The Best Garage Floor Tiles (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023

Protect your garage floor and make it safer with these garage floor tiles.

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BYGregory Bradshaw/ LAST UPDATED ON March 21, 2021

Home garages are a haven for many homeowners. Many of us have performed auto mechanic work on either our current or classic vehicles in our garages. Homeowners install garage floor tiles for a variety of reasons. They may insist on a specific design to accentuate their garage. They may want to install tiles that protect their garage floor from oil, paint, or any other substances that could ruin the original garage floor’s integrity.

Finding the most efficient garage floor tile option isn’t a chore that should be taken lightly. Installing garage floor tile is a time-consuming project. The chore of moving everything out of your garage to accommodate your tiling project is time-consuming enough. Measuring your garage floor’s area is important in determining the amount of tile you’ll need. However, the result is a safe and secure work area that provides additional value to your workspace. Without further ado, here is our review of the best garage floor tiles.

Best Overall
Innhom Interlocking Foam Mats

Innhom Interlocking Foam Mats


Light, durable, black, and gray dual-sided mats provide seamless installation in any garage.


Durable and non-toxic. Can be used in children’s rooms basements, and other workspaces.


Can come apart after only a short time of wear and tear.

Best Value

BeMaxx Interlocking Soft Foam Floor Mats


Black, foam-based option contains 18 pieces that can be installed in puzzle form.


Contains smaller mats to provide more flexibility for installation.


Soft foam construction can lead the mats to become dented by heavy objects.

Honorable Mention

Yes4All EVA Interlocking Exercise Foam Floor Mats


This foam option comes in a variety of colors, as well as a variety of sizes.


Provides sound and shock absorption.


Best used in your garage; too thin for other rooms.

Garage Floor Tiles Benefits

  • Protect your floor from substance spills. While working in your garage, it’s possible to spill water and oil on your garage floor. Garage floor tiles help absorb these spills while maintaining your garage floor’s integrity.
  • Water- and oil-resistant. This helps prevent slips and falls. They are also easy to clean, with many tiling options requiring only soap and water to clean.  
  • Provide health benefits. Purchasing a softer tile option helps reduce back, joint, and leg strain. Softer tiling options are common in auto mechanic shops where a softer floor surface becomes extremely helpful for mechanics that stand for a long period.
  • Slip-resistant. In maintaining the theme of health benefits, various surface patterns like diamond patterns make each tile slip-resistant. These various patterns offer a firm stepping surface in place of common flat and smooth garage floors.
  • Unique look enhances décor. This gives your garage a cosmetic look for you to be proud of. It could also add value to your garage in case you’re looking to sell your house.
  • Serve a variety of functions. Not only can foam-based tiling be used for garage floor tiling options, but they can also be used for the kitchen, living room, and especially for children’s playrooms.

Type of Garage Floor Tiles

Hard Plastic Tiles

These tiles are the most common, with many of them constructed in high-impact polypropylene built to support heavy objects and maintain original floor integrity.

Foam-Based Tiles

This option is made thicker than its plastic counterpart to reduce back, leg, and joint strain caused by long periods of standing on your feet. This option is also conducive to noise absorption designed to reduce noise and vibration.

Top Brands


This China-based company was established in 2011 and provides products for the outdoors as well as indoors. This mini heat gun fits seamlessly with the garage themed focus of this review.


This German-based company focuses mostly on workout mats designed to streamline your daily workout. These mats can also be used for your garage floor tiling needs, providing the versatility that is essential for any product.


Founded in 2010, this company focuses primarily on products for pets, yoga, and home appliances. It also provides garage floor tiling options that allow them to remain competitive in today’s forever changing market. Additional items like this barbell squat pad make this garage floor tiling option worthwhile.

Garage Floor Tile Pricing

  •  $20-$100: Garage tiling options in this price range are constructed primarily of foam and are thicker in stature to reduce leg, back, and joint pain. They also can be used for other rooms in your home like the kitchen or children’s play area.
  • $100 and up: This price range focuses primarily on tiles made from impact-resistant plastic. This oil proof option provides optimal protection for your floor. It also contains flat surface diamond or circle patterns that provide a firm walking surface.

Key Features


Garage floor tiles are constructed in either impact-resistant plastic or foam. The impact-resistant plastic option protects your garage floor from heavy objects that might chip or break your floor. The foam option is thicker in height to reduce back or leg strain. It is also vibration resistant and reduces sound impact within the room where the tile is placed.


The impact-resistant plastic option is oil and waterproof. This protects the tiles from oil stains and other standing substances that can cause slip and falls. This option contains flat surface diamond or circular patterns that provide a firm grip while walking.


The impact-resistant option can be assembled using the loop to peg the interlocking snap-in method. In contrast, the foam constructed option is designed in an interlocking puzzle piece assembly. The regularly sized foam mats can be easily cut apart to provide optimal space efficiency. They also contain corner and end pieces to further provide space efficiency.

Other Considerations

  • Versatility. The impact-resistant plastic option can be cleaned slightly more efficiently than the foam option because it is less time-consuming to clean plastic. The foam option is a little more versatile because it can be used in other rooms of your home in addition to your garage.

Best Garage Floor Tiles Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Selecting an efficient garage floor tiling option is imperative because of its time-consuming nature. Innhom Interlocking Floor Mats are the most efficient option on our list. Each foam mat contains six black and six gray tiles, each measuring 23.6 inches x 23.6 inches x 0.4 inches. It also contains 24 end borders to provide a seamless installation. This option is waterproof, which will prevent slippage from water spills. They also can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or mild soap to maintain tile integrity. This option is designed in an interlocking fashion not unlike a jigsaw puzzle to further provide a seamless installation. 

While this option tends to offer a little more softness than some prefer, it does provide efficiency in reducing working noise within your garage. It is also versatile enough for use in other rooms in your house, even children’s play areas. Innhom provides a reasonably priced garage floor tiling option that earns its Best Overall distinction on our list.

Installing garage floor tile can be a time consuming and expensive project that many of us dread. You need an option that provides the efficiency and value to streamline this already tedious project. BeMaxx Interlocking Soft Foam Floor Mats provides an option that enhances your garage’s integrity without sacrificing cost-efficiency. This kit contains 18 pieces, with each piece measuring 12.6 inches in length and width, as well as 0.4 inches in thickness. It is also designed in puzzle piece form along with accompanying edge pieces designed to accommodate the area you wish to be covered regardless of area size. This option protects your garage floor from scratches and skid marks to maintain garage floor integrity. It's also eco-friendly. Its non-toxic, EVA foam construction provides an anti-slip surface that maintains your balance without breathing any toxic fumes from other garage tiling options. 

BeMaxx further maximizes its value considering these tiles can also be used in other areas of the house. This option serves as a valuable solution for any garage tiling project.

No garage tiling review list would be complete without an option that encompasses the efficiency and durability you command in any garage tiling option. Yes4All EVA Interlocking Exercise Foam Floor Mats provides those attributes and more. This option contains 36 tiles each measuring twelve inches in length and width, as well as 7/16 inches in thickness. Its high-density EVA construction provides a soft standing surface designed to ease back and leg strain due to standing for long periods. This option is designed to reduce noise to maintain audio integrity for your garage’s adjoining rooms. Its puzzle piece design is lightweight, allowing for quick connection or disconnection in any garage. 

This tile also provides stabilization for gym equipment for those that prefer their daily treadmill or weight training regimens in the privacy of their garage. There’s also no need to worry about maintaining tile integrity and safety. These tiles are waterproof and can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

Few garage floor tiling options provide a distinctive look while providing optimal results. New Forest Interlocking Floor Mats is one of the few options that provide optimal results while accentuating your garage décor. Each tile measures 24 inches in length and width. Each tile measures 3/8 inch in thickness, which provides extra padding necessary to reduce back, joint, and leg strain during long stretches on your feet. Each tile is designed in an interlocking form to provide a seamless and timely installation process. This option comes in seven different colors and gives the appearance of a wood grain floor. 

New Forest Interlocking Floor Mats can be used in any room in your house, providing an uncanny blend of efficiency and sophistication that no other garage flooring option can provide.

Minimizing the frustration that comes with every garage tile installation project can be seamlessly made by selecting the right garage tile option. Zeny Foam Interlocking Tiles provides an option that streamlines your garage’s transition period. This option contains 24 tiles that each measure 24.8 inches in length and width, as well as ¾ inches in height. The thickness provides the softness you need to withstand long periods of standing on your feet. Each symmetrical tile is constructed in a puzzle piece fashion to prove easy installation. Each package also contains two borders that help streamline the installation process. 

Zeny is constructed in high-density EVA foam that is nontoxic, eliminating the danger of inhaling toxic fumes that other options may contain. It's waterproof, to provide the durability you demand from any garage tiling option. Zeny offers the reliability you demand from any garage tiling option.

If you’re looking for a garage floor tiling option that will benefit you in the long run, this option is exactly what you’re looking for. American Floor Mats are designed to withstand everyday wear and tear while maintaining garage floor integrity. This option is constructed in an interlocking style designed to fit each tile seamlessly. The installation process becomes more streamlined with this option because it does not require adhesive. This adhesive-free option allows for easier maneuvering of tiles without leaving a sticky mess onto your garage floor. This option provides center, border, and corner tiles that allow for seamless and time-efficient installation. These floor mats can also serve as a floor tiling option for exercise rooms as well as children’s play areas. 

Garage floor tiling projects demand a multipurpose tiling option that provides optimal results. GarageTrac Diamond Garage Flooring Tile provides the results you demand from any garage floor tile. Constructed in an interlocking fashion that is designed to snap tiles together without the use of any glue or tools, its diamond top flooring designed was made specifically to prevent slips and falls while maintaining all safety guidelines. 

GarageTrac tiles are easy to clean with either a standard vacuum or shop vacuum, maintaining daily tile integrity. This option comes in five different colors to give your area of choice a distinct look that safeguards your garage floor from scratches and skid marks. If you’re looking for your garage floor to stand out from the rest while maintaining standard safety guidelines, then look no further than GarageTrac.

Garage flooring projects aren’t designed for just garage floor protection. Choosing a suitable garage flooring option must consider other functions. Speedway Diamond Garage Floor Tile provides more than just an efficient garage floor protection option, it also helps to maintain garage floor integrity beneath the surface. Speedway is specifically designed to allow water and air to flow freely between your garage floor and tile to prevent floor damage. This option is also designed to prevent the growth of mold, maintaining optimal air quality status. 

Contains seven different colors to choose from, providing a distinctive style for every flooring project. Each tile measures 12 inches in length and width, 0.5 inches in thickness, and weighs 35 pounds. Speedway provides an efficient and durable tiling option that allows them to stand out against the competition.

Many garage flooring options provide unique characteristics that allow for garage floor maintenance. IncStores Garage Flooring provides such an option. This option contains 52 tiles, with each tile measuring 12 inches in each length and width. This option is made from impact-resistant plastic, which prevents your garage floor from getting chipped or damage from dropping heavy tools or placement of heavy objects. This option is configured in an easy to snap-together design that streamlines your garage flooring project considerably. It is also stain and slip-resistant, which helps maintain your garage floor’s integrity while preserving all safety standards. This option also comes in 23 different colors to satisfy ever do-it-yourselfer’s particular standards. IncStores provides another efficient garage flooring option designed to last.

Products that provide multipurpose and durability will always secure a place on every list of must-have items. Clevr Interlocking Foam Mats is one of those must-have items. Each floor mat measures 24 inches in length and width, and one inch in thickness. This option’s one-inch thickness is designed for optimal sound absorption in addition to alleviating standing. Each mat is constructed in a lightweight, puzzle piece form designed to seamlessly interlock for optimal assembly. This option is toxic-free, allowing for seamless breathing for those with respiratory issues. These mats are nonskid and easy to clean, providing safety while preserving this item’s shelf life. Each mat contains a reversible dual-color design, with one side colored black and the other side gray. This design allows users to turn over the mat and interchange colors when necessary. Clevr offers everything necessary to streamline garage floor tile installation.


  • When choosing a garage flooring option, it’s best to strongly consider an option that contains flat surface patterns that help maintain your ability to walk on tiled floor.


Q: What is the best tile for a garage floor?

The best tile for a garage floor is plastic constructed tile because it is impact- and slip-resistant.

Q: How much is the best tile for a garage floor?

The best tile for a garage floor carries a price tag between $120 and $240.

Q: Who makes the best tiles for the garage floor?

The best tile for a garage floor is made by Innhom because of the versatility and safety it provides.

Final Thoughts

For the standard in garage titling, consider the Innhom Interlocking Foam Mats. For a less expensive option, opt for the BeMaxx Interlocking Soft Foam Floor Mats.

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