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The Best All Terrain Hoverboards (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

These awesome hoverboards will glide over even the toughest terrain

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BY/ LAST UPDATED ON March 29, 2021

Hoverboards are one of the coolest forms of transportation you can try right now. Straight out of futuristic films, hoverboards are innovative, high-tech, and just plain awesome. While today’s hoverboards might not hover above the ground just yet, they do provide a fun way to ride around outdoors — or even inside the house. With a set of wheels and a gyroscope, a hoverboard lets you control your speed and movement all by balancing and leaning. Some hoverboards are even equipped to go “off-roading,” meaning they’re tough enough to travel over rough, bumpy terrain. If you’re looking for an all terrain hoverboard, you have a ton of options to choose from. Check out our picks for the best all terrain hoverboards right here.

Best Overall

Hover-1 Hoverboard


A fast, far-ranging hoverboard that’s water-resistant and sturdy enough to tackle any environment.

  • Features sturdy, stable 6.5-inch wheels that can tackle hills
  • Rated IPX4 for water resistance
  • Can change your skill setting and speed with a smartphone app
  • Board can be shaky on uneven terrain
  • The body of the hoverboard is plastic
Best Value

Uni-Sun Self Balancing Hoverboard


An affordably priced hoverboard with rugged wheels that feature great grip.

  • The strong exterior shell can survive impacts
  • Equipped with a smart self-balancing system
  • Tough tread works well on many surfaces
  • Best for mild terrain, may not work well on extremely rough surfaces
  • Battery charge can weaken with use
Honorable Mention

EpikGo Sport All Terrain


A high-quality, highly rugged hoverboard that’s specifically built for the toughest terrains.

  • Features dual motors with 80 percent more speed
  • Performance wheels deliver the ultimate level of grip
  • Bigger 8.5-inch wheels offer stability even on uneven terrain
  • Price is very high
  • Very costly to repair if it breaks
The Best All Terrain Hoverboards (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

Benefits of All Terrain Hoverboards

  • Highly capable. These off-roading ready hoverboards are more capable than your basic hoverboard. Equipped with tougher, bigger wheels and better tread, you’ll be able to tackle inclines, ride over uneven and rough surfaces, and simply do more on your board.
  • More speed and power. All terrain hoverboards typically include more powerful motors that can deliver higher watts of power. This means you can move at faster speeds and ride with more power — the perfect combination when you’re facing obstacles, inclines, and rough roads.
  • Versatile. You can use an all terrain hoverboard for so many different purposes. They can be a fun toy for kids and adults alike, but they can also be a smooth and speedy way to commute to work or ride around town. 
  • Highly efficient. Forget about filling up a gas tank or using your muscles to power your ride. A hoverboard is wonderfully efficient and runs on a rechargeable battery. This means you’ll be kind to the environment and be able to easily recharge your board whenever needed.

Types of All Terrain Hoverboards

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Self-Balancing Hoverboards

There’s only one type of all terrain hoverboards: the self-balancing hoverboard. Pretty much every one of the hoverboards you’ll find today features two wheels, one or two motors, and a self-balancing gyroscope. This means that when you stand on your all terrain hoverboard, the board will help you stay balanced — and upright. 

Self-balancing all terrain hoverboards are easy to learn and master. You may need to do a little more work to figure out the right balance for rough terrain or other challenging paths like hills. But overall, these hoverboards make achieving balance a breeze.

Top Brands


Hover-1 is a company that builds all kinds of electric products, from hoverboards to electric scooters to skateboards. With a wide selection of impressive hoverboards, Hover-1 builds tough all-terrain models, made with high-quality parts, and built to last throughout many adventures — like the Hover-1 Hoverboard and Hover-1 Chrome Electric Hoverboard.


If you want the ultimate all terrain hoverboard with unmatched durability, you’ll love the brand EpikGo. Founded in Silicon Valley, EpikGo creates hoverboards with the latest technology and the ability to ride over grass, sand, dirt, and even water. Products like the EpikGo Sport All Terrain and the EpikGo Self Balancing All-Terrain Hoverboard can tackle everything you encounter.


As one of the top electric “e-ridables” brands, Swagtron offers everything from cool and innovative hoverboards to e-bikes, electric skateboards, and more. And Swagtron’s all terrain hoverboards are reasonably priced yet offer the capability you need to go off-roading with models like the Swagtron T580 App-Enabled Bluetooth Hoverboard.

All Terrain Hoverboard Pricing

  • $100 to $250: All terrain hoverboards within this price range offer solid value and great functionality. You’ll find affordable options with benefits like water resistance and effective motors.
  • $300 and up: The most durable and highest-quality all terrain hoverboards tend to fall into this higher-end price range. You’ll find boards with multiple motors, impressive technology, and long-term durability.

Key Features


While fun might be the first thing you think about when you’re buying an all terrain hoverboard, safety is far more important. And it’s one of the first features you’ll want to look at while shopping. You want an all terrain hoverboard that’s well-made and won’t pose electrical dangers. UL-2272 certified boards are the best choice; they meet all necessary safety measures and have undergone safety testing.

Speed and Power

No one wants a hoverboard that rides slowly — so make sure you consider speed and power. Most all terrain hoverboards stay within similar speed ranges, but you’ll find models that are as slow as 2 miles per hour and as fast as 12 miles per hour. The motor also delivers the power necessary to reach faster speeds, so take a close look at a hoverboard’s power to see how speedy it’ll be.

Battery Life

One of the biggest frustrations of electric hoverboards is the battery. The battery determines how far you can travel and how long you’ll be able to ride. A better, more efficient battery life will give you more flexibility from your all terrain board. Typically, all terrain hoverboards can run for about two hours on a full charge at a high speed. Battery life should be a key feature while you’re shopping. 

Wheel Type

Every hoverboard comes with wheels — and those wheels determine just how good a board is at traveling over different types of terrain. An all terrain hoverboard should have sturdy, durable wheels. Larger wheels are also a good sign that you’ll get extra stability. A deep, tough tread will help improve off-road performance too.

Other Considerations

  • Weight Limit. All terrain hoverboards have weight limits, which control how heavy the rider can be. Average boards can support about 200 pounds, but there are bulkier, stronger models that can support as much as 420 pounds. Double-check a board’s weight limit to ensure it’ll work for you.
  • Portability. While it’s easy to assume that every all terrain hoverboard is portable, the overall weight of the board can make a significant difference. Look for models that weigh between 20 and 30 pounds to find a highly portable option you can carry anywhere (even when the battery dies).
  • All Terrain Capability. All terrain hoverboards are designed to ride over all kinds of surfaces and obstacles, but some models are better — and more capable — than others. Consider whether you need a board that can do it all, or if capabilities like riding over sand and grass are more important than tackling hills, dirt, and gravel.

Best All Terrain Hoverboards Reviews & Recommendations 2021

The Hover-1 Hoverboard beats all other all terrain hoverboards in our opinion. It’s a very versatile, highly efficient hoverboard, and it’ll help you hit faster speeds, ride with more power, and achieve a solid range on a single battery charge. Plus, this hoverboard is equipped for all-terrain challenges involving moisture, low lighting, and more. This product weighs just 22.3 pounds and can carry up to 264 pounds of weight. It’s faster and rides for longer compared to most all-terrain hoverboards — it can reach a top speed of 9 miles per hour and travel 9 miles on one charge. The board is powered by a built-in 36-volt, 4.3 amp-hour lithium-ion battery. This hoverboard is rated IPX4 water-resistant, and it’s both intuitive and responsive while you ride. You’ll even enjoy a Bluetooth smartphone app, which lets you change your skill mode, control the LED headlights, and more.

All terrain hoverboards can be costly, but some options are more affordable and offer a great value — like the Uni-Sun Self Balancing Hoverboard. Designed for kids ages 6 to 12 years old, this all terrain hoverboard delivers some seriously great performance. But its price won’t blow your entire budget. Tested for electrical safety and CE, RoHS, FCC, and UL-2272 certified, this impressive hoverboard is equipped with a smart self-balancing system that’s easy to master. Powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and dual-watt hub motors, you get swift and responsive speed as well as a solid battery range. Gyroscope foot sensors are easy to control on any kind of road, while sturdy 6.5-inch tires keep you rolling smoothly. The wheels are standouts that make this more budget-friendly board a great choice.

The EpikGo Sport All Terrain Hoverboard is a seriously tough hoverboard, and it’s no slouch when you hit rough roads. It isn’t cheap — in fact, this all terrain option is quite expensive — but your investment will pay off while you’re riding over sand, gravel, or even up hills. This self-balancing hoverboard weighs 33 pounds, so it’s a little on the heavy side, but it features 400-watt dual motors that’ll climb hills as steep as 18 degrees. A single battery charge can last more than one hour and 10 miles. It’s one of the most powerful all terrain hoverboards available with nearly twice the power and 30-percent more size than competing products. A set of larger 8.5-inch racing wheels are ready for the toughest roads and include performance tires with great tread. You’ll enjoy better stability, more control, and increased balance with this hoverboard.

Want an all terrain hoverboard that’s as powerful and tough as it is smart? The Swagtron T580 App-Enabled Bluetooth Hoverboard is the perfect pick. This impressively savvy hoverboard is powerful enough to hit a maximum speed of 7.5 miles per hour, and it can climb inclines of up to 30 degrees. Powered by 200-watt dual motors, riders can pick from three riding modes. It’ll travel up to 8 miles on a single charge, and it can hold up to 220 pounds of weight. A lithium-ion battery takes just two hours to charge. UL approved for safety, you’ll also be impressed by this hoverboard’s capability. It rides on 6.5-inch hard rubber tires that offer great grip, extra durability, and smooth rides even on rough surfaces. The entire all terrain hoverboard can be controlled by a Bluetooth-enabled app, setting speeds, checking battery charge, and more.

The Hover-1 Drive Self Balancing Hoverboard is tough enough for daily rides and rougher terrain, but it’s also a great buy for kids. If you have a child who’s looking for a sturdy and capable hoverboard, this is a good option. This Hover-1 model is smaller and suitable for lighter weights — it can carry up to 160 pounds and reaches a speed of up to 7 miles per hour. In total, the hoverboard measures 8 x 24 x 7.5 inches. A built-in 10-cell lithium-ion battery can last for up to three miles of distance. A 320-watt motor powers the all terrain hoverboard, and features like UL-certified safety, solid 6.5-inch wheels, and LED headlights offer great functionality. The all terrain option is well-equipped for beginners and young hoverboard riders with a good balance of strength and safety. 

All terrain hoverboards tend to be more durable overall, but the Xprit All Terrain Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker is extra hardy. This hoverboard is built to last with strong materials and quality components. And it’s well equipped for off-roading too. UL-2272 certified for safety, this board offers three selective speed modes and is powered by a 4 amp-hour, 25.2-volt lithium-ion battery. A set of larger 8.5-inch all-terrain tires roll smoothly even over gravel and sand. This hoverboard can travel up to 6 miles on a single charge and reaches a max speed of 6 miles per hour. It’ll even tackle hills with 15-degree inclines. The tires are made with non-slip sturdy rubber tread, the ideal mix for any terrain. Lastly, a set of unique high-strength lightweight ABS bumper panels prevent potential damage.

The EpikGo Self Balancing All-Terrain Hoverboard lives up to its name as an all terrain hoverboard. It’s solid, it’s capable — and it can roll right over anything. This hoverboard, which sits on solid rubber tires with all-terrain traction, will maneuver through and over everything from grass to sand to mud. It’s also rated IP56 water-resistant so it can handle rain and moisture. UL-2272 certified, this board passed 159 safety tests and includes a UL-2271 certified smart battery. This all terrain hoverboard is powered by 400-watt dual motors, which can climb steep inclines up to 18 degrees and run for over 10 miles on a single charge. Keep in mind this hoverboard is recommended for ages 13 and up, so it isn’t a good choice for kids.

The Jetson Aero All Terrain Hoverboard with LED Lights offers a great balance of toughness and technology. It’s a self-balancing hoverboard and operates with Active Balance Technology, which is made up of internal sensors that keep riders both stable and level. Built for all types of terrain, the hoverboard sits on two all-terrain tires with great tread, and those tires can handle all kinds of off-roading adventures. They even light up as they spin and pair perfectly with the board’s front LED lights. A 300-watt dual hub motor gives this hoverboard its power, and it can reach a maximum speed of 7 miles per hour and a maximum riding range of 7 miles. This all terrain board is also super portable; it weighs only 19 pounds so you can easily carry it anywhere.

If you want a hoverboard that’s prepared for the great outdoors, the Hover-1 Chrome Electric Hoverboard is a solid choice. Though this all terrain hoverboard is a bit slower and less powerful than competing products, it does offer great consistency and stability. And it can be a particularly great option for beginners who are hesitant about learning how to hoverboard. This board weighs 19.5 pounds, making it perfectly portable, and is equipped with a set of 6.5-inch solid, sturdy wheels ready for all kinds of road surfaces. Built-in Bluetooth speakers allow you to play music while you glide over terrain, and a set of ultra-bright LED headlights illuminate your path. The all terrain hoverboard is powered by a 150-watt motor and features a battery capacity of 24 volts and 4 amp-hours. 

The EverCross Self Balancing Scooter Hoverboard isn’t just an off-roading ready all terrain hoverboard. It’s a two-in-one electric vehicle that can be used either as a hoverboard or as a scooter with a convenient, comfortable seat. This hoverboard is built with an advanced gyroscope stabilization system and a self-balancing setup. Built out of durable aluminum and ABS polymer, the board rides on 6.5-inch tires and includes non-slip foot pads for extra grip. The tires can absorb shocks and increase your stability. It offers a riding range of 7 to 10 miles and can reach speeds of 10 to 15 kilometers per hour. This all terrain hoverboard can even climb hills with 15-degree inclines, and it’s water-resistant so it’ll ride right over moisture and wet surfaces. 350-watt brushless dual motors give the board its power to accelerate and ride smoothly over any unstable surface.


  • The wattage of a hoverboard’s motor will determine how fast you can travel. It can also affect how strong your hoverboard is, especially when you’re climbing hills and inclines.
  • Most all terrain hoverboards feature sturdy wheels but always look closely at the tread. Deeper tread can be a sign of better stability, especially on surfaces like gravel and mud.
  • All terrain hoverboards don’t require much maintenance, but the battery does need regular charging. A long battery life lets you ride longer distances without needing two to three hours to charge.


Q: What is the best all terrain hoverboard?

Our pick for the best all terrain hoverboard is the Hover-1 Hoverboard. It offers a host of great benefits, including a top speed of 9 miles per hour, a 9-mile range, and an efficient battery. It’s also built tough, with water-resistance and LED headlights for extra outdoor perks.

Q: Are terrain hoverboards safe to use?

Most all terrain hoverboards are perfectly safe to use right out of the box. However, you’ll want to look for a UL-2272 certification. This safety certification means you can trust that the hoverboard has been tested to prove that it’s safe.

Q: What is the longest-lasting terrain hoverboard?

There are quite a few highly durable and long-lasting all terrain hoverboard options. Some of our top picks are the EpikGo Sport All Terrain, which is a premium board, and the Xprit All Terrain Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker. Both of these hoverboards will offer miles — and months — of adventure.

Final Thoughts

The Hover-1 Hoverboard is an all-around fantastic choice for an all terrain hoverboard with a mix of speed, long-lasting battery charge, and outdoor-ready construction. The Uni-Sun Self Balancing Hoverboard is a great value buy, with a lower price and solid quality. Which all terrain hoverboard will be your top choice?