The Best ATV Dust Masks (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023

Breathe comfortably while you ride with these fan-favorite ATV dust masks

byCorrina Murdoch| UPDATED Feb 19, 2021 11:50 AM
The Best ATV Dust Masks (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023

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BYCorrina Murdoch/ LAST UPDATED ON February 19, 2021

Nothing gets in the way of an ATV off-roading trip quite like dust smacking into your face. Sure, ATV goggles protect your eyes from the debris, but what about your nose, mouth, and neck? That’s where ATV dust masks come into play. Covering your neck and face, these protective accessories come to just below your eyes. Acting as a barrier against dust and debris, they are thin enough to let you breathe comfortably yet sturdy enough to keep your face comfortably. Not only do these masks keep sand and dirt from getting into your nose and mouth, but they also help keep you warm and prevent windburn.

Anyone who’s spent time on an ATV knows just how pesky dust can be. So, to help make your next excursion a bit more pleasant, we’ve curated a list of the best ATV dust masks on the market today.

Best Overall
Page One Headband Anti-Dust Mask

Page One Headband Anti-Dust Mask


Offering complete protection, this dust mask keeps you safe against the wind, debris, and ultraviolet rays. Since it is comfortable and durable, it’s an ideal choice.

  • Available in multiple colors 
  • Well-ventilated and meant to fit riders of all sizes 
  • Lightweight and very comfortable
  • Designed to last long-term
  • Won’t hold up in a washing machine and needs to be cleaned by hand
  • Decals on the fabric wear down over time
Best Value

Achiou Neck Gaiter Face Mask


Comfortable and lightweight, this face mask is highly versatile. It works for all outdoor sports, keeping you safe against wind, dust, and debris.

  • Priced affordably
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns
  • Fits most people
  • Keeps a good hold on your face and neck
  • Mask is thinner than some other models 
  • Elastic material makes it vulnerable to heat
  • Needs to be hung to dry
Honorable Mention

 SA Multipurpose Neck Gaiter


Coming in a set of five masks, these elastic dust masks offer full coverage. Made out of polyester, they are durable and highly effective, making these accessories great for ATV riders.

  • Set includes five face masks in 16 different colors and patterns
  • Resistant to sun, water, and all types of dust and debris
  • Masks won’t hold tightly onto smaller faces
  • Better suited to adult riders
  • Patterns on the fabric will wear out over time

Benefits of an ATV Dust Mask

  • Prevents windburn. Since the dust mask covers your face while you ride, it will stop the wind from hitting your skin. Continued exposure to the force of the wind can cause serious skin irritation. Covering your face prevents this and keeps your skin comfortable. 
  • Protects you from the sun. Most dusk masks are designed to offer a high level of UPF protection (the fabric equivalent of SPF). Just like your ATV needs a cover, your skin needs protection from the sun. When you take long rides, especially in the wind, it can be easy to get a sunburn, and masks prevent this from happening.
  • Keeps dirt off your skin. ATVs kick up a lot of dust and dirt while driving. It can cause scratches and injury if the debris is large enough. Even when the particles are small, the dust mask will keep your face clean and skin comfortable. 
  • Adds style to your ride. Dust masks come in all sorts of colors and styles. By finding a pattern that suits your preferences, you can both accessorize and improve your riding experience. 
  • Works in conjunction with other gear. When used with other ATV accessories, a dust mask can give you a functional edge. It helps you breathe, prevents you from having any exposed skin, and improves your performance while riding. 

Types of ATV Dust Masks

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Offering a high level of filtration, disposable dust masks are ideal for those who only ride ATVs occasionally. They prevent even the smallest particles from getting through the mask, helping the rider breathe. More popular for commercial applications, disposable dust masks don’t usually offer neck coverage. That said, they are very protective and work well for riding in arid conditions. 


Perhaps the most popular type of dust mask for ATV riders, these are meant to keep dust and debris out, rather than focusing on aerosol particles. In most cases, they cover the neck and the lower part of the face. With an elastic hold on the nose, it works in tandem with your other accessories to keep you comfortable. Usually made out of synthetic textiles, these are easy to maintain, and, so long as you are seeking protection from wind and dust and not germs, reusable masks are a good way to go. 


This type of dust mask is disposable and uses a metal strip (usually made of aluminum) to create a seal above the nose. It offers a high level of protection against dust, mostly since the mask itself is made out of three layers of polyester. The woven fabric, coupled with the firm closure at the nose, makes it easy to breathe in. It is a powerful barrier against windburn, sunburn, and over 80 percent of particles when used on ATVs. 


A heavy-duty way to filter out particles, this type of mask is designed to remove at least 94 percent of the dust in the air (so long as the particles are at least 0.3 microns). This type of mask refers mainly to the filter system in the structure. As a result, it can be used in conjunction with reusable masks. This type of mask is good for battling dust since the filter works for inhalation instead of exhalation and, as a result, makes breathing easier. 


Short for filtering facepieces, this type of mask includes a powerful respirator designed to limit exposure to dangerous particles in the air—it is meant to reduce out at least 99 percent of particles. It gives a very high level of protection against all types of aerosol particles since it focuses on your inhale and not the exhale. Ideal for those riding in intense conditions, this type of mask is one of the most effective models out there. Because of the respirator's nature, this type of mask is disposable and won’t work over the long term. 

Top Brands


A relatively new business, Infityle has grown into a well-reputed name in the face mask industry. With a wide range of products, including dustproof and mesh face masks, the brand focuses on keeping wearers safe and comfortable. A top product is the Infityle Airsoft Steel Mesh Mask


Based out of Lawrenceville, Ga., Wolfsnout opened its doors in 2008. Since that time, the brand evolved into an internationally known supplier of off-roading accessories, including dust masks and goggles.


Opening its doors in 2010, ATV TEK is focused on providing a wide range of off-roading supplies for ATVs and UTVs, including mirrors, covers, hitches, and, of course, dust masks. 

Base Camp

Founded in 2005, Base Camp develops a full range of bicycle sports products and integrates fashion with safety. Some of its product lines include helmets, masks, goggles, gloves, and more. 

ATV Dust Mask Pricing

  • Under $20: Dust masks that fall in this price range can be either disposable or reusable. The most common type in this range is the standard neck and face coverage. 
  • $20-$30: Dust masks in this range tend to be quite effective, usually have three fabric layers, and filter against dust and aerosol. 
  • $30 and up: Meant for heavy-duty applications, high-end masks usually include an FFP respirator and reduce aerosol particles.

Key Features


An essential component of any dust mask is the ability to filter out particles. The efficacy rating may differ between models, but any mask can be expected to eliminate most of the particles in the air. Most filters work on the inhale and not the exhale, meaning it keeps the air you breathe clean, though it won’t filter the air you exhale as effectively. Depending on the situation (work, ATV riding, or health applications), you need higher filtration levels. 


Most dust masks have earloops, though some simply wrap around the head. In either case, the purpose is to keep the mask in place while you move around. The earloop needs to be reasonably comfortable and fit properly, without straining the cartilage or skin. Additionally, earloops need to be resistant to damage and avoid stretching, especially on reusable masks. 

Nose Clip

The nose clip is an essential feature of any mask to provide a tight seal. Usually, it is constructed out of a malleable metal which is enclosed in a textile. You press this material to your nose, contouring the mask's structure to your face shape. The nose clip needs to be comfortable and effective, so look for something with a clip that's wide enough to prevent chafing on your nose. Cushioning or padding also helps to prevent irritation on your face. 

Mesh Nylon

This material is both very elastic and quite comfortable. When used in layers, it offers a good amount of protection against particles. A high enough thread count on the mesh nylon enhances the mask's ability to keep particles at bay while still enabling your skin to breathe easily. It is a durable material that can be washed several times before wearing down and losing effect. 

Other Considerations

  • Materials. Similar to when you’re assessing ATV tires, the first thing to check out is the material used in construction. You can find masks that use activated carbon as a filter. Some masks blend polymers with natural textiles to achieve results. The material used will directly impact how comfortable you are and how durable the mask will be. 
  • Premium Nylon. If you are looking at a nylon mask, it’s important to realize that not all nylon is made alike. Most selections on the market are made using aliphatic polyamides. Other selections use other chemical structures to achieve the necessary softness and elasticity. The thermoplastic nature of the polymer sets nylon apart from other fabrics, while the thickness and woven design drastically impact its strength. 
  • Open-cell Foam. For a mask that can protect you against aerosol spray as well as dust, keep an eye out for open-cell foam. An inflating compound (often baking soda) is included in the rubber, expanding it during the heat treatment process. Open-cell foam improves the seal of the mask and also enhances durability. Another place you may find this foam is in ATV grips since it is strong yet forgiving.   
  • Neoprene. You can find this elastic material in the membrane of a mask and the elastic components. If you have a latex allergy, it is especially important to check that neoprene is used in construction.  
  • Polyester. Finding a polyester mask is a good indicator that it is a reusable model. That said, it is always important to consult the cleaning and maintenance specifications for each mask.

Best ATV Dust Masks Reviews & Recommendations 2021

If you are looking for a mask that’s both comfortable and protective, the Page One Headband Anti-Dust Mask is a solid choice. Constructed using a microfiber polyester textile, it offers a high level of security against dust and debris. The mask is designed primarily for use in the great outdoors, working effectively for hiking and ATV riding. It protects your skin from sunburn and is thick enough to help you avoid issues with windburn. The water-resistant design makes it useful in all weather conditions. Available in multiple colors, this stretchy and comfortable mask is a solid choice overall. 

While the mask is reusable, it can’t be machine washed. That said, it’s quick to hand wash and hang dry, letting you use it over the long term. Also, the designs on the fabric may wear down over time. 

Those looking to cut costs without sacrificing quality can get a lot of benefits out of the Achiou Neck Gaiter Face Mask. Coming at a friendly price point, this comfortable face mask offers a lot of protection for both your face and neck. The synthetic fabric is lightweight and breathes well, helping you regulate the temperature in both hot and cold situations. This mask offers a lot of protection against dust and debris and fits most faces. When you wear it on a ride, it keeps the wind off your skin and prevents irritation. Plus, since it is opaque, it offers a reasonable amount of UPF protection. 

Although most people fit these masks, the lack of fastening on the nose makes it trickier to fit smaller faces. The mask is also relatively thinner than other models, so it's not the best option to use on frigid days.

This product comes as a set of five masks, each with a different color and pattern. Made entirely out of durable polyester, these masks can work as both a face shield and a gaiter. The masks have truly diverse functions, like protecting you from wind, dust, and temperature issues. The stretchy material is meant to provide a reliable fit, making the masks suitable to most wearers. Machine washable (thanks to the well-woven polymer textile), these masks are a durable solution. 

Despite the mask's strength, if you want protection from really fine particles, you may need to wear a respirator beneath it. These masks are better for bigger dust bits, which you'll encounter on an ATV.

Are you on the hunt for something that is going to be reliable no matter what you face? If that’s the case, then the NBDIB Unisex Reusable Mask is worth a look. It comes as a set of four masks, each featuring strong ear loops and a powerful respirator with eight carbon filters. These replaceable components provide a high level of protection from dust and debris in the air. Also included are eight valves that assist with air exchange. Not only does this part keep you safe, but it can also actually help with athletic training by moderately reducing the oxygen level in the air you breathe. 

These masks are excellent for use during training when used in short spurts. You may need a break from the mask for ongoing periods since the tight seal and controlled wear can be straining over time. 

Want something that offers a tight fit and a whole lot of security against dust and debris? Consider the Base Camp M Plus Dust Mask for its robust design and multiple layers of protection. It features six layers of protection and includes modern technology that filters out extremely small particles. It is meant to eliminate over 99 percent of the air particles, including dust, exhaust, and allergens. Despite its efficiency, this mask is quite comfortable to wear and is made out of a high-grade mesh material that lets the skin safely breathe. With well-designed ear loops, it is an excellent choice for wearers of all sizes. 

Although the mask comes with several replacement filters, you will need to continue replacing them over time. That said, compatible filters are easy to access and let you keep using the mask.

On the hunt for a mask that is going to last for multiple uses? Take a look at the AstroAI Reusable Dust Mask for its sturdy yet comfortable structure and powerful performance. It incorporates four layers of protection, including a replaceable carbon filter. The mask itself is crafted out of high-end nylon material that's both easy to clean and long-lasting. With a strong attachment at the nose, it holds tightly in place. The padding behind this part keeps your face from getting sore. Comfortable ear loops gently hold it in place without adding strain. Meant to be washed and reused, this well-made dust mask earns an honorable mention on this list. 

While the top of the mask is angled to prevent fogging of glasses, it can irritate the skin under the eyes. However, it shouldn't be a concern, so long as it isn't worn for too long.

If you’re looking for a dust mask that keeps you comfortable and protected on hot days, the Geyoga Breathable Face Mask is a great choice. It comes with six gaiter-style masks, each featuring an elastic closure for a tight fit. Meant for versatility, you can use this dust mask for ATV rides and other outdoor activities with utter ease. Fitting comfortably and breathing well, the synthetic material strains out dust and keeps the air you breathe safe and clean. It’s designed to be washed and reused; and, since you can toss it in a washing machine, it is a low-maintenance option. Protecting you from sunburn, windburn, and inhaling dust, this face mask is well-deserving of the honorable mention. 

Keep in mind that the dust mask is best-suited to larger particles. If you are concerned about small particles or exhaust, use it as a cover over your primary mask.


  • Always check the size of the face mask before making your choice since not every model is one-size-fits-all. 
  • Choose a face mask that best fits the purpose at hand (heavy-duty for work, reusable for ATVs, etc.).
  • If you have a reusable mask, clean it after every use to prevent the build-up of pathogens. 
  • Use your ATV mask in conjunction with other safety gear such as goggles and an ATV helmet
  • Find a face mask that you are comfortable wearing in terms of both style and material to get the most use out of it. 
  • Always wear your face mask properly to ensure that it works properly and you get the full benefits of protection.


Q: Are dust masks the same as an N95 mask?

While N95 is a type of respirator that offers high-level protection from dust and aerosol particles, dust masks are easier to access. Dust masks don’t provide the same protection level, but they still keep you safe from particles. 

Q: What's the difference between a dust mask and a medical mask?

Medical masks are face masks that protect against aerosol particles (those suspended in moisture). Conversely, dust masks are meant to protect you against dust during outdoor activities and in construction settings. 

Q: How often should dust masks be replaced?

Unless you have a reusable mask, you should replace it when it no longer seals on your face. If it is damaged or dirty, replace it immediately. Otherwise, you can comfortably wear it for as long as eight hours. 

Q: How long do dust mask filters last?

The shelf life of a filter is up to five years, though once it is open and in use, the filter needs to be replaced after eight hours. Diligent replacement of your mask filter is necessary to get full protection from the mask. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you’re familiar with the nuances of ATV dust masks, you can make your pick. It could be the overall effectiveness of the Page One Headband Anti-Dust Mask or the affordability of the Achiou Neck Gaiter Face Mask.