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The Best AAA Battery Chargers (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

Help the environment and keep your devices running with these top-rated AAA battery chargers

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BY/ LAST UPDATED ON February 19, 2021

Whether you’re looking to help the environment or your pocketbook, opting for rechargeable batteries is a great way to go. Instead of disposing of your batteries every time they’re drained, you can simply restore their energy and keep using the same batteries. It can save you a whole lot of time and inconvenience since you won’t have to run to the corner store every time your remote runs out of power. Of course, if you want to make the switch to rechargeable batteries, you’re going to need a reliable battery charger. AAA batteries are used everywhere from kids’ toys to garage door remotes to flashlights. So, if you plan to take the eco-friendly leap and get rechargeable batteries, you are going to need a charger that is both energy-efficient and powerful.

To help you track down the best AAA battery chargers on the market, we’ve listed the top selections along with some tips on finding the right fit.

Best Overall

Energizer Rechargeable Battery Charger


Featuring four independent charging ports, this unit works on both AAA and AA batteries. Plugging into any standard wall outlet, it charges quickly and reliably. 

  • Won’t result in overheating or overcharging
  • Includes status indicating display
  • Can charge in under five hours
  • May take up to 11 hours to recharge batteries
  • Large display draws a lot of electricity
Best Value

Powerowl 8-Bay AAA Charger


Using a USB connection, this affordable battery charger features eight independent bays. It quickly charges batteries of all types. 

  • Available at an affordable price point
  • Includes LED display lights and overcharge protection
  • Takes up a fair bit of space
  • Lacks a cover 
  • Only has USB power source
Honorable Mention

Tenergy 16-Bay Battery Charger


Coming with 16 separate charging stations, you can power this unit using both a wall outlet and the included 12-volt adapter. It features a crisp LCD to showcase the charging status. 

  • Safeguards protect against overheating, overcharging, and surges
  • Optimizes flow rate to each bay based on the battery
  • Doesn’t have the option to charge via the USB outlet
  • Uses a lot of space
  • LCD screens use extra electricity
The Best AAA Battery Chargers (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

Benefits of AAA Battery Chargers

  • Saves time and money. Since you don’t have to buy a new battery every time one of yours runs out of energy, you won’t have to invest in new batteries all the time. It saves you from wasting time on trips to the store and saves you money, too. 
  • Adds convenience around the house. AAA batteries are some of the most common battery types in the household. Used in everything from remotes to flashlights to lights, there is a lot of advantage to having charged batteries on hand. 
  • Helps the environment. Instead of adding waste to landfills, rechargeable batteries keep you using the technology you currently have, yet don’t cause you to throw away the actual battery itself. It reduces your carbon footprint without impacting your lifestyle.
  • Portable way to keep devices working. Most battery chargers are compact and lightweight. This lets you bring them around with you easily. Since many chargers come with either a USB or 12-volt adapter, you can use them in the vehicle and at your desk. 
  • Ideal for camping and outdoor activities. Especially if you are spending time away from common amenities, having a AAA battery charger is helpful. You can use it to power your flashlights and headlamps along with a host of other survival gear. This is particularly important if you are far from stores.
  • Versatile charging abilities. You can use an AAA battery charger on more than one type of battery. Most are compatible with different brands of AAA batteries. Many also charge AA and nine-volt batteries as well. 

Types of AAA Battery Chargers

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Simple Charger

Representing the most basic technology, a simple battery charger uses electrical parts to take power from an external source and relay it to the batteries in the ports. Because it has such a straightforward design, most of these chargers have only four ports. Often, the charger will be able to power different battery sizes and types. Though they are called simple, this type does have overcharge protection and overheating safeguards in most models. 

Intelligent Charger

Perhaps the most common type of AAA battery charger, the intelligent namesake results from the advanced technology used during the charging process. Operating on the same concept as a simple charger, an intelligent type includes three tiers of power supply. By judging how full the battery is, the charger reduces the flow of electricity to help it get the most charge possible. This trickle flow fills the battery to the maximum extent while still protecting against surges and overheating. 

Top Brands


Opening its doors in 1896 in Missouri, Energizer has become one of the best-known names in the battery industry. Offering all types of dry cell batteries and corresponding accessories, this business is known internationally for its high-quality products. A top offering from this brand is the Energizer AAA Battery Charger.


After its founding in 1918 in Osaka, Japan, Panasonic took the international electronics industry by storm. It has grown into a massive name globally with its diverse supply of technology. With everything from televisions to batteries, this company remains popular over a century after opening. One of its best-favored selections is the Panasonic Advanced Eneloop Battery Charger.


With roots in California, Tenergy opened its doors in 2004 and began manufacturing high-end electrical supplies. It has a wide range of products including batteries and chargers of all shapes and sizes. Among the most popular offerings from this brand is the Powerowl AAA Battery Charger.

AAA Battery Charger Pricing

  • Under $20: In this price range, you are likely to find chargers with between four and eight ports. You can get both simple and intelligent chargers within this budget. 
  • $20 and up: AAA battery chargers in this price range tend to have more ports (up to 16) and are more likely to be of the intelligent charger type. 

Key Features


This feature involves the place where you put the battery being charged. The number of ports will vary, with most having between four and 16 independent bays. The ports must be wired parallel to one another to ensure separate charging. This is the part that draws in power and, through the anode and cathode, supply it to the battery. The port must hold the battery in place to ensure quick charging. 

Power Source

This part of the battery charger is the component that takes in power from an external source. Depending on the size and design of the charger, the source will differ. Some use a USB connection and take power from your laptop. Others incorporate a 12-volt adapter and plug it into your vehicle. The most common is for the charger to get powered through a wall outlet. In most cases, this also results in the quickest recharge.


This feature refers to the measures in place that will prevent damage to both the charger and our batteries. It also includes the part that adjusts the flow rate and optimizes the amount of charge you get. To be durable, the charger must have safeguards against power surges, overcharging, and overheating. This includes suitable ventilation to prevent the charger (and batteries) from getting too hot. It also keeps the internal circuitry working for longer. 

Other Considerations

  • Size: When you go to choose your AAA battery charger, you will want to spare a thought for how it will fit in your area. Some chargers are compact and take up next to no room. Others are bulky and require a dedicated space. While smaller chargers have fewer ports, if you are dealing with spatial limitations, it may be better to opt for something more compact. 
  • Indicators: If you plan on getting a charger for eco-friendliness, it helps to remove the batteries as soon as they are full. Most chargers incorporate either an LED light or an LCD screen to show how far along the charge is. Consider that LCDs draw in more power, though tend to be more accurate than LED lights. 
  • Design: Next, think about the actual design of the charger. Take a look at the different colors available and the different styles. There are rectangular options that plug into your wall and round chargers that lay flat on your desk. Give thought to the ventilation requirements of the charger to make sure that there is enough airflow where you plan to place it. 
  • Maintenance: Take a moment to consider how much upkeep the charger will require. Does it have a cover to prevent dust from getting in or will you need to wipe it down regularly? Think about any steps you are going to need to take to keep the charger in working condition and how difficult the upkeep will be. Chargers are meant for convenience, so lower maintenance needs are important criteria. 
  • Durability: Finally, consider how long-lasting the charger will be. Those with more ports tend to wear out quicker than smaller models. They are also more vulnerable to impact damage. Chargers made out of heat-resistant polymers that are resistant to scratches will generally perform better over the long term.

Best AAA Battery Chargers Reviews & Recommendations 2021

If you are looking for a charger that will work quickly and consistently, the Energizer Rechargeable Battery Charger is a great option. It includes four ports for batteries and is compatible with both AAA and AA units. You can charge any combination of these batteries simultaneously. The set plugs directly into the wall outlet. Once it’s in place, it takes only five hours to charge all four batteries, assuming they are relatively new. When the batteries are older, it can take a bit more time (so it’s better to leave it overnight). By including overcharge protection, the charger becomes a safe way to keep your batteries working for longer. 

Keep in mind that, while the charger is effective, the large LCD screen draws extra power. This results in more electricity being used to recharge your batteries than with a simpler version.

Want to reduce your carbon footprint without breaking the bank? Take a look at the Powerowl 8-Bay AAA Charger and its cost-effective price point. It is compatible with all types of batteries, including AA, AAA, and Ni-MH. The system is powered via a USB cord, letting you use the charger anywhere from your vehicle to your laptop. If you want to use it with a wall outlet, simply plug it into a phone adapter. The set can take up to eight batteries at a time. The individual ports charge separately, each incorporating overcharge protection. With an LED indicator for each battery slot, you can charge your batteries as efficiently as possible. 

It’s worth noting that, while useful and efficient, this battery charger features a fairly basic design. However, if you’re not in it for the bells and whistles, it is a good way to go.

For those focused on saving as much time as possible, the Tenergy 16-Bay Battery Charger is a worthy candidate. It includes 16 ports, each capable of charging all types of batteries (including AA and NiCd). The set comes with both a 12-volt adapter and a wall outlet. This means you can use the charger whether you’re at home or on the road. By incorporating high-end technology, the battery charger prevents damage relating to overheating and power surges. It also includes two LCD screens to keep you apprised of the charging status. It works quickly to recharge your batteries, particularly since each port is wired separately. 

Bear in mind that, though this set is great for bulk, it is on the pricier end. It is only a viable solution if you have a lot of rechargeable batteries so that you can get the most out of the 16 bays.

Want something that tackles batteries of all shapes and sizes? Check out the EBL AAA Battery Charger and its eight independent battery ports. The charger is capable of charging anything from an AAA battery to the compact NiMh versions. Each slot in the charger uses its parallel wiring structure to optimize the flow of electricity. The four ports each have their own LED light to showcase the charging status. To optimize the actual charge of the batteries, the smart system provides an incrementally weaker supply to the battery. Also known as a trickle charge, it lets you hold the most amount of power possible in each battery. 

It warrants a mention that this charger only has an AC wall outlet charger. As a result, it is less portable than some other charging stations since you would require a supplemental adapter to get it to work in your car.

The Panasonic Advanced Charger is a powerful piece of technology whose design is focused on getting your batteries back to a charged status quickly. The compact design limits the need for electrical waste. It improves the flow rate of the electrons to the batteries, optimizing the speed of recharge. The charger comes with four separate ports, each running independently from one another. All of the spaces can charge both AA and AAA batteries. Capable of charging in less than four hours, it also shows the charge via color-coded LED light. All these features are taken together save you a lot of time and energy in the charging process. 

Keep in mind that this charger only has four battery ports, meaning it is only good for smaller charging projects. If you plan to recharge a lot of batteries, you would need to plan ahead.

Touting a whole 16 bays, the Powerowl Smart Battery Charger uses advanced electrical technology to optimize speed and save energy. With a unique, rounded design, the structure is highly durable. Each of the charging ports can charge both AA and AAA batteries. The charger also can accommodate both NiMh and NiCd batteries. It offers high-end charging technology that can speed up the charging process without risking overheating or overcharging. For extra security, it also includes an LED light above each port. This part flashes when the battery is charging and turns red when complete. Working quickly and efficiently, this is a popular option for a reason. 

It’s worth noting that, though the circular design promotes airflow, it also makes it a little bit bulkier. So long as you have the space for it, though, this is a good way to go.

When you need an option that can fit into even the tightest quarters, the Bonai LCD Universal Battery Charger is worth a look. You can use this four-port charger to power anything from a nine-volt to AAA to AA batteries. Since each of the bays are wired with a separate parallel design, you don’t have to worry about compromising the electrical flow rate by using multiple batteries. Each of the bays has a dedicated LCD to highlight the charging status. Worried about batteries falling out? This charger has a cover at the front to keep the batteries safe from harm while they’re refueling. 

Bear in mind that, despite the compact and sturdy design, it does only take four batteries at a time. If you have a large supply of batteries, it requires some advanced planning to time it out correctly.

Those hunting for a charger that uses less electricity yet works efficiently can see a lot of benefit from the Panasonic Individual Battery Charger. It is designed to work on both AA and AAA batteries. If you use the batteries designed specifically for this charger, it can return the power to all four pieces in only three hours. With other rechargeable batteries, it can take closer to four hours. It achieves this fast pace by optimizing the flow to each battery. The charger detects when it is reaching full and pushes fewer electrons into the cell. This gives you the maximum charge in the minimum time. 

The LED indicators on this system are color-coded to show you charging status, though it is more approximation than an exact science. To ensure the best results, keep the battery in the port for an extra few minutes.


  • Choose a charger that will work where you need it most. Ideally, it will have more than one power source (ex: wall charger and 12-volt adapter).
  • In case of emergency, keep a battery charger in your car, along with your flashlights and battery boosting gear. 
  • Find a charger with a suitable amount of battery bays. Those with fewer ports tend to last longer though aren’t able to charge as many batteries simultaneously. 
  • Ensure that your charger is properly ventilated to prevent it from overheating during use. 
  • When you aren’t charging batteries, unplug the charger from its power source. 
  • Keep the battery bays free of debris to ensure that the electricity can flow as efficiently as possible.  


Q. Can I charge my single-use batteries in my charger?

No, you can’t recharge single-use batteries. To use your battery charger, you will need a compatible rechargeable battery. Most chargers work with rechargeable batteries of all types, though some work better with batteries of the same brand. 

Q. How long will it take to charge my AAA batteries?

Charging efficiency depends on the battery’s age, type, and the charger you’re using. High-end chargers can recharge your battery as quickly as three hours. Other chargers take up to 11 hours to return a charge. The most common batteries and chargers take about six hours to get back to a full charge. 

Q. How do you know when your rechargeable batteries are charged?

Check the indicator light or the screen above the battery bay. Some LED options will show you either red (empty), orange, or green (full). Others will blink when charging and stop when full. If there is an LCD screen, it will show an infographic of how full each battery is. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you’re familiar with the nuances of AAA battery chargers, you can make your pick. It could be the Energizer Rechargeable Battery Charger or the value of the Powerowl 8-Bay AAA Charger