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The Best Magnifying Lamps (Review & Buying Guide) 2021

See the finer details easier with a magnifying lamp

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BY/ LAST UPDATED ON January 25, 2021

Do you work with small items, tiny parts, and hard-to-see pieces? You don’t have to struggle and strain your eyes as you work on complicated and compact projects — if you have the tools, that is. A magnifying lamp is the perfect workspace accessory and tool for anyone working with small details or tackling very precise processes. A magnifying lamp can help you see tiny details, parts, and pieces without difficulty, increasing your ability to see.

These unique lamps can help prevent problems like eye strain, vision fatigue, and dull lighting. Whether you’re a hobbyist, a jeweler, or even performing industrial inspections, there are plenty of ways you can benefit from a magnifying lamp. Check out some of the best magnifying lamps on the market in our guide below.

Best Overall

Brightech LightView Pro Flex Magnifying Lamp


Constructed of glass, this lamp magnifies objects 175 percent. It has a 3-inch lens and focuses on items up to 13 inches away.

  • Excellent clarity
  • Diopter glass is less likely to fog up
  • Flexible gooseneck can be angled many ways
  • Neck could be a little more rigid
  • Power cord is a little short. Base is a little unstable
Best Value

Dylviw Bright Light Magnifier Lamp


This affordable lens provides  200 percent magnification. It's made of metal, has an LED bulb, and measures 11.2 x 5.2 x 3.9 inches.

  • Light is clear and bright
  • Brightness is adjustable
  • Features an adjustable, flexible gooseneck
  • Clamp is a little weak
  • Flexible arm may not stay in place
  • Lens scratches easily
Honorable Mention

V-LIGHT Full Spectrum Magnifier Task Lamp


This lamp has a three-diopter glass lens and magnifies items by 175 percent. It has a protective cover and uses a 12-watt light bulb.

  • Provides a glare-free line of sight
  • Base is heavy, so it’s less likely to tip over
  • Two mounting options
  • No clamp included
  • Light could be a little brighter
  • Light may burn out after a short period of use
The Best Magnifying Lamps (Review & Buying Guide) 2021

Benefits of Magnifying Lamps

  • Provide close-up views of tiny objects. You commonly see them at salons and spas where they are favored by beauticians, estheticians, and others who want to magnify a person's skin, nails, etc. Dentists, jewelers, and tattoo artists also use magnifying lamps in their professions.
  • Illuminate large surface areas. They provide plenty of light and help you see what the naked eye struggles to decipher in detail.
  • Prevent eye strain and fatigue. Magnifying lamps prevent eye strain when working on tiny pieces, particularly if precision is required. It is a useful device for older adults who need a little help reading the newspaper or other periodicals.

Types of Magnifying Lamps

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Stationary Light

Stationary magnifying lamps are similar to regular household lamps. They have a strong, stable base and a neck that resembles a traditional lamp. Often the arm/neck is flexible so that you can adjust it to the proper position. Some are designed to be placed on the floor, while others can be perched upon a desk or table.

You can use this type of lamp for reading or working on detailed craft projects. The downside is that the floor lamps, in particular, are less portable than those that are a little smaller. Also, if the base isn't heavy enough, it can tip over.

Clip-On Light

Clip-on magnifying lamps are much more portable, and you can use them in a variety of places. They are relatively compact, and some are smaller than stationary magnifying lamps. You can attach them to books or clipboards, making them very convenient for tasks such as reading.

Some clip-on magnifying lamps can be affixed to a workbench, tabletop, or desk, allowing you to complete tasks in the garage or a craft room with ease. This type of lamp is very versatile, and you can take it with you on the go should you need an option that works at home, in the office, and/or in the workshop.

Top Brands


Britech is a designer lighter company based in Los Angeles, Calif. Although it's only been around for eight years, the company has served over one million customers and produces indoor and outdoor lighting solutions. We recommend the Brightech LightView Pro Flex Magnifying Lamp.


NeatFi is a family-oriented company based in Scottsdale, Ariz. It creates lighting systems with LED lights and aims to deliver unique and stylish solutions to its user base. One of its popular products is the Neatfi XL Bifocals Super LED Magnifier Lamp.

Magnifying Lamp Pricing

  • $20-$40: The great thing about magnifying lamps is that they are quite affordable. Higher-quality and more feature-rich products will have a higher cost.

Key Features 


One of the essential features to consider when choosing a magnifying lamp is how much it actually magnifies an object. In general, they don't have a super-high level of magnification—they're intended to provide a little bit of magnification to aid in reading or to help you complete a sewing project.

At the very least, look for a product that provides at least five times magnification, which should be enough power to do most tasks around the home. However, if you know you need to perform extremely detailed work, look for units that provide even more magnification, so you can get the job done right.


Some magnifying lamps are brighter than others. One way to tell the difference between products is by looking at the bulb's number of lumens. At the very least, it should have 1,200 lumens—the more lumens it has, the brighter the light will be. Some brands even have adjustable lighting, which is very convenient.

If you want to control the brightness level, look for lights with a dimmer switch, so you can choose how much light is emitted. You can crank the brightness up or down, depending on the project. The more settings, the better because you will have more control overall.


Many magnifying lamps have flexible necks, so you're able to manipulate the device for the best position for your particular project. The more flexible the neck is, the easier it is to use. You can grasp the neck and move it closer for a good look at the item or move it out of the way when you no longer need the magnification.

This adjustability is very convenient, particularly if you don't need to stare through the lens the entire time you're working on a project. Some brands can be angled 360 degrees, while others aren't as versatile in their movement, so make sure to choose one that suits your needs.

Other Considerations 

  • Lens Type. A magnifying lamp has either a glass or plastic lens built into the frame. Given a choice, you should always choose one with a glass lens because it's superior. Glass transmits light better and is more durable and long-lasting. It doesn't scratch as easily as a plastic lens. It's also easier to clean. The advantage of a plastic lens is that it's a little less expensive.
  • Battery Life. While stationary magnifying lamps typically plug into a wall outlet, many clip-on units have batteries. The good news is that LED lights can last a good amount of time on a single charge. However, not all lamps are the same, so check the battery life to make sure it won't turn off while you're in the middle of a project.

Best Magnifying Lamp Reviews & Recommendations 2021

The Brightech LightView Pro Flex Magnifying Lamp gives you the close-up sight you need when working with small parts and pieces. This magnifying lamp, which is made out of genuine glass, magnifies whatever you’re looking at by 175 percent. It delivers excellent clarity so you can see the tiniest details while you work. The 3-inch lens of this magnifying glass features diopter glass, which is less likely to fog and can focus items that are as far as 13 inches away. 

You can direct the light of the lamp and perfectly position the magnifying glass easily thanks to its 13.5-inch long flexible gooseneck that can be angled any way you’d like. It’s ideal for hands-free magnification and a clear, easy line of sight. 

The Dylviw Bright Light Magnifier Lamp might be affordably priced, but this is one surprisingly powerful and useful magnifying lamp. This lamp can magnify whatever is under its lens by 200 percent — more than most competing and expensive products. Measuring 11.2 x 5.2 x 3.9 inches in size, this magnifying lamp is made out of metal with an LED bulb that delivers clear, bright lighting to alleviate eye strain issues. You can even adjust the lamp’s brightness with two energy-efficient settings available. 

A flexible gooseneck makes the lamp very adjustable, allowing you to bend and angle it as needed. Overall, the lamp makes it so much easier and more comfortable to perform tasks like embroidery, model making, and even soldering repairs.

The V-LIGHT Full Spectrum Magnifier Task Lamp is an excellent choice for anyone who needs versatility from a magnifying lamp. Featuring a powerful 3-diopter glass lens, this lamp can enlarge whatever is under its lens by 175 percent. A protective cover keeps the glass lens in fog-free shape. The magnifying lens is surrounded by natural daylight that’s provided by a 12-watt full spectrum light bulb, so you’ll have a vivid, glare-free line of sight as you work. 

This magnifying lamp stands 19 inches tall atop a heavy weighted base that isn’t prone to moving or tipping over. And you can easily adjust the lamp thanks to the three-point adjustable architect-style arms and two different mounting choices that allow for attachment on any work surface.

The ADDIE LED Magnifying Lamp is simply a step above similar products. This impressive magnifying lamp does come with a higher price, but it’s well worth it considering all of the benefits you’ll get when you use it. The magnifying lens measures 4 inches in diameter and is made out of real optical glass — magnifying your vision by an incredible 225 percent. There are 120 LED lights around the lens that offer long-lasting, energy-efficient lighting for whatever you’re working on. Those LED lights deliver 6000K and 1,200 lumens of cool white light. 

You can control the brightness level with this magnifying lamp’s dimming power. You won’t experience glare while you work, and thanks to an adjustable arm, you can bend or angle the light to direct it as needed.

The YOUKOYI LED Magnifying Lamp offers so much more than just simple magnification. It’s a very comprehensive magnifying lamp, with several features and benefits that will make your life easier and your ability to see even better. The lamp’s magnifying lens offers five times magnification, giving you appropriate magnification for reading, beading, stitching, and other hobbies or detail work. An array of 64 LED lights deliver long-lasting brightness as well as three different color temperatures to help you achieve the perfect light for your work. 

A dimming feature lets you choose your level of brightness from 10 to 100 percent. You can attach this magnifying lamp to any workspace, thanks to the included clamp. The adjustable swing arm makes it easy to control.

The Brightech LightView Pro 6 Wheel Rolling Base Magnifying Floor Lamp is great for sewing and craft projects, as well as tattooing and beauty services. It features a dimmer switch, so you can control the exact amount of light it emits. It has a 3-inch-wide diopter glass lens that magnifies objects up to 175 percent. The 800-lumen LED light is scratch resistant, won't heat up, and will last 20,000 hours. The six wheels roll smoothly, and the pivoting head allows you to rotate the lamp as you require. 

It has a focusing distance of 13 inches, and the company provides a three-year warranty should you have any issues with the product. While the base is sturdy and heavy, that can make it a little challenging to roll around, which can be frustrating for specific tasks.

We chose the JollyCaper LED Magnifying Lamp as an honorable mention because it provides comfortable lighting and magnification so that you can complete a myriad of projects. It provides both five times and 10 times magnification, making it great for repairing small items, such as mobile phone electronics. It comes with a dust cover to keep dust out, and the neck rotates 360 degrees without deforming. It features high-quality lenses and 40 LED lights that provide excellent illumination. The lamp's base also includes space for screws, beads, and other small items that you don't want to lose. 

Unfortunately, the neck's length is a little short, which can make some tasks a little awkward. The small five times extra magnification lens also tends to get in the way of the larger lens.

The Neatfi XL Bifocals Super LED Magnifier Lamp has a large, seven-inch-wide magnifying lens, adjustable arm, and a multi-positional head. You can focus the light in the exact spot you require, and it has two lenses: a five-diopter lens with 225 percent magnification and a 20-diopter lens with 600 percent magnification. The LED light is 1600 lumens with a color temperature of 5600K-6000K. Another great feature of this lamp is its dimming ability—you can adjust the brightness in four different ways. 

The manufacturer provides a three-year warranty, which provides some peace of mind. One downside is the angles are preset, so you don't have as much adjustability as you do with some rival brands. The lamp may also move out of position relatively easily.


  • Consider the type of workspaces people typically have. Some lamps are more suitable to light a garage, while others are best for reading while you're relaxing on your couch.
  • To clean the lenses, mix soap or cleanser with warm water and gently wipe the lens to remove acrylic paint and other debris.
  • The majority of glass lenses on magnifying lamps don't have special coatings, so you don't have to worry about inadvertently damaging them when you clean them.
  • As for plastic lenses, avoid harsh cleaning chemicals. Dish soap and warm water are your best bet, but you can also use a Windex-type product.


Q: What is the best magnifying floor lamp?

A: Many magnifying lamps provide useful magnification and brightness, and one good floor lamp option is the Light It! By Fulcrum, 12 LED Wireless Magnifying Floor Lamp.

Q: How do I choose a magnifier?

A: Decide how much magnification you require, and make sure it’s bright enough to help you with your task—whether that's working on mechanics or lighting a workspace. Also, determine if you want a stationary lamp or one that clips on to a book, bench, or desk. 

Q: What is the strongest magnifying glass you can buy?

A: You can get lamps with a variety of different magnification levels. At the very least, choose one that magnifies objects by at least five times. Some provide 600 percent modification or more.

Final Thoughts

We like the Brightech LightView Pro Flex Magnifying Lamp because it magnifies objects 175 percent and can focus on items that are up to 13-inches away. It also has an adjustable and flexible gooseneck, so you can angle it in any direction you want. For a more budget-friendly option, consider the Dylviw Bright Light Magnifier Lamp.