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The Best BMX Pedals (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

Take your bike experience to the next level with these top-rated BMX pedals

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BYCorrina Murdoch/ LAST UPDATED ON March 17, 2021

Every avid biker knows just how important good pedals are. When it comes to the expected maneuverability of BMX bikes, the importance of lightweight, user-friendly pedals skyrockets. After all, when you’re BMXing, your pedals take on a lot of strain. Under your weight, they also need to cope with the added impact of the bike on the ground. To do this without breaking, you need to find the best BMX pedals available. This type of bike can perform a diverse set of tasks on its own, but it helps to have pedals designed to support your riding goals. Whether your goals are improved style, more support, or a lightweight feel, there’s a pair of pedals available. To help narrow down the options, we’ve curated a list of the best BMX pedals on the market. Check out this breakdown of industry-leading options.

Best Overall

Fooker MTB Pedals


Made out of high-quality nylon, these slip-resistant pedals balance style, and function well. They are easy to install and designed to last.

  • Pedals come in a wide range of colors
  • Meant to withstand a lot of wear and tear
  • Wide enough to maneuver easily
  • Helps you grip the pedal with good control
  • Each pedal has only three internal bearings
  • Polymer can crack under substantial impact
  • Can cause dirt to clump on the pedal
Best Value

Imrider Lightweight Bike Pedals


Affordably priced, these heavy-duty bike pedals are designed to keep your bike easy to maneuver. Skid-resistant and sturdy, they offer a lot of value.

  • Pedals textured to prevent slip risks
  • Wide pedal platform for added stability
  • Available in four colors
  • Come at a friendly price
  • Can be threading inconsistencies on the spindle
  • If scratched, can lead to rust and corrosion issues 
  • Pedals can trap grime in certain spots
Honorable Mention

Shimano Mountain Pedals


Sturdy and built to last, these powerful pedals make it easy to control your bike. Compatible with all sorts of riding shoes, the well-textured pedals are versatile.

  • Gives good traction to bike riders
  • Made out of heavy-duty materials
  • Designed to slough off mud and dirt efficiently
  • Wide enough to offer a good balance
  • Pedals come at a higher price point than more basic models 
  • Can be difficult to install due to the nuanced structure
The Best BMX Pedals (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

Benefits of BMX Pedals

  • Improve your traction. Many BMX pedals include texturing on the surface to let you grip the pedal more easily. It can improve your ability to do tricks as well as pedaling uphill since keeping your shoes on the pedal isn’t a challenge. You can get texturing in a range of intensities, helping you customize your level of grip to your riding style.
  • Let you control the bike more easily. Properly structured pedals can improve your efficiency when riding your BMX bike. By making a sturdy connection with the bike, the pedals let you exert more power. Less energy gets lost between the pedal and the moving wheels, enabling you to optimize your biking productivity. 
  • Less prone to loosening. Over time, the threading on your bike pedals wears down. When you replace the pedals with new ones, they can more easily hold in place while you ride. If a pedal pops out of place while you’re riding on tricky terrain, it can be dangerous. New pedals hold their fit better and help you ride more safely and comfortably.
  • Wider surface area for grip. When you swap out the pedal for a wider one, your foot has more area to make contact with. By increasing the surface of contact, you can achieve better balance and more power. Depending on what you use the bike for, a wide base may be more important, like doing tricks or trying to go uphill more easily. 
  • Stylish improvement for your bike. You can get BMX pedals in a whole array of colors, letting you enhance the appearance of your bike. This is particularly useful for those who perform BMX tricks as it adds to the overall appeal. Plus, if you spend a lot of time riding your bike, having nice-looking pedals is a bonus.

Types of BMX Pedals

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Flat Pedals

A flat pedal is popular for BMX riders because it gives a wide, even surface to rest the foot. It can absorb the force of your foot going down, making the pedal one of the sturdier options. However, because of this design, it can be harder to focus the pressure in a way necessary to accelerate. Flat pedals will often feature texture, though the type and amount of grip vary. This type of pedal is ideal for those riding on concrete or who use the BMX mainly for tricks. 

Clip Pedals

Clip pedals are easy to spot because, unlike those which screw into place, they simply pop into position. These are some of the easiest models to install and are intuitive enough to be a suitable option for beginners. However, because of the clip, the attachment point between the pedal and the bike is weaker. As such, it can be more challenging to absorb a force when stepping onto the pedal. As such, it suits those who are going to use the BMX for commuting -—it’s good for hills, though less for tricks and trails. 

Top Brands


A popular manufacturer of bike supplies, Darer offers a wide range of products. Opening its doors in 2018, it prides the business on rigorous testing and meticulous attention to detail. Among this brand’s top offerings are the Darer Mountain Bike Pedals


Owned by the parent company Ningbo Eagle Riding Bicycle Co., this brand has grown in popularity for its affordable pedals with bold, bright designs and diverse selection of products. One of its best-favored selections is the MZYRH Colorful Bike Pedals


Opening its doors in 2010 in Zhejiang, China, Rockbros falls under the umbrella of Yiwu Rock Sporting Goods. A company focused on creating high-quality outdoor gear, bicycle accessories continue to be a leading offering from this supplier. The Rockbros MTB Mountain Bike Pedals are a really popular option from this brand. 

BMX Pedal Pricing

  • Under $50: Most BMX bike pedals fall in this price range. You can find options of both types and in a range of colors and sizes. 
  • $50 and up: Quite a few BMX bike pedals are priced in this range. They will feature a very durable design, a highly textured surface, and be able.

Key Features


This is the part of the pedal that connects it to the bike itself. There are two main sizes on the market including 1/2-inch and 9/16-inch, of which the latter is more common. Depending on the type of pedal, it will either clip or screw into place. This connection should be as sturdy as possible to keep the pedal firmly in place while you ride. All pedals will eventually loosen, though screw-in models will be easier to maintain over the long term. 


While not every pedal is going to have a textured surface, all models have a certain amount of grip. Heavier-duty models that are meant to help you go uphill or do tricks will usually have some sort of protruding cleat. This helps your shoes retain traction on the pedal’s surface. Alternatively, the shape of the pedal will dictate the amount of grip you get. If you are relying on the pedal’s angles for traction instead of cleating, it’s particularly important to use the proper footwear when riding. 


All pedals are made out of reasonably sturdy material, though they aren’t all made out of the same thing. The two most popular options are nylon, steel, and aluminum. Nylon is resistant to the elements. Aluminum is a lightweight option. Steel is geared towards those focused on durability. In most cases, if you are looking for bright colors, nylon has the most options. For lasting ability, steel and aluminum both offer a lot of advantages. 

Other Considerations

  • Style. Once you’ve determined the type of pedal you want and checked that it has all the necessary features, there are still some things to consider. For one, it’s worth lending a thought to the appearance of the pedals. These bike parts are pretty durable, so you’ll have them for a while. Check out the different colors available to see that it matches your aesthetic. 
  • Footwear. Some pedals only work with specific footwear. For instance, flatter pedals make it a bit harder if you have a substantial arch. Plus, if your bike pedal has distinct cleats, it could scrape at the base of your shoe. Consider what you usually wear to ride and make sure the two fit. 
  • Riding style. Different pedals are better for different purposes. Flat bike pedals are ideal for doing tricks, though might make it a bit more challenging to accelerate. Think about what you use your BMX for the most. Is it trail riding or commuting or practicing tricks with it? The answer will highlight what you need out of the pedals. 
  • Maintenance. Think about how easy it will be to maintain the pedals. Those with sealed bearings tend to be more resistant to damage since they block out water. Additionally, the structure of the pedal will either hold onto or shake off the dirt. Pedals with more openings and curved parts will shed mud more easily and be less demanding to take care of. 

Best BMX Pedals Reviews & Recommendations 2021

If you are looking for a new set of pedals to help your bike perform well and stand out, then the Fooker MTB Pedals are worth checking out. They are made out of a high-grade nylon that is reinforced with blended chromium and molybdenum. This lends a lot of corrosion-resistance to the pedals as a whole. Lightweight by design, the pedals extend over four inches, letting you comfortably place your feet on them. Plus, when in use, the textured surface stops your feet from slipping. You can use this pedal design in a whole host of situations, making this option versatile. Easy to install on any standard BMX bike, these bold pedals are a terrific choice overall. 

Keep in mind that the grooves on the surface will likely wear down with continual use. It helps to wear proper riding shoes to slow down the inevitable degradation of the texturing.

Those looking for a way to make their BMX work better without spending too much will appreciate the Imrider Lightweight Bike Pedals. For starters, these come at an accessible price point. This pair of wide-set pedals are compatible with just about every BMX on the market. They are made out of a heavy-duty polymer that is naturally resistant to issues like rust. This enables the pedals to be comfortably lightweight without compromising structural integrity since the pedals can absorb a lot of force. The platform includes raised nail-like parts that ensure that your feet don’t slip. Particularly useful to those performing BMX tricks, these stylish and effective pedals are a worthy value pick. 

It’s worth noting that although the texturing on the surface isn’t very vulnerable to wear from friction, the metal parts of the pedals are susceptible to rust. Aim to store the bike indoors to avoid corrosion.

If you plan to use your pedals for heavy-duty riding, then opting for the Shimano Mountain Pedals makes sense as an investment. Though they come at a slightly higher price point than some rival brands, these pedals are crafted specifically to enhance riding efficiency. The pedals are uniquely textured and able to support all different types of riding footwear.  They're built to improve the versatility of the bike since you can use them in more environments. Paired with heavy-duty attachments, this pair of pedals ensures that you can move the bike smoothly. They take the pressure you apply and efficiently converts it into motion. Meant to improve your control over the ride, these high-end pedals are a great choice. 

Bear in mind that due to the heavy-duty design, the pedals can be harder to use for those with dropped arches. Take extra care when choosing riding shoes, and pick ones with support to prevent podiatric strain. 

The MZYRH MTB Pedals are a well-suited choice, especially if you like to use your BMX for practicing and performing tricks. Designed with three high-end bearings, the slip-resistant structure gives you full control over the pedals. Sealed to prevent damage from moisture, they stop water from getting access to parts vulnerable to corrosion. This is furthered by the texturing on the nylon surface. This keeps your feet steady and acts as a stopper if you contact the pedals from unusual angles. At over four inches across, they give you a wide area to touch base with. This also helps you move the bike with better efficiency. Relatively easy to install, these bright-colored pedals earn a shoutout on this list. 

It’s worth mentioning that since the pedals feature a wide design to improve the surface area for contact, they are vulnerable to impact damage. Store the bike carefully and aim to protect the pedals from harm to avoid issues with breaking.

When your biking focus is taking to the trails, the Hirate Mountain Bike Pedals are a fantastic way to go. This pair is made out of high-grade aluminum alloy. This material offers a lot of benefits, highlighted by the pedals’ ability to withstand damage from vibrations and impact. Clearly labeled, these pedals install quickly and efficiently. When in place, the pedals hold tightly, resisting issues with loosening when you travel on more challenging terrain. Plus, since they are designed for universal compatibility, you don’t have to worry about the specific make and model of your BMX. Lightweight and built to withstand the unique challenges of mountain biking, these powerful pedals are a solid choice for serious riders. 

While these pedals have a lot of benefits like easy installation, there are some downsides as well. For example, the basic design lacks texturing, making it harder to get strong footing (especially in more challenging weather conditions). 

Do you want to stick close to the classic bike pedal, but still get the benefits of modern designs? If that’s the case, then the Rockbros MTB Pedals are worth looking into. The main part of the pedal is constructed using a sturdy nylon material that can withstand a whole lot of weight. Since the pedals are reasonably wide, it’s easy to stably pedal in any environment. Paired with the slightly raised cleats on the surface, you can hold your position with relative ease. Made for an easy installation, the pedals screw into place and hold tightly in position despite continual use. Plus, since you can use these pedals on just about any bike, they are a safe choice for BMX riders. 

It warrants a note that, though these pedals aim to limit the risk of damage from moisture (and the rust it can cause) the exposed threading is still vulnerable to corrosion. As a result, it remains important to store the bike indoors and keep the area dry whenever possible. 

If you want a pedal that will help you ride on the road and be able to accommodate your tricks when needed, the Boruizhen Aluminum Platform Pedals are a good way to go. They are designed to be stylish, featuring bold coloring that stands out in any setting. The pedal is structured with a large platform that lets you hold your foot stably in position. Since they are made out of aluminum material, the pedals are lightweight and easy to maneuver. Thanks to the internal bearing design, they are sealed against moisture and not prone to environmental damage. Compatible with any bike that accepts a 9/16-inch spindle, you can use these pedals on everything from BMX to mountain bikes. 

Bear in mind that the width of the pedals, which is great for stability, has some downsides as well. The pedals are likely to trap mud, meaning you will need to clean them more frequently to prevent issues with riding the bike. 


  • Choose pedals with a suitable width for your foot size to make sure you can balance stably. 
  • Clean off your pedals after each ride to prevent dirt from getting caked into corners. 
  • Store the bike indoors whenever possible to avoid issues with rust and corrosion. 
  • Avoid heavy impact on the pedals when performing tricks to prevent loosening. 
  • Check on the tightness of the pedals before you ride to ensure that they aren’t coming loose. 
  • Look for pedals that have textured surfaces to make it easier to keep your foot in position. 
  • Choose the best-suited pedal for your type of riding since pedals for mountain biking are different than those for riding on asphalt. 
  • Check that the size of the attachment is proper for your bike. The standard is 9/16-inches, though there are outliers. 


Q: What size BMX bikes do adults use?

The proper size of a BMX bike depends less on age and more on the height of the rider. Usually, those above six feet tall will ride a 22-inch bike while those who are shorter stick to the range of 18 inches. This metric refers to the distance from the seat to the handlebars. 

Q: How do I know what size BMX pedal I need?

Check either your owner’s manual or directly on the bike. Look at the crankset. If it has three pieces, it’s likely a 9/16-inch pedal. Single-part models are likely to use a 1/2-pedal. Even if pedals tout themselves as universal, it is important to check the size of the spindle. 

Q: How do you install a BMX pedal?

Remove the current pedal from its place and clean the area. Lubricate the spindle on the new pedal. Check that it’s going on the correct side of the bike. Pedals are usually marked to show what side to put it in. Screw the pedal into place and you’re all set. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you’re fluent in the world of BMX pedals, you can make your pick. It could be the Fooker MTB Pedals or the affordability of the Imrider Lightweight Bike Pedals. There’s an ideal pedal set for everyone.