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The Best Kids’ Snowboards (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

These kids’ snowboards are perfect for younger, smaller, and first-time snowboarders

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BYHeather Fishel/ LAST UPDATED ON January 7, 2021

Snowboarding is a winter sport that anyone of any age can dive into and enjoy. It’s got so much to offer — thrilling speeds, exciting and challenging tricks to master, and cool scenery speeding by as you hit mountain slopes and trails. Even kids can give snowboarding a try. Snowboarding is a great sport to try from a young age, giving little riders a fun new hobby while building skills like balance, strength, and a love for a new sport. If your kids are ready to hit the fresh powder and give snowboarding a try or head up the lift for another season of snowboarding fun, they need to be equipped with the right kid-friendly board. Discover some of the best kids’ snowboards available with our top picks right here.

Best Overall

Emsco Group Supra Hero Snowboard


An excellent all-around kids’ snowboard for ages 5 to 15 years old.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Includes adjustable step-in bindings
  • Bindings prone to cracks and breakage
Best Value

Airhead Snow Ryder Hardwood Snowboard


A realistic, high-quality snowboard for kids at an affordable price.

  • Made from durable hardwood
  • Easy to use adjustable bindings
  • No metal edges
  • Straps come undone easily
  • It may not be approved for all ski resorts
Honorable Mention

Skiweb Kids Plastic Starter Snowboard & Bindings


A durable, long-lasting plastic option that rides like a real kids’ snowboard.

  • Pre-mounted bindings are very realistic
  • Slick, smooth board surface
  • Works with any snow boots
  • Decals are just stickers and can easily peel off
The Best Kids’ Snowboards (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

Benefits of Kids' Snowboards

  • They're built for their size. Younger, smaller riders need specialized boards just like adult snowboarders. Kids’ snowboards are perfectly sized to suit kids’ heights and weights, ensuring they can easily maneuver and master the basics with a board that isn’t too long or too heavy.
  • They can build confidence. Getting young kids familiar with snowboarding at an early age can help them develop great confidence on and off the slopes. They’ll learn new skills and begin mastering tricks, giving them something to show off and be proud of, all on a board that’s made for them.
  • They come in many styles. While kid-sized snowboards are smaller and a bit different from regular snowboards, they come in different shapes and styles for different types of riding — just like boards for adults. You can find kids’ boards for terrain parks, halfpipes, and more styles of snowboarding.
  • They're perfect for practice. Young riders can learn on more specialized kids’ snowboards, which are typically made to be extra lightweight and extra durable. These learning-friendly boards, which often don’t feature sharp edges and can be used without bindings, are a great first introduction and practice option.

Types of Kids' Snowboards

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Real Snowboards

Some kids’ snowboards are real boards made with kid-friendly sizing and features. These boards are shaped and styled just like traditional snowboards for adults — some are plastic, but some feature real wood cores. They’re smaller in size and don’t have sharp steel edges, which can make steering and turning a challenge. But these real snowboards (or close-to-real snowboards) for kids are perfect for beginners who are just getting started. You can find real snowboards for kids in the same styles as adult boards, including all-mountain, free ride, and freestyle.

Toy Snowboards

Toy snowboards are essentially toys that are designed to look and feel like a snowboard, but without the durability and the capability of a real wood core snowboard. However, there’s a benefit: toy snowboards allow kids to get on their feet and practice their balance in the snow, making the first step into snowboarding. These products are alternatives for very young riders or kids who want to play rather than learn how to ride a snowboard for real. It can be a great option if your little ones are just too little to get started on a true board.

Top Brands

Emsco Group

Emsco Group designs and creates several winter-friendly products, including snowboards made just for kids. These boards mimic the same design and features of adult snowboards but in a smaller size. There are even various boards for various experience levels, like the Emsco Group Supra Hero Snowboard and the Emsco Group ESP Freeride Snowboard


Airhead is a brand that’s all about boards, from skateboards to scooters to snowboards. And this company makes some impressive real snowboards just for kids, including options like the Airhead Snow Ryder Hardwood Snowboard that have real wood cores and cool graphics that new snowboards will love. 

Kids Snowboard Pricing

  • Under $50: Many kids’ snowboards cost less than $50, especially if you’re shopping for a board that isn’t made with real wood. However, you can also find lower-quality wood options in this affordable price range.
  • $50 to $100: You’ll find plenty of realistic, quality snowboards for kids priced between $50 and $100. These boards tend to be quite realistic, with bindings of some kind and tough but flexible board cores. 
  • $100 and up: The most premium — and most adult-like — kids’ snowboards cost upwards of $100. These boards are like miniature versions of traditional snowboards, and they tend to be best for more advanced young snowboarders.

Key Features


Length is one of the most important features of any snowboard, regardless of whether you’re buying a board for kids or adults. A snowboard’s length determines the rider’s control and speed, and it also affects how maneuverable the board is. You’ll want to choose a board with a length that stands between your child’s chest and chin. Shorter boards can be better for increased control and less speed.


In addition to the length of a kids’ snowboard, you’ll also want to make sure you consider the width. It’s a good rule of thumb to choose a board that allows kids’ boots to hang over the edges a little bit. However, it’s also okay if beginners’ boots don’t have any overhang, as this can reduce falls. You can choose from narrow, regular, and mid-wide to wide snowboard widths.

Board Material

Kids’ snowboards come in a variety of materials. Some have wood cores just like “real” adult snowboards. Others are made out of solid wood, 100 percent plastic, or a mix of materials. Traditional wood core snowboards can be a great choice for durability and performance, but younger, smaller riders may be better off with a plastic board as they learn the basics. 


A snowboard’s flex, or flexibility, determines how forgiving and maneuverable a board is while riding. While stiffer, less flexible snowboards can be excellent for freeriding and picking up speed, it’s better to opt for a flexible board for kids. Increased flex is more forgiving when mistakes are made, and they’re also easier for lighter-weight riders to control and maneuver.

Other Considerations

  • Kids Can Start With a Simple Board. Don’t spend too much or get too fancy with your child’s very first snowboard. Brand-new snowboarders and very young riders are better off practicing with a plastic model, then advancing to more realistic boards as they get more skilled and more confident on their training board.
  • Many Kids’ Snowboards Include Some Kind of Bindings. Bindings aren’t a big concern for little snowboarders, but they do become important as kids grow taller and more advanced. For very young riders, simple strap bindings that come with kids’ snowboards are fine. As kids progress, look for boards that include more traditional-looking bindings.
  • Scooter Snowboards Are Also a Fun Option. If you want a kids’ snowboard that’s easy to control and ride, scooter snowboards are an option. These products are essentially snowboards with a handlebar attached so kids can hang on and steer. They can be a great first choice to see if your kids want to give snowboarding a try.

Best Kids' Snowboards Reviews & Recommendations 2020

The Emsco Group Supra Hero Snowboard is a fantastic snowboard for kids. It’s built for beginners with tough construction and quality materials that’ll survive all of the bumps, falls, and other impacts of learning the ropes of the sport. Designed for first-time snowboarders between the ages of 5 and 15, this kids’ snowboard features an ergonomic shape that helps with balance and first rides. It’s made out of solid polyethylene, which can withstand wear and tear. A set of adjustable step-in bindings work for riders of all ages, locking in place for a snug fit. As kids learn the basics of snowboarding, this snowboard will allow them to ride easily and even master novice-level tricks. However, there is one weak spot: the bindings can easily break and tear, especially with a lot of use.

True wood core snowboards can be pretty pricey, but you don’t want to spend a lot for a kids’ snowboard — and with the Airhead Snow Ryder Hardwood Snowboard, you don’t have to. This snowboard is built like a traditional adult-sized board, with a solid hardwood structure that’ll carry riders between 80 and 150 pounds. It’s a great option for older kids, and its length is 130 centimeters long. The durable hardwood will last a long time, offering excellent value for an affordable price, and it can survive all the ins and outs (and impacts) of learning to ride. A pair of easily adjustable bindings made out of hook-and-loop material make it simple to strap on, and no metal edges can cause any injuries. Just keep in mind that not all ski resorts will allow young riders with boards that have hook-and-loop bindings.

The Skiweb Kids Plastic Starter Snowboard & Bindings is a great premium choice — but it’ll cost you. This thick plastic snowboard is designed for younger riders who are getting started on the slopes, and it includes everything little snowboarders need. With no sharp metal edges and a slick flat bottom that’ll glide over snow, it’s great for learning the basics. Suitable for ages 5 to 12 years old, this kids’ snowboard is 95-centimeters long and can carry up to 110 pounds. Equipped with a set of pre-mounted bindings that feature adjustable straps, kids can ride this snowboard with most snow boots; there are no special snowboard boots necessary. However, the board is best for use on hills rather than real slopes. This kids’ snowboard is more expensive, but it’s also more limited because of its plastic construction.

Kids tend to outgrow their first snowboards pretty quickly, but with the Emsco Group ESP Freeride Snowboard, you can get more use out of a single board. This kids’ snowboard is designed to suit a wide age range — riders can use it from 5 years old to 15 years old — and many experience levels. It’s suitable for both beginners and experienced snowboarders, but it does have a weight limit of 95 pounds and stands just 110 centimeters long. Made out of solid polypropylene, this snowboard is high quality and tough enough for young riders to put through its paces. A set of adjustable step-in bindings make it easy for kids to use and secure, and those bindings can withstand everything from easy riding to novice-level tricks. No matter how kids want to ride, this versatile snowboard is designed for freeriding and can offer a great ride for many different snowboarders.

The Grizzly Snow Deluxe Kid’s Beginner Freeride Snowboard is one extra-tough snowboard for kids. This board is built for riders between the ages of 4 to 7 years old, up to 50 inches tall, and with a boot size of up to 6Y. It’s a great option if you’re searching for the first snowboard for younger snowboarders who may not be ready for a true wood core board. It’s a perfect pick for any kids who are interested in learning. Made with a heavy-duty blow-molded design, this kids’ snowboard also includes a special cold crack additive to increase its durability. A set of adjustable ratchet-style bindings work like real bindings; they even have a quick-release mechanism. Available in 95-centimeter and 120-centimeter lengths and an array of different colors, this board can be the perfect extra-tough fit for many young snowboarders. 

Beginners can put some wear and tear on their snowboards, but the Emsco Group Graffiti Snowboard can survive it all. This highly durable kids’ snowboard is designed to withstand beginners’ impacts and mistakes, and it can help younger riders master both the basics and some basic park tricks. Built with a solid core, this board is a good option for first-time snowboarders between 5 years old and 15 years old weighing up to 95 pounds. The solid polypropylene offers long-term durability, and the included step-in bindings will lock in place for a variety of foot and shoe sizes. Even more exciting for new snowboarders is the fact that this kid-friendly board allows riders to design and customize the graphics. Keep in mind, though, that the light weight limit can limit just how many years of use your kids will get out of this board.

The Snowboogie Wham-O Kids Snowboard is a solid in-between option for any kids who want to give snowboarding a try but aren’t quite ready to strap in and hit the slopes. This snowboard for kids is part-toy and part-snowboard, offering the best of both worlds for first-time riders. It features a 106-centimeter EVA foam top snowboard with a strong traction surface so kids can ride securely. The underside of the board has a high-gloss lacquer finish so it’ll be durable throughout many rides and glide smoothly at great speeds. Two tracks cut into the bottom of this kids’ snowboard keep riders in control and help avoid slips. An attached rope handle works in place of bindings to let kids steer, maintain their balance, and ride up inclines and small hills. Kids can get a taste of snowboarding without much investment or practice, making this a good choice for fun and a first try.


  • As kids grow taller, you’ll want to upgrade their boards. Increased height can alter the ride and maneuverability of a snowboard, so make sure you’re checking your kid’s height against the length of the board.
  • The sharp metal edges of a traditional snowboard aren’t safe for little snowboarders. Instead, look for wood core models that don’t have any sharp edges to keep their fingers and hands safe from accidental cuts.
  • Older kids can typically start with “real” snowboards or smaller versions of traditional adult boards. Taller, heavier kids — and those with more motor control or skill — will often be fine using shorter adult boards.

Best Kids Snowboard FAQs

Q: At what age should my child start snowboarding?

Kids can try out snowboarding as young as 3 years old.

Q: Are shorter snowboards better for beginners?

Generally, shorter snowboards are more maneuverable and easier to control, so they tend to be a good choice for beginners. Look for a snowboard for kids that stands between your child’s chest and chin to get the right length.

Q: What size snowboard should I get for my kid?

This depends on your child’s age, weight, and height. Picking out a snowboard in the right size is a highly personalized process, as you’ll want the length and width to suit your child’s skill level as well as his or her sizing.

Final Thoughts

The Emsco Group Supra Hero Snowboard is our top choice for the best kids’ snowboard, and it’s a great all-around board that’s very realistic to ride. The Airhead Snow Ryder Hardwood Snowboard is another good option, and it’s affordably priced too. Which kids’ snowboards do you think are the best of the bunch?