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The Best Folding Mountain Bikes (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

A foldable mountain bike is both convenient and fun to ride

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BYNoelle Talmon/ LAST UPDATED ON July 1, 2021

If you want a new mountain bike, but you don't have a lot of space to spare, you may want to consider one that folds in half. Foldable mountain bikes are very popular with commuters who bike as they are easy to break down and transport from place to place. If you don't have a bike rack, for example, you can stick one in the trunk of your car. Or you can put it in a closet if you don't have a garage.

But what's the best folding mountain bike available? There are many things you should consider before investing your money in this type of bike. While they share similar features, some brands and models have advantages over others. Check out our buying guide to find the best folding mountain bikes currently available on the market.

Best Overall

Xspec 26" 21-Speed Folding Mountain Bike


This 26-inch folding mountain bike has 21 gears, alloy rims, disc brakes, and  Shimano derailleurs and shifters.

  • Folds in half easily
  • Front and rear shock absorbers
  • Easy to shift
  • Tough steel frame
  • Assembly can be challenging
  • Instructions aren’t very good
Best Value

Eurobike 26 Inch Mountain Bike Folding Bicycle


This 26-inch bike has 21 gears, a 17-inch frame, and comes in three different colors. It features double disc brakes and Shimano components.

  • Accommodates up to 330 pounds
  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable
  • May require a tune up out of the box
  • Folding hinge can be tight
Honorable Mention

OBK G4/G6 26" Full Suspension Folding Mountain Bike


This full-suspension 26-inch bike has 21 speeds, three-spoke mag wheels, Shimano components, and weighs 40 pounds.

  • Fun to ride
  • Good brakes
  • Agile steering
  • Absorbs bumps well
  • A little heavy, making it a harder to carry
  • Seat isn’t particularly comfortable
The Best Folding Mountain Bikes (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

Benefits of a Folding Mountain Bike

  • Save space. One of the best things about a folding mountain bike is it's easy to store. If you live in a small apartment or don't have access to a garage, you can fold the bike, and it will take up less space than a traditional mountain bike.
  • Portable. If you commute to work on a bike and there is limited parking, or you're worried about someone stealing it, you can simply fold it up and take it into the office with you. You can also carry it to campsites and other places with ease.
  • Fun. Riding any type of bike is enjoyable, but mountain biking kicks it up a notch because you can ride on trails as well as roads. Folding mountain bikes are just as fun as traditional bikes, and they're easier to transport.

Types of Folding Mountain Bikes

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Many manufacturers use this type of folding system, which folds a bike in half horizontally. Essentially, there is a hinge in the center of the bike's frame, and the rider simply folds it in half. These bikes often have quick-release hinges, and they work well on trails and other terrains.


Vertical folding mountain bikes also have a hinge in the center of the bike, but instead of folding horizontally, they fold vertically. There are also quick-release hinges on the seat post and handlebar. What makes this option desirable is that it becomes very compact when you break it down for storage purposes.

Compact vs. Full-Size

Compact folding bikes are smaller than traditional ones and typically have 16-inch or 20-inch wheels. Commuters like these bikes because they take up very little space when folded. Full-size folding bikes have 26-inch wheels and are the same size as traditional bikes. They also use quick-release hinges and clamps and can fold down to a portable size.

Top Brands


IBIKY, based in Riverside, Calif., makes a variety of bikes, from the IBIKY Flex Foldable Bike to the IBIKY Stealth Electric Dirt Bike. If you want a fat tire bike or even bike accessories to improve your ride, the company has many options. 

Folding Mountain Bike Pricing

  • $250-$400: Most mid-range folding bikes fall within this price range. They can feature as many as 21 speeds, come with front and rear Shimano derailleurs, etc.
  • $400 and up: If you opt for an electric mountain bike that folds up, it's going to cost quite a bit more than a non-electric folding bike. They feature everything from pedal assistance to LCDs to keep you updated on things such as battery life.

Key Features

Ease of Use

Before you purchase a folding mountain bike, check the folding system: look for pivots and hinge points, and check to see if there is a quick-release mechanism as well as a clip fastener. The easier it is to use the folding system, the better. Still, you'll have to make sure to maintain it properly and lubricate it as required, so it folds easily.


Most bike frames are made of either steel or aluminum. While steel is more durable and can better tolerate extreme conditions, it is also heavier. Conversely, aluminum is lighter weight. It's also pretty durable, and it resists rust better than steel. The one downside is that it tends to be more expensive.


Some folding mountain bikes don't have any suspension and are designed for less-aggressive trails and bike paths. Others have front suspension to minimize vibration on the front wheel. There are also full-suspension folding bikes with spring-loaded rear shocks, making them the best option for more challenging trails.


Most folding mountain bikes are designed with 26-inch wheels, which is slightly smaller than what's on standard mountain bike wheels. Still, some models feature 27.5-inch wheels, so make sure to shop around to find what's best for you. Just keep in mind that a smaller wheelbase makes for easier storage solutions.

Other Considerations

  • Gears. Even if the bike folds in half, that doesn't mean it will be limited to gearing. Folding mountain bikes can have as few as one gear to as many as 27 gears. You need to decide whether you need that many gears to do the type of riding you do.
  • Comfort. Some bikes are more comfortable than others based on their dimensions and your size and weight. Consider components such as the grips, saddle, and suspension before making a purchase. For example, ensure the saddle has adequate padding and is made of good materials, such as leather, but synthetic is also acceptable.

Best Folding Mountain Bikes Reviews & Recommendations 2021

The Eurobike 26 Inch Folding Mountain Bike is available in three colors: red, green, and blue. It has a 21-speed shifting system and a double-disc braking system, as well as a Shimano shifter and front and rear Shimano derailleurs. It features a steel foldable 17-inch frame and steel front suspension. The bike weighs 37 pounds and is designed for riders between 5 feet 5 and 5 feet 9 incges and up to 330 pounds. This bike is largely assembled, and all the tools are included, but users must pump up the tires and install the front wheel, pedals, handlebar, and seat. 

While users find that the bike is relatively easy to assemble, you may need to tune it, so it shifts correctly. There have also been some complaints that the folding hinge is very tight and can be difficult to maneuver, requiring some leverage.

The Kingttu KTG6 Mountain Bike is available in army green or blue and features 21 speeds, 26-inch three-spoke wheels, dual suspension, and disc brakes. It fits individuals who are 5 feet 4 inches to 5 feet 9 inches and is largely assembled out of the box: users simply have to air up the tires and install the front wheel, handlebar, pedals, and seat. After assembly, open the quick-release lever on the frame and lock it into place. It works well on trails, although you may want to upgrade the tires for even better traction. The bike isn't overly heavy, and the shocks are responsive and absorb bumps efficiently. 

While it can be a little clumsy to handle when it's folded in half, overall, this folding mountain bike performs very well and is easy to transport in the back of a car or SUV.

This 26-inch electric folding mountain bike features an aluminum alloy frame, double-walled aluminum alloy wheels, and front and rear fenders. The seat, handlebar, and stem are adjustable, so you can make the bike fit your preferences. The bike has full suspension and a 21-speed system, enabling riders to traverse hills, gravel roads, and other types of terrain. It also comes with an LED headlight, so you can see better and be visible at night. The 350-watt motor enables speeds up to 20 miles per hour, while the rechargeable lithium-ion battery takes between four to six hours to charge. You can choose from three modes: eBike, assisted bike, and normal bike—in assisted mode, it has a range from 44 to 50 miles. 

The biggest drawback with this bike is it's more expensive than non-electric options. Also, it weighs 60 pounds, so it's on the heavier side of foldable bikes.


  • Less expensive folding bikes tend to be heavier than more expensive options as they don't have high-end components, and the frame will also weigh a little more. Keep this in mind if you plan on carrying your folding bike long distances.
  • If you opt for an electric folding mountain bike, take a look at the battery run time. Many have a range of 50 miles or so, but make sure you know the specs, so you don't get stuck unexpectedly with a dead battery.
  • If possible, purchase a storage bag for your folding bike to protect it from damage while it's in your closet, car, etc.
  • It's a good idea to keep a toolkit, air pump, an extra inner tube, and other items on hand in case something fails when you're riding your bike.


Q: Is it worth getting a folding bike?

The advantage of getting a folding mountain bike is if parking and/or storage is too expensive or inaccessible. A folding mountain bike also comes in handy since there's less of a chance it gets stolen if you carry it with you instead of parking it somewhere. 

Q: Are folding bikes good for long rides?

Some top-end brands do really well on long rides as they are built with durability and stability in mind.

Q: What is the lightest folding bike?

Folding bikes made of aluminum with smaller wheels are lighter than those made of steel with larger wheels. Both have advantages and disadvantages that we detailed earlier in this article. We also feature several lightweight options to consider. 

Final Thoughts

Our pick for the best folding mountain bike is the Xspec 26" 21-Speed Folding Mountain Bike. It's a reliable, sturdy option that can easily tackle both your commute or an afternoon on the trails. This bike has 21 speeds, is easy to shift, and easy to fold. For a more budget-friendly option, consider the Eurobike 26 Inch Mountain Bike Folding Bicycle.