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The Best Girls’ Bikes (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

From princesses to daredevils, these girls’ bikes will fit riders of all ages and abilities

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BYBrian Smyth/ LAST UPDATED ON February 19, 2021

Learning to ride a bike is a rite of passage, an essential step to every girl’s growth as an individual. While bike riding is no longer as ubiquitous among American adults, kids from sea to shining sea roam their neighborhoods, local trails, and empty plots of land in bikes of all shapes and sizes, and plenty of girls make a point to give the boys a run for their money. To do so, every girl should be equipped with the right bike to do the job. Whether she plans to cruise downtown with friends and family, tackle tough mountain trails, or master freestyling at the local bike park, finding a girl’s perfect bike is far from impossible. So, get her set to show off that girl power!

Best Overall

Huffy 20-Inch Go Girl


The single-speed Schwinn Jasmine uses a flexible BMX frame, attractive styling, and durable parts to offer girls a bike capable of taking them wherever their dreams inspire them.

  • Versatile BMX frame
  • Attractive styling and accessories
  • Two colors
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Lacks model-specific instructions
  • No kickstand or reflectors
  • Occasional fit and finish issues
Best Value

Schwinn 16-Inch Jasmine


The single-speed Schwinn Jasmine uses a kid-friendly design and removable training wheels to make any young girl’s growth as a rider easy and rewarding.

  • Schwinn’s SmartStart uses child-specific proportions 
  • Removable training wheels
  • Quick-release seat 
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • No kickstand or reflectors
  • No instructions specific to the model
  • Occasional fit and finish issues
Honorable Mention

 Guardian 20-Inch Ethos


This single-speed Guardian Ethos was designed with safety in mind, incorporating the company’s unique SureStop braking system, and its BMX/mountain bike hybrid frame lets girls go almost anywhere.

  • SureStop brake design reduces braking distance
  • Versatile, step-through hybrid frame 
  • Guardian offers excellent customer service
  • Relatively expensive
  • Lacks reflectors
  • Some may be disappointed in the lack of coaster brakes
The Best Girls’ Bikes (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

Benefits of Girls' Bikes

  • Feminine styling. A girl uses her bike for more than mere transportation. Her bike is an expression of her personality, an extension of herself, and with so many different colors and styles from which to choose, finding the perfect form of expression takes little to no customization.
  • Theft deterrent. Let’s be real for a moment. Boys will ride just about any bike they can get their hands on, which can be a challenge and frustration for the girl around him. On the other hand, no boy in his right mind would be caught dead riding a girl’s bike, especially not a pink one decked with “Flower Power” decals!
  • Explore the world. As with anyone else, girls love their bikes, relying on their trusty two-wheelers to learn, see, and try new things. With a bike of her own, a girl can venture around the park, meet some friends for ice cream, or tear up the trail all without the need for a driver’s license.

Types of Girls' Bikes

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BMX and BMX style bikes are the most common design on the kids bike market. They feature a single-speed drivetrain and are available with coaster brakes, hand brakes, or both. These tough, versatile bikes are great for learning how to ride, casual cruising, trail riding, and performing jumps and tricks.


Cruiser bikes are a throwback to yesteryear, as this design was most prevalent throughout most of the 20th century both at home and abroad. These bikes most often use a single-speed drivetrain, although a few models for older girls and teens may be available in multi-speed variants. Cruisers traditionally rely on coaster brakes, but some modern takes may leverage hand brakes. These bikes tend to be a little heavy and feature an upright riding position. They often include under-seat springs for added comfort and wider tires for use on smooth, flat surfaces, such as pavement, boardwalks, and sandy beaches.


Mountain bikes are the off-road rigs of the bike world. This design almost always uses a multi-speed drivetrain and dual hand brakes to maximize speed control on rough, uneven terrain. Mountain bikes often include some kind of suspension system with shocks integrated into the fork and/or springs built into the frame itself. Mountain bikes use a fairly versatile design, but like a truck-based four-wheeler, it is not the most comfortable setup available.

Top Brands


Firmstrong was born in Hermosa Beach, Calif. to provide people with a new, easy-going way to see and explore the world around them. The company operates out of its original hometown, and today sells bikes, electric bikes, and countless bike accessories. The Firmstrong 16-Inch Mini Bella is reminiscent of the company’s original commitment to building cruisers.


Huffy saw its start in 1892 when George Huffman began retooling the Davis Sewing Machine Company to help fuel America’s new bicycle obsession. Today, the Ohio-based company produces bicycles for all ages and activities, like the Huffy 20-Inch Go Girl, electric bicycles, ride-on toys, and bike accessories, including helmets, tools, saddles, and more.


Mongoose first saw the light of day when in 1974, Skip Hess dreamed up a durable, cast magnesium wheel for hardcore BMX riding. Today, the Southern California biking powerhouse (originally named BMX Products, Inc.) produces bikes of all kinds, like the Mongoose 24-Inch Girls Exlipse, scooters, and helmets, although BMX and freestyling still make up the company's heart and soul.


In 1895, German immigrant Ignaz Schwinn partnered with Adolf Arnold to begin producing bicycles in Chicago under the name “World Bicycles.” Throughout its history, Schwinn has powered champions and record holders with its dedication to innovation and quality. Today, the company specializes in producing bicycles for all ages and activities, such as the Schwinn 16-Inch Jasmine, and electric bikes. 

Girls' Bikes Pricing

  • Under $100: Bikes in this price range tend to be small, lack extras, or lack quality. For extremely young riders or those who like bare-bones options, this is where to look.
  • $100 to $200: These bikes tend to hit the sweet spot. They offer decent quality alongside plenty of desirable extras and the occasional (usually minor) innovation.
  • $200 and up: These bikes offer top-tier quality, plenty of options, and, on occasion, their fair shares of unique designs or innovations.

Key Features

Braking System

A bike’s braking system matters more than any other part of the two-wheeled contraption, and when buying a bike for your little princess, compromising is not an option. When shopping, be sure to learn if a particular bicycle uses coaster brakes, hand brakes, or a combination of the two. Matching this information with the knowledge and skills of the bike’s future rider can save you the drama and cost of a broken arm.


A bicycle’s drivetrain is one of its most important features. Without it, a bike turns into a tangle of tubing with some wheels attached. Single-speed drivetrains often appear on BMX and cruiser bikes, common choices for young and old riders alike. Multi-speed drivetrains usually appear on mountain bikes and rely on grip or trigger shifters for gear changes. While uncommon, some cruisers for older girls and teens do use drivetrains with more than one gear.

Safety Features

Safety features tend to be smaller details that can be easy to miss yet too important not to miss. Features like reflectors, chainguards, and handlebar pads should take top priority on kids for younger girls, while bikes for older girls and teenagers will benefit more from reflectors than either of the other two options.

Other Considerations

  • Bike Size. Bike size may be the most critical consideration when purchasing a girl’s new bike. Like clothes, bikes come in standard sizes which are measured according to the diameter of its wheels. While there may be some slight variations in the frame sizes, overall bike sizes are fairly uniform. Just like when choosing shirt sizes, picking the correct bike size depends much more on the rider’s height than on their age.
  • Skill Level and Intended Use. Girls bikes come in a variety of types, and at first blush, sorting through them all can be a bit overwhelming. Before closing your eyes and picking one at random, take a moment to consider the skill level of the intended rider and how she is likely to ride it. A single-speed cruiser with training wheels would fit a young, apprehensive rider, while a multi-speed mountain bike would better fit a teenaged off-road explorer.
  • Support System. While easy to take for granted, buyers should make sure not to overlook kickstands and training wheels. Both components keep bikes upright when not in use, extending the bike’s lifespan. Most bikes with training wheels and a few bikes designed for older girls and teenagers lack kickstands. That said, aftermarket kickstands are quite inexpensive and often are easy to install.

Best Girls' Bikes Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Some girls prefer princesses and jewelry, while others seek stunts and adrenaline. The Huffy 20-Inch Go Girl is a great option for girls in both camps. This 20-incher includes a steel BMX frame which is perfectly optimized for (limited) freestyling. The single-speed drivetrain is ideal for simple cruising or for speeding over elementary-level jump ramps. The left hand-activated brake for the front wheel perfectly complements the traditional coaster brake for the rear. A quick-release allows users to easily adjust the saddle height, and while not included, the Go Girl supports the installation of Huffy or aftermarket BMX pegs. Available in two different colorways, this bike includes whitewall tires, a kickstand, a transparent chainguard, and handlebar streamers. The Huffy 20-Inch Go Girl requires minimal assembly and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

A few owners of this bike have run into occasional quality control issues. It also lacks reflectors.

Few starter bikes have it all, but the Schwinn 16-Inch Jasmine comes close, giving girls the perfect bike to grow with them. As one would expect, this 16-inch bike is a single-speed design, perfect for new, inexperienced riders. The durable steel frame is built to last and is shaped into a classic BMX style. Schwinn’s SmartStart design makes this an ideal choice for youngsters with its combination of the proper size, a kid-friendly pedal position, and a proportional seat and grips. The removable training wheels, quick release-activated adjustable saddle post, and combination of a rear coaster and front hand brakes allow this bike to grow with the rider.  The easy-to-assemble Schwinn 16-inch Jasmine includes a handlebar pad, fenders, a chainguard, a basket, and a limited lifetime warranty.

Unfortunately, this bike does suffer from occasional fit and finish issues. It also lacks a model-specific instruction manual, a kickstand, and reflectors.

Looking for a bike specifically engineered with safety in mind? Then the Guardian 20-Inch Ethos is worth a closer look. This 20-inch bike features a cruiser/mountain bike hybrid steel frame, and its single-speed setup is complimented by Guardian’s safety-oriented SureStop brake design. This unique braking system uses a single hand brake lever to activate both the front and rear brakes simultaneously, dramatically decreasing the bike’s stopping distance when compared to traditional bike braking systems. This Guardian bike is perfect for girls between 45 and 53 inches tall, and as your princess grows, it will adjust to match her height, thanks to the quick-release saddle post. The lightweight, incredibly easy-to-assemble Guardian 20-Inch Ethos includes a kickstand and is backed by excellent customer service.

The only major knock against this bike is its high price tag. Some people may be disappointed in the lack of coaster brakes and reflectors.

Everyone knows that girls often run on flower power, so the Titan 16-Inch Flower Princess is the perfect fit for any girl learning how to ride. This 16-inch bike comes in the standard single-speed format with a BMX-style frame constructed with tough, durable steel. This two-wheeler relies on coaster brakes for safe braking, a traditional yet reliable solution. The removable training wheels encourage comfort and independence while the adjustable saddle post is perfect for growing girls. This particular design is perfect for young royalty between 34 and 48 inches tall, and it comes with a variety of accessories, including a handlebar pad, a chainguard, fenders, streamers, a basket, and a dedicated doll seat. The Titan 16-Inch Flower Princess also features a limited lifetime warranty.

This bike is a little heavy and lacks a kickstand, reflectors, and a quick-release saddle post. The included instructions are a bit confusing.

Some girls need to explore, so see the world in new and exciting ways. The Royalbaby 20-Inch Freestyle is perfect for young adventurers ready to take on the neighborhood. This 20-inch bike features a steel frame featuring a hybrid BMX/mountain bike design with wide hybrid tires to match, perfect for taking on any number of paved or dirt paths. In a nod to growing independence, this design opts for dual hand brakes in preparation for bigger bikes. As young explorers grow, this bike’s adjustable saddle post will rise to the occasion thanks to the quick release lever at its base. The Royalbaby 20-Inch Freestyle is easy to assemble, comes in multiple colors, and includes a kickstand, a chainguard, fenders, and reflectors.

Somewhat oddly, the rear reflector on this rather plain bike is mounted low in an offset position. Some users have run into occasional quality control issues.

Smaller bikes tend to be more affordable, and with the JoyStar 12-Inch Angel, parents of adventurous little girls can get them riding at a very young age. This 12-inch, single-speed bike is ideal for girls aged two to four (between 33 and 42 inches tall), and the Hi-Ten steel, BMX-style frame is sure to last for years to come. To keep things simple, this bike relies on tried-and-true coaster brakes, while the training wheels ensure safety and growing confidence. The quick-release saddle post allows for quick and easy seat height adjustments, while the accessories (handlebar pad, reflectors, chainguard, and basket) add to the safety and fun of this bike’s design. The JoyStar 12-Inch Angel comes in multiple colors, easy assembly, and a lifetime warranty.

This bike’s plastic accessories are of lower quality with limited durability. A few people have reported the pedals being too stiff for their little ones.

Tough girls like tough trails, and with the Diamondback 20-inch Tess 20, seeing the sights suddenly becomes a new adventure worth the effort. This 20-inch mountain bike takes full advantage of a Hi-Ten steel frame, making this a tough, durable off-road option. It features a six-speed Shimano drivetrain activated by a single trigger shifter mounted on the right handlebar, and the dual hand brakes include reach adjust for maximum customization. This trail warrior includes an HL Zoom fork with 40 millimeters of travel to increase ride dampening, and the wide tires increase its stability and traction. The bike’s quick-release lever at the base of the saddle post allows users to easily adjust seat height, The Diamondback 20-inch Tess 20 is also easy to assemble.

The biggest gripe with this bike is the lack of a kickstand and reflectors.

Older girls who prefer to explore switchbacks and forest trails on their own, the Mongoose 24-Inch Girls Exlipse becomes a ticket to put everyone else out of sight. This 24-inch mountain bike was engineered for teenage riders and has the features to match. The Shimano drivetrain boasts a full 21-speed range, and the grip shifters make gear changes almost as easy as thinking. The bike’s steel suspension frame nicely complements the front suspension fork, making this a full-suspension mountain bike. The alloy wheels help decrease weight for faster times, and the dual hand brakes make quick stops a breeze. The quick-release lever on the saddle post makes for easy seat adjustments. The easy-to-assemble Mongoose 24-Inch Girls Exlipse also comes with a convenient kickstand.

Two frustrations with this bike are the lack of reflectors and the imprecise display on the shifters.

Girls looking for relaxed rides with friends will find the easygoing Schwinn 24-inch Baywood to be the perfect balm for sunny summer excursions. This 24-inch cruiser bike uses classic styling and mechanics for older riders looking for a casual ride. This single-speed design boasts a durable steel frame that oozes classic vibes. Those who love retro styling will be thrilled with the simplicity of a set of coaster brakes for the rear wheel. Sure, she may not have much more growth left, but just in case, the beach queen’s set can adjust easily thanks to the saddle post’s quick-release lever. Available in multiple colors, the Schwinn 24-inch Baywood includes a kickstand, fenders, a chainguard, saddle springs, a luggage rack, and a limited lifetime warranty.

Cruisers tend to be expensive, and this bike is no exception. It also lacks reflectors, and some have expressed frustration with the front fender quality.

For those who see the prevalent BMX style bike as too boyish for their little girl, the Firmstrong 16-Inch Mini Bella is sure to send the opposite signal with its classic lines and styling. This 16-inch cruiser bike uses a simple, single-speed drivetrain and boasts a tough steel frame available in multiple feminine colorways, each complemented by classy whitewall tires. The durable steel frame is built to last, and the rear coaster brakes are simple and easy to use. The removable training wheels make this an ideal choice for improving riders, and the adjustable seat height adapts to growing girls. The Firmstrong 16-Inch Mini Bella comes with a kickstand, a chainguard, fenders, saddle springs, and reflectors and is backed by solid customer service.

Unfortunately, this bike is a bit pricey and is not the easiest to assemble. It also lacks a quick release saddle post.


  • Select a bike size based on the rider’s height rather than her age.
  • Choose a bike frame based on the rider’s skill and intended use.
  • Unless the rider absolutely will never ride a bike without its training wheels, make sure to purchase a bike with a kickstand or pick up an aftermarket one if the bike does not include one.


Q: What is the easiest bike to wheelie?

Popping a wheelie is a trick riders can do on virtually any bike, although BMX bikes may be the easiest to use. Just make sure your bike of choice includes a hand-activated rear brake.

Q: Are there different types of bikes for little girls?

For little girls, there are two main types of bikes. BMX style bikes, the most common, look like BMX bikes but lack pegs and BMX aesthetics. Cruisers are miniature versions of the bikes used in the early to mid 20th century. They are much less common than BMX style bikes.

Q: What is the best bike for a teenage girl?

This depends on how she plans to ride. Adventurous girls likely will prefer a mountain bike, while those with a daredevil streak might like a BMX bike. Girls who plan to bike casually probably will prefer a single-speed cruiser or a multi-speed version being better for hilly terrain.

Final Thoughts

The Huffy 20-Inch Go Girl is an ideal choice for most young bike riders. It features a flexible BMX-style design, coaster and hand brakes, and a limited lifetime warranty. The more cost-effective Schwinn 16-Inch Jasmine is another excellent choice thanks to its ergonomic design, safety features, and lifetime limited warranty.