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The Best Drill Press Vises: Hold Items Securely In Place

Use these top drill press vises for your metal and woodworking projects

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BY/ LAST UPDATED ON July 27, 2021

A drill press can be a great addition to your arsenal of tools, particularly if you often need to drill a lot of precision holes. It allows you to effortlessly drill as many holes as you need to exactly where they need to go without the hand fatigue that comes with using a drill. However, using a drill press without securing the workpiece to the table can lead to disastrous results — some of which can leave your workpiece mangled if you are lucky, your fingers if you’re not.

While there are many ways of securing stock to a table, vise grips and clamps are the two that immediately come to mind. But these are unreliable at best and if you are looking for secure, repeatable results, you need a drill press vise. We have taken the liberty of doing all the research for you and compiled a list of the current market’s best drill press vises. Read on to find one that is right for you.

Best Overall

Hardware Factory Store 2 Way 4-Inch Drill Press


This 4-inch drill press vise is constructed with a cast-iron base with 4-inch serrated steel jaws and cold rolled steel screws.

  • Adjustable without needing to be unbolted
  • Extremely versatile
  • Holds materials well
  • May require disassembly and cleaning before use
  • May wobble slightly
Best Value

POWERTEC R71044 DuBois Aluminum Drill Press Vise


This cast aluminum drill press vise is 9 1/8-inches long and 4.5-inches wide with a maximum jaw opening of 2-3/4 inches.

  • Effectively grips wood, plastic, and metal
  • Quick-release feature
  • Easy to store
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Mounting hardware not included
  • Not particularly solid or robust
Honorable Mention

WEN 423DPV 3-Inch Cast Iron Drill Press Vise


This 3-inch cast iron drill press vise is designed for small stock and materials such as wood, metal, and plastic.

  • Durable and stable during operation
  • Universal installation
  • Compatible with most drill presses
  • Won't clamp material over 3 inches wide
  • The handle is not particularly strong
The Best Drill Press Vises: Hold Items Securely In Place

Benefits of Drill Press Vises

  • Work safely. If you want to avoid accidents when drilling through material such as wood, metal, or plastic, then you need a proper drill press vise to hold the items securely in place and avoid accidental injuries.
  • Keep your drill from slipping. No matter what type of work you do at work or around the home, a drill press vise lets you better control your drill so it doesn't inadvertently move when you're making holes.
  • Efficiently complete a project. Whether you're building cabinets or doing other tasks around the home or on a job site, a drill press vise will help you get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Types of Drill Press Vises

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Angled Drill Press Vise

Tilting or angled drill press vises have an inner jaw that allows users to work with oddly-shaped material. These vises provide up to 45-degree angle tilting horizontally and 90-degree vertical tilting. This allows users to position material at a right angle. These vises are a good option if you plan on working with circular-shaped materials.

Quick-Release Drill Press Vise

If you want a drill press vise that's easier to use, consider one with a quick release. Adjustments are simpler to make. There is usually a central button or spot to press that opens and closes the jaws as required. However, they're not as versatile as their tilting drill press counterparts.

Top Brands


Headquartered in Elgin, Ill., WEN was founded in 1951. The company produces a wide range of products from electric jigsaws and wet wheel sharpeners to bench grinders and drill presses. We recommend the WEN 423DPV 3-Inch Cast Iron Drill Press Vise or WEN 3.25" Compound Cross Slide Industrial Strength Benchtop and Drill Press Vise.

Powertec USA

Powertec USA is based in Waukegan, Ill., and produces power tools, hand tools, craft supplies, and more designed with quality, durability, performance, and value in mind. One popular product is the POWERTEC R71044 DuBois Aluminum Drill Press Vise.

Performance Tool

Performance Tool is a brand of Wilmar Corporation, which was founded in 1971 and is based in Renton, Wash. The company produces hand tools, specialty tools, grease guns, accessories, hydraulics, and more. Check out the Performance Tool W3902 Hammer Tough 4" Drill Press Vise.

Olympia Tools

Olympia Tools in Covina, Calif., has been in business since 1973. The company makes hand tools, specialty tools, accessories, and outdoor equipment for retailers and distributors across the globe. We recommend the Olympia Tools Flat Drill Press Vise.

Wilton Tools

A Czech immigrant founded this vise manufacturing company on Wilton Avenue and Wrightwood Avenue in Chicago, Illinois, in 1941. Wilton vises were commonly used "to support the war effort" in the 40s. One top product is the Wilton 3-Inch Cradle Style Angle Drill Press Vise.

Drill Press Vise Pricing

  • Under $20: Some drill press vises are very affordable. However, they're not the highest quality and are designed for light-duty tasks. They're best for casual use and not serious DIYers or professional woodworkers and metalworkers.
  • $20-$60: Expect to pay a little more if you are a DIYer who plans on using a drill press vise regularly. These tools vary in their construction, so make sure you find one that is well-reviewed and designed with durability in mind.
  • $400 and up: Premium drill press vises can cost several hundred dollars. Industry professionals require rugged, dependable equipment that will last for years, so high-end vises are critical (and pricey).

Key Features


First and foremost, look for a product that is of high quality. If you buy an inexpensive drill press vise, it probably won't last very long and may fail within a few months. Or it may not work correctly when you receive it. Try to avoid plastic and look for tools that are built of steel.


To properly use a drill press machine, the drill press vice must be properly aligned, and not all presses fit all vises. If you're unsure of your drill press’s dimensions, simply measure the swing (the distance between the spindle to the edge of the column) and double it. Also, make sure you have the right press for the type of tool you're using (i.e., radial arm drill press or upright sensitive drill press).

Throat Depth

The distance between the top of the vise jaws to the base is known as the throat depth, and this is an important feature on a drill press vise. This measurement indicates how deep the jaws can go. If you work on extended projects or use irregular drill bits, the throat depth makes a difference.


Drill press vise jaws can be etched or textured, which gives them a better grip on certain surfaces, including metal and slippery wood. Some jaws are padded and are helpful when the material is softer or prone to scratches. You can also purchase pads separately for certain tasks. Also, consider the jaw width with the size of the material you're going to use.

Other Considerations

  • Type of Material. Some drill press vises are designed for use with certain materials. For instance, you might choose heat-treated steel jaws for heavy-duty projects, or you might want a brand that’s intended for metalworking. Some vises are more versatile and can be used with both wood and metal. Choose the one that best matches your needs.
  • Weight. Drill press vises vary widely in their weight, from several pounds to over 50 pounds. This is due to their size and application. The benefit of a heavier vise is that you may not need to bolt it down to the drill press table to prevent vibrations.

Best Drill Press Vises Reviews & Recommendations 2021

The most versatile drill press vise on the market has to be the Hardware Factory Store 2 Way 4-Inch Drill Press. Construction-wise, it doesn’t get better than a durable cast iron base with 4-inch serrated steel jaws and cold rolled steel screws. Although what makes this drill press vise stand out is its two swivel crank handles that allow you to adjust the vise front to back and left to right without unbolting the vise. It features a 3.5-inch throat opening with a 5-inch longitudinal and four and a half-inch cross travel for adequate capacity and adjustability. 

While this drill press vise is a bit more costly than others, its ability to hold stock still or move it while being drilled for small machining projects makes it ultra-versatile.

The POWERTEC DuBois cast aluminum drill press vise effectively grips wood, plastic, and metal. It has a quick-release feature that allows you to instantly clamp and reposition the material you're working on. The vise is 9 1/8 inches long and 4.5 inches wide, so it's easy to store. It has a maximum jaw opening of 2 3/4 inches that accommodates a variety of woodworking and clamping tasks. The vise is corrosion resistant and is compatible with most drill stands. Slots make it simple to mount on a table, and built-in grooves help you secure dowels and other round objects. 

Overall, it's a great lightweight vise for small projects, and the price is right. However, you need to supply your mounting hardware.

If you need a drill press vise that will adequately hold stock smaller than three inches the WEN 423DPV 3-Inch Cast Iron Drill Press Vise is what you are looking for. Its cast-iron construction provides durability and stability for drilling operations on small stock. It is perfect for many materials including woods, metals, plastics, and virtually any other material you can think of. The four mounting slots and two mounting groves allow for a solid and universal installation. It is not only compatible with all of WEN’s drill presses but also with the majority of other drill presses as well.

 While this would not be the best choice for someone that needed to clamp a four-inch piece of stock to be drilled, its full 3-inch clamping capacity makes it the perfect choice for clamping materials less than 3 inches wide.

The Delta 4-Inch Drill Press Vise is a solid product that’ll fit with many different brands of drill presses. It holds onto items firmly, keeping them in place, and it’s particularly handy for larger items that are difficult to hold while working. It’s made with cast iron and large-capacity jaws that can hold workpieces up to four inches in width. The jaws stand 2.25 inches tall from base to top. There are built-in grooves that will support dowels measuring up to 0.5 inches in diameter, and the entire drill press vise can be used with wood or metal items. This vise will keep items in their place, but it’s important to note that no mounting hardware is included. 

You’ll need to supply your own to ensure this vise stays secure on your drill press. Overall, this vise offers solid value and an effective grip.

This Olympia Tools Flat Drill Press Vise has jaws that open four-inches wide. One of the best things about this vise is its price plus it includes a bench dog lug. It feels sturdy and operates smoothly. It has rubber pieces on the handle ends and features a malleable cast steel body with a powder-coated finish. The four-hole reinforced base allows users to make quick table adjustments, while the hardened steel jaw faces are replaceable. It stays in position, is very easy to manipulate, and works well particularly if you grease the pivot ball. 

One downside is that the jaw may move slightly from side to side as you're tightening the vise. The castings are also a little imperfect, but overall it performs as intended without any issues.

If you need a vise with an angled setup, consider the Wilton 3-Inch Cradle Style Angle Drill Press Vise. It can be used in a variety of applications, such as drilling, tapping, and reaming. It features a cradle design with 90-degree vertical indexing and 1-degree increments. The drill press vise has a side tommy bar that securely locks in place from zero to 90 degrees. The material and construction are top-notch. The angle adjustment is smooth and secure when locked.  Out of the box the vise is solid with no play in the moving parts. It is adjustable and has a small footprint, which many users prefer. It's great for projects such as small metal forging. There have been some complaints that it doesn't sit flat on a drill press table. Also, it won't fit with all drill presses.


  • Make sure both the vise and the drill press are in good working order before starting a project. Inspect for cracks or other anomalies, and make safety a priority.
  • When you drill a deep hole, remove the drill bit regularly to remove chips and keep the bit lubricated.
  • Wear safety glasses or other eye protection when using a drill press and vise.
  • Be particularly careful when drilling plexiglass and other types of plastic. Make sure you're using the proper drill before taking on this type of task.


Q: What is a cross slide drill press vise?

This type of drill press vise is adjustable, and you can move the jaws into several positions. There are also two mounts.

Q: Can a drill press be used as a milling machine?

Yes, but it's not a good idea. Drill presses are designed for up/down loads, while a traditional drilling machine can tolerate sideways loads. It's vital to get the proper bit speed, and doing so can be dangerous.

Q: What should I look for when buying a drill press?

First, determine how much space you have. Floor-mounted presses take up more room than a benchtop drill press. Also, consider the drilling capacity and the types of projects you plan on tackling. Other features you should consider are motor power, drilling speeds, and price.

Final Thoughts

Our pick for the best drill press vise is the Hardware Factory Store 2 Way 4-Inch Drill Press. It features a durable cast-iron base and two swivel crank handles that allow you to adjust the vise without unbolting it. Plus, it's a very versatile machine. For a more budget-friendly option, consider the POWERTEC R71044 DuBois Aluminum Drill Press Vise.