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The Best Knee Scooters (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

These top knee scooters will help you stay mobile under any conditions

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BYHeather Fishel/ LAST UPDATED ON June 24, 2021

If you’ve ever broken a bone or undergone surgery, you know how frustrating it can be to try to be mobile during your recovery. Accidents, injuries, and health woes like sprained ankles, broken foot or leg bones, and even aches and pain in your lower limbs can make simple tasks like walking around a challenge. And crutches are just downright difficult to use. If you’re hoping to maintain your independence and make it easier to navigate throughout each day, a knee scooter can be the perfect solution.

These handy scooters allow you to rest one leg, ankle, or foot while you propel yourself around with the other, combining convenience and comfort all in one mobility device. If you want to give one of these a try, check out our picks for the best knee scooters on the market today.

Best Overall

KneeRover Economy Knee Scooter


A fantastic all-around knee scooter with great mobility, durability, and convenience.

  • Rolls smoothly over indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • Quick-release folding mechanism offers compact portability
  • Excellent balance and maneuverability 
  • Rotating wheels can be challenging to control
  • Turning radius is difficult to manage in tight spots
Best Value

Elenker Economy Knee Scooter


An affordably-priced scooter that’s stable, easy to control, and perfectly compact.

  • Can withstand up to 300 pounds of weight
  • Quick-release folding mechanism makes collapsing easy
  • Knee pad is adjustable for custom comfort
  • Wheel bearings can be problematic on some scooters
Honorable Mention

OasisSpace All-Terrain Knee Scooter


An all-terrain knee scooter that offers stability on absolutely any indoor or outdoor surface.

  • Meets the highest approved medical standards for knee scooters
  • Rides on big 12-inch pneumatic wheels for extra stability
  • Sensitive rear brakes make coming to a stop and locking your wheels in place easy
  • Includes plastic parts that may break off
  • Rubber tires can become punctured, blow, or leak
The Best Knee Scooters (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

Benefits of Knee Scooters

  • Helps you recover. If you’re dealing with an injury, had recent surgery, or have other health woes, using a knee scooter can aid your recovery by resting one of your legs. You won’t have to bear weight on your problem limb, and you can give it the rest it requires.
  • Better than crutches. Crutches require you to change the way you stand upright and the way you walk. They can cause you to contort your body and use bad posture to move around. A knee scooter eliminates these issues and helps you stay perfectly upright.
  • Better range of motion. Let’s face it: trying to get around on one leg is hard. Fortunately, a knee scooter not only gives you added stability but also offers more mobility. You can roll around on all types of surfaces and “walk” like you usually would.
  • Walk longer distances. A knee scooter lets you travel farther. With one leg at rest and the convenience of a set of wheels, you can walk and move for longer periods and over longer distances. You won’t be hindered or in pain, and you can enjoy more flexibility.

Types of Knee Scooters

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Foldable or Collapsible

Foldable knee scooters, which are also called collapsible knee scooters, are a very popular option. This type of knee scooter can fold down to a thinner, more portable size so you can easily store it away when you don’t need to use it. It’s also a great option whether you’re traveling or staying close to home; you can always collapse your scooter and make it smaller if needed. 


All-terrain knee scooters are a tougher, heavier-duty option. These scooters are equipped for extra-tough scenarios and all different kinds of terrain. While your basic knee scooter is perfectly fine on paved surfaces and smooth, even flooring, an all-terrain model is much more capable. With larger wheels and tread, an all-terrain knee scooter can ride smoothly and without any issue when faced with uneven surfaces like gravel, dirt, and more. 


A heavyweight knee scooter is a type designed for larger riders. These knee scooters can carry more weight, and they offer the right amount of support and balance for increased weight. They’re designed to carry heavier passengers and may be built a bit differently to keep you stable and perfectly mobile. 

Top Brands


As a brand dedicated entirely to mobility needs, KneeRover offers an impressive selection of knee scooters that’ll keep absolutely anyone mobile and comfortable. With various choices like the KneeRover Economy Knee Scooter, this company frees you from the traditional limitations of recovery and gives you back your freedom. 

Drive Medical

Founded in the year 2000, Drive Medical — known initially as Medical Depot — offers a selection of different durable medical equipment. Knee scooters are one of the company’s primary products, but it also carries wheelchairs, walkers, raised toilet seats, bed rails, and more. 

Knee Scooter Pricing

  • Under $100: Some knee scooters are available for less than $100. These basic scooters offer the same mobility as more expensive models, but they come with fewer extras.
  • $100 to $300: This is the price point for most knee scooters. You’ll get reliable quality and performance. You can even find fancy models, like all-terrain scooters, in this range.
  • $300 and up: If you want a premium, top-tier knee scooter with all the bells and whistles, you’ll pay a higher price. The fanciest, highest-quality options cost upwards of $300.

Key Features


Handbrakes are critically important when you’re using a knee scooter. Without a handbrake, it’s hard to control your speed — and it’s hard to come to a stop when you need to. It’s similar to the handbrakes on a regular bicycle. A handbrake also “parks” your scooter when you’re not using it, as most handbrakes include locks that secure and stabilize the wheels so it can’t roll away.  

Rubber Wheels

While all knee scooters will include wheels of some kind, rubber wheels are an important feature. Rubber wheels, which can also be called non-marking wheels, are designed for indoor and outdoor use. They’re also very grippy, which gives you better traction whether you’re traveling over smooth surfaces or rough and bumpy terrain.


It might sound surprising, but some knee scooters don’t give you the ability to steer while you ride. This makes steering a critical feature; you’ll want to be able to direct your knee scooter and tackle turns, tight corners, and more. A steerable scooter gives you more flexibility and freedom of movement.

Other Considerations

  • Portability. While every knee scooter is designed to travel everywhere with you, a foldable model will be even more portable. Because they can collapse, foldable scooters are easy to carry in your car and take anywhere; some are even more lightweight because they’re designed to carry.
  • Wheel Size. Getting used to a knee scooter can take some time. And while most models are pretty stable with three to four wheels, it can be challenging to ride one of these scooters over uneven terrain. A scooter with bigger wheels or all-terrain wheels will offer better smoothness and stability. 
  • Accessories, You might not think you need extras like a basket, an attached bag, or a cushion cover for your knee scooter. However, these accessories can be helpful. They can make your scooter more capable, with added storage space, and they may even add some comfort.

Best Knee Scooters Reviews & Recommendations 2021

The KneeRover Economy Knee Scooter is our top pick because it’s such a well-rounded product. Not only is it made by one of the top knee scooter brands, but it’s also stable, easy to control, and a fantastic alternative to traditional crutches. This steerable scooter is comfortable and features four 7.5-inch wheels covered in rubber for grip tread and grip. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The scooter features a steerable set up so you can easily control all the wheels and your direction. A pair of adjustable locking handbrakes and rear on-wheel brakes also help you manage your speed. When you’re ready to travel or need to save space, this knee scooter’s quick-release folding mechanism makes transportation easy. 

Keep in mind that the rotating wheels can be challenging to control on this knee scooter. Also, the turning radius is challenging to manage in tighter spots. 

This scooter is steerable, comfortable, and stable — and it's also foldable and adjustable. With a weight capacity of 300 pounds, this scooter is strong and suitable for most riders. It offers stability with a set of four 8-inch wheels and an adjustable locking handbrake plus a rear brake. Both the handlebars and the knee pad itself are adjustable so that you can customize your scooter to your height and comfort. Ergonomic handgrips give you control, and the steerable nature of the scooter lets you navigate without difficulty. You can spend less and still get a knee scooter that'll cover every one of your needs. 

It should be noted that users have said that the wheel bearings can be problematic on some scooters. Ensure that your bearings are in good working condition upon your scooter's arrival.

Built to meet the highest medical standards for knee scooters, you'll ride comfortably with adjustable handlebars and a padded knee platform that can also be adjusted. This knee scooter is lightweight and foldable, but it can still hold up to 350 pounds of weight. Built for heavy-duty use, 12-inch wheels with air-filled rubber tires offer extra stability for surfaces like grass, gravel, and carpeting. Indoor and outdoor travel is easy, and you can control your speed with adjustable locking handbrakes and a rear brake. A quick-release folding mechanism makes it easy to collapse the scooter, and you'll enjoy the extra convenience of the included large basket, memory foam knee pad cover, and a bell.

Keep in mind that the scooter's tires may become punctured or blow or leak since they are rubber. Also, the scooter includes plastic parts that may break off.

The Drive Medical 796 Dual Pad Steerable Knee Walker is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a durable knee scooter. Constructed with a steel frame covered in a silver vein finish, this scooter is sturdy, stable, and ready for anything. The frame is tough enough to handle everyday use, and you can easily steer the device. A deluxe braking system allows you to safely control your movement and speed as well as lock the wheels when the scooter isn’t in use. 

There’s also a removable front basket included with the scooter, so you’ll have storage even when you’re on the go. However, keep in mind that this knee scooter isn’t meant to travel on inclines over 15 degrees or ride over drops or barriers like curbs.

Even the best knee scooters can become uncomfortable if you aren’t well-cushioned or positioned correctly, but the Vive Mobility Knee Walker aims to fix these problems. With an improved design, this scooter features a contoured foam knee pad that offers stability and comfort. It cradles the leg and reduces fatigue in your hip and knee, evenly distributing your weight. The knee scooter sits on four 8-inch polyurethane wheels that are stable and easy to roll anywhere. A set of dual rear brakes gives you the ability to control your speed and stop. 

The scooter is also lightweight and designed to become more compact, with an adjustable handle, a removable platform, and an adjustable knee platform. While this knee scooter doesn’t fold up, it does offer the stability you need regardless of whether you’re indoors or outside.

It’s important to choose a knee scooter that can securely lock and apply the brakes when you need to control your speed — and the Elenker Steerable Deluxe Knee Scooter offers exactly that. The brakes on this scooter are great for improved control, and they don’t require much effort on your part. With a weight capacity of 300 pounds, the locking brakes on this scooter help you safely slow down with just a bit of pressure on the handles. To lock the wheels so the scooter can’t be easily moved or roll away, you just have to push down on the rear brake mechanism. 

When it comes to comfort, the knee pad on this scooter features memory foam. That helps evenly distribute weight and pressure to prevent pain, friction, and irritation. If you need to make your scooter smaller, this model also folds down to a flat and compact size.

The KneeRover Deluxe Steerable Knee Scooter is a more advanced scooter option that’ll give you better stability, better ability to ride over rough terrain, and better cushioning. It’s a step up from a basic knee scooter, with extras in every aspect of its construction. With fully adjustable handlebars and an adjustable knee platform, this scooter will support up to 300 pounds of weight and be comfortable for individuals between 4 feet 9 inches and 6 feet 6 inches tall. It features four 7.5-inch rubber wheels that offer excellent grip and a cushy 3-inch thick contoured knee pad that works for either your left or right leg. 

You’ll be stable yet able to easily steer thanks to an advanced automotive-like tie-rod steering mechanism. A locking handbrake keeps you safe, with the ability to slow and stop. A basket is included for convenient storage, too.

Bumps, bangs, drops, and everyday obstacles can challenge anyone who uses a knee scooter, but the Roscoe Knee Scooter can survive all of this rough wear and tear. Designed to be extra durable and tough enough to work in any setting with aluminum parts and pieces, this scooter is ready to last you for years. It can support up to 350 pounds of weight and is suitable for kids, teenagers, and adults thanks to its adjustable nature. It’ll keep you stable and safe, preventing further injury with an extra thick padded knee platform and cushioned hand grips. 

A set of large 8-inch polyurethane wheels offer smooth rolling over all types of surfaces, and the hand brake makes it easy to slow and stop without using your feet or legs.

The BodyMed Folding Knee Scooter is an extra-smooth, extra comfortable option. Sure, plenty of knee scooters roll smoothly — but this one is designed to absorb shocks so you don’t feel every lump, bump, or small obstacle while you’re riding. This can increase your comfort, prevent further pain, and keep your leg more stable. The rubberized wheels keep you moving smoothly on rough surfaces, and they’re suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Equipped with a dual-brake system, the scooter can be locked in place and stay securely when you’re not in motion. 

Lightweight and foldable, this knee scooter is also easy to transport and can be adjusted from 17 to 23 inches in height. Able to hold up to 350 pounds safely, you’ll have no problem achieving comfort with this road-ready scooter.

The AW Heavy Duty Adjustable Knee Scooter is built for difficult surfaces. Equally smooth rolling both inside and outside, this scooter earns its heavy-duty name thanks to its all-terrain wheels. Each one of the four 8-inch wheels offers great stability even when you’re facing bumps in the road. The scooter is easy to adjust, with no tools needed to customize the knee pad's height and the handlebar — just use the quick adjustment knobs. Even collapsing this scooter is simple, with a convenient folding mechanism that makes it flat and capable of transporting in your car or other small spaces. 

However, this scooter's weight capacity is slightly lower than average at only 295 pounds. It can still be a good option for many individuals since it has handlebars that adjust to 42 inches tall.


  • If you can adjust the knee rest or pad on your scooter, make sure it’s angled so your knee sits at a 90-degree angle. You don’t want to put pressure on the wrong area.
  • Treat your knee scooter like your other leg and try to ride (or drive) it at normal walking speed to prevent accidents or loss of balance.
  • Your knee scooter should keep you comfortably upright, with your shoulders back as you’d normally walk. Adjust the handlebars or steering platform if needed, so you’re in the best position.


Q: Do you need a prescription to buy a knee scooter?

No, there’s no prescription required to purchase a knee scooter. Absolutely anyone can buy one. 

Q: Who could benefit from using a knee scooter?

Knee scooters can be wonderfully helpful and beneficial for people with certain health conditions. If you have a lower leg injury like a sprained ankle or a torn muscle like a partial tear of your Achilles heel, for example, you can benefit from a knee scooter.

Q: What’s the best knee scooter?

We like the KneeRover Economy Knee Scooter and consider it the best overall knee scooter. It’s lightweight and perfectly portable, easy to learn and maneuver, and you’ll enjoy great stability and comfort.

Q: Are knee scooters easy to use?

Anyone can learn how to use a knee scooter. Thanks to their stability and easy-to-control steering, these scooters take far less time to master than other types of scooters — and they’re far easier than anything that requires balance.

Final Thoughts

If you’re searching for the very best of the best, you can’t go wrong with the KneeRover Economy Knee Scooter. However, the Elenker Economy Knee Scooter is another fantastic option — and it’s also quite affordable.