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Best Headlamps For Fishing (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

Take your fishing game to the next level with these top-rated headlamps.

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BY/ LAST UPDATED ON July 7, 2021

Fishing is a time-honored tradition. It’s a challenging activity and also a way to source food. Whether you’re on the hunt for bass, perch, or carp, there’s essential gear you need to keep on hand. Sure, you have a tackle box and fishing line, but what about a way to see clearly? Since the best fishing happens in the wee hours when the sun hasn’t yet greeted the day, avid fishermen need a reliable headlamp.

Can you imagine holding a flashlight with one hand and reeling in a catch with the other? Neither can we. That’s why fishing enthusiasts rely on headlamps. Strapping onto your head and shining a light where you need it most, fishing headlamps are basically a hands-free flashlight. To help you track down the best headlamps for fishing, we’ve curated a list of the top options. Let’s get started.

Best Overall

OUTERDO Rechargeable Headlamp


With a comfortable strap and eight LED bulbs, this headlamp flashlight is a very bright selection. Rechargeable and waterproof, it’s a good choice overall.

  • Headlamp is highly durable
  • Has eight lighting modes to select brightness settings
  • Waterproof design makes it well-suited for fishing
  • Lights eventually wear down and bulbs can be difficult to replace
  • Light direction is good, but lumens only effective at maximum setting
Best Value

HeroBeam Fishing Headlamp


This USB rechargeable headlamp designed specifically for fishermen provides white and red lighting and features a camouflage and weatherproof design.

  • Headlamp has a hands-free on/off mode, spot and wide beam features, and SOS modes
  • Holds a charge for up to 30 hours
  • Wave gesture is convenient but can eat up a lot of the battery life
  • Some report the headlamp could be a little brighter
Honorable Mention

FOXDOTT Rechargeable Headlamp


Featuring eight powerful LED light bulbs and several different modes, this is a comfortable headlamp that’s great for fishing. Designed to fit adults, it is waterproof and sturdy.

  • Tight straps let you move around easily while you fish
  • Multiple brightness settings let you control the light intensity
  • Rechargeable battery uptakes power quickly
  • Though the strap is tight, it can be somewhat irritating on the skin
  • It is also fairly heavy, which can cause neck strain for some individuals
Best Headlamps For Fishing (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

Benefits of Headlamp For Fishing

  • Hands-free use. Getting to use a flashlight without having to preoccupy your hands is probably the biggest benefit of fishing headlamps. You get full visibility of your surroundings without having to hold a flashlight
  • Brightness. Headlamps for fishing have multiple brightness settings, letting you customize the intensity to your choosing. This way, you can adapt as the sun rises (or sets) without any struggle.
  • Emergency applications. Often, fishing is done in the wilderness. Headlamps allow you to navigate the great outdoors safely. Plus, most headlamps incorporate an SOS strobe light feature to help call attention if you need it. 
  • Waterproof. The ability to withstand moisture is essential when you select a headlamp for fishing. Chances are, it is going to get splashed at some point. With a waterproof headlamp, you don’t have to worry about it failing. 
  • Rechargeable. Most fishing headlamps are rechargeable via USB. Instead of needing to truck around batteries and change the headlamp’s power source continually, you can just plug it in. This adds a lot of convenience to your fishing preparations. 
  • Durability. Fishing headlamps are built for the great outdoors. As such, they are capable of withstanding a fair amount of wear and tear. From the strap to the long-lasting LED bulbs, these light sources are crafted with durability in mind.

Types of Headlamps For Fishing

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Rechargeable Headlamps

Likely the most common type of headlamp for fishing, rechargeable headlamps are some of the most convenient selections. Instead of relying on replaceable batteries, these headlamps have a port for a USB connector. This plugs into either an AC adapter or any laptop. You can usually power them on a 12-volt adapter for added portability. These tend to be long-lasting and usually incorporate a battery-status feature that lets you know how much charge remains. In most cases, these headlamps feature multiple LED light bulbs and different settings. The brightest modes drain the internal battery faster, adding importance to the rechargeable feature. 

Replaceable Battery Headlamps

While less common than rechargeable options, there are still quite a few replaceable battery headlamps. This traditional type of headlamp works just like other options, though has a battery pack in the back. It can act as a counterweight to the lights at the front. Unlike rechargeable headlamps, battery-powered options are not always found with LED lights. Additionally, this type is usually water-resistant and not waterproof. However, it is more efficient to switch out the power source, since it involves a quick swap of batteries. 

Adjustable Fishing Headlamps

Geared toward high-tech enthusiasts, adjustable fishing lamps incorporate a lot of different special features. The adjustable settings let you move the light beam and focus it on different sights. You can move between a broad beam and a focused light. Other special features of adjustable headlamps include additional padding on the strap. It also incorporates a wider adjustment range, so it can more easily fit different head sizes and shapes. Usually, this type of headlamp uses LED bulbs and is very lightweight. 

Top Brands


Opening its doors in 2005, Odear focuses on blending fashion and function. The company expanded its original offering of jewelry to include camping, hiking, and other practical outdoor gear. One of its top products is the ODEAR Lie Wang Headlamp


After its founding in 2012 under the umbrella of the Yihosin company, BORUiT became a leading name in outdoor lighting. Focusing on research and development, it continues to supply lighting supplies of innovative styles. A popular offering from this brand is the BORUiT Tactical Headlamp.


Founded in 2010, this company is based out of New York. It focuses on providing a wide range of technological products, ranging from lighting to other hardware supplies. Among the leading selections from this company is the LHOTSE Rechargeable Headlight.

Headlamp For Fishing Pricing

  • Under $10: In this price range, you can find relatively simple headlamps. The products feature few LED lights and have either rechargeable or replaceable batteries. Often waterproof, these are not the most durable supplies. 
  • Between $10 and $20: Most fishing headlamps fall within this range. Usually, they incorporate several LED lights, multiple settings. In most cases, they are waterproof, comfortable, and rechargeable. 
  • $20 and up: The higher-end headlamps fall within this price range. This means a comfortable strap, adjustable lighting, and highly durable design. In most cases, these are rechargeable and provide maximum illumination. 

Key Features


The most important feature of any fishing headlamp is the lighting. After years of light development, the industry has moved almost entirely into LED bulbs. These create less ambient heat. Usually, the lamps will have several (at least six) LED bulbs. In most cases, you can choose how many of them are on at any given time. This lets you contour the light intensity. Some have different colors and a strobe setting for emergencies. 

Power Source

The power supply to the headlamp is a critical feature in any setup. Either it will be a rechargeable or replaceable battery. Rechargeable units connect via a USB cord to any type of adapter. Most include a way for you to tell when the battery is fully charged. Replaceable units usually rely either on AA or AAA batteries. The power source resides in a protected casing that is secure against water damage. 


Essential to the performance of a headlamp, this is the feature where it attaches to your head. The straps are adjustable and consist of two parts. One goes around the circumference of your head. It’s elastic, though still requires adjustment to get a good fit. The other goes over the top of your head and prevents the weight of the light from causing strain. The best straps are gentle on your skin. 


Fishing is inherently a water-based activity. The waterproof feature of the headlamp is essential to ensuring overall durability. While most aren’t equipped to be submerged at any real depth, they can handle being splashed. Almost all headlamps are waterproof against both fresh and saltwater. It prevents damage to the circuitry and makes sure the light keeps working when you need it. 

Other Considerations

  • Weight. Depending on your neck and head strength, you will only be able to comfortably support a certain amount of weight. Most headlamps are reasonably lightweight but consider the overall weight. Check that the straps act as a counterbalance so your neck doesn’t take most of the burden. Lightweight headlamps perform just as well as heavier counterparts, so it’s worth looking into this parameter. 
  • Comfort. Fishing takes time. You want a headlamp that can comfortably rest on your skin, without shifting and causing chafing. Consider the fabric used in the straps and whether it will be scratchy on your skin. Look into whether it is prone to fraying as this can cause irritation. Straps that become loose easily require more adjustments and limit comfort. 
  • Style. Look into the style of the headlamp. Is it simple and sleek or large and bold? It will become a worn accessory. It needs to fit in with your other gear, such as a hat. Check to see whether it will restrict your ability to wear other fishing gear. A headlamp that integrates with your other supplies will work better than a bulkier item as a standalone. 
  • Maintenance. Everything requires upkeep. Consider how demanding the lamp actually is. Will you need to change out the batteries or recharge it frequently? Is it reasonably straightforward to clean? Take a look at how to wash the face of the headlamp as well as the strap. Items with simpler maintenance needs tend to last longer and be less of a pain to keep in good condition. 
  • Durability. Just like with any fishing supply, you want a headlamp that is going to last for the long term. Be sure that it uses LED bulbs since these are proven to last the longest of any type on the market. Check that the closure is durable and not prone to breakage. Finally, take a look at the strap and make sure it won’t stretch out and lose its shape. So long as these are in order, the headlamp should be reasonably durable. 
  • Controls. Chances are, when you are using the headlamp, your hands will be occupied most of the time. Finding something that has an easily accessible control is important. Consider where the button is placed and how many different light modes there are. Be sure that you can reach the power button effortlessly to make sure you get the most out of the headlamp.

Best Headlamps For Fishing Reviews & Recommendations 2021

When you’re looking for a reliable fishing companion, the OUTERDO Rechargeable Headlamp is a solid choice. The lighting feature is made of eight separate LED bulbs. Together, they offer a full 13,000 lumens. The light beam can extend to over a half-kilometer into the distance. It uses a rechargeable battery that connects via a USB port. It charges fairly quickly and is compatible with a wide range of adapters. In terms of utility, the light at the front of the strap can move over a 90-degree angle. Everything is controlled by accessible buttons, making it a very user-friendly selection. With a gentle, easily adjusted strap, this lightweight headlamp is a good choice for lengthy excursions. Waterproof and highly durable, this headlamp is a good pick overall. 

While this is a powerful headlamp, it drains power rather quickly. At the lowest setting, you can get about nine hours of light, but brighter modes use power far faster. 

If you need a versatile lighting solution that works for camping and fishing, consider the FOXDOTT Rechargeable Headlamp. It has a sleek, modern design with eight different LED bulbs displayed prominently at the front. Since it includes multiple lighting settings, it is effective for all sorts of outdoor activities. The waterproof design means it is safe to have the headlamp near water. It won’t get damaged as you struggle with a catch. Instead, the firm straps lie comfortably on your head and disperse the weight of the lights evenly. The tightness is fairly easy to adjust, so anyone in your group can use it. The rechargeable battery that works quickly. Adding value through energy-efficiency, this light lasts for a long time on a single charge. 

It’s worth noting that, while this is a powerful headlight with different settings, the controls can be tricky. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the headlamp so you don’t accidentally trigger the strobe light.

The IKAAMA Bright LED Headlamp is worth looking into, especially if you aren't a fan of headgear. The key traits of this fishing accessory are its comfort and lightweight design. The strap is gentle on the skin and is not prone to slipping. You can shift its position effortlessly, though it won’t scratch or chafe. Since the headlamp weighs less than half a pound, it is comfortable on your neck, too. The light itself consists of three independent LED bulbs. Together, you get a full 6000 lumens, enough to brighten the fishing site. You can use them separately or together, depending on the ambient lighting. For emergencies, there is also a strobe light option. Moving over a full 90-degree range, this light maneuvers easily. 

Keep in mind that while it is waterproof, it is designed for exposure to rain and not meant to be submerged in deep water. So long as it stays above ground, however, it is a great option.

For those who want more of a traditional lighting scheme, the ODEAR Super Bright Rechargeable Spotlight is a fantastic option. It is crafted with small LED bulbs that are encased behind a firm, waterproof layer. The spotlight structure can focus the light beam up to over three-quarters of a kilometer. It is a bright, white light that adds clarity to your surroundings. The waterproof features make it well-suited to the ambient spray of fishing. Plus, since the bulbs can last for upwards of 100,000 hours, you don’t need to worry about maintenance. The rechargeable battery is lithium-based. It connects to a USB cord and lasts for up to eight hours on a lower setting. Earning an honorable mention for its blending the features of a traditional flashlight and modern headlamp, this is a good way to go. 

It’s worth noting, however, that while it is very bright, there are only three different lighting settings. What it lacks in versatility, though, it definitely makes up for in quality.

The GearLight LED Headlamp is a basic but effective accessory for fishermen. The LED light has a three-hour run time on high and a 45-hour run time on low. Powered by three AAA batteries, it weighs a total of 3 ounces and is lightweight when you wear it during outdoor activities. It features an adjustable, removable, and washable headband and a pivoting head that can move 45 degrees, so you can direct the light where you need it the most. There are seven lighting modes, including strobe and SOS, and it's water and shock-resistant. What makes this product most appealing is that two come in the package, so you have an extra as a backup.

However, you have to purchase the batteries separately, which drives up the cost. Also, the red beam is not particularly bright, and it's not as comfortable to wear as some other brands.

The OUTDOOR PRO GEAR Super Bright Headlamp stands out both in terms of brightness and adjustable features. It is powered by replaceable AA batteries that last for a long time. The three bulbs work separately, letting you choose from a trio of light intensity settings. At full power, it gives off 9,500 lumens. What sets this headlamp apart, however, is the magnifying feature on the light’s face. It lets you zoom in and out quickly, with the simple twist of a knob. This means you can spread the light out over a wide range to see a larger area. Focusing in on something specific? Intensify the light beam on that one spot. It is easy to control and lets you customize the lighting to your specific needs. 

The band itself is comfortable, though relatively thin. While it fits well under a hat, it can irritate after you use it for longer periods.

Do you prefer fishing with company? If so, the VONT Spark LED Headlamps are worth looking into. This set comes with a pair of headlamps, both featuring bold LED lights. It is affordably priced, fitting into most budgets easily. The lights themselves last for long periods (up to 90 hours). With seven different modes, all controlled by a single button, you can choose the optimal intensity. For security’s sake, there is also a strobe setting. Each of the lights maneuvers over a 45-degree angle, letting you direct the beam to the specific spot you need illuminated. Waterproof and very comfortable, the sleek design fits well on heads of all sizes. Highly durable, these headlamps are built to withstand everything from moisture to impact and keep on working. 

Though these headlamps are bright and cost-effective, they do lack an overhead strap. Over time, this can cause strain on the circumference since there is no way to relieve that pressure.

Searching for a headlamp that will work in all weather? Take a look at the BEAUTIKEN High Lumen Headlamp. It is crafted using powerful waterproofing technology. Resistant to cold and heat, this light works well in pretty much all conditions. The battery case is also sealed against moisture damage, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking down mid-trip. It comes with rechargeable batteries and a USB cord to connect it to a laptop or an AC adapter. The light itself consists of eight LED bulbs, working independently from one another. Two separate control buttons command the eight different settings. Ranging from side lighting to SOS modes, this headlamp is a great way to keep your fishing hole bright. Attaching comfortably through an elastic strap, this band holds tightly throughout your trip. 

It’s worth noting that, while the light is powerful, it is on the heavier end. Working well for short to medium-length excursions, the light can eventually cause neck strain due to the weight.

Need something that you can count on when you’re in the wilderness? Consider the ENERGIZER Bright Headlamp. It is light enough to be easy to wear over long periods. The headlamp is relatively simplistic. A thin band runs across the circumference of your head and meets a low-profile lighting setup in the front. While it may have a basic design, this headlamp is not short on features. It is easy to maintain and adjusts almost effortlessly. Designed to resist a wide range of damage, including impact, this light is excellent for long-term wear. It can reach up to 35 meters into the distance. Looking to preserve the battery life? Set it to the low mode to prevent premature drain. Comfortable and suited to fishers of all ages, this is a reliable headlamp for the outdoors. 

Bear in mind that, while this is a good selection, it provides relatively limited light. With only 100 lumens at the highest setting, it works best as a supplemental (not a main) light source.


  • Check the charge of your headlamp before you depart for your fishing trip. If it takes replaceable batteries, bring a set with you. 
  • To preserve power, use the headlamp at the lowest possible lighting mode. It also prevents wear and tear on the light bulbs themselves.
  • Adjust the headband to a slightly tight setting. The material will naturally loosen as you wear it. 
  • If the unit takes replaceable batteries and you don’t plan to use it for a while, take the batteries out. It prevents acid leakage. 
  • Keep the headlamp clean and properly maintained. Avoid scratches on the face and keep the strap and closure clean. 
  • Prevent dust from accruing on the control button. It will make it easier to change lighting settings while you are on the go. 
  • Don’t submerge the headlamp in water even if it is waterproof. These ratings apply to ambient water and precipitation, not to depth and pressure.


Q: What is the best headlamp for fishing?

The best headlamp for fishing has multiple light settings. Opt for something with independent LED bulbs and a high amount of lumens. Choose a comfortable strap that’s easy to adjust. A solid option is the OUTERDO Rechargeable Headlamp. It has easy controls and is waterproof to prevent damage while fishing. 

Q: How much is the best headlamp for fishing?

Headlamps for fishing fall into different price ranges. You can get a headlamp set up for less than $20, equipped with quality lights and an adjustable strap. Higher-end selections can run over $30. These will usually let you adjust the angle of the light, the intensity, and be very durable. 

Q: How can I choose a good headlamp for fishing?

To pick a good headlamp for fishing, opt for something rechargeable. Pick something that has multiple LED bulbs that work independently of one another. This will give you the most options for light intensity. Opt for something with a comfortable strap that is slip-resistant. Choose something that isn’t too heavy, especially if you plan on taking longer trips. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you’re acquainted with the finer details of headlamps for fishing, you can make your pick. It might be the OUTERDO Rechargeable Headlamp or the awesome value of the HeroBeam Fishing Headlamp. There’s an option for everyone.