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The Best Tent Stakes (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

Consider these tent stakes to keep your tent secure during windy weather and all other conditions.

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BY/ LAST UPDATED ON July 8, 2021

Have you ever had to chase your fully constructed tent across a campsite or struggled with it during windy conditions? Tent stakes might not seem so critical when you’re setting up your tent — after all, your gear and your own weight should seem like enough to hold down a tent. But these slim, metal stakes can make a big difference.

Tent stakes can pin your lightweight camping tent down to the ground, securing it just in case it moves or blows away from your campsite. They can easily pin your tent down in the grass, dirt, and other terrain. If you need a set of tent stakes that’ll make your next tent adventure more secure, check out the following options in our buying guide below.

Best Overall

Eurmax Galvanized Non-Rust Tent Stakes


The stakes are sold in a pack of 10, along with four 10-foot ropes and one green stopper. These tent stakes are heavy-duty in their construction.

  • Made out of galvanized steel for corrosion resistance and won’t falter when used in rain and snow
  • Designed with milled points, making it easy to secure your tent and large heads for easy mallet driving
  • Not the most durable material, particularly if used on rock hard ground
  • Stakes could easily snap, so make sure to have some spare stakes available
Best Value

ALAZCO Galvanized Steel Tent Pegs


Measuring 9 inches long and 4 millimeters in diameter, these tent stakes are long enough to stake deeply and securely into any terrain.

  • Large non-slip hook at the top of each stake allows you to attach rope or easily anchor your tent from its staking holes or materials
  • Made out of heavy-duty steel with a galvanized finish for great rust resistance
  • Very thin with a chance of breaking
  • Easy to lose, so make sure to have a good supply of backup stakes as replacements
Honorable Mention

SE Heavy-Duty Metal Tent Stake Set


The stakes are sold in a set of 20 and are made out of highly durable galvanized steel with tough, thermoplastic PVC stoppers at the head.

  • Tips of the stakes feature milled points, which allow you to stake down your tent even in hard soil
  • Stakes will hold up thanks to their superior resistance to both rust and corrosion
  • If pulled out of dry, hard ground, the stake's plastic part tends to break, particularly if using tools
  • It’s recommended to use your hand to manually pull out stakes to avoid breaking
The Best Tent Stakes (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

Benefits of Tent Stakes

  • Lightweight: Tent stakes are compact and can easily fit in your backpack while on long hiking or camping trips. Make sure to always carry some extra stakes with you, as they are thin and easy to lose in your luggage.
  • Security: Tent stakes provide reliability and stability for your tent in a variety of weather conditions. The best tent stakes can be used in hazardous conditions, even in snow and frozen ground, to keep your tent upright and secure.
  • Wind-resistance: Tent stakes will prevent your tent from blowing over, even in heavy wind or large storms. With the best tent stakes, you won't have to worry about keeping your tent upright at all times.

Types of Tent Stakes

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As you can tell from the name, this type of tent stake is "V-shaped." V-shaped tent stakes have a large surface area and will not bend, rotate or break in the soil when in use. This type is an ideal tent stake to be used in packed soil or soft soil.


This type of tent stake is named for its large, curved shape, and is meant to be used in loose or sandy soils. In addition, they make ideal tent stakes to use in snow or sand. Some designs are twisted to provide more holding power. This option may weigh more, but they are necessary for desert, beach, or winter camping.


This type of stake is the most commonly used tent stake. Aluminum stakes are another popular option, but steel stakes are heavier and more durable. They are a great option for recreational camping and are used in hard soil. Titanium stakes are the premium option, but unless you’re an avid camper, steel stakes should work for their price point.

Top Brands


Eurmax, located in El Monte, California, 15 miles east of Los Angeles, has been manufacturing high quality, commercial-grade canopies, and accessories for over 15 years. In addition to canopy tents, Eurmax also makes patio umbrellas, weight bags, and more.


SE is a reputable company known for manufacturing outdoor and survival equipment, both for hobbies and emergency preparation. Some of the most popular products include emergency tents, tools, kitchen accessories, and more.


Founded in 2015, Alazco is a reputable brand headquartered in Stilwell, Kansas. Its well-made products can only be purchased directly from its website or Amazon. In addition to tent stakes, Alazco is known for automotive tools, beauty accessories, office supplies, and pet products.

Tent Stakes Pricing

  • Under $10: Tent stakes in this range offer the best bang for your buck. They are usually available in large value packs, and are made from plastic or less durable metal.
  • $10-$15: Tent stakes in this price range are the most common and are typically high quality. These tent stakes are often made from steel with little to no plastic material.
  • Over $15: This is the premium price point that offers tent stakes made from the highest quality material. These are typically made from titanium or galvanized steel that is rustproof and corrosion-resistant.

Key Features


Length is an essential factor to consider when shopping for quality tent stakes. Depending on the time of year, weather conditions, and the location where you will be camping, you may need a different size, type, or length of stake. Generally speaking, the deeper a tent stake can be placed into the ground, the better the tent will hold. 

Surface Area

The surface area is another feature that should be taken into consideration when choosing a proper tent stake for your needs. Tent stakes with larger surface areas provide greater traction and holding power. Screw-shaped tent stakes are known for their large surface area, particularly useful for sand and snow if camping in a desert, the beach, or during the winter.


Tent stakes come in a variety of different sizes and weights. While lightweight, compact tent stakes may be easier to carry in your backpack for hiking or camping trips, make sure you bring extra stakes with you as these are not as durable. Heavy-duty tent stakes like titanium or steel may be tougher to carry, but these types of stakes have been known to last much longer.

Other Considerations

  • Warranty: The type of warranty is an important factor to consider when purchasing tent stakes. A more extended warranty proves that the manufacturer has faith in its product and stands behind their services. Many tent stakes do not come with a warranty but make sure you are purchasing from a reputable brand with quality products.
  • Metal: Tent stakes can be made from various materials, including plastic, aluminum, steel, or even titanium. Aluminum or plastic stakes are the cheapest, but they have been known to break in frozen or hard soil. Titanium stakes are available at a premium price, but they are nearly unbreakable. Steel stakes are the most common option and great for recreational camping.
  • Soil conditions: The type of climate you live in or the time of year you will be camping are important considerations when choosing a proper tent stake for your needs. If you are camping in the desert, you will want to purchase a tent stake with a large surface area that works well in the sand. If you are camping in the winter, you will not want to buy aluminum or plastic stakes.

Best Tent Stakes Reviews & Recommendations 2021

The Eurmax Galvanized Non-Rust Tent Stakes are strong enough to hold your tent down in all kinds of weather — and they are designed to work in different outdoor settings. These tent stakes are sold in a pack of 10 stakes along with four 10-foot ropes and one green stopper. They measure approximately 1/4-inch in diameter and are 10-inches tall. Each stake is made out of galvanized steel, so they have excellent corrosion resistance and won’t falter when used in rain and snow. These stakes also have milled points, making it easy to secure your tent even when it’s sitting on stiff silk and large heads for easy mallet driving. 

One downside is that these stakes are not made from the most durable material. They could snap, so make sure to have some spare stakes available, particularly if you plan to use them on rock hard ground.

If you’re working with a small tent or an exceptionally lightweight tent, then a set of IIT Galvanized Steel Tent Pegs is a great choice. These tent stakes are thin with just a 4-millimeter diameter, but they can keep your tent from blowing away with the breeze while you’re camping. Made out of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel and nine-inches long, you get a set of 30 tough stakes in one package. You’ll have plenty of stakes — including extras just in case you lose a few — and they can be used even in wet conditions without getting damaged or corroded over time. Because these tent stakes are ideal for staking down and securing light items, they’re also a great option for canopies, netting, and tarps.

These tent stakes are an excellent option for many different activities. But if you plan to use these at the beach, desert, or with sandy soil, you may want to consider another option. The stakes tend to pop out and blow away, so make sure to carry extra with you from the set of 30 if you are using them on a long trip.

If you’re looking for incredibly secure tent stakes, take a close look at the All One Tech Aluminum Tent Stakes. These tent stakes are sold in a pack of 12 but aren’t like other basic tent stakes—they feature a unique and innovative design that helps each stake stick more securely in all kinds of outdoor terrain, from loose soil to hard soil and everything in between. They’re made out of ultra-light, high-strength aluminum with a three-sided Y design that’ll stay secure for both your tent and the ground below. Because these tent stakes are so light, they won’t add any weight to your pack — a great perk for hikers or backpackers. They’re seven-inches long and can firmly grasp the ground without getting bent or misshapen.

Although these tent stakes are very secure, be careful when removing the stakes from the ground. The All One tent stakes are made of aluminum, which can snap more easily, so be very careful not to bend or break these stakes or carry extra ones for replacements.

Affordably priced and tough, the ALAZCO Galvanized Steel Tent Pegs are a great value choice. They’re as strong as many other tent stakes, but their low price makes them an even better option. Measuring nine-inches long and four millimeters in diameter, these tent stakes are long enough to stake deeply and securely into any terrain. At the top of each stake, a large, non-slip hook allows you to attach rope or easily anchor your tent from its staking holes or materials. Each stake is made out of heavy-duty steel with a galvanized finish for great rust resistance. They’re tough and unbreakable, and they can tightly secure down your tent at any campsite. These tent stakes weigh just one ounce each, giving you a lot of strength at a perfect weight for camping.

Although they are made from high-quality material, the Alazco tent stakes are relatively thin and have a chance of breaking while in use. Due to their small size, these tent stakes are easy to lose, so make sure to have an adequate supply of backup stakes for replacements.

The Coleman Tent Stakes represent another extremely durable option. These heavy duty tent stakes are made from plated steel for a trustworthy, rustproof, and corrosion resistant product. The stakes are 12 inches long, perfect for securing your tent in hard ground or high winds. The Coleman tent stakes are available to purchase as a set of four. One stake can be placed in each corner of your tent. A one-year limited warranty is included with each purchase of these tent stakes from Coleman, a trustworthy and reliable outdoor equipment manufacturer. Despite the steel build and 12-inch size, these stakes can easily fit inside your backpack or luggage for use on long hiking, camping, climbing, fishing, or backpacking trips.

Since these tent stakes are only available to purchase as a four-pack, you may want to consider purchasing a backup set in case you lose one of these stakes. They are available at a very affordable price, so buying two sets shouldn't break your budget.

The Hikemax 10/30 Pack Plastic Tent Stakes are made from ABS plastic, a trusted material that will not bend or break. These tent stakes can be used on a variety of different types of soil and weather conditions. At a lightweight of under one ounce per stake, this product is an ideal option to carry in your backpack without adding any weight. The Hikemax tent stakes are bright yellow, so they are extremely easy to find if you drop them, even in the dark. These nine-inch long tent stakes are available to purchase in value packs of ten, so you should have plenty of backup stakes available for use if needed. In addition to camping, these tent stakes can also be used for garden netting, rain tarps, canopies, gazebos, and landscape fabric lawn edging.

One downside of the Hikemax tent stakes is that if you plan to use on extremely hard or frozen ground, they can break when installing or removing them from the ground. Make sure to always have your extra stakes from the set of ten with you if you need backups.

The AbcCanopy Tent Stakes are constructed from galvanized steel, which provides longevity, rust resistance, and corrosion resistance. These 11-inch tent stakes also include an easy-to-grip PVC top. They feature a milled point for easy insertion into hard soil and a large peghead for driving into the ground with a mallet. The PVC top is available in both orange and green color varieties. The AbcCanopy tent stakes are available to purchase as a value pack of 10 stakes per set. In addition to camping tents, these tent stakes can be used to anchor gazebos, canopies, patio and garden plant structures, landscape trim, garden netting, and other outdoor equipment. The stakes can be used in the dirt, sand, soil, grass, and even rocky ground. They are built to withstand and keep your tent stabilized, even in hazardous weather conditions and heavy winds.

The AbcCanopy tent stakes are one of the best options available, but if you purchase the green top color option, make sure you are not installing or removing your tent stakes in the dark. The dark green color easily blends in with the grass and dirt and can be hard to find if you drop this stake in the night.


  • If you live in a cold climate or plan to use your tent in the desert, beach, or during the winter, consider purchasing screw-shaped tent stakes.
  • If you are traveling on extended backpacking, camping, or hiking trips, make sure to pack extra stakes. Plastic and aluminum tent stakes, in particular, have been known to bend or break.
  • Although titanium tent stakes are generally the highest quality product available for recreational campers, steel tent stakes will work just fine.


Q: What are the best tent stakes?

Depending on your budget, climate, and time of year you will be camping, there are various tent stakes available to fit your needs. Consider screw-shaped tent stakes for sand or loose soil. V-shaped stakes are ideal for soft ground, while steel or titanium stakes are often used in hard soil.

Q: How can I use tent stakes?

Tent stakes are used to keep your tent upright and from blowing away during windy conditions or hazardous weather. Depending on the type of stake you purchase, make sure to consult your instruction manual or do some research on how to install and remove your tent stakes properly.

Q: What can I use instead of tent stakes?

We recommend using tent stakes, but if they aren’t available or yours are broken, several other options can be used to hold down your tent, including rocks, logs, sandbags, or tent weights. You can also tie your tent to a tree or post or make wooden tent stakes from scratch.

Q: How many tent stakes do you need to set a tent?

In general, you need to have at least one tent stake for each corner of the tent or four total stakes. It is recommended to use more tent stakes than this if possible and always carry a few extra stakes.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for high-quality tent stakes, consider the Eurmax Galvanized Non-Rust Tent Stakes, made from galvanized steel, or the ALAZCO Galvanized Steel Tent Pegs, featuring non-slip hooks.