 1950s and located in the United States, it produces the best value speakers, GoHawk Bluetooth Motorcycle Speakers Soundbar (RD8)


Lexin or Lexin Electronics, Inc., formed in 2006 as a manufacturer of OEM Car audio systems. The company entered the moto-electronics market in 2010 and is located in Costa Mesa, Calif. Lexin produces the best honorable mention speakers, Lexin Motorcycle Bluetooth Speakers (LX-S3CH)

Bike Speaker Pricing

  • $19 to $400: Handlebar speakers are often mounted onto the handlebar of motorcycles. They add a new look and music to every bike that has them.
  • $500 and up: Helmet headset speakers come in different styles and sizes. Although often they are small, some can pack a punch when it comes to sound. The headset also offers the option of communication. The quality and brand determine the price.

Key Features

RMS Power (Root Mean Square)

The RMS power or Root Mean Square is a rating that measures the continuous power an amplifier can output, or a speaker can handle. You will want to look for the RMS power of motorcycle speakers to find out the maximum output it can manage.


The wattage of motorcycle speakers typically depends on where you ride it. High-wattage speakers are more for motorcyclists who prefer riding in more remote places. However, it is important to check if low voice speakers will work best for you.

Weatherproof and Durability

Since your motorcycle speakers will most likely be exposed to the elements, you want to make sure that the speakers you choose are weatherproof and durable.

Other Considerations

  • Input Options. Although most motorcycle speakers have Bluetooth compatibility, it not always good to assume. It may also not be your preference for connecting to devices. Look to see if they come with an amplifier that features an auxiliary connection. If they do, you will gain more ways to connect. 
  • Level of Comfort and Convenience. Sometimes, looks and style can outweigh comfort and convenience. However, when it comes to choosing the best motorcycle speakers for your bike, you should reconsider selecting comfort and convenience. Avoid creating a crowded space, which can happen when adding handlebar-mounted speakers. Another option is the helmet headset speaker, which offers hands-free usage. Whichever you choose, make sure it offers comfort, convenience, and above all, keep you safe.

Best Bike Speakers Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Rev up your motorcycle’s engine, and music playlist with the Boss Audio MC470B Bluetooth speaker. You can hook up your Smartphone or MP3 Player to the sound system’s auxiliary input. If you prefer, choose the Bluetooth Audio Streaming feature to select songs from the library of music on Pandora or Spotify. Travel and listen to your favorite tunes no matter what the weather is like outside. With the Boss Audio’s power amp and two 3-inch chrome, full-range weatherproof speakers, you can play music wherever you ride. Included is the Wired Remote Volume Control, which allows you to turn up the volume when your favorite song plays.

GoHawk Bluetooth RD8 motorcycle speakers soundbar lets you play music all ride long. As a Generation Two soundbar, it includes a new mounting clamp, which works with 7/8 inches to 1 1/4 inches handlebars. The waterproof GoHawk speakers also include a set of two optional stainless steel extension mounting brackets for more custom installation. A high-performance power amplifier is built right into the soundbar, and a 3.5-millimeter audio jack is available. If you prefer a Bluetooth wireless connection, the GoHawk has this feature, which will work up to 15 meters. The soundbar also supports listening to songs from radio stations, USB, and microSD Card MP3 files. You have plenty of music playing options. Take note, the soundbar does not support USB charging.

The Lexin LX-S3CH makes playing music on your motorcycle super easy. Installation is simple, and you can mount the speakers on your bike’s handlebars for easy access. Get stereo sound after powering on, and pairing the chrome-plated Lexin speakers with your Smartphone via Bluetooth. Not only does it look great on your bike, but it also gives you a lot of music-playing control. On the left side of the Lexin LX-S3CH bar-mount speakers, you will find a power on/off knob. The knob also lets you control and select various features like Bluetooth pairing, volume control, play, and pause. The soundbar also has two buttons for track control and FM radio station searches. Start listening to your favorite playlists while riding your motorcycle.

These marine grade speakers are powerful, waterproof, and easy to install. The full-range speakers can handle a maximum of 100 watts per speaker, a frequency response of 80 to 20,000 Hertz, and impedance four ohms. They pair perfectly with your motorcycle due to its IP66 marine-grade construction and compact design. They do not get in the way of your regular riding habits, Instead, they enhance every motorcycle ride you take. You receive a pair of self-contained pod speakers with mounting brackets, making installation a breeze. What is also great about these 4inch speakers is that you can go beyond the motorcycle. You can use them on a boat, ATV, RV, and off-road vehicles. By easily switching them over to another ride, you can keep the music playing all day and night long, no matter what or where you go riding.

With automatic Bluetooth pairing, portability, and 360-degree stereo sound, what more could you ask for in a motorcycle speaker. If you prefer not to have speakers directly on your motorcycle, that does not mean you are not still able to listen to music. Instead of your bike, it is you who wears the ANCwear mini 60-gram speaker on your wrist, belt, hand, etc. The portable wearable speaker allows you to take the music wherever you go, whether you are on or off your motorcycle. Due to it being waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, rainproof, and snowproof, you can ensure the songs you love can play on the bike you love.

Turn up the volume on the two Boss audio 3-inch chrome full range speakers while riding towards the sunset on your ultra cool motorcycle. Control the songs you play and volume with its media playback, and volume control features. Boss audio MC420B speaker is Bluetooth, MP3, Smartphone, auxiliary compatible. The speakers include a class D amplifier, which is sealed and also weatherproof. Boss audio motorcycle speakers also come with adjustable brackets, which should fit handlebars that range from 0.75 inches to 1.25 inches. For proper and safe functionality, it is best to opt for professional installation of this product.

If motorcycles and music are your two passions, then you are going to love the Cardo DMC motorcycle communication and entertainment system. The Cardo-JBL partnership is all about delivering the ultimate listening experience. With your helmet, the Cardo DMC (Dynamic Mesh Communication) makes communicating with other motorcyclists a breeze. The system has an always-on, natural voice operation feature, which requires no button-pushing. You will empower your voice, solve all Bluetooth pains, and enhance your communication system with Cardo DMC. Its built-in FM radio and self-adjusting volume also let you listen to great music in-between conversations on your motorcycle. Talk time is up to 13 hours, and you can easily connect 2-15 riders. However, it is not to be used with half helmets.

The weather-resistant Kuryakyn motorcycle speakers have 300-watt peak power and make a great addition to any bike. Easily mount the soundbar onto the handlebar with the included 7/8 inches and 1 1/2 inch clamps. The speaker measures 10.6 inches in length by 2.9 inches in diameter. Kuryakyn has an internal 4-channel amp that powers two 2 inches by 3 inches, full-range speakers. The 1-inch silk dome tweeters with N42 grade magnets provide a powerful, distortion-free sound, no matter the volume level. Connecting to the speakers is simple. The 4.1 Bluetooth receiver allows wireless connectivity to any Bluetooth-enabled device. If you prefer to connect your smartphone or music device via Auxiliary input and output ports, you can. The Kuryakyn speakers connect standard devices via a 3.5 mm cable. Start getting your groove on.

Helmet safety is extremely important. It is a vital piece of equipment, and its main job is to protect your head. Yet, with the waterproof motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headset, you can get your helmet to do other things. Not only can you wirelessly connect one mobile device to the helmet headset, but you can also connect two of them at the same time. Ride around town or on the highway playing the music you enjoy from the helmet that keeps you safe. Its automatic connection allows you to listen to music straight away and hands-free. The speaker has an effective distance of 20 meters to produce a strong signal connection. It is dustproof and is protected against rain or snow. The headset comes with a built-in 900 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery that supports a long play time of up to 50 continuous hours. It has 500 hours of standby time. It takes around two hours to charge. Transform your helmet by installing this motorcycle speaker. It not only provides you with hours of your favorite music, but it is an efficient and convenient communication for riding.

Weatherproof, chrome speakers with marine-grade construction, is how you can listen to high-quality audio on your motorcycle in good or bad weather. Keep the good times rolling with a mini amp, which gives you amplified surround sound while riding. The Pyle 400 Watt motorcycle speakers support various devices. You can connect to the RCA, MP3, iPod, Smartphone, tablet, and a CD player. With the 3.5 millimeter AUX IN, you will not need an SD card or USB drive. The Pyle weatherproof 400 Watt speaker includes mounting brackets, accessories, and instructions for easy installation. Along with the speakers being equipped with clamps, it also has a 12 Volt DC power cable and remote control. 


  • To hear the music playing over the loud engine of your motorcycle depends on the wattage of your speakers. The lower the wattage is, often means the quieter and less powerful the speakers will be. Thus, choose motorcycle speakers with higher wattage.
  • One of the very first things you should do before buying motorcycle speakers is to check compatibility. Look at the input power and see if the speakers will be able to easily connect to it.
  • As motorcycles are already compact with very little wiggle room, you should think about where you plan on mounting the speakers. Double-check to make sure the speakers will not interfere with driving or could cause unsafe conditions. If there is not enough room, instead of trying to make some, maybe opt for a helmet headset type speaker.


Q: How many watts should motorcycle speakers have?

300 watts. The best motorcycle speakers have at least 300 watts RMS. The higher the speakers' wattage, the better sound quality they will produce.

Q: Is it legal to listen to music while riding a motorcycle?

Yes. Motorcyclists looking to enhance their riding experience can legally listen to music while riding their motorcycle. The key is to listen to your favorite songs safely. Choosing to use a stereo system on your motorcycle or a Bluetooth helmet are two safe ways to enjoy music while on your bike.

Q: Are motorcycle speakers waterproof?

Yes and No. Not all motorcycle speakers are waterproof, which is why you must check before you buy to avoid eventually having damaged speakers. Some speakers may say they are weatherproof, which is very similar to waterproof. However, others will say water-resistant, which is not the same. Waterproof is impervious to water, whereas, water-resistant can only “resist” the onset of water for so long, and not entirely.

Q: Can you wear earbuds on a motorcycle?

No. Motorcyclists can only wear hearing aids and built-in helmet headphones. You can use wireless devices and helmet audio systems, too. But, If you use any other type of hearing device, it is illegal. Thus, you cannot use headphones or earbuds, or you will be breaking the law.

Final Thoughts

Add stylish and great sounding speakers to your motorcycle and listen to music during every ride. There are plenty of amazing motorcycle speakers to choose from including the best overall Boss Audio Motorcycle Bluetooth Speaker (MC470B), and the best value GoHawk Bluetooth Motorcycle Speakers Soundbar (RD8). Whether you choose to buy the best handlebar mounted speaker or helmet headset, you gain the capability to be entertained while riding on the open road.