Best Battery Boxes: Safely Store and Transport Your Batteries

Power up your devices and protect your surroundings with these top three battery boxes

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BYLinsay Thomas, Nikola Petrovski, Suzana Mijatovic/ LAST UPDATED ON June 29, 2021

Dual-battery systems are an excellent solution for powering up electrical accessories when off the road. They, however, need protective cases and trays for more safety for the vehicle, environment, and people on board. Battery boxes prevent weather damage and accidental acid spills, and they prolong the life of the charging systems. They also make transporting and storing batteries a breeze, so you can take them anywhere you go. To help you find the best battery box, we composed the following guide and made our top three picks.

Best Overall
NOCO Snap-Top Battery Box

NOCO Snap-Top Battery Box


This is a group 27 battery box suitable for 12-volt marine, RV, boat, and trailer batteries. It's rugged and extra protected for more durability. Ideal for a demanding environment.

  • The box is impact-resistant and it can withstand a lot of pressure
  • It's resistant to battery acid, gas, oil, and UV rays as well 
  • The locking tabs keep the lid securely in its place 
  • Built-in handles provide easy transportation
  • The buckle is difficult to open and might break under pressure
  • The included strap and the interior compartment divider are not of the best quality
Best Value

Camco Regular Battery Box


This is a budget-friendly option for those who want to secure smaller batteries. It's a group 24 standard battery box that can accommodate a wide range of batteries.

  • The box is compact, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant
  • It has a lift-off lid for easy access and a hold-down strap for more safety
  • Floor clamps and stainless steel screws ensure more security
  • The included screws might be a tad long
  • Some battery movements might occur during transportation
Honorable Mention

Minn Kota Trolling Motor Power Center


This is a small group 24 to 27 battery box that is very convenient for small boats. It's designed to protect and preserve battery life, and it's highly portable.

  • The box is user-friendly and allows for easy access to the battery terminals
  • It has a user-friendly lid and a battery meter for status readings
  • It's compact, lightweight, and easy to store
  • The strap and the buckle don't hold the lid very tight
  • The plastic feels thin and might be unsuitable for a rough environment

Benefits of Battery Boxes

  • Safety. The main benefit of a battery box is the enhanced safety it provides. Batteries contain chemicals that can be very dangerous for the passengers as well as the environment. Boxes prevent accidental acid spills and protect from released toxic fumes. 
  • Protection. Batteries are likely to get damaged from all kinds of outdoor threats. Dirt, dust, and water can reach the power source and cause short circuits and other damages. A high-quality box will prevent that from happening and keep the battery safe from hazards. 
  • Convenience. If your vehicle can't accommodate the dual-battery system or you need a handy solution for transportation and storage, a battery box is an excellent option. It's compact, highly portable, and easy to maneuver. You can take it anywhere with you and keep your electric equipment at peak power.
  • Durability. The best battery boxes should also be able to prolong battery life. When they are protected from weather, properly stored, and transported, batteries can last longer and always perform their best.

Types of Battery Boxes

Group X Battery Box 

Although battery boxes might differ a little in overall design, they are mostly built in the same shape and way. The main difference between them is the group size. Battery boxes come in various sizes to accommodate batteries of different dimensions. Terms such as "group 27 battery box" highlight the size of the item, so a buyer can pick a box according to the battery size. 

Top Brands


NOCO was established in 1914 in Cleveland, Ohio. It all started with Joseph Henry Nook, a local tire and battery distributor, who developed a product to prevent battery corrosion. Now, the company produces a wide range of battery chargers, jump starters, solar panels, and other battery-related products with unique corrosion-resistant features. Noco Snap-Top Battery Box is one of its most popular products. 


Camco was founded in Greensboro, North Carolina. It was back in 1966 when Don Caine and his wife, Teresa, started producing antifreeze by hand. Over the years, these two worked on expanding the line of products, including everything from venting systems to electrical adapters. Camco Regular Battery Box proves to be one of Camco's best-rated products. 

Minn Kota

Minn Kota was founded in 1934 and is located in Fargo, North Dakota. Back in the year, O.G. Schmidt invented the first gear-driven electric trolling motor. He was focused on producing boat-related items, from foot pedals to composite shafts. Now, the company has a wide range of products to offer, including battery chargers and boxes. MinnKota Trolling Motor Power Center is one such product and it’s highly praised among users. 

Battery Boxes Pricing

  • $15-$30: Battery boxes in this price range are reliable and well-made. They might lack some extra features for rougher use, but they are still safe and secure enough to protect the battery from damage and environment from acid leaks. 
  • $30 and up: For a few more bucks, you can find heavy-duty battery boxes designed for the toughest conditions. Smart boxes are also available at this price point. They have battery meters and heart monitors for tracking the charging status.

Key Features


The first thing to consider when buying a battery box is the size. It should be big enough to accommodate the battery you have. Although some boxes can fit batteries of different sizes, not all of them are that universal. To select the right one, compare the size of your battery with the group number of a particular box. 

Weather Protection

Whether you need a car, truck, or boat battery box, you should opt for the one that can protect the inner power system from the weather. Dirt, sun, water, and other elements can damage the battery and cause damage to your car and electrical devices that are plugged in. Well-protected batteries offer better performance and last for longer. Look for the safety features and choose boxes that are water-, corrosion-, and rust-resistant.  


Check the materials and the overall construction of a battery box before the purchase. It should have a solid lid that seals tight as well as strong supporting walls. The box should be sturdy enough to withstand bumps and impacts, and protect the battery from damage. The tough construction also prolongs battery life. 

Mounting Options

Batteries can be quite heavy and cumbersome, especially when paired with boxes. To prevent a battery box from sliding, falling, or tipping over, make sure you can install it properly. Consider the available mounting options when buying a battery box. You should be able to place and secure the box properly on a provided mounting hardware. Also, make sure that the box comes with clear instructions because you might need them for a safe installation. 

Other Considerations

  • Portability. Battery boxes are designed for easy transportation, but some models are still lighter than the others. If high portability is of the essence for you, look for the more compact and lightweight boxes. Also, check whether a particular model has handles on top or both sides. Ergonomic handles will provide more comfort when carrying batteries.  
  • Easy Access. Although battery cases should seal tight for more security, they should also be easy to open. You should be able to access the battery quickly and easily, especially in case of an emergency or when connecting the charger. Having to struggle with accessing the battery every time you want to charge it or check its status can be very time-consuming. 
  • Smart Features. Some boxes have built-in smart features such as battery meters, heart monitors, and USB ports. These are newly designed smart battery boxes for more convenience for the user. They can track and show the status of the battery and give you easy access to the USB ports for charging multiple devices. Consider whether you need some of these features before the purchase. 

Best Battery Boxes Reviews & Recommendations 2021

This is a heavy-duty battery box designed for 12-volt marine, RV, boat, and trailer batteries. It's a group 27 box, which makes it ideal for larger batteries, but it can accommodate smaller ones, too. It prevents unnecessary battery movements, protects battery terminals, and collects acid leaks. 

The box is extra rugged for more durability. It's resistant to impacts and high pressure as well as to acid, gas, oil, and UV rays. That makes it perfect for all kinds of outdoor purposes, from camping to fishing. The box also features unique locking tabs to keep the lid in its place as well as reinforced handles. Thanks to the user-friendly design, it's easy to transport and store. 

The main drawback of this battery box is the locking mechanism. The buckle is quite rigid, so it's difficult to open and might break under pressure. Also, the extra strap and the inner compartment divider are not of the best quality. They might get damaged easily.

This is a group 24 battery box designed for smaller batteries. It's an inexpensive option for those who need a compact and lightweight box that is easy to transport and store. 

The box includes a lift-off lid that allows for easy access to the battery as well as a hold-down strap for more safety. With foot clamps and stainless steel screws, the box proves to be rather secure and stable. It's also very sturdy, durable, and corrosion-resistant. 

Although this is a compact box that should tightly accommodate the battery, some movements might occur during transport. Also, the included screws might be long and visible in the battery compartment. This won’t affect or damage the battery, but it can be a safety concern.

This is a group 24 to 27 battery box suitable for 12-volt batteries. It's mostly designed for a small boat battery type, which means it’s rather compact and lightweight. Thanks to the overall high portability, it’s convenient for off-road purposes. The box is very safe and secure, protecting the battery and the environment from dangerous acid leaks.  

The main benefit of this box is a user-friendly design that makes it rather convenient and versatile. The product features a handy lid that allows for easy access to battery terminals, so the trolling motor and charger leads can be connected without opening the box. Also, the built-in battery meter shows the battery status and helps with keeping track of the charging process. 

The main drawback comes from the sealing mechanism. Although the strap and the buckle keep the lid closed, they are not of the best quality and might become too loose. Also, the plastic feels a little bit thin and could be tougher for use in a rough environment. 

The Attwood Group 27 Battery Box is a sturdy and well-built option. It's designed for series 27 batteries, which have a maximum height of 10 1/2 inches and are commonly used in automotive, marine, and RV applications. This battery box meets U.S. Coast Guard and ABYC standards and is made of polypropylene, which is acid-proof. The box's durable straps can withstand 350 pounds of force, which is nearly four times what the Coast Guard requires.

The box features a vented design with rolled-edge handles. The inside dimensions are 13 ⅞ inches long by 7 ¼ inches wide by 10 ½ inches high, and mounting hardware is included. It has also been drop tested in temperatures ranging from -20-degrees Fahrenheit to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Overall, it features a strong construction yet it's slightly resilient so it's not likely to break. Also, the strap doesn't slip after you've tightened it.

One downside is that there are vent holes on the top of the lid, so water can collect in the bottom of the box. Some users prefer vent holes at the bottom for drainage. Also, the mounting hardware isn't the best quality.

The Mighty Max Battery Group U1 SLA/Gel Battery Box is designed for automotive and marine use as well as other applications. It is largely used on a kayak for a trolling motor battery. This heavy-duty box's interior dimensions are 8.25 inches long by 5.38 inches wide by 7.94 inches, and it meets U.S. Coast Guard and ABYC standards.  

The box is compact with reinforced handles for durability. It has ventilation holes to release battery gases, and it can withstand temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit. The box is resistant to acid, gas, oil as well as harmful UV rays. It does a good job of keeping your battery safe. It collects acid and prevents accidental battery terminal contact. In addition, you can connect power to the trolling motor with the cover on.

However, it does not fit all Mighty Max batteries. Therefore, make sure you check the dimensions of your battery before purchasing this product to ensure a proper fit.


  • In some cases, battery boxes are more of a necessity than an additional layer of protection. When there's a risk of leaks and other damages, a box is a must-have safety item. Old batteries, for example, are more prone to damages, and flooded types are more likely to leak acid. 
  • If you suspect that your battery is damaged in any way, you should replace it for safety reasons. No protective box can fix the damaged battery but only protect and prevent possible damages.  


Q: What is a dual-battery system?

A: It’s a type of battery that allows you to power up different electrical devices, from lights to fridges, without draining the vehicle's battery. It's basically a second battery that powers up accessories when on the road so that the main vehicle power station can last for longer. Unlike vehicle charging systems that provide short bursts of power to start up the engine, dual-battery systems discharge more slowly to provide continuous power for electrical devices. 

Q: Do batteries produce gas? 

A: Yes, batteries on a high charge produce and emit gas, especially lead-acid ones. The main reason for this is overcharging. Even if a sealed battery has protection against leaks, some fumes could get out. To prevent this from happening, you can use a battery box for an extra layer of safety. 

Q: What is a marine battery box? 

A: It's just the same as any standard battery box, only better suited for boats. Marine battery boxes offer more protection against water and more secure installation. They have to be sturdier and more stable to resist boat motions, so they don't tip over or move around. 

Final Thoughts

The NOCO Snap-Top Battery Box is our top pick. It’s a group 27 battery box with heavy-duty construction, suitable for the most demanding environment.

The Camco Regular Battery Box is an inexpensive alternative for those who need a smaller and lighter box. It’s a group 24 battery box that is easy to use and quite secure.

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