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The Best Downhill Longboards (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

These longboards are the perfect picks for downhill riding and high speeds

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BYHeather Fishel/ LAST UPDATED ON January 27, 2021

Longboarding is different than traditional skateboarding. With a longer deck and different trucks and wheels, longboarding is more about carving and cruising than mastering tricks. But some longboarders are seriously into speed — and if you’re a downhill longboarder, you need a board that can handle high speeds and more intense skating. To become a skilled downhill skater, you need a board that can survive downhill’s wear and tear and deliver when it comes to speed and performance. Available in different sizes and styles, downhill longboards are typically 37 inches long or longer with a wheelbase that offers agility and smooth, responsive turning. With less technical focus and more emphasis on hitting high speeds with control, a quality downhill longboard can be tricky to find. Check out our choices for the best downhill longboards.

Best Overall

Junli 41-Inch Freeride Longboard


A board that’s tough enough for high speeds and slick enough for smooth performance.

  • Rides and turns very smoothly
  • Offers great stability
  • Strong and durable
  • More of a starter board than one for experienced skaters
Best Value

Seething 42-Inch Complete Cruiser Pintail Longboard


An incredibly smooth-riding pintail longboard that’s affordably priced.

  • Solid, well-made parts
  • Delivers a smooth ride
  • Great speed
  • Some boards may arrive damaged
Honorable Mention

 Atom All-Terrain Longboard


An all-terrain longboard that’s highly versatile and great for all experience levels.

  • Limited flex is great for high speeds
  • Wheels can roll over anything
  • Nicely stable
  • Board is heavy
  • All-terrain wheels may slow you down
The Best Downhill Longboards (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

Benefits of Downhill Longboard

  • High-speed performance. Downhill longboards are specifically built for speed, with everything from the shape of the deck to the angle of trucks created to help you reach faster speeds as you skate. There’s no better choice for flying fast than a downhill longboard.
  • Versatility. Built for speed as well as increased stability to keep you firmly in place while skating fast, a downhill longboard can also help you try other types of skating. These boards can ride fast, but they’re also very agile at carving and making tight turns — which means they cruise nicely too.
  • Customization. Just like a traditional skateboard, you can customize and change the different components on these longboards. No matter how you skate, you can add your favorite wheels, trucks, and more to bring your longboard to new heights. 
  • Good exercise. Racing downhill at high speeds works just about every muscle in your body. From your abs (which you need to balance) to your lungs and heart (which offer a cardio workout), downhill longboarding is a great workout for the entire body.
  • Better stability. Downhill longboards typically offer increased stability with lower centers of gravity. This offers you easier, better balance, and secure footing no matter how fast you’re traveling on your board. They’re a great choice even for newer skaters because of this.

Types of Downhill Longboards

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Drop Through Longboards

Drop through longboards are one of the most popular types of longboards for downhill skating. These uniquely shaped boards sit lower to the ground, which lowers skaters’ center of gravity and provides better stability at high speeds. These boards feature slim ends and wheels you can see from the top down, and they’re a great option for downhill longboarding beginners. 

Top Mount Longboards

Top mount longboards include any longboard with a deck that features trucks mounted directly to the bottom of the deck. These longboards can provide more grip than a drop-through longboard, which is important when you’re racing — especially when you’re turning and riding around bends. A top mount longboard stays stable even when you’re skating very fast, and it also offers better technical performance, particularly when it comes to sliding and tight corners.

Top Brands


First founded in 2005, Atom has been building skateboards — specifically, longboards — for every style of skating for over 15 years. Using quality materials and offering a wide selection of specialized choices, you can find excellent options for downhill longboarding like the Atom All-Terrain Longboard and the Atom Drop Deck Longboard.


Based in San Diego, Calif., Magneto designs skateboards and longboards that offer great performance and look cool while you ride. With a combination of skateboarding knowledge and innovative design features, Magneto offers standout longboard options like the Magneto Bamboo Longboard that provide a seriously smooth ride.


If you’re looking for a longboard that’ll stand out as much for its downhill performance as its awesome design and graphics, then you’ll love Minority’s boards. With both skateboards and longboards — including longboards designed just for downhill speed — you have plenty of quality choices with deck designs that seriously pop. The Minority Downhill 40-Inch Drop Deck Longboard is just one example.

Downhill Longboard Pricing

  • Under $75: In this range, you’ll find basic downhill longboards that are simple and straightforward. They include basic components and are often boards best suited for beginners.
  • $75 to $125: Most quality downhill longboards fall into this category. These boards can include great parts and pieces and deliver slick performance at high speeds.
  • $125 and up: The most premium and top-tier longboards cost $125 and up. They tend to offer something different or more specialized than your average downhill longboard.

Key Features

Ground Clearance or Board Height

How high the longboard sits off the ground might seem like a small detail, but it’s a pretty important feature. It determines whether or not you’ll experience wheelbite, but it also affects your center of gravity. A lower board with less ground clearance offers a lower center of gravity, which keeps you stable more easily. Higher boards can be trickier to balance and offer less stability.

Reverse Kingpin Trucks

Most longboards are equipped with reverse kingpin trucks, a type of truck that’s better for carving and cruising. However, you’ll want to make sure you have not only reverse kingpin trucks on your downhill longboard, but also adjustable trucks. Being able to adjust your trucks from say, 45 to 50 degrees, can help you fine-tune your downhill performance and speed.

Large, Soft Wheels

The best downhill longboards tend to come equipped with larger, softer wheels than your average skateboard or longboard. Larger and softer wheels give you more contact with the ground beneath your board, providing important traction when you're flying fast. The softness also tends to increase your exit speeds so you’re always moving quickly.

Other Considerations

  • Consider Offset Core Wheels for Stability. Staying stable on your board is key for downhill longboarding, which is why you may want to add wheels with offset cores to your board. The offset core can make your ride more stable, particularly when you need more traction and are moving fast.
  • Drop-Through Longboards Can Handle Sliding. While top mount longboards can be a great choice for downhill skating, a drop-through deck is good for both downhill and sliding. This type of deck may give you more versatility and help you stop more easily when you’re traveling at high downhill speeds.
  • Get a Stiff Deck for Downhill Skating. While flex is usually important to skaters, downhill longboarders will want to opt for a deck that doesn’t offer much flex. You don’t need the same give as skaters who are tackling tricks. Instead, look for a stiffer deck for better stability and high-speed performance.

Best Downhill Longboards Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Don’t let the name of this longboard fool you — the Junli 41-Inch Freeride Longboard is a fantastic all-around choice for downhill skating. And while it’s great for freeriding, it’s also highly responsive and easy to control, two critical features when you’re a downhill longboarder. Built for maneuverability even at super-fast speeds, this longboard is equipped with a deck that’s easy to control and highly responsive trucks. The seven-inch aluminum alloy trucks combined with an ultra-high elastic PU support pad offer the stability you need when you’re hitting high speeds. The board’s deck measures 41 x 9.5 inches, and it's made from cold-pressed eight-ply natural maple wood and covered in brushed black anti-slip material on the surface. It’s even equipped with high-speed bearings ideal for downhill skating.

A more expensive longboard isn’t always the best choice — especially when you have great affordable options like the Seething 42-Inch Complete Cruiser Pintail Longboard. With a good price and great construction, you get a ton of value for your money from this board. And, most importantly of all, it’s great for downhill skaters. This pintail-style longboard features a 42-inch deck made out of high-quality Canadian maple wood. It’s tough and durable yet lightweight enough to make slaloming easier. The deck’s increased durability and strength can carry up to 330 pounds, and you’ll still enjoy a speedy ride. This longboard also offers great smoothness with reactive smooth-gliding seven-inch trucks made out of aluminum alloy and precision ABEC-11 bearings. The wheels and bushings only add more responsiveness and smoothness. And when you hit high speeds, you’ll love the high-density waterproof anti-skid diamond emery paper that offers great friction.

The Atom All-Terrain Longboard is a capable and versatile board, and it’s a great choice for all different types of skating. This premium board may be more expensive, but it delivers when you’re speeding downhill over bumpy, unpredictable terrain. Whether you’re careening down a rough mountain trail or hitting the hills of your neighborhood, the MBS 100 x 65-millimeter all-terrain wheels made from super-high rebound urethane on this longboard are ideal. They offer excellent speed and off-road traction. The deck is also built for any type of terrain as a sturdy maple and laminate drop deck that helps lower your center of gravity for better stability. Great for all types of surfaces as well as all experience levels, this longboard responds with great speed as you head downhill.

The Minority Downhill 40-Inch Drop Deck Longboard is engineered for downhill riding, and its design only helps enhance its performance at high speeds. Constructed with a 100-percent eight-ply, cold-pressed maple wood deck, this longboard measures 40 x 10 inches. It offers increased strength — enough to carry 220 pounds — and its drop-down design offers extra-low gravity so you can maintain your stability while skating at high speeds. A 37-inch wheelbase gives you a stable downhill platform, and the aluminum seven-inch reverse kingpin trucks can be adjusted to alter your maneuverability. These parts are paired with wheels and ABEC-9 bearings, which create an all-around smooth ride. With no wheel bite and extra stability, you can cut corners, turn with accuracy, and achieve great responsiveness at high speeds almost effortlessly.

Equipped with high-quality parts and built with a concave deck that’s great for speedy downhill skating, the Slendor 42-Inch Drop Through Deck Longboard is a solid choice for any fan of downhill riding. This longboard measures 42 x 9 inches with a drop-through camber deck design that absorbs shocks and offers good strength. It’s made with cold-pressed nine-ply natural hard rock maple and epoxy, and the deck is paired with ABEC-9 high-speed bearings plus seven-inch adjustable aluminum trucks that can increase your maneuverability and speed. And you can’t forget about the extra-durable polyurethane wheels, which feature a rock finish for the right blend of cushioning and traction for all types of skating. This downhill longboard provides maximum stability for high speeds and steep inclines, and its quality parts make it a standout.

One of the trickiest aspects of downhill skating is staying stable and in control when you’re careening at impressive speeds — but that’s exactly what you’ll get with the Atom Drop Deck Longboard. This made-for-downhill-skating longboard features a full maple laminate deck, which is covered in high-quality 80S grip tape for strong traction under your feet. The unique drop deck design of this longboard helps you stay lower to the ground, improving the board’s flow and offering you maximum stability. For downhill longboarding, that means you’ll find pushing easy and your feet stay under you better. A set of reverse kingpin trucks, wide-lip 70 x 51 millimeter super high rebound wheels, and ABEC-9 bearings with high-speed lubricant all come together to increase your capabilities. From downhill carving to long-term reliability, this board has it all.

The Magneto Bamboo Longboard isn’t just sleek — it’s very, very smooth. And this downhill longboard offers a combination of smoothness and stability that ensures you’ll get consistent performance as a downhill skater. The bamboo and fiberglass deck, which measures 42 x 9 inches, is subtly concave with a U-shape to help you keep your balance at high speeds. A drop-through deck design keeps your center of gravity close to the ground, offering smoothness as well as stability. This shape also helps you carve, even if you’re making tight turns, and the shallowness of the concave shape makes the board feel highly responsive under your feet. Combine that with the Paris trucks set at a 50-degree angle and SHR bushings, and you’ll get a good balance of a bit of flexibility and standout performance. 

The Fish Skateboards 41-Inch Downhill Longboard is an excellent option if you want a longboard that’ll grow along with your skill. This board is specifically designed for downhill skating, and it’s a great choice for beginners and experienced, pro-level skaters alike. Forget about replacing your board as you get better and better; this downhill longboard will be suitable for many miles and rides. It features a 41 x 9-inch deck that can handle everything from basic stunts to high speeds, with a high-density eight-layer maple wood build. It offers great stability and a strong, secure grip thanks to the emery non-slip surface. A set of super smooth anti-shock PU wheels paired with super smooth ABEC-9 chrome steel bearings give you smoothness at any speed, and the high-quality aluminum trucks are reliable and tough enough for the roughest downhill skating.

If you’re hoping to hit new heights — and new speeds — skating downhill, then the Quest Skateboards Zero Dark 40 Downhill Longboard is a great option. This longboard is built for performance, and it can handle everything from bombing hills to cruising around your neighborhood casually. But it shines when it comes to stability and handling. The board features a strong and sturdy 7-ply deck made from cold climate maple hardwood, with an open-wheel design that eliminates wheel bite so you stay safe at high speeds. A set of ABEC-7 precision bearings plus reverse kingpin trucks increases your stability and your ability to tackle turns with ease. You’ll enjoy a lower center of gravity that keeps you balanced plus a nicely contoured deck to keep your feet firmly in place.

Whether it’s your first time trying downhill skating or you simply like to keep things easy, the QingAn 41-Inch Downhill Longboard is a good basic board. This longboard keeps things simple, but it won’t let you down thanks to its strength, its stability, and its smoothness. It’s a great choice for beginners too, or anyone who wants to be able to move from cruising to downhill racing. Made with a high-density 8-ply natural maple wood deck covered in an emery non-slip surface, you’ll enjoy a good grip while you reach new speeds. The 41 x 9.5-inch deck can carry up to 220 pounds, which makes it a good option for adults and kids alike. That’s paired with super smooth 70 x 50-millimeter anti-shock PU wheels, smooth ABEC-7 chrome steel bearings, and thick aluminum 7-inch trucks that can withstand a whole lot of wear.


  • While a longboard’s deck is important, it’s also critical that you consider the parts that come with the board. Even small parts, like bushings and bearings, can affect how a downhill longboard rides. 
  • Don’t forget to customize any longboard to make it even better. If you love the deck and trucks, you can always change the wheels. You can also upgrade bearings or swap the trucks for better performance.
  • Most downhill longboards take some adjustments and tweaks before they’re perfect. Small actions like changing the truck angle or tightening parts can make a noticeable difference.


Q: How do I choose a downhill longboard?

You’ll want to look for a longboard that can handle traveling at high speeds. In addition to looking at the shape and material of the deck, you’ll also want high-speed wheels, high-quality bearings and bushings, and trucks that can deliver.

Q: Is downhill longboarding dangerous?

Downhill longboarding can be a bit more dangerous than cruising simply because you’re heading downhill at high speeds — which can result in more frequent injuries. Make sure you wear your protective gear, like a helmet, to stay safe.

Q: How do you stop going downhill on a longboard?

To stop or slow down your speed while on a downhill longboard, you can slide. Pushing your back wheels out so your board is perpendicular to the road ahead of you will slide you to a quick stop.

Final Thoughts

The Junli 41-Inch Freeride Longboard is our pick for the best downhill longboard with the quality and performance needed at high speeds. The Seething 42-Inch Complete Cruiser Pintail Longboard is another great board, and it offers great value for its price. Let us know which longboard you’re choosing for downhill skating below.