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The Best Cut Resistant Gloves (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

Protect your hands no matter what you’re doing in a pair of these gloves

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BY/ LAST UPDATED ON September 2, 2021

The kitchen can be a dangerous place. From scalding hot surfaces to crying while cutting onions, kitchen mishaps are common. Even if you’re a pro with your kitchen knives, accidents happen all the time. And one slip of the knife can leave you with a serious injury that requires stitches. With dangers like sharp butcher’s knives and accident-prone mandoline slicers in every kitchen, it’s important to protect yourself against potential injuries. The best way to do that is with a pair of cut-resistant gloves.

Cut-resistant gloves are designed to be worn in situations where there’s a potential for injury. They can withstand the sharp slice of a knife blade and other devices that might harm your hands or fingers. While cuts might still occur, wearing a pair of cut-resistant gloves can reduce the risk of injury, keep blades from coming into contact with your hands, and increase your safety. You can check out some of the best cut resistant gloves below.

Best Overall

NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves


Wear a pair of these cut resistant gloves and have level five cut-resistance protection. They come in sizes small through extra large and colors grey and green. 

  • Both gloves are ambidextrous
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Four times stronger than leather
  • Not left and right specific gloves
  • Sharp blades can cut through the gloves
Best Value

Stark Safe Cut Resistant Gloves


These food-grade gloves will give you level five cut-resistance protection. They come in grey and sizes small through extra-large. The breathable material is five times stronger than leather.

  • Finger dexterity
  • Breathable
  • Sizing runs small
  • Lacks solid grip coating on the palm
Honorable Mention

Fortem Cut Resistant Gloves


You get two pairs of cut resistant gloves with level four cut-resistance protection. They’re food-grade quality. Choose from sizes small through extra-large. They’re constructed from 13 gauge knitted seamless nylon. 

  • Machine washable
  • Superior grip
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Can cut with a sharp blade
  • Material can unravel
The Best Cut Resistant Gloves (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

Benefits of Cut Resistant Gloves

  • Hand protection. Wearing cut resistant gloves protects your hands from sharp objects while you’re working. This reduces the risk of injury and workers’ comp claims. This means they can protect your hands from abrasions, cuts, and other injuries. 
  • Reduced downtime. With protected hands, you’ll experience fewer injuries. With fewer injuries, there are fewer instances of downtime. This leads to increased productivity as you can get more done. 
  • Increased confidence. You’ll find that when wearing protective gloves, you’ll have more confidence. This will allow you to focus more on the task at hand and less on keeping your hands safe.

Types of Cut Resistant Gloves

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These gloves have a soft and flexible coating that gives you an impressive amount of dexterity and tactile sensitivity. This coating is popular because people find that it provides both comfort and plenty of grip. Be careful when working around oils; the coating can break down with prolonged exposure to oils. 


If you’re planning on working with or around oil, then you’ll want a pair of gloves with a nitrile coating. It’s durable enough to withstand oil contact and not break down like other coatings. You’ll find that nitrile is effective at protecting against abrasion and punctures. This coating is a great alternative for those who are allergic to rubber latex. 

Natural Rubber Latex 

This is the traditional coating for gloves and is similar to rubber gloves that most people are familiar with. Similar to latex gloves, the coating can cause an allergic reaction in some people. This coating is going to provide a solid non-slip grip on most surfaces. This makes these gloves versatile in their application. They tend to fall short in wet environments. 

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) 

If you’re looking for a glove that will work well in light-duty applications, then PVC coated gloves will work fine. They aren’t as heavy-duty protective as the other coatings, but they make up for it by being abrasion resistant and cost-effective. They also excel at maintaining flexibility in cold temperatures. 

Top Brands


The NoCry brand will help you live a safer life. Whether you’re working in the garden or around the house, you can depend on NoCry’s product line of work and safety gear. With over 800,000 happy customers, you can have confidence in its products. Try out the NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves with Grip Dots for protection and secure grip. 


The Fortem brand is a line of home products that are designed to improve your everyday life. This includes cut resistant and work gloves, car accessories, tie downs, comfort cushions, and trunk organizers. The Fortem Work Gloves provide you with food-grade cut protection. 

Dex Fit

With headquarters located in South Korea, Dex Fit strives to produce affordable quality products. With international distribution, professionals anywhere in the world can depend on its line of cut resistant gloves. Check out the Dex Fit Nitrile Work Gloves for dependable quality. 

Cut Resistant Gloves Pricing

  • Under $15: The majority of gloves in this price range are a single set of gloves. They are lighter weight with a lower level of cut resistance. 
  • $15 to $25: Gloves that are in this price range come as a pack with multiple pairs of gloves. You’ll also find single pairs of gloves that are thicker and rated with a higher level of cut resistance. 
  • $25 and up: You’ll find the largest packs of gloves or high-end gloves in this price range. If you need several pairs or the most cut resistance, then these are what you need.

Key Features


While these gloves are quite forgiving when it comes to size, you’ll still want to make sure they fit. If you can’t fit the gloves over your hands, then they won’t do a very good job of protecting your hands. Your gloves need to fit snugly to maintain dexterity while not being so tight that they cut off blood circulation.  

Comfort and Dexterity 

Protective gloves tend to be thicker and bulkier than regular gloves. Look at the gauge of the gloves. A lower gauge means that it has a thicker construction, less dexterity, and heavier weight. A higher gauge means a finer and thinner construction, much better dexterity, and lighter weight gloves. You’ll find gloves that are gauge 7 through 18. 


Several protective glove options come with a coating on the fingers, thumb, and palm. It could be a complete solid layered coating, or it could be dotted. Gloves with no coating are the most dexterous but offer the least amount of grip. Dotted gloves offer a balance between grip and dexterity. Gloves with a full coating offer the most amount of grip but also sacrifice comfort and dexterity. 

Other Considerations

  • Non-Conductive. If you’re going to work around electrical hazards while also working with sharp objects, then you’ll need non-conductive gloves. This will prevent the gloves from conducting electricity and possibly delivering a shock or harming you. Look for gloves that have a silicone or rubberized coating that separates the metal in the glove with the electricity. 
  • Silicone Free. There are certain applications where silicone can be harmful. This could be because of the chemicals, paints, or other liquids that you’re working with. In these situations, you’ll want gloves that are both protective from sharp objects and silicone-free to prevent unwanted chemical reactions between your gloves and the project you’re working on. 
  • Flame and Heat Resistant. Metal is protective when it comes to sharp objects; however, it’s not protective of heat exposure. This means the gloves can be harmful when working near flames or high heat. In this situation, you’ll want gloves that are flame and heat resistant to keep your hands cool while working with your sharp object.

Best Cut Resistant Gloves Reviews & Recommendations 2021

These ambidextrous gloves offer the highest level of cut resistant material currently available. They’re four times stronger than leather, and they feature EN388 level 5 cut resistance. Made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, glass fiber, and spandex, each pair is both stretchy and strong. You can wear these gloves while working with a mandoline slicer, knives of all kinds, and cutters, graters, or peelers. They’re 100 percent food safe and machine washable. Above all else, though, these cut resistant gloves offer an excellent fit. They’re lightweight on your hands, not bulky, to ensure you can still prepare foods and work with flexibility.

One drawback of these gloves is that they aren’t left and right hand specific. This can lead to a lack of a custom fit. However, most rubber and work gloves aren’t specific to your left or right hand. These gloves cannot prevent cuts, just reduce the risk.

Made of the highest level of cut resistant material today, these gloves feature level 5 EN388 cut-resistant protection. They’re composed of food-grade polyethylene and proprietary silica based fibers. These gloves are four times stronger than leather, and they can be used for any kind of food prep. Each glove keeps your hands dexterous and able to move with a high degree of flexibility, with a snug fit that feels natural. You won’t feel folds or bulky bumps, or struggle to hold knives and other objects. Additionally, these gloves include a special perk: they’re highly breathable. They’re perfect for anyone whose hands sweat, as they’ll keep your hands dry and comfortable even in a hot kitchen. 

Unfortunately, you may find that these gloves run small. They also lack a coating or material on the palm to increase your ability to grip while wearing the gloves.

These durable cut resistant gloves are made with 13-gauge knitted seamless HHPE and nylon, which allows you to use them every day. They’re sold in a set of four gloves (or two sets), and each pair can stand up against cuts and lacerations from all different kinds of knives, graters, mandoline slicers, and peelers. But they’re also much more versatile. You can use these cut resistant gloves in other ways and places beyond the kitchen. Put them into action while performing home repairs or garage work — any setting where you might encounter sharp, dangerous objects. They’re machine washable too; just throw them in the wash to get them clean.  

One drawback of these gloves is that they are meant for lighter duty work. They are cut resistant but not cut preventative. The material of these gloves can unravel with wear and use.

These gloves work almost like a pair of traditional gloves with 3D comfort stretch fit and a non-slip grip. The palms and fingertips feature smartphone touchscreen capability via durable nitrile coating. You can use your smart devices seamlessly with these gloves on; there’s no hassle or need to remove them. Each pair protects your hands from cuts, scrapes, and punctures with lightweight 13-gauge cool HPPE and spandex material. These gloves are also backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, which means you’ll get your money back if they don’t meet your standards.

Unfortunately, you may find these gloves awkward to wear if you have shorter fingers. This can result in the fingertips extending beyond your fingers, making it awkward to work in them. However, this isn’t an issue if you have an average to long finger length. 

You don’t have to spend much to keep your hands and fingers safer from mistakes or unexpected accidents. Each pair of these cut resistant gloves will protect against cuts and abrasions, lessening your risk of a serious injury. They’re 10 times stronger than a normal pair of gloves, and they have the highest level of cut resistance available: EN388 level 5. These gloves are made of high-performance cut-resistant HDPE material, which delivers protection without sacrificing your comfort or your hand dexterity. Elastic nylon is blended into the material, which ensures the gloves are stretchy yet perfectly snug. They’re also easy to keep clean and sanitized, as they can be tossed in the washing machine like any other item. 

Unfortunately, these gloves lack a non-slip coating on the palm and fingers. This can make working with the gloves challenging.  This may not be an issue if you’re not working with slippery objects.

Protect your hands in these high-quality gloves that are made from polyethylene fibers and stainless steel wire. They come in sizes small through extra-large. These gloves are 100 percent food safe. Caring for your gloves is also easy since they are machine washable. You’ll have level nine protection, and these gloves meet EN388 safety standards. Wearing these gloves is comfortable thanks to the flat weave structure and metal buckles. This glove also comes with a lightweight cotton glove that you can wear underneath this protective glove. This increases your comfort and prevents possible injury from small objects. 

One potential drawback of this glove is that it’s a single glove and not a pair. However, most people only need one since they use the other for holding their knife. This glove is also a lightweight material and not professional grade chainmail. However, it’s plenty protective for kitchen work. 

These strong cut resistant gloves provide you with level nine protection and are ISEA certified to give you professional-level protection. They come in sizes small through double extra large. The material used to construct this glove is high strength polyethylene fiber and stainless steel wire. This makes the gloves 16 times stronger than regular gloves. They’re also rust and corrosion-resistant, this means you can easily wash your glove with soap and water. What makes these gloves stand out is that they won’t shed metal. This makes them safe for food preparation. You’ll get one stainless steel glove. 

One potential drawback of these gloves is that they aren’t 100 percent stainless steel. This makes them not the most protective, and they cannot prevent punctures. However, they are highly protective against accidental cuts.

This three-pack of gloves provides you with plenty of protection. The gloves come in sizes extra small through triple extra-large. The body of the gloves is made from green engineered yarn. Then they’re coated in a premium black micro-foam nitrile on the palm and fingers. This gives you maximum grip. To keep your hands cool, the yarn is breathable. To keep your hands safe, these gloves are a rated cut level protection of three. For durability, the thumb crotch is reinforced. You’ll find wearing these gloves to be comfortable as they snugly wrap around your hands for a secure but not too tight fit. 

One potential drawback of these gloves is that the nitrile contains chemicals, which can be a deterrent to wearing them. The coating on the palm can also begin to wear away with heavy-duty use.

Enjoy cut resistance protection in this wire-free knit glove. This glove stands out because it’s super flexible and safe for use with food. This glove is FDA compliant and can meet EN388 five and ANSI level three cut-resistant standards. This glove is designed to be worn on either the left or right hand. What’s nice about this glove is that the fabric is stretchable, lightweight, and breathable. Caring for this glove is easy; you can throw it in the washing machine. 

Unfortunately,  this glove only comes in one size. If the size it comes in fits your hand, then you’ll have no problems wearing it. This glove is not puncture-resistant or safe for use in or around the oven. You’ll also need to be careful that the material doesn’t begin to fray or become damaged. 

This high-quality glove is designed to give you chef-grade protection on either the left or right hand. The material is constructed of high polyethylene and fine stainless steel wire. What makes the material stand out is the glass fibers that are also woven through the material. Other nice features are the elongated wrist cuff and reinforced cuff edge. These provide you with more protection further up your arm. This glove is safe for use during food preparation and is machine washable. You’ll find wearing this glove to be comfortable thanks to the breathability and stretchiness of the fabric. 

Some potential drawbacks of this glove are that the size runs large, you only get one glove, and it’s not cut proof. If the sizing fits your hand, then it doesn’t matter that it’s big. The cut resistance still provides you plenty of protection. 


  • In certain situations, you’ll want to wear two pairs of gloves. If you’re working with food, wear a resistant glove with a latex glove over it. That way, your hand is protected from the knives while the glove is protected from the food. 
  • Don’t worry about the look of your gloves; it’s more important that the glove is protective than looks good. Although, you will find a few that are in pretty colors. 
  • Keep your glove dry and clean; the last thing you want is for your gloves to start to corrode or wear from improper care. 


Q. Do cut resistant gloves work?

A. Well-made gloves are effective and able to protect your hands while working with sharp tools. However, not all gloves are made equally, and lower quality gloves may not be as effective. 

Q. When should you wear cut resistant gloves?

A. You should wear these gloves whenever there is a reasonable chance that your hands will come into contact with a sharp object. There are certain professions where wearing a cut-resistant glove is required. 

Q. What are the levels of cut resistant gloves?

A. Nine ANSI levels are used to rank gloves. The higher the level, the more protective the glove is. The test determines how secure the glove is based on the amount of pressure used when dragging a 20mm blade across the surface of the material. 

Final Thoughts

You’ll love the way the NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves protect your hands with their lightweight material and protection that’s four times stronger than leather. For a more affordable option, you can’t go wrong with the Stark Safe Cut Resistant Gloves and how flexible they are with maximum finger dexterity.